How To Remove A Bosch Art Trimmer Head

The Bosch trimmer manufactured by a German company is in high demand among the population. The technique is durable, reliable and versatile. Mowers are electric and gasoline.

How To Remove A Bosch Art Trimmer Head


Bosch trimmers are of high quality components and assemblies and ease of use. Each tool includes many options, has an effective system of damping vibrations and noise, protection against short circuits and voltage surges. The tools are easy to maintain and do not require frequent repairs. Mowers can be used in suburban areas, in urban squares with any area. Garden pruners consume little electricity and have high productivity.

A wide variety of models allows each customer to choose a mower with an optimal set of functions.

High-tech equipment quickly copes with mowing thick grass and clearing small bushes. Small dimensions and good maneuverability allow the use of a grass trimmer in areas with a large number of plants. Powerful engine designed to work in difficult conditions.

The electric braid is equipped with a non-separable shaft, to which the head of the device fits snugly, so grass and debris do not fall into the joint. The mower is equipped with a durable casing that protects the tool from impacts on stones when dropped. The control buttons for the nodes are located on the operating handle, which increases the usability of the unit. The design is equipped with a shoulder strap and an additional handle, which increases the accuracy of mowing.

AMW 10

Bosch AMW 10 electric trimmer has a high engine power, built-in battery. Battery voltage lasts for 1-2 hours. The mower is used for garden work. In this model, the engine has a nozzle for cutting grass under the trees, next to the fences. Engine power. 1000 W, therefore, the device copes with cutting grass in any areas. Summer residents can supplement the equipment with a brush cutter and pruner nozzle. The cutting knife can be easily changed without tools.

  1. The mower is equipped with a 1 kW electric motor.
  2. There is a flexible drive shaft.
  3. The engine location is top.
  4. Weight 5.6 kg.
  5. Cutting width 36 cm.
  6. The kit includes a shoulder strap, nozzles.
  7. Dimensions. 1200x250x135 mm.

ART 23

The ART 23-18 LI Easytrim SL cordless trimmer (06008A5000) is used for lawn care. The height of the mower is adjusted in accordance with the growth of the operator using a telescopic boom. The cutting head rotates 90º and makes working easier in difficult areas. The battery supplied with the trimmer is universal and fits all Bosch electric braids.

Technical parameters of the braid ART 23:

  1. Battery voltage 18 V, capacity 2.5 A.
  2. The engine is electric.
  3. The cutting element is a plastic knife.
  4. There is a regulator bar.
  5. Flexible drive shaft.
  6. The handle is D-shaped.
  7. Weight. 2.3 kg.
  8. Dimensions. 780x273x150 mm.

ART 26

The ART 26 WEEU mower (06008A5100) is popular. The tool is equipped with an electric motor, the power of which is enough to process lawns, remove weeds from the flower beds, and cut bushes. The advantage of the device is the ability to independently feed the fishing line into the mowing head.

The fishing line is fed in automatically during the launch of the device, while increasing its optimal length. Thanks to this, the driver does not have to make unnecessary stops during the operation, since the mower is lightweight, even pensioners can use it. The design has an optimal device, the center of gravity is correctly selected in it, there is an electric wire holder and an additional handle.

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  1. 280 watt engine.
  2. Cutting width. 26 cm.
  3. The engine speed is 12500 rpm.
  4. Weight. 1.8 kg.
  5. 1.6 mm thick fishing line.
  6. In 1 head is placed 4 m of fishing line.

ART 30

Trimmer ART 30 CombiTrim is equipped with an electric motor, which has a lower location. Engine power is 500 watts. Trimmer mowing width is 30 cm. The design has a non-demountable strong shaft. The weight of the mower is 3.2 kg. Electric scythe is suitable for processing a small summer cottage. The device is easy to use and maintain.

ART 37

Model ART 37 is a high-tech equipment that effectively mows thick tall grass and wild shrubs. The mower is highly reliable, its small size allows the tool to be used in areas with a large number of plants.

The engine was specially designed for operation in difficult conditions. It quickly reaches the required speed for work, vibration and noise are minimal. The upper arrangement of the engine improves the balance of the device, the driver does not get tired at all when performing work.

  • the engine has a power of 1000 watts;
  • cutting width. 37 cm;
  • engine speed. 9000 rpm;
  • weight. 5 kg.

AFS 23-37

  1. Electric engine with a top location, power 950 watts.
  2. The number of revolutions is 6000 rpm.
  3. Type of a collapsible form bar.
  4. Handles direct and D-shaped with height adjustment.
  5. Cutting tool. fishing line and knife.
  6. The size of the knives is 230 mm.
  7. The diameter of the fishing line is 3.5 mm.
  8. The line width for mowing is 370 mm.
  9. Cutting width with a knife. 230 mm.
  10. Power supply 220 V.
  11. Noise level. 96 dB.
  12. Weight. 5.2 kg.
  13. Dimensions. 960x250x100 mm.

The kit includes:

  • electric mower;
  • fishing line;
  • coil;
  • knife;
  • shoulder strap;
  • 2 handles;
  • set of fixtures and tools.

The braid is made of durable plastic that does not bend under pressure. As fasteners, nuts with plastic handles and metal bolts are used.

In the instruction manual of the device. an understandable assembly diagram of the device. The mower has a collapsible bar. It is convenient for transportation and storage. Collect mower parts with effort. To assemble the tool, hold down the button on the bar and insert it into another part, then fasten with a screw to install the handle.

The straight handle is designed to tighten the D-shaped handle, in which is located the compartment for storing spare fishing line. Length. 230 mm. This handle increases operator safety. The belt is fastened with a carabiner. The length of the belt is adjustable using the handle. The casing protects the cutting device from stones. Wear protective clothing when handling the mower.

Less popular trimmers

The Monferme 21327M model has the following indicators:

  • 500 Watt electric motor with a lower arrangement;
  • cutting width. 30 cm;
  • cutting device. fishing line;
  • without wheels;
  • straight bar;
  • weight. 2.4 kg.

Model Huter GET-1500SL has the following indicators:

  • portable type;
  • electric motor (1500 W);
  • cutting width. 42 cm;
  • cutting device. fishing line and knife;
  • weight. 5.5 kg.


Bosch trimmers come with external power and battery. Rechargeable batteries are inferior in power to gasoline, but they cost less, they can work for a while without recharging. The tool is used for mowing lawns in a small area.

The device is less weight and small in size, has a low vibration and does not create noise. After the battery has finished charging, you need to recharge it. It takes some time. These devices will not be able to remove shrubs or large thickets.


Bosch gasoline mowers are powerful and can handle not only grass but also shrubs. The tool is autonomous, does not depend on the length of the cable, like an electric one. Therefore, they can be used in areas remote from home and in areas with a large area. Engines are push-pull and four-stroke.

For two-stroke internal combustion engines, gasoline and oil are mixed in the required proportion. A four-stroke engine has different tanks for oil and gasoline. The tool has additional nozzles, the engine power is not less than 1.5 hp, the volume of the gas tank for 4 hours of operation. ICE requires maintenance and prevention. The tool has a high level of vibration and noise, it can sometimes be difficult to get the first time.

Reviews and prices

Valery, 38 years old, Nizhny Novgorod, summer resident

Alexander, 44 years old, Eagle, summer resident

We bought a Bosch trimmer with a gasoline engine. The tool is excellent, removes weed grass, and even a small shrub on a large area of ​​the site. It works properly. Build quality is good, but inexpensive.