How to properly grind a log cabin angle grinder

Grinding with an angle grinder on different materials

To date, the angle grinder is a versatile device with which you can perform all kinds of operations on processing materials. angle grinder is used for evening walls or floors, it can be used to grind or polish metal products. It is indispensable for automotive repair work. It’s almost impossible to replace it when you need to cut, sand or grind parts made of any material. This article will review the use of angle grinder for grinding and polishing wood, metal, concrete and brick.

For those who are engaged in the construction of wooden houses, repair or manufacture of wooden furniture, it is important to know how to properly handle wooden products. First determine the required tools. The most common and affordable is an angle grinder (angle grinder), or as it is also called, angle grinder. This tool is available in every home. With its help you can do almost all the work on wood processing: sanding logs, leveling, sanding and polishing.

Nozzles on the angle grinder for wood

First of all, you should know what attachments are used for this or that operation.

  • To perform rough preparation of logs during the construction of a log house, a disk. planer is used. Working with such an attachment, the tool should be held with two hands. Sometimes workers remove the cover, but then it is necessary to protect the face from flying chips.
  • Debarking disc is designed for removing bark from logs. If necessary, it can be used to saw off lumber. In this case, the disadvantage is a wide cut and a large amount of sawdust.
  • Finishing is used when you need polishing log house. In this case, use discs with the application of abrasive.
  • Brushes are used in the case when it is necessary to level the surface.
  • End discs are used in the processing of ends, corners or oblique cuts.
  • If you want to grind angle grinder wood, scraping floors, processing faces and edges, preparing the surface before painting, use the petal tips and grinding discs.
  • To grind boards with an angle grinder, use discs made of fine sandpaper, felt or other material.

These are the main, but not all attachments used for angle grinder. In order to grind angle grinder wood, you need to know the basic techniques. Trimming of a log house is made with the help of end bits. The device should be held at a slight angle. Such a nozzle is easy to grind not only corners and joints, but you can also effectively clean the logs. In the same way grinding the bar.

Using an angle grinder for artificial wood aging

Now a very popular treatment of wood, which allows you to artificially age it. This technique is called brushing.

properly, grind, cabin, angle

The work is done with an angle grinder with a special set of nozzles.

When performing such an operation, the device should be moved along the fibers.

First of all, the steel filament sander is used. It performs selective removal of fibers, producing a roughing coat of timber. Before painting the workpiece make a finish sanding with devices with copper or sisal pile. Sometimes a universal abrasive-polymer brush is used.

Sanding a wood floor

When carrying out major repairs to the house is often required to make sanding of wooden flooring. First of all, it is necessary to remove all protrusions, using appropriate devices. And only after that produce finishing wood, using grinding wheels with the required grain.

To properly sand wooden products, you should know that there are many methods by which you can bring the workpiece to the desired state. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages. In order for the work to succeed, you need to have some experience, as well as do not forget about the personal protective equipment.

Why do you need to sand a log cabin

Within a year and a half after construction, a log cabin “settles. By the time the shrinkage process subsides, the appearance of the wood is no longer the same: the logs are mostly darkened and lose their original fresh look. It is impossible to return the natural beauty, simply by painting wooden structures. The paint will weathered and begin to peel in a very short time. There is a solution. perform sanding.

Sanding a log house after shrinkage will prevent a number of problems in the future. Polished log house will have a mass of advantages:

  • Aesthetic appearance. The house will look like new for many years, the freshness of the facade will not cease to please the owners for a long time.
  • Smooth walls and no irregularities on the surface. As a consequence, the consumption of antiseptic and paint materials will be considerably reduced.

Attention! Sanding a log house is necessary regardless of the original material: cylindrical or chopped logs, profiled or glued beam. all requires grinding!

To get the full result of sanding the surface of a log cabin, it is necessary to immediately cover it with antiseptic and paint solutions after the sanding is finished. Wood will be best protected from adverse environmental conditions and its service life will increase.

properly, grind, cabin, angle

Considering the best sanding a log cabin, to get maximum results with minimum cost, you need to understand when you can sand.


