How To Mow With A Line Trimmer Video

Safety Tips

Before You Begin It is a good idea to make sure you have protective equipment. For the most part, it is safe to operate a grass trimmer, but there is always the possibility that the machine will start throwing out debris. At the very least, wear protective goggles and protective clothing. Long trousers and thick gloves are perfect. Before starting work It will not be superfluous to inspect the trimmer to make sure it is in good working order.

How To Mow With A Line Trimmer Video

Preparation for work

If this is your first time mowing a lawn, take a few minutes to figure out how to properly mow with a line trimmer. Walk along the lawn and remove any stones, sticks, or large debris.

Turn on the trimmer and hold it so that the handle fits snugly against your thigh. Make sure the head is at a comfortable height for cutting grass. Walk to one edge of the lot and start cutting the grass.

As you are trying to make an even cut, keep your head parallel to the ground and sweep briefly. It is better to first set the cutting height higher so that it is possible to correct it in an ideal state.

Types of line trimmers

There are a lot of them today, so everyone can make a choice based on their own needs. Cordless line trimmers are designed for people who want to work regardless of the power source, they are the most popular. Examples include:

  • Champion TB400. Battery trimmer. It has a telescopic bar, compact size and light weight, only 2.8 kilograms. A limiting bracket is provided to prevent damage to useful plants;
  • Gardena PowerCut Li-40/30. A professional tool that can handle even a wet lawn. Additional attention should be paid to the possibility of adjusting the head to work at an angle in hard-to-reach places.

Gasoline trimmers are more expensive, they need regular refueling, but this pays off due to the high power and the possibility of long-term operation on the site without being tied to a power source:

  • Partner B305 CBS. Despite its light weight, it has impressive power. Allows you to tidy up green spaces, rather than having a harmful effect on them by minimizing emissions. A special grass blade and a Tap-type trimmer head are used as cutting tools Go running in semi-automatic mode.

Most modern trimmers can be fitted with an optional line head. There are four types of spin trimming heads:

  • Automatic heads automatically feed filament when the throttle reaches a certain speed;
  • Semi-automatic heads advance the string when you push the spindle head to the ground when the throttle is engaged;
  • Manual heads require you to turn off the trimmer before pulling or unwinding the rope to advance it;
  • Fixed line heads DO NOT provide string advance. Instead, you use pre-trimmed timelines to replace.

How to properly cut grass with a line trimmer: tips and tricks

Practical garden tools are becoming more and more popular. With the acquisition of a new assistant, inevitable questions about how to properly mow the grass with a trimmer with a fishing line. To begin with, it is a great addition to your existing lawn mower. She can be entrusted with large areas, and the finishing work will be done by a trimmer with a fishing line. To clarify, the line is designed for cutting weeds and delicate branches. For rougher work, models equipped with metal blades or a chain are used.

Cutting technique

It seems like cutting the grass evenly should be simple. Slide the trimmer over the grass and the line will cut it to the correct length. But this is NOT the best approach and will actually cause Plesha to appear on the lawn. It is important to rely on knowledge to convert a Naughty tool into a reliable machine.

  • String ends. This is where the maximum cutting force is concentrated. over, the faster and freer the movements are, the easier the process will go. Tapering. It gives the lawn a beautiful look, the technique works especially effectively along the side of the road, near a fence or trees. Hold the instrument so that the string hits the grass at a slight angle.
  • Framing. Where the surfaces are practically parallel, say between a walkway and a roadway, you want to emphasize the edge. Therefore, we turn the trimmer so that the string is vertical. Then drag the tool along the cut path.
  • You don’t have to try all the techniques at once. If the lawn has never had a rod, then first you need to free it from debris, then trim the grass to one length, and only then take the edges.
  • Oblique trimmer. If you have to work in tall grass, then you can use this simple technique. This means that the tool must move along the path of the letter U.
  • Screed. Another technique that is used to remove grass growing on paths in cracks. Tilt the tool so that the tip of the strings just glides over the road surface, then work into the base of the weeds, cutting them down to a hard surface. But be careful: tilting the tool too much and you will just break the line. Accept an angle that is too sharp and the line will NOT cut the grass evenly.

