How to Remove a Cylinder on a Stihl Saw

Chainsaw "Stihl MS 180" belongs to the class of portable devices. In this case, the engine of the model is 1400 watts. Directly, the engine capacity is 31 cubic meters. see. At idle, the saw is capable of making more than 2 thousand revolutions. The model chain has a length of exactly 350 mm. There is an anti-vibration system.

In general, the saw worked well in the market, however, it nevertheless brings certain troubles to the owners. In such cases, the user must be able to independently inspect the device and take corrective measures. However, you should first consider the most common causes of breakdowns.

How to Remove a Cylinder on a Stihl Saw

Instructions for using the tool

Chainsaw operation "Stihl 180" carried out according to certain rules. In this case, you must adhere to the instructions. First of all, check the chain tension before turning on the tool. Directly the hand is always important to keep on the handle. The oil tank cap must be tightly screwed. In this case, the oil pump is checked separately. The start button should be turned on after the tool is firmly fixed in the hands. When working with wood, do not place the saw at a large angle. You should also monitor the condition of the tire during operation of the tool.

Carb setting

The carburetor for this model is installed near the starter. The chainsaw is adjusted using a screwdriver. In this case, the device cover is removed. Next, it is important to twist the clutch. After that, you can see the carburetor. The chainsaw is adjusted clockwise. In this case, it is important not to twist the spring inside the carburetor. If you do not screw the adjustment cam with a screwdriver, then from the first time the saw will not start unambiguously.

Starter problems

If the chainsaw does not start "Stihl 180", faults and starter repairs need to be disassembled in detail. Some believe that the problem may be due to improper use of the tool. In order to inspect the starter, you must first remove the cover that protects the carburetor. It is not necessary to touch the tire directly in this case. A special screen will be located behind the clutch drum. You can twist it with a screwdriver. The clutch tape is fixed to the model on the nut.

After disconnecting the drum, it will be possible to inspect the starter. It is located in the presented design under the carburetor. In order to twist it, you need a key. In order to repair the part, the insulation system, which is located in the upper part, is first examined. If the contact wire moves away from the starter, you will have to use a blowtorch. Also, the problem may be oil leakage. In this situation, you just need to wipe the starter with a cloth.

Flywheel does not work

If the starter is OK but the chainsaw does not start "Stihl 180", malfunctions and repair of the flywheel must be disassembled very carefully. This problem is solved quite simply. In order to proceed with the inspection of the instrument, it is necessary to drain gasoline in advance from the tank. The flywheel is located in the device above the air filter. In order to get to it, you have to disconnect the back cover. After that, the cylinder is removed directly.

The next step is to take care of the plunger. To remove it with a key will not work. In this case, you have to knock it down gently with a hammer. However, it is important not to damage the carburetor blades. The flywheel in this saw is attached to a small cap. Twist it should be counterclockwise. After that, the flywheel can be removed. If there are shallow scratches on it, then simply lubricate it with machine oil. If the part is deformed quite severely, it will have to be replaced, and there is a new flywheel on "Stihl 180" (market price) within 450 rubles.

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Drum repair

If the flywheel with the starter is OK but the chainsaw does not start "Stihl 180", malfunctions and repair of the drum need to be disassembled in detail. Mostly the cause of the breakdown is considered to be the cam. It is located near the guide, which is located in the carburetor. If this type of fault occurs, the plungers may also be damaged. In order to repair the drum yourself, you should first disconnect the tire. Next, it is important to unscrew the protective cover and inspect the carburetor. If no obvious external damage is observed, the guide should be removed.

Next you need to inspect the cam. It connects directly to the adjustment shaft. If small cracks are visible on it, it means that you just need to lubricate it with machine oil. After that, the carburetor should be put in place and try to start the tool. The loud sound of the saw indicates that the cam is beating against the wall of the guide. In this situation, turn off the device immediately. Otherwise, the adjustment shaft may be damaged. To change the cam yourself, you will need to remove the limiter, which is located near the carburetor. After that, it will be possible to completely twist the part. In this case, the adjustment shaft can not be touched.

The cam in the saw is installed with a diameter of 1.3 cm. When replacing a part, it must be carefully knocked to its original place. To do this, it is best to use a hammer. However, in this situation, it is important not to overdo it and follow the guide. Worth a new cam on "Stihl 180" (market price) about 200 rubles.

Replacing the connecting rod

If the starter with the drum is OK but the chainsaw does not start "Stihl 180", malfunctions and repair of the connecting rod mechanism must be disassembled very carefully. Solving the problem yourself is quite difficult, but if you follow the instructions, you can do a lot. The user is able to directly inspect the connecting rod mechanism by removing the back cover of the saw. First of all, you need to disconnect the protective screen. Next, take up the starter, which is mounted near the carburetor.

Chain problems

Chainsaw Chain "Stihl 180" set in increments of 3/8". It is mounted on a special tire. At the same time, a separator is used to stretch it. At the bottom of the structure is a catcher for the chain. In order to change it, you will first need to disconnect the retainer. A new chain for a chainsaw "Stihl 180" can only be purchased at specialized workshops. After removing the retainer, it remains to disconnect the trap directly. Further it will be possible to twist the tire. After the tension has loosened, it will be possible to remove the chain. It should be installed on the side of the sprocket.

Throttle Repair

If the chainsaw does not start, the problem may be with the throttle. In this situation, it is difficult to cope independently. This is due to the fact that it is difficult for one person to regulate the throttle tension. In order to inspect it, the user must get to the saw’s fuel system. In this case, the side cover is removed. After this, the connecting rod and groove are inspected. If the check valve is dirty, the throttle may have broken. In this situation, you will have to replace it. Spare parts for chainsaws are best purchased in specialized workshops. In order to replace the part, it is recommended that the tire be removed first. After that, it is important to take up the clamp on which the throttle is held.

In the presented model, it is fixed on the case with two bolts. Using a nut wrench, you can easily unscrew them. The next step is the throttle is removed from the upper side. You will also have to use the key for this. His stretch should ultimately be good. To do this, you need the help of another person. However, one end of the throttle can be fixed independently. If, as a result, the valve does not fit snugly against the cover, it means that the throttle is loose and should be removed again.

Gearbox replacement

If the chainsaw does not start, the problem may be with the gearbox. This type of breakdown occurs often due to wear of the protective gasket. In this situation, it is important to inspect not only the gearbox, but also the fuel system. Often it becomes a cause of damage. If the pump leaks, it means gasoline can get on the gearbox. In this situation, remove the protective cover and disconnect the carburetor. The next step is to remove the gearbox directly.

The fuel pump is located above it. If no leak is detected, then pay attention to the lower part of the gearbox. When its hole is blocked, it should be cleaned. To do this, you will have to use a cloth. Sometimes the central channel is damaged due to some foreign object, and the part has to be completely changed. However, such cases are extremely rare.