How to Remove a Carburetor on a Stihl 270

The Stihl MS 180 chainsaw is one of the most popular models on the market. This saw stands out for its endurance, reliability, ease of use. Due to its substantial torque reserve, the Stihl 180 chainsaw can be operated not only in private households, but also on felling. At the same time, the tool shows a modest fuel consumption and high precision cutting of any wood species.

Stihl 180 chainsaw device

Structures Stihl 180 is characterized by simplicity, as well as high quality parts and assembly. The complete set of the model includes a 2-stroke gasoline engine with a volume of 31.8 cm3. The inner walls of the cylinder and the piston group of the internal combustion engine are coated with a protective substance made of chromium alloy. This extends the life of the engine and makes it resistant to corrosion. Recycled exhaust from the engine enters the muffler, diverted away from the operator. Among the advantages of the motor, high reliability, good torque reserve, and durability stand out. ICE does not need special care. All that is required of the owner is to use high-quality fuel and oil.

How to Remove a Carburetor on a Stihl 270

For cooling the motor meets the forced air system. Ematic’s proprietary lubrication system evenly distributes oil to engine parts. This allows you to extend their life, while saving engine oil. To dampen vibration, the Stihl 180 chainsaw is equipped with several dampers that take on the vibration of the motor.

To prepare the fuel mixture, a carburetor is provided in the saw device. The special design of this unit allows you to reduce fuel costs without loss in efficiency of the chainsaw.

The tool is started using the manual starter. The spark plug and ignition system are responsible for igniting the fuel in the cylinder of the chainsaw. The drive sprocket receives torque from the motor through a durable clutch system.

The working bodies of the model are represented by a saw bar and chain. To adjust the position of the chain on the tire, the saw is equipped with a side sprocket. It makes it possible to adjust the level of chain tension without additional tools. A gear stop can be installed in front of the tool. If necessary, instead of a tire for working with a saw, you can use various nozzles in the form of a drill or an angle grinder.

The tool kit includes shields protecting the right and left hand of the feller. The tool is equipped with an effective inertial brake to protect the chain from breaking. It instantly fires when a chain hits a nail or other solid object,

All spare parts and working mechanisms of the Stihl 180 saw are placed under a strong plastic case. It provides easy access to the candle, tanks for gasoline and oil, as well as to all screws and springs. This simplifies the maintenance and repair of the instrument with your own hands.

The model’s controls are represented by the ignition on and off button, the throttle valve shift lever, and the gas lever. In the side of the tool there is a handle and a starter cable.

The Stihl 180 chainsaw scheme is as simple and effective as possible. Thanks to ergonomics, lightness and small dimensions, the tool can be used not only by experienced fellers, but also by beginner gardeners. When working, the German Stihl MS 180 chainsaw will show high efficiency, regardless of weather conditions, as well as tasks.

Chainsaw Stihl МС 180. specifications

The Stihl MS 180 chainsaw stands out with its solid technical parameters. These include:

  • power. 2 l. from.;
  • fuel tank capacity. 270 ml;
  • tank capacity for oil filling. 260 ml;
  • the possible length of the tire used for work is 30–35 cm;
  • chain pitch. 3/8 "
  • assembled weight. 4 kg.

Among the advantages of the model, modest fuel consumption should be noted. When operating at maximum loads, the motor consumes no more than 2.9 l / mash. hour.

Stihl 180 chainsaw delivery set

When buying this model, the farmer receives a complete list of equipment necessary for assembly, as well as the use of the tool.

The basic scope of supply of a chainsaw includes:

  • tire, 35 cm long;
  • a chain with a pitch of 3.8 "and a groove width of 1.3 mm;
  • protective cover for the tire;
  • instruction manual in Russian.

Together with the tool, the buyer also receives a company key and a screwdriver, with which you can quickly disassemble the saw for its repair.

Proportion of oil and gasoline for Stihl 180 chainsaw

Before you start working directly with the German model Stihl MS 180, you will need to refuel it. An important role is played by compliance with the amount of gasoline and motor oil used. As indicated in the factory operating instructions, to mix the fuel, a proportion of 1:50 should be followed, that is, in 50 parts of gasoline, you need to mix 1 part of the oil. Thus, in 1 liter of fuel used, dilute no more than 20 ml of oil.

The quality of fuel and oil is also important. For refueling a Stihl MS 180 chainsaw, the manufacturer recommends using gasoline with an octane rating of at least 90. As a lubricant, motor oil for 2-stroke engines manufactured by Stihl is suitable.

How to start a Stihl 180 chainsaw?

To extend the life of the Stihl MS 180 saw, you need to study the features of its launch. The procedure for starting work with the tool is as follows:

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  1. First, you will need to activate the saw chain brake mechanism. To do this, its regular plastic handle should be moved to the front position;
  2. Next, you need to remove the tire guard, press the decompression valve button. This will make it easier to start the motor, as well as the start of all important saw mechanisms;
  3. After that, you need to press the air pump fuel pump several times;
  4. Then you need to turn the combination switch to the only cold start position;
  5. Next, you need to install the tool on a flat surface so that the tire and chain do not touch the ground. The saw must be grabbed with both hands, and step with the right foot on the platform at the rear of the saw. this will ensure the stability of the tool;
  6. Then you need to slowly pull the starter handle toward you until resistance appears. After this, you will need to pull the cable a few times;
  7. With the engine running, you will need to press the saw throttle lever several times. At the same time, the standard combined switch should be moved to the idle position;
  8. Then you will need to pull the standard chain brake lever toward you until a characteristic click appears.