Direction of rotation

Considering further how to properly mow with a trimmer with a fishing line, you should pay attention to specific techniques that will help you achieve the perfect result. often than not, people make the mistake of not paying attention to the direction of rotation. Just like a circular saw throws away sawdust, the trimmer throws away debris. If it rotates counterclockwise, it pushes the waste material from the left side and cuts from the right side.

Therefore, if you are driving on a walkway or along a curb, keep to the right and position the tool head so that it can cut and push the grass to the left. If you go the opposite way, the debris will start blocking the way trim tabs.

How to mow with a line trimmer

Mowing with a line mower is much safer than a trimmer equipped with a cord, but this is not always optimal and profitable. The cutting main element (mechanism) must be selected Based on the garden area and the height of the weeds.

  • Earlier we looked at how to mow with a lawn mower with a line in automatic or semi-automatic mode and manual. In automatic mode, the main cutting element (line) is thrown out after each start of the device motor. On the one hand, it is very convenient, but on the other hand, it is not very economical, for example, your garden plot is of a non-standard shape. There are jagged edges, jagged edges, and each time you move from place to place, you need to turn off the device and then turn it back on. It is best in this case to use the second, semi-automatic option. This is when the line is fed into the trimmers by pressing a special button located at the very bottom of the drum (in the cutting area). It is enough just to press the tip to the ground and the line will be thrown out.

If you are an operator, you must understand that the length of the ends of the cutting element (chain) that is located on the drum in an extended (working) state should not exceed 15 cm.It is this length that should be enough for an average power of grass trimmers.

What needs to be done to correctly, easily and quickly mow the grass with a trimmer with a fishing line in order for the device to serve you much longer than usual.

  • Try to keep the main drum (coil) from the ground below 5 cm.
  • When mowing taller grass, mow the top first, and only then get close to the stem to protect your device from breakage and prevent the mower from malfunctioning.
  • In the process of mowing grass, it is imperative to introduce the cutting element (trimmer) in which the coil rotates in the direction.
  • The lawn grass, which is located near the walls of the garden area as a decoration, is best mowed using only the edges of the fishing line, so as not to overload the engine and not wear it out too much.
  • Every 15-20 minutes worked, let the device “rest”.

How to cut tall grass with a line trimmer

It is advisable to cut tall grass in your garden area with a powerful trimmer, using thick fishing line. But many will most likely agree that in most cases where Burian is located, the land will certainly be uneven, as a result of which various garbage and all kinds of stones appear in the owners of such garden plots. To prevent your expensive device (trimmer) from breaking down the mow of tall grass, it is best and faster to mow in two passes. THOSE. First of all, we cut the entire top of the grass, identifying more difficult areas of the mow and pass the mower a second time.

When you are going to prepare the grass (using the trimmer) for hay, and you are more or less versed in the area of ​​your plot, then you can predict the course of the grass slant in advance. So it will be faster, more convenient and easier for you. The main thing in such a situation Do not rush to mow, but competently with a “cool head” approach the matter.

We carry out the correct mowing in both cases

The device should move correctly in front of you and strictly from right to left, because the grass you mowed will surely fall onto an already mown area, which will give you the opportunity to initially mow the tops of the grass. Then you Carrying out the reverse movement, through which you will remove all the remaining shoots of grass.

  • When working with large areas of the lawn, it is best to divide the work into several stages, visually dividing the territory into squares. In the process of squinting the grass, you should move along the outside, which will make it possible to once again not trample the grass while doing this, and not complicating the squinting procedure for yourself. To make it easier to work, it is best to move from below, walking parallel to the already treated area, and then return back.

With this approach, you can easily use the line trimmer to mow the grass around the trees planted on the site, carefully bypassing them and at the same time, and not loading the devices. If you mow the grass in exactly the way we recommend above, then you can reduce the likelihood of the grass scattering to the sides, ensuring faster and easier processing for yourself.

