How to Remove the Head from a Screwdriver

It has long been no secret that it is more convenient and faster to loosen and tighten the screws with a screwdriver.

Any tool has the ability to wear out and fail. This is especially true for moving and frequently used parts. In a screwdriver, such a component is a chuck. An element that is completely out of order should be replaced. But first you need to understand how the cartridge is removed. To do this, you need to know a little about the technical characteristics of the device. To carry out repairs, you will need a hammer, screwdriver, vise and some keys.

Methods of mounting a cartridge

How to Remove the Head from a Screwdriver

Cartridges are most often attached to the shaft in the following ways:

  1. By Morse Cone
  2. Threaded way
  3. With fixing screw

Morse cone is one of the easiest and most practical methods that has been used since the 19th century. The plane of the shaft is processed in the form of a cone with the assigned parameters. A similar cone is in the middle of the cartridge. When they are combined, an operational and strong connection of the components occurs.

The following method is equipped with a thread that is cut at the edge of the power tool shaft.

The fixing screw is used for additional connection of the twisting cartridge on the shaft. Typically, a screw has a head for a Phillips screwdriver as well as a left-hand thread. It is necessary to unscrew the cams at the cartridge to the maximum in order to see it.

How to determine the method of attachment to a screwdriver

The fastener method is easy to learn if you carefully examine the details. The cartridge of the Morse cone variety will have the following inscription: 1-6 B10. This means that in the cartridge, attachment of nozzles with a shank diameter of 1-6 mm is permissible, and B10 is a pointer to the value of the Morse cone.

The cartridge, fixed with a threaded fastener, has the markings:

  1. Metric thread (domestic products). 1.0-11 M12x1.25
  2. Inch thread (foreign production). 2-13 mm ½-20 UNF

Video: How to Remove the Head from a Screwdriver

How to remove and change the cartridge (Video)

If you are faced with replacing the cartridge, initially, you should understand the method of fastening it. To carry out the procedure with a minimum of effort, experts do not recommend overloading a screwdriver in everyday use. If you operate the tool without interruption for fifteen minutes, the rotating parts may overheat and lock tightly into the socket. Then it will be more difficult to replace. Experts recommend proven cartridge removal methods described below:

  1. Unscrew the threaded fastening by means of a hexagon of the L-shaped form, which for sure is found in every owner. Next, insert the hexagon (size. 10 mm), place the short edge in the cartridge and squeeze it tightly in the cams. After that, start and instantly turn off the device at low speeds so that the free edge hits the table slightly, so that the thread loosens and you can unscrew the cartridge.
  2. If the chuck is held onto a thread with a locking screw, then:
    • Loosen screw with left-hand thread in clockwise direction.
    • Then insert the hexagon into the cams, and with a quick movement of a hand or a hammer, turn the free edge against the clock. Now you can unscrew the cartridge.
    • If both methods did not work:
      • We take from the open housing the shaft on which the gearbox and the cartridge are located. To remove the cartridge, use the pipe wrench.
      • To remove and change a cartridge with a Morse cone, you need to have a hammer with you, with which the shank will be released from the housing socket.

      Cartridge removal: Makita screwdriver (Video)

      Typically, Makita brand power tools are equipped with a threaded fastener with an auxiliary lock using a left-hand screw.

      A number of actions should be followed:

      • Unscrew the fixing screw (clockwise).
      • Activate the spindle stop button.
      • Wrap the casing with a tight cloth and squeeze in a vice.
      • Grip the hexagon in the fists.
      • Hitting a hammer on the free plane of the key, the cartridge scrolls and then retracts from the shaft.

      Chuck removal: Bosch screwdriver

      Bosch screwdrivers are usually equipped with a fixing screw.

      • We put the key in the cams and tighten it for a couple of clicks.
      • The tool is placed on the edge of the table.
      • Pressing the stopper button, remove the cartridge lock on the shaft.
      • The cartridge is removed against the clockwork.

      All actions require special attention and consistency during disassembly / assembly.

      After gaining theoretical knowledge about the types of cartridges, it will be easier for you to independently repair the