Conifers are known to contain a large amount of natural resin. On the one hand, this circumstance is an advantage, because the resin content protects the wood from rotting and mold formation. But on the other hand, the resin prevents a good adhesion of the paint with the wood, and when sanding it smears on the surface and spoils the look of wood. Therefore, before processing pine needles with an angle grinder, it is necessary to remove the excess resin.

How to remove tar from a log before sanding? Solvents are suitable for this: acetone, white spirit, turpentine, purified gasoline. You just need to apply the selected remedy to the wooden surface, and rinse off the remains with warm water.

How to sand with an angle grinder

Do not forget that sanding is always associated with a lot of dust. When getting ready for sanding, don’t forget about yourself! A mask and a respirator are the best helpers for sanding. You can also find such an option, where a mask is combined with a good respirator.

Hand grinding a log home

The filter of the respirator will clog very quickly, so you must prepare several pieces at once for quick replacement. Only after thorough preparatory work can you start sanding.

Grinding wood

Wood is a unique material. He and manually grind pretty good, but with the angle grinder can achieve very good results. Some snobs argue that the angle grinder at all can not grind, but it’s from ignorance and ignorance.

The main secret. the grinder is used at minimum speed. If the angle grinder has a gear shift, then there will be no problem. At high speed the sandpaper will very quickly and very densely clog the wood. In this mode, it will not be enough even for five minutes of work. The optimum speed is max. 6,000 rpm.

Another secret is not to grind the entire area of the wheel. If the entire surface is ground, the wood will have circular traces. To avoid leaving any or minimal sanding marks at all, it is necessary to sand only with the upper section of the wheel. The machine movements should be along the wood fibers.

You can get great results by this method when sanding the joinery. The board becomes smooth and does not retain tool marks. Just don’t get carried away and change the sanding pad on the wheel in time.

The same way a log cabin is sanded. Here it is desirable that the support plate is thin around the edge. With such a plate it will be easier to sand the narrow joints of logs. Otherwise the work has to be finished with a chisel.

Working on concrete

If you could not buy a branded protective cover-dust cover with a nozzle for a vacuum cleaner, you can make it with your own hands. For this we take the used bucket from under putty or glue with a diameter a little larger than the circle of the angle grinder. Cut off the bottom part at a height slightly greater than the assembled sanding part.

We cut a hole in the bottom for the installation on the gearbox and a hole for a plastic plumber’s angle. Now connect the hose of the vacuum cleaner to the nozzle and work quietly.

The grinding wheel must be suitable for grinding stone. It is preferable to grind concrete and concrete surfaces with the entire surface of the wheel. This will save processing time, and well level the surface plane.

Grinding the concrete floor must constantly monitor the plane with a ruler, because due to the different density of the concrete can make cavities. For processing joints between concrete pours will be sufficient to achieve one combination of the level.

Concrete floors and surfaces can be ground well with a Matrix diamond grinding cup. If the angle grinder at 150 mm, the cup at 125 mm.

Grinding of metal surfaces

Metal is ground according to different requirements. Most often, the metal is ground for painting or for further polishing. The basic tool is a support cup with replaceable sanding pads. The choice of sandpaper depends on the degree of processing and the condition of the metal.

Only part of the disc should be used for grinding. On the surface should not remain untreated areas.

It is advisable to prime machined steel surfaces with primer. Moisture in the air can coat metal very quickly, and cause rust.

When it is best to sand

There are many possible answers to this question. It is traditional to sand a log cabin after at least the main shrinkage has passed. During this time the log dries out and is easier to work with. It is extremely difficult to remove even a thin layer from damp wood. If you have to smooth it out, it takes a lot of time, money for disks and effort.

On the other hand, if you have a log house made of dried logs and beams, you can sand and treat it immediately. In this case, after placing the log house under the roof, it is sanded, immediately treated with impregnation and left for shrinkage in this form. It is not often used, but nobody forbids it. Usually act according to the usual scheme.

