How to Put a Chain on a Stihl 180

The popularity of this unit is also due to an affordable price. But when using this tool, some problems may arise from time to time. After the warranty period, you can do the repair yourself, because the services of specialists of a service center are quite expensive.

Main malfunctions of the Stihl 180 chainsaw

How to Put a Chain on a Stihl 180

The Stihl 180 chainsaw, the malfunctions and repairs of which you can identify and carry out yourself, must be operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The start button, for example, should be turned on only after the master checks the chain tension and also makes sure that the corresponding tanks are filled with oil and fuel mixture. A chainsaw should be securely locked in your hands, only after you can start work.


But if you notice that oil is leaking for the chain, then the cause of the malfunction may be a violation of the tightness of the joints of the hose of the oil tank and the oil pump. In order to fix the problem, you have to disassemble the tool. If the hose is damaged, it is recommended to replace it. Sometimes it is sealed with a special composition. The surface should first be degreased and washed. Sometimes the oil filter fails, in some cases it becomes clogged. Oil may also leak. In this case, the filter is checked, cleaned or replaced with a new one.

Refusal of work

The Stihl 180 chainsaw, the malfunctions and repairs of which you can identify and carry out with your own hands, sometimes simply does not start. Such a problem can occur completely by accident. First of all, the consumer needs to open and close the gas tank cap. Ventilation of the combustion chamber should be carried out in the next step.

It is recommended to remove the candles and dry them well. In some cases, this is enough for the tool to wound up and begin to work properly. If the problem remains, then the reason is different. Breather affects fuel supply. If it becomes clogged, a vacuum occurs in the fuel tank, which entails a refusal to work. The breather can be repaired very simply. To do this, it is cleaned with a needle.

Additional Waiver Recommendations

If you purchased a Stihl 180 chainsaw, you can find and carry out the malfunctions and repairs of this tool yourself. Sometimes the equipment refuses to work for the reason that the cylinder fails. If there are bumps and chips on this node, then the reason is precisely in it. If you encounter a problem when the instrument does not start, can withstand power for a short time or stalls after turning on, then the muffler can cause damage. During operation, it is sometimes clogged with deposits that occur during exhaust emissions.

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The saw sometimes does not start well, which leads to malfunctions of the starter. In order to identify a problem, it is necessary to remove the cover and a special screen from the carburetor, which is located behind the drum of the tool. If the contact wire is disconnected from the starter, then it is fixed with a blowtorch. Sometimes the problem is oil leakage. In this case, the starter must be wiped with a rag.

The engine is intermittently

You can start to troubleshoot the Stihl 180 chainsaw yourself if the warranty period has expired. Sometimes the engine works intermittently, which can be caused by the failure of the cylinder piston group. You can repair it yourself. To remove the cylinder from the tank on its head, it is necessary to unscrew the bolts. The master should check the piston, it should not be chipped, scratched or scratched. If they could be found, then the piston must be replaced.

Piston rings and piston provide optimum pressure in the combustion chamber. The rings must be fitted tightly onto the piston body. If the piston inserted into the cylinder has free play when rocking, then this indicates its wear. To fix the problem, it is necessary to bore the cylinder and install repair parts. But the easiest way would be to replace the CPG kit.

Carburetor malfunctions

If you purchased a Stihl 180 chainsaw, you can find and carry out the malfunctions and carburetor repairs yourself. If the tool ceases to start, begins to stall and is not able to maintain power, and also does not maintain idle speed, then the carburetor may cause breakdowns. During operation, it often becomes clogged with dirt, dust or sawdust. You can fix the problem by cleaning it.

Stihl 180 chainsaw carburetor malfunctions are resolved after preparing some tools, among them:

  • brush;
  • head on 8;
  • crosshead screwdriver;
  • petrol.

Brush can clean dust and dirt. Then remove the cover and filter. Two nuts of the air filter are unscrewed, which will remove the air intake housing. Now you can see the carburetor. By lowering the shutter down, it is necessary to remove the accelerator lever.

Considering the main malfunctions of the Stihl 180 chainsaw, you should know that you should not forget about the fuel filter. They remove it and purge the fuel hose. Now you can collect everything in the reverse order. If, after assembling the carburetor, the instrument still does not start well and the muffler produces smoke, then the spring under the needle lever has been lost. Due to its absence, the needle does not block the fuel supply. As a result, the candle is filled with gasoline. To resolve this problem, you must find the spring and install it in place.

Specialist advice

When repairing a carburetor, you should remember that it is a complex unit consisting of rings and many parts. This indicates that cleaning and repair must be carried out with particular care. If the tool stalls or does not start, then, in addition to the carburetor, it is necessary to check the spark plugs. If they are faulty, they are twisted and dried.

Excess fuel can be drained through a special hole. Stihl 180 chainsaw malfunctions and their remedies are described in part in the instructions. After reading the article, you can understand that candles should be dried for at least half an hour; after this time, the candle can be put in place by starting the unit.


Sometimes the cause of the malfunction is poor contact between the high-voltage wire and the end of the plug. If the work of the candle does not like the master, it is changed to a new one. Before repair, it is necessary to remember that the tire, chain, as well as anti-vibration elements wear out much faster than other parts. Therefore, for uninterrupted operation, it is necessary to keep the listed parts in the arsenal.