How to Redo an Angle Grinder Under a Saw

Almost every private building has a utility room. It most often stores building materials and tools, implements and agricultural machinery.

This article will discuss how to independently make a circular saw based on an engine from an angle grinder from improvised tools remaining after repair.

Design features

It is possible to carry out work on the transformation of one type of saw into another using the old elements remaining from the repair. Possessing locksmith skills and ingenuity, you can cope with this task without much effort.

Distinctive features of this type of fixtures are that there are circular saws from an angle grinder as a home-made machine or manual fixture, mounted on a table or other basis.

If you have an old angle grinder, then the engine is best removed from it and used as the core of the future saw. The engine from the washing machine is also suitable.

Any circular has several main components:

  • homemade table as a sustainable frame;
  • frame for saw;
  • motor from angle grinder;
  • emphasis of sliding;
  • a bar for adjusting the height of cut;
  • gearbox, saw blade.

Such a machine is suitable for cutting small wooden beams. When it is planned to process wood in large quantities and large dimensions, it is better to purchase ready-made production equipment. Its cost is high, however, for a business, this purchase will be an ideal solution.

In order to carry out work safely on a circular saw, you should carefully select a disk for it. An angle grinder is a complex tool and you cannot use a disk from it to cut wooden products. It can jam at any moment.

Rotating at a very high speed, such an element is able to crush a tree into chips, which can cause injuries. This is because when processing on the disk there is a high temperature load. It is best to purchase a new product specifically for the circular saw.

If the circular is fixed on the floor, then the frame should be fixed with fasteners (corners) to ensure its stability. To make the bed, you can take an unnecessary cabinet or several sheets of chipboard. However, it is safer to make it out of metal.

The main working surface of the countertop is best done from plywood or laminated chipboard. The table must stand very firmly on the floor so that its vibration is negligible.

A more complex option involves the installation of additional elements: pulley system, belt drive. With this method of manufacturing, a makeshift design will take the form of a production machine. The presence of a belt will reduce the speed of disk rotation.

Essential Tools

For work, you will need tools, building materials or pieces of parts for assembly parts of old furniture.

Will be needed:

  • pliers, screwdriver, adjustable wrenches, hammer;
  • sheet of metal, angles, nuts, bolts, screws, fasteners;
  • angle grinder and electric drill, switch and socket;
  • screwdriver, ruler.
how to remake an angle grinder for a saw

Step-by-step instruction

The process of making circulars from a do-it-yourself angle grinder includes a number of steps:

  • First of all, you need to make a table;
  • install the angle grinder itself and the disc;
  • attach the stop bar;
  • to bring electricity;
  • conduct a test run.

The main element of both the mini-sample and the stationary version of the circular is the frame table. You can make it using the drawings, or build to your liking, observing the basic principle of manufacturing such a part of the saw. Everything will depend on the size of the wood material that you are going to saw in the future.

Video: How to Redo an Angle Grinder Under a Saw

We will talk about how to remake an angle grinder into a miniature circular. With its help, you can cut bars, small boards, rails used in the repair or in the private household.

The table looks like a workbench, the base of which is most often made of lumber.

  • First, sheets of chipboard are taken and a miniature table is made of them., whose legs are performed at such a height that an angle grinder is placed under the bed. Attach them to stiffeners. Those, in turn, are made of small boards and are fixed along the edge of the countertop at a distance of 7-10 cm from its lower side using self-tapping screws.
  • The upper working surface is preferably made of laminated plywood. When the countertop (bed) is ready, it is turned down with the front side and the angle grinder and saw blade are marked for installation. An element with an angle grinder is taken as a basis, measurements are taken on it for a slot for a new disk. At its ends, the extreme boundaries of the future hole (slot) are marked with a pencil. Then they take a drill and drill the formed points.
  • A stop bar is made from a metal corner or from plastic scrap of an old baseboard. You can mount it on plywood or chipboard. In length, this bar should be the same as the working surface of the table. Screw the bar (limiter) to a distance of at least 2 cm from the teeth of the saw blade. At the ends of the slats, two holes are made and fixed in the table with bolts or ordinary screws.
  • The board or block to be processed must fit completely on the countertop, because when the disk moves at high speed, the lumber undergoes vibration. It is impossible to keep lumber on weight. there is a chance of serious injury.
  • At the next stage of work on the inside of the mini-table they make the mounting of an electrical outlet, through which they let the wire and then install the switch. Usually its fixation is carried out from the outside of one of the stiffeners. The wire from the switch is directed to a power source. thus, electricity is supplied to the circular.

When the saw is ready, make a test run and cut small bars, paying attention to the speed of rotation of the disk.

On this work is completed.

Craftsmen, in order not to make a table for a circular, use a vice as a supporting frame. At the very beginning, an angle grinder with a disc is clamped with a disc on the edge of a regular table, removing the protection and unscrewing the handle of the angle grinder. Then they take plywood or chipboard to form a bed in which they make a hole for the disk. They fix it by drilling a hole, a bolt is inserted into it. It should coincide with the hole on the angle grinder where the handle is mounted. Tighten the bolt all the way using the wrench.

A stop bar or stop is made from improvised materials. Fasten it with bolts at the ends of the bed using conventional screws. Under weight, the angle grinder can lean forward and hook the countertop onto the disc itself. In this case, you need a pen. It can be unscrewed from the old rolling key and screwed into an angle grinder, making a backup for the engine.

Such a miniature homemade design works clearly, it cuts rails and beams with high quality.

Terms of Use

The use of such structures as home-made saws equipped with blades in wood processing imposes certain obligations on their owners.

In addition to a table well mounted on the floor and a protective cover on the disk, it is necessary to organize the supply of sawmill material in both directions: from right to left and back. Boards and slats cannot be moved around the bed during operation by circulars, you should use a block or its analogue from wood for this. It is not recommended to be near a rotating disc at a distance of less than 25-30 cm. Do not hold your hand close to the saw. fingers can be damaged.

Turn the circular saw on and off using the button located either on the side or in front of the unit. When the disk rotates, it is forbidden to stand behind it or in front of it.

Security measures

In order to avoid getting into the eyes of small wood during sawing, as well as chips, it is imperative to carry out work in glasses. Care should be taken that sawing is carried out in a well-lit room or that the circular stands on an area open to sunlight.

When working with material for cutting, make sure that there are no nails or big knots in it.. This circumstance can provoke a breakdown of the disk or a change in direction of a moving bar or rail. In the best case, the engine may be damaged, and the disc may become dull. In the worst-case scenario, construction material escaped from the hands will cause injuries to those who are engaged in sawing or to people nearby.

Do not turn on the circular saw with wet hands. It is strictly forbidden to carry out work while intoxicated. Cuttings of sawn material can be removed from the working surface of the bed only when the blade stops completely.

Thus, any person who knows how to work with construction tools and has the skills to make wooden or metal structures can make a circular at home. Observe the operating rules of the unit. Such a saw will become your assistant in the future and will significantly reduce labor costs for processing lumber used in personal households.

See how to make a circular from an angle grinder with your own hands in the next video.