After performing all of the above procedures, you can begin to work with the tool. When cutting branches and tree trunks, you must strictly adhere to safety regulations.

Running a Stihl MC 180 chainsaw. tips for beginners

Purchased Stihl chainsaw in the configuration of MS 180 must be rolled. This will enable the parts of the tool to get used to further coordinated work of the main mechanisms of the saw.

Before you run in the Stihl 180 chainsaw, you should refuel it with a new fuel mixture. You will also need to add fresh oil to lubricate the Stihl 180 chainsaw chain. The further procedure is as follows:

  1. First you need to turn off the chain brake to eliminate the risk of the body melting in the place where the clutch is installed. The brake will also protect the operator from possible damage;
  2. Next, start the saw and let it idle for 15 minutes. At the same time, every 30 seconds you need to press the throttle lever;
  3. After that, you need to transfer the saw to work in normal mode. At this time, you should start sawing thin branches, gradually moving to work with larger branches.

As a rule, the preparation of the instrument takes no more than 30–35 minutes. During break-in and with the further use of the Stihl MS 180 saw, you must constantly ensure that nails and other solid objects do not fall under the chain.

Do-it-yourself carburetor adjustment for the Stihl 180 chainsaw

Setting up a Stihl MS 180 carburetor is essential to guarantee efficient saw operation when used at maximum speed and fuel economy. To perform this procedure, you will need to clean the air and standard fuel filters.

You can adjust the carburetor of the model using three regular screws. Screws L and H are needed for pre-setting the ratio of air to fuel mixture, which is regulated by different positions of the throttle valve. Screw S is responsible for fine-tuning the operation of the chainsaw at idle. The procedure for setting the carburetor is as follows:

  1. First you need to start the tool and begin to turn the screws H and L in turn clockwise until they stop. Then both screws will need to be slowly rotated 2 full turns in the opposite direction;
  2. After that, you need to find the maximum engine speed when the saw is idling. To do this, screw L must be turned in different directions alternately. In this case, the screws should not make creaking sounds. Once the basic maximum speed has been found, you will need to slowly turn the screw L a quarter of a turn against the clock hand;

After this, you need to alternately check the engine at minimum idle, and then at maximum speed.

Stihl 180 chainsaw. malfunctions and repairs

There are a number of typical failures that owners of the Stihl MS 180 model most often encounter. Having studied the causes of their occurrence, it will be easier for the feller to fix the damages with their own hands.

Why not start a Stihl 180 chainsaw?

The main cause of this malfunction is the poor condition of the Stihl MS 180 spark plug. If it is dry, then fuel does not enter the cylinder. If the candle is wet, then you need to find the place where the fuel pipe flows.

In any case, for further work with the Stihl MS 180 saw, you will need to unscrew the candle, clean it of carbon deposits and dry it. The same thing needs to be done with the parts located under the candles. At the end, you need to screw the candle into place and continue working with the saw.

Why pours a candle on a Stihl 180 chainsaw?

The essence of this failure is problems with the carburetor. For repair, you will need to remove this element, as well as check its membrane. In working condition, the part must be not only intact, but also flexible. If the membrane is roughened, then it will need to be replaced.

Before reassembling the Stihl MS 180 carburetor, it must be cleaned of dust and carbon. To do this, use compressed air in the cylinder. After the unit has completely dried, it can be assembled and installed back onto the chainsaw.

What to do if oil does not flow to the Stihl 180 chainsaw chain?

If the chain on the German Stihl MS 180 saw is not lubricated, then this indicates a blockage or malfunction of the line through which the oil circulates. To solve the problem, you will need to remove the tool handle, pull out the hose and clean it. After this, the hose must be installed back onto the saw, and grease the installation site with sealant.

Another reason why oil is not supplied is the blockage of the Stihl MS 180 pump. To remedy the situation, you will need to remove the pump and rinse it in clean gasoline. If this does not help, the part will need to be replaced.

Stihl 180 chainsaw stalls when you press the gas. how to solve the problem?

If the model stalls while the engine is gaining speed, this indicates a clogged fuel filter. Because of this, the element is not able to pass the fuel, which is necessary to increase the speed of the Stihl MS 180 engine.

In this case, remove the fuel filter and rinse it with clean gasoline. If this does not help, then carefully check the factory air filter. If a large amount of garbage has accumulated in it, then it will need to be replaced with a new element.

What if the saw stalls idling?

If the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw stalls some time after starting in idle mode, this indicates a fuel pump failure. To verify this, you need to use a vacuum gauge. If the device showed a pump malfunction, then the mechanism will need to be replaced.

Another reason for the malfunction is the wear of the Stihl MS 180 oil seals. After using the saw for a long time, they lose their shape and elasticity, passing a large amount of fuel. In case of wear of the glands, they will need to be replaced.

A chainsaw is bad to start up in the cold. repair

Most often, the cause of this malfunction is the initially incorrectly set gap between the ignition coil and the flywheel of the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw. In this case, you need to disassemble the tool and take measurements between the contacts and the flywheel.

If the clearance is greater than 0.2 mm, then it must be reduced with a pair of side screws. To do this, you need to insert a paper business card or pocket calendar between the flywheel and the standard ignition coil. After that, by turning the screws, the flywheel should be brought closer to the ignition coil so that they hold the business card. In the end, it remains to carefully remove the paper and assemble the saw.