A few tips for cutting tall grass:

  • Try NOT to overload the mechanism in the process.
  • If tall grass is entangled in the line, the same Disconnect the mechanism so that the motor does not burn out.
  • If your trimmer runs on gasoline, cutting wet grass is strictly prohibited.

How to properly cut grass with a line trimmer

Any owner of a country house or suburban area knows that in summer and spring time it is necessary to constantly care for the lawn, otherwise it will lose its external, attractive appearance. Therefore, many dacha owners are wondering how to properly mow the grass with a trimmer with a fishing line. And before you start learning how to mow, you need to choose the right tool for the site and only then use it correctly on the lawn.

  • Controlling the trimmer, as it may seem to many, is not an easy task, but nothing special (there is nothing complicated in it) if you follow the safety measures correctly and know how to operate it correctly, rather than a garden tool, the cutter of which is a metal disc.

Prepare the trimmer for work

Depending on what kind of trimmer you have, you still need to prepare it before starting work. If the trimmer is electric, we need to charge it, or plug it into the 220 Volt network and start working like that. If you are using the grass trimmer with gasoline fuel, fill the tank. Depending on the design Prepare and check the cutting element. It is NOT superfluous to check the safety of the trimmer. When working with the device, it must be hung on the body and held correctly by the handles. Use protective goggles or a special mesh (protective) helmet when squinting.

How to properly cut grass with a trimmer?

The main thing is to correctly adjust the trimmer belt so that the drum with the line does not crawl along the ground.

Make the right gasoline-oil mixture.

DO NOT use line that is too thick. it will take up speed and overload the trimmer.

Are not afraid to give it revs.

DO NOT wrap too much line on the drum, AND do not wind it too much.

Stop and empty the trash from time to time.

Lubricate the trimmer cable and the gear train (if any) with grease.

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The technique of mowing grass with a trimmer is not very difficult and takes into account the need for:

  • Decide exactly how you are going to mow. Can be folded, can be across.
  • Choose a place so that as a result there are no bald spots and the site looks harmonious
  • Understand what exactly you are going to mow, and depending on the choice, put the right knife. They are different. For example, hay or weed. You also need to set the speed.
  • Of course, it is necessary to prepare both clothing and protective equipment. No matter how experienced you are, you must wear glasses. Also, headphones and long clothes are not forgotten.

All the details of the technique are on how to mow with a trimmer.

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First of all, inspect the area that you will be mowing. Cut bushes or large flowers that cannot be mowed by yourself.

Always start in an easy spot where there is little grass. Look for slopes or ditches on the property. Mows easiest across slopes.

Determine the direction of the grass. Mows easier if the grass is tilted forward.

When it comes to clothing, you should always wear glasses and boots. Anti-vibration gloves will also work.

Use different knives depending on the density of the grass.

Another tip: try to mow at the same speed. This will help your mower last longer. If you stop and immediately pick up speed, the trimmer will wear out faster.

Mows with the trimmer correctly:

  • Choosing the right line. There are two different subjects for different tasks. Fishing line and knife. A line that is too wide is undesirable as it will overload the trimmer. As a rule, there is enough line in a simple area.
  • When the cutter is installed (fishing line or knife), it is necessary to tighten and fix the nut.
  • Check charge or fuel availability. Put on the belt comfortably.
  • Trimmer movements Must be thought out. The algorithm is as follows: right-left-left-right. This will give maximum results. And be attentive to your work. It is necessary to control that there are no children or animals near you. You should also wear a mask to protect your eyes.

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First, adjust the trimmer belt so that the drum does NOT touch the ground. Further, it is important to remember that thick line will overload the trimmer, so DO NOT overdo it with a thickness.

It is not worth winding a lot of fishing line on the drum.

Remember to periodically clean the trimmer.

We lubricate the cable with grease necessarily.

The trimmer is very handy as it can be used in a wide variety of places, including difficult terrain and areas near trees. If you are cutting Tall grass, start with the raised tops first and then continue with the bulk.

