How to Remove Coil Stiga Sb Trimmer

The trimmer is one of the most common tools with which you can quickly and easily cut grass, cut small bushes, lawn grass and other weeds. It is no secret to anyone that in order to mow grass successfully, it is necessary to use the tool correctly and correctly handle individual cutting elements.

In trimmers it does not matter what kind of fuel they run on, special cutting nozzles (knives, disks) are used, and some trimmers are put on the market in the heads of which a cutting element such as fishing line is installed, and therefore many wonder how to put fishing line into the Stihl trimmer coil if there are no skills at all.

  • Cutting nozzles in the form of knives can be sharpened, but the fishing line (also a cutting element) but tends to be consumed. Below we will talk about how to properly insert a cutting element. a fishing line into the coil of a Stihl trimmer.

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Preparing the trimmer coil for winding

How to Remove Coil Stiga Sb Trimmer

Initially, as a rule, the coil is installed to the head of the device itself. The coil consists of two parts. a cover and a spring.

  • Whichever company you have, the trimmer training steps are the same for all kinds. Disassemble the device, or rather, remove the coil from the trimmer head. To do this, we press the locks located on the sides of the head housing all the way and turn the head clockwise.
  • To open the mowing head without problems, press the side latches, if you can’t do it with your hands, use a flat screwdriver to help. We take the coil out of the head.
  • In order to correctly choose a fishing line for your equipment, digital signs should be applied on the inside of the reel, which indicate the thickness and type of permissible fishing line. All designations are indicated, as a rule, in millimeters.
  • If you did not find any numbers, then the maximum permissible diameter of the fishing line can be determined by the through hole for inserting the fishing line. The line must pass unhindered back and forth.

The process of winding fishing line on a reel

  1. After all the preparatory steps, we need to correctly determine how exactly the fishing line will be washed onto your device, by turning the lid or in the opposite direction.
  2. We measure out about 7 mm of cutting material and insert it into the bobbin hole with one end. It is worth noting that the fishing line is wound precisely on the model of mowers style from two sides. The direction of winding fishing line in such models is indicated on the bobbin itself.
  3. The line is brought up to about 17 cm freely so that weeds can be cut with the ends. We add that winding fishing line on a reel of enormous length is not worth it. Leave a distance of approximately 5 mm from the fishing line to the edge of the bobbin.
  4. The two ends of the fishing line are inserted into the holes of the bobbin. Both of these ends must be securely attached to the device.
  5. The springs removed from the coil (if any) are inserted as they were removed, i.e. into the bobbin and the head housing itself.
  6. To determine whether you inserted the fishing line into the trimmer correctly, you need the element (bobbin) to be easily inserted into the head housing of your device. If necessary, remove the loose ends of the fishing line still out. To achieve this, you need to abruptly pull the line out of the groove through the holes in the bobbin.

So, let’s say you figured out how fast, and most importantly, correctly wrap the fishing line on the Stihl trimmer reel. All that remains for you is to insert everything correctly into the grooves and fix the main cover to the device. Then you can click on the bobbin itself and make a counterclockwise movement until you feel the stop. If you do not feel the emphasis, then most likely you did not line the line correctly and you have to start all over from scratch.

A couple of tips

If the fishing line you wound correctly, then when you press the bobbin button, the cutting element should automatically be pulled out. The fishing line for your mower is one of the most important elements without which the trimmer can lose all of its functionality. You can say that the fishing line (cutting element) is the heart of your mower. Therefore, when buying fishing line, pay first of all to its quality. When purchasing a fishing line of a particular company, be sure to compare it with the quality of an old fishing line.

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What can be used instead of fishing line
  • If instead of a special cutting element, say fishing line, you install a metal cable, then your trimmer can “turn” into a real dangerous weapon not only for you and your eyes, but for all the people around you nearby. This is due to the fact that during the operation of the trimmer, the steel cable will constantly operate, which will lead to tangling, and its small pieces can fly apart on all sides with great speed.
  • The same can happen if you use copper wire instead of a steel cable, but in this case the pieces of separation from the copper wire will be a little larger, and can lead to even more injury. And if God forbid, accidentally catch such a cutting element on the leg, then after that a deep cut of soft tissues will remain 100% guaranteed, and in some cases, all this can lead to amputation of small limbs (fingers) of the legs and even hands. Therefore, our advice to you, do not use any other cutting elements other than fishing line for your own safety and those around you.

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The cost of repairing lawn mowers and Stiga trimmers

Name of worksPrice in rubles
Diagnostics (during repair diagnostics are not paid)600 rub
Comprehensive maintenance (supplies and work)1800 rub.
Engine bulkhead2500 rub.
Cylinder replacement1500 rub.
Replacing engine crankshaft2500 rub.
Spark Plug Replacement100 rub
Piston replacement1500 rub.
Piston ring replacement1500 rub.
Replacing engine oil seals1500 rub.
Replacing Inlet300 rub
Flywheel Replacement500 rub
Replacing flywheel keys500 rub
Clutch Replacement500 rub
Clutch drum replacement500 rub
Clutch Spring Replacement500 rub
Replacing the dog / spring300 rub
Carburetor Replacement and Adjustment500 rub
Magneto Replacement500 rub
Muffler replacement200 rub
Crankcase replacement500. 900 rub.
Crankcase gasket replacement500. 900 rub.
Fuel priming primer replacement100 rub
Fuel tank replacement500 rub
Fuel hose replacement200 rub
Replacing fuel line / filter300 rub
Replacing the air filter100 rub
Replacement (removal and installation) of a gas cable100 rub
Replacing trigger / gas lock500 rub
High voltage wire replacement500 rub
Manual Starter Replacement500. 1000 rub.
Starter Spring Replacement500 rub
Starter Cord Replacement600 rub
Ignition Switch Replacement200 rub
Boom replacement500 rub
Shaft / Rod Replacement200 rub
Protective cover replacement100 rub
Knife replacement100 rub
Spool Replacement100 rub
Replacing fishing line in the spool100 rub
Gearbox replacement300 rub
Manual starter repair500. 1,500 rubles.
Carburetor repair600. 2500 rubles.
Carb adjustment500 rub
Throttle cable adjustment100 rub
Adjustment of valves1400 rub.
Fuel system cleaning600. 800 rubles.
Gear Lubrication100 rub

The cost of our services can be changed after the diagnosis of your equipment. We work with each client individually, which means that the price calculation is carried out in accordance with the level of complexity of a particular type of work.

We are responsible for the results of our work, confirming that our words do not diverge from the deed!

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