How to rebuild the battery of Hitachi electric screwdriver

To replace the battery of a Hitachi electric screwdriver by yourself

If the battery of an electric screwdriver has lost its performance, it can be replaced. The batteries on Hitachi electric screwdriver can be replaced partially, or the whole unit.

The plastic housing of the accumulator pack contains the power cells (“banks”, batteries) assembled into a single cassette and wired together in a daisy chain. This type of connection adds up the potential of all the batteries, and their sum is the final voltage of the battery module. Depending on the model of the electric screwdriver, two types of batteries can be used in the battery: nickel-cadmium (1.2 volts), lithium-ion (3 each.6 volts).

In addition to the cans, the cassette includes a thermal detector, which analyzes the temperature changes of the batteries during charging, and in case of overheating it blocks the current supply.

Hitachi electric screwdriver: how to charge a lithium-ion type battery

Lithium AC units are characterized by the following parameters:

  • do not suffer from the “memory effect”;
  • are vulnerable to complete discharge;
  • sensitive to freezing temperatures, the optimum temperature environment for their operation and storage is up to 10 degrees below and up to 40 degrees above zero;
  • have an electronic circuit board that controls the charging and operating processes of the power tool.

Charging of lithium blocks should be started when the battery is about 15-10% empty and it is important to ensure that it is never depleted to zero, i.e.к. because of the full discharge, it strongly loses its capacity.

Before storing the battery, fully charge it, disconnect it from the electric screwdriver and the charging module. If storage is delayed, periodically check the battery charge level. When it drops to the 20-10% mark, it is topped up to 100%.

General information for all battery types

There are general guidelines for all battery module types that should be followed:

hitachi 18v battery 5ah repair

  • It is important to make sure that the current and voltage supplied from the charger have the right value, these data are indicated by the manufacturer on the body of the battery pack and charger.
  • Before using the AK unit for the first time, replenish it to 100% and then operate the power tool until the charge is fully used and it switches off spontaneously. Repeat this cycle two more times. This procedure of “training” the battery contributes to its smooth operation, lengthens its service life. this “training” is especially effective for nickel-cadmium blocks.
  • Charging the battery of a Hitachi electric screwdriver takes from 0.5 to 7 hours, and depends on the type, model, battery capacity, and type of the battery charger. The exact figure can be found in the accompanying documentation for the specific device.
  • As soon as the battery is 100% full, the apparatus should be unplugged and the charger disconnected.
  • It is necessary to store the battery pack separately from the electric screwdriver, if the period of non-use is long, every 1-2 months the charge must be replenished.

Ignoring the above rules of charging and storage leads to irreversible damage to the battery. In our online store online store you can find battery modules, chargers for them. Product are low, with a warranty and delivery to the address of the buyer.

Necessary tools for converting the electric screwdriver to lithium batteries

To work at hand you will need the following tools:

  • BMS board, which stands for Battery Management System. Without this part, rework is not possible. You only need a board with a balancer, marking. 3S, 4S, 5S and so on. The number indicates the number of cans the board is designed for. The minimum amperage of the board should be 30A.
  • Assembly of lithium batteries. You can buy an assembly of 3, 4, 6, 8 or more cells so you don’t have to solder them by hand.
  • You will need a special soldering tape to solder the assembly yourself.
  • Soldering iron, clean solder, non-acid flux.
  • Thermal adhesive.
  • Heat-resistant adhesive tape.
  • Insulated wire cross section not less than 0,75 kV. mm for making jumpers.
  • A power indicator that shows the battery’s charge.

How to disassemble Hitachi 12 volt electric screwdriver battery, bonded with glue

The adhesive layer is broken mechanically using a pointed object, such as a flathead screwdriver. At the same time the movements should be very careful not to damage the device. This method of disassembly is very risky because.к. the pointed tool can crack the case and make it completely unusable.

A glued enclosure is very easy to disassemble with a construction hair dryer. Using a hot jet from a safe distance, heat the adhesive layer for a few seconds around the entire perimeter of the cladding. Then, when it is hot, it is carefully separated into two pieces. The use of gloves is recommended to prevent burns.

If you can not use a hot air gun, an alternative method for gently severing the bonded enclosure is. The entire perimeter of the adhesive joint should be tapped with a rubber mallet (or a similar soft material). The movements should not be hard and fast, but require at least half an hour. The tapping softens the adhesive layer and the halves of the housing can easily be separated from each other.

The halves are disconnected carefully, making sure that the connections of the wires, protective and balancing boards (if the battery is lithium-ion type) are not interrupted. these connections are carefully unsoldered, the worn out batteries are removed, new batteries are installed and soldered. The soldering tool must not have more than 65 Watt of power, because.к. Otherwise the batteries get very hot and the electrolyte boils and can explode.

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How to convert Hitachi electric screwdriver to lithium batteries: description of the process

If the cans were sold without nickel electrodes, they are soldered. It is important to do this with great care, because this is a very effective way of “training”.к. overheating can permanently damage the battery, or even cause it to explode. Before starting the soldering process, it is a good idea to deburr the surfaces to be soldered, so that overheating is reduced and the connection is strong.

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The batteries are connected in series, the board is plugged in. Solder the power wire to the chip and to the pad. Then a multimeter is used to check the voltage: for each battery this figure should be about 1.3 V.

Once the test is complete, all connections are carefully insulated. The assembled cassette is placed neatly in the case, the wire is laid without kinks and breaks. The halves of the case are bonded together.

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Peculiarities of choosing lithium batteries

The lithium-ion generation is the most advanced

When choosing a battery, you need to pay attention to the following features:

  • Number of available charging and discharging cycles (latest models can discharge up to 600 times).
  • Charging speed (maximum 2 hours).
  • Price (no more than 50% of the cost of an electric screwdriver).
  • The feature of working at full power.
  • Memory of the charge level.
  • Self Charging.
  • Dimensions.
  • Resistance to temperature changes.

Repair or recovery of the electric screwdriver battery

Hello all! Today I will touch on construction and summer dacha activities. I will tell you how to repair or restore the battery of an electric screwdriver with your own hands. I must say that an electric screwdriver is a very handy thing. Charged the battery and you’re running around without wires, twirling here and there. Only over time, such a twirler twists less and less. This is due to the loss of capacity of the batteries. This is what we will talk about.

Everything is simple enough. The simple electric screwdriver consists of a plastic housing, a battery (1), a speed regulator (2), a plastic button (3), a motor (4), a gearbox (5) and a chuck (6).

In modern screwdrivers the planetary reduction gear is most often used.

Restoring a Makita electric screwdriver battery

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Before you know how to repair the battery electric Makita screwdriver, you must first disassemble its housing. It consists of 2 halves connected by glue. If you carefully tap the battery housing with a rubber mallet, the glue will come off. There are places where it can be difficult to disassemble. Additional hand tools are needed there. Next you should separate the halves of the body, holding the terminal with a screwdriver.

In terms of performance features Makita electric screwdriver drill is close to a corded tool. Self-contained power is provided by 4.5 replaceable Li-Ion batteries. Computer-designed charging allows them to be restored in just 22 minutes. And the battery life is considerably extended.