Order and organization of work

Since between the sanding and processing of logs or timber should take a minimum amount of time, you need to work along the crown. You can start from the top or bottom. there is no difference, but grind one wall completely, then move on to the other. You can coat with impregnants and primers immediately after finishing the treatment of one wall, removing the dust beforehand.

There are often questions about how to proceed if the wood is stained blue or has other dark spots. These are traces of fungus activity. On the quality and safety they do not affect, but the appearance of spoiled pretty.

If you want to use light transparent paints for the finish, you will have to fight with the color. For this purpose, there are special compositions for bleaching wood. In this case, the procedure is as follows:

The spark plug ignition is then treated with flame retardants, primers and fillers.

This video presents the experience of a man who sanded a log cabin himself. He talks about some interesting details, so don’t spare 20 minutes.

Grinding technique

It is not recommended to perform the processing of the entire area of the disk, as is often done by beginners, as a result leaving traces of the circle on the surface. Only the top section of the head is used for grinding. Angle grinder must be moved along the grain of the wood. This uncomplicated technique will help to leave no marks at all or minimize them. The main thing is to find a comfortable fulcrum, so that your hands do not get tired quickly.

The process of sanding woodwork (including floors) with an angle grinder can be divided into six steps.

Preparation of the coating

If paint or varnish marks are present, these must be removed prior to sanding. This requires an angle grinder with a special stripping accessory.

Initial grinding

For this stage of processing, grinding and polishing discs are used. If such an accessory is not to hand, you can use an ordinary wheel to which a coarse-grained emery is securely attached.

Fine sanding

For such sanding wood on the disk of an angle grinder, preferably. a petal version, for example, P80 SMT, with a low level of grit.

Puttying the gaps

When the primary sanding process is over, it’s time for other work on the woodwork. To do everything with their own hands. not difficult, but a long time, because it’s almost “jewelry” work.

So, the task is to eliminate the smallest defects:

  • It is required to use the minimum grit nozzle, which the operator has to pass through the gaps.
  • The most hard-to-reach places will have to be processed manually.
  • The dust that builds up must be removed from time to time in order to improve visibility.
  • Apply putty on the surface.

The final stage of sanding

The final sanding allows to bring the wooden floor to a condition that is necessary for the subsequent application of paints.

After removing minor defects, gaps, you need to pick up the nozzle. It is worth remembering that the choice depends on the desired result. For a perfectly smooth surface, it is worth choosing a polishing buff.


An important process that allows final smoothing of irregularities. By choosing a quality coating, you can significantly extend the life of the wood and maintain its attractive appearance. At this stage, soft materials are used that are not able to damage the structure of the wood and spoil its appearance. Priming can be done with your own hands, using brushes, or use a spray gun.


What and how to sand

If you need to treat wood, you need to choose the optimal tool. The following points should be taken into account:

Grinding a Log Home Time-Laps

  • Variety of the product. This can be load-bearing structures made of timber, windows and doors, furniture parts, decorative elements. Each product has the best option, which allows you to achieve maximum quality with a minimum of time and effort.
  • Quality sanding. This is a fairly important factor. In some cases, it is enough to smooth large roughness, in others. to bring the surface to perfection. Therefore, before starting work, it is important to prepare brushes and disks, which have different grits.
  • Scope of work. With small structures can be handled manually, for large. requires an electric tool.

The following devices are used for sanding wood:

Further processing of the log cabin

Choosing what to sand a log cabin, you must immediately prepare the material for further processing of logs. It includes the mandatory application of a layer of antiseptic. a substance that prevents rotting processes. The antiseptic can be a primer and a tinting agent, and the wood can also be treated with bleaching agents to give it a pleasant tone.

The wood must also necessarily be treated with flame retardants. substances that prevent fire. For a house made of wood it is the most important safety factor.

A carefully grinded and treated log house will look very beautiful, and thanks to the special treatment it will be reliably protected from various adverse effects. Skillful handling of tools and safety precautions will allow you to quickly cope with the work without force majeure, and the result will be quite decent.