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Use the trimmer as directed. The electric scythe (that is, the trimmer) is good because it does its job well in hard-to-reach places. After the trimmer can be used near trees, fences in relief areas. And not only for mowing the lawn, but also for ordinary grass.

The main thing. This is to make sure that the weeds Do not have time to give seeds and mow them on time.

If you did not have time to mow the grass by the time it gave the ears, then first mow the tops of the spikelets and burn them. And only then mow the grass itself, and put it in compost.

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In almost all trimmers (if there are not any. Then special ones) the fishing line or the disc rotates clockwise. That is why it is better to mow the grass with a movement from right to left (a movement that resembles the movement when mowing with an iron scythe). Can be mowed by tilting slightly towards Mowing.

You need to mow with calm movements, and not with a jerk. Mows grass half the length of the line. If you grip more, the trimmer will do the trick, but grass can clog the space between the spool and tube.

Mows, squeezing the gas to full.

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Before mowing the grass, first, adjust the line and secure it well in your cavity so that the line does NOT dangle or go there. Here. Then fill in the fuel accordingly (if you do not have an electric trimmer), which consists of special oil and gasoline. Then start mowing the grass with smooth movements (not fast) to the right and left. Do not try to often chop off thick stems of plants, as the line will instantly run out and you will have to tune the reel again. In dense places, the main thing is not to spare the gas)

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Trimmer from the Varyag company koshu according to the instructions:

Step 1. Installing the cutting device.

Depending on the type of weed, choose a cutting tool: for soft-stemmed grasses. Fishing line for hard and small shrubs. Knife. We unscrew the nut of the cutting mechanism and install the cutting tool. We tighten the nut. The mechanism is ready to work.

Note: some trimmers do not have interchangeable cutting tools, so you can start using them right away.

Step 2. Preparing the trimmer for work.

If the trimmer is electric. Charges the battery or plugs in the motor. If it is gasoline. We fill the tank with fuel. Then, depending on the type of trimmer. We adapt it to ourselves (upper motor. It is hung with a loop on the shoulder, knapsack. On the shoulders, lower upper arm. We take the handle). Hold the trimmer over the grass so that its cutting mechanism is parallel to the area to be treated. We start the engine.

Step 3. Mowing.

The grass trimmer is mowing with simple movements. It is important to remember that the cutting device of the device rotates counterclockwise so that the cut grass will fall onto the already treated area. First. From right to left in front of you (this is how we cut off the top of the grass). Second. Left to right (this is how we remove the remnants of the grass).

It is better to divide a large area of ​​the cultivated area into squares, and mows the grass on them, moving from one to another along the outside of each square.

When mowing grass on slopes, it is recommended to mow from below, while moving in parallel to roll the plot. We reached the edge, returned back, and became a little higher. And we repeat the same route. Up to complete mowing of the site.

To mow grass in an area where there are trees, it is better to use a line cutting mechanism, and you need to mow, passing the area around the perimeter, bypassing the tree around the trunk.

Step 4. Finish work.

After the end of the mowing of all grass on the site, turn off the engine, remove the trimmer (for shoulder and knapsack devices), clean the cutting mechanism of grass residues.

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How to properly peel pomegranates. Description: In hot and sunny Georgia there is such a custom: if a young man is in love with a girl,

Trimmer belt. How to adjust the knapsack trimmer belt

1. Adjust the height of the hook of the backpack trimmer strap by tightening the shoulder straps so that the trimmer blade lowered to the ground is parallel to the ground (perfectly horizontal). When using the trimmer saw blade Adjust the hook height (by tightening the shoulder straps) so that the trimmer saw blade is tilted slightly forward to the ground.

2. Move the ear to hang the braid on the trimmer belt forward or backward, balance the trimmer so that when the steering wheel is released, the trimmer knife is located near the very surface of the site, but does not lie on injuries. To cut bushes and young trees with the saw blade of a hedge trimmer, the trimmer must be balanced so that when the steering wheel is released, the machine is moved onto the hook horizontally to the ground. Attach.

3. Adjust the trimmer shoulder straps (Harness straps) so that the load is evenly distributed over the shoulders (check by pushing the trimmer hook with your hand).

Roller on the Husqvarna trimmer knapsack belt. The design features of the harness, which make it easier and safer to mow with a lawn mower, trimmer, lawn mower, Husqvarna hedge trimmer. Wide shoulder straps and elastic waist strap, quick-release locks (carabiners) in case of fire or any other situation that requires quick release from the trimmer. On the versatility of belts for men and women.

These Husqvarna Trimmer Backpack Belts (Balance 35/55, Balance X, Balance XT) can be used on all trimmers, lawn mowers, lawn mowers, electric mowers, brush cutters.

How to properly adjust the belt for lawn mowers for yourself

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Specialists of service centers often complain about consumers of household gardening equipment, who, even at the stage of its assembly and the first start-up, make mistakes and disable the equipment. Of course, there is an instruction in the package, but either it is stupidly written, or it is read after an incorrect assembly, when extra parts were found, or, worse, a breakdown occurred. Meanwhile, there is nothing complicated in the assembly of household gardening equipment. You just have to be careful. Let’s take as an example the assembly procedure for the Stihl FS 130 lawn mowers, supplementing our instructions with illustrations.

1. Start the assembly by opening the box and checking the complete set of the unit. If everything is in place, then we have to attach the handle to the rod with the motor, put on the belt, attach the protective cover and cutting elements.

2. First you need to get the handle and unscrew the thumbscrew, which secures the upper part of the support, and without losing the springs.

3. Insert the handle into the slot and fasten it without tightening it too much. Final position Adjust after final assembly of the lawn mowers.

4. Put the control handle of the unit onto the handle tube and tighten the fastening bolt. There is a universal key for this.

5. All controls for the Stihl FS 130 lawnmower are located on the handle. These are: the throttle lever, which has protection against accidental switching on and the switch off the unit, which is controlled by the thumb. In the modification of lawn mowers with a D-shaped handle, the controls are located next to the engine on the boom.

6. We put a plastic protective cover. If you plan to use only a knife, then for its work we use part of the casing (in the picture it is colored orange).

7. If work is to be done with a cutting line, then a plastic skirt is additionally put on the protective cover of the chainsaw and a knife is placed to cut the line. In some versions of this model, the casing can be universal or two different covers are supplied. One for the line and the other for the knife.

8. Sliding the skirt over the casing, check the reliability of its attachment. Sometimes it may be necessary to fix this protection with another screw.

9. Now you need to put the knife for cutting the line and fix it with the screw.

10. It remains to install the reel, having previously loaded it with fishing line. The coil is screwed onto the shaft (as shown) or fastened with a special nut. Note that the threads on the shaft are usually left-handed. How to thread the line into the reel, read the instructions.

11. If a knife is required, then we put it instead of the coil. The knife is equipped with a protective cover so that it does NOT sink into the soil during operation. After installing it, do not forget to rotate this cutting element and make sure there is no backlash.

12. Well, the last and the simplest stage. Installing a metal clamp on the bar, i.e. Suspension Belt Mounts.

After the lawn mower is assembled, we put on a shoulder strap or a belt knapsack harness (depending on what is given in the kit) and adjust them to the figure. Fill in the gasoline mixture, start the engine. And forward.

How to wear the trimmer belt correctly

Features of the situation

Of course, such a question will NOT arise before the topic of who lives in the immediate vicinity of the lawn. Then you can wait a while and work when the grass dries up. But the need to remove wet grass arises immediately if you can visit the site only occasionally. What to do if you have to mow the lawn on the weekend, on another day with rainy weather, that’s the subtlety. The opinions of the summer residents themselves differ, so there is no particular sense in focusing on their position. You need to understand the nuances yourself.

Is it possible to mow wet grass with a trimmer and lawn mower and how to do it?

Arrangement of a suburban area (and even a local area in the city). It’s a very complicated matter. Especially because you have to look after the farm all the time. Many people also have questions about how to do this or that work, for example, is it possible to cut wet grass with a trimmer.

The role of equipment

It should be pointed out from the outset that there are two main types of trimmers, which differently “relate” to wet vegetation. Some devices are equipped with a gasoline engine, others are set in motion by connecting to the mains or installing a battery. In turn, electric mowers are divided into two subgroups: from the location of the motor in the lower or upper part of the apparatus. Safe enough for the user to remove damp grass can only be gasoline trimmers or hand scythes.

In this case, it is absolutely undesirable to use an electric lawn mower. Sometimes you can find statements that this requirement applies only to devices with a lower motor placement. Such an electric motor comes into direct contact with water. Due to this contact, you can be afraid of a short circuit.

If water does get inside the power plant, there is a feature not only of a short circuit, but also of an electric shock. It is worth noting that these restrictions apply not only to trimmers, but also to full-fledged lawn mowers. The assurances of manufacturers and marketers about safety are not worth taking into account. To minimize the risk to yourself and your equipment, you should use a lawn mower. But there are a few more subtleties that must be taken into account.

Even if the mower does NOT fail, and its owner will not be electrocuted (for example, such a favorable situation per minute), it is still impossible to mow wet grass with a trimmer. This is a deliberately abnormal mode of operation, due to which the equipment wears out too quickly. Wet vegetation is much more resistant to cutting elements than it should be. Therefore, even very well insulated motors operate with overload.

Due to the sticking of wet grass to the knives and to the spindle, the load on them will necessarily increase. This cannot be avoided, and no skill of mowers, no methods and schemes of lawn clearing help. Not only the motor suffers, but also the shaft, which sometimes cranks.

Problems when mowing wet grass can also arise with gasoline machines. Yes, they are more powerful than their electrical counterparts, but the load still exceeds normal values. First of all, piston pairs and other moving parts are “under attack”. If there is no way out other than using a gasoline mower, you need to take care of it. When mowing raw grass, the machine is periodically switched to idle mode without load. 30 seconds is enough to remove excess heat and save the trimmer resource.

And also in different situations

When talking about mowing wet grass, the following possible situations must be distinguished:

  • It is wet after the rain;
  • It is raining;
  • The reason for the moisture. Wet area (lowland or groundwater).

In the first case, it is quite possible to take a chance and try to put things in order with a lawn mower. In the second, mowing is impractical. In the third, you will first have to deal with moisture and only then puts the lawn or lawn in order. If you often have to mow wet grass after rain or “through dew” in a small area, it is better to use NOT a trimmer, and not lawn mowers, but a simple hand scythe. You need to look Not only at the grass that is removed, but also at where the power cable is put.

Moisturizing it can be a very serious risk factor. For mowing after rain, you need to wait a little. A few minutes, even with a very big rush, will not significantly reduce the time that can be allocated for mowing.

As for the mowing of raw grass, there are still the following objections to it:

  • Walking with a trimmer or lawn mower in such conditions is more difficult, you can easily fall and get injured;
  • You will have to spend more time on work;
  • After mowing, it will be necessary to thoroughly clean the machine itself;
  • Wet chlorophyll will leave more stains on clothes, leather, shoes.

Now you need to figure out exactly how to act if you still decide to use a gasoline trimmer to clean your lawn or lawn in wet weather. An important rule is to keep the grass at the optimum length. Excessively shorten it, especially in the summer, summer residents run the risk of provoking early drying of plants. It is unlikely that this will contribute to a good appearance.

Of course, they wear sturdy, waterproof shoes. Headphones or earplugs are used only when working with a two-stroke petrol trimmer. On a large meadow with flat grass, mowing is carried out along imaginary squares, conventionally dividing the entire territory into them. They first move along the perimeter of each square, then mow it from the inside and move on to the next part of the lawn. Regardless of the weather, before starting work, you should do the following:

  • Check the serviceability of the equipment;
  • Remove all debris and foreign objects from the site;
  • Replace, if necessary, worn cutting elements;
  • Determined with the direction of the mowing, so that the lawn does not resemble a “washboard”.

For how to cut wet grass with a trimmer and lawn mower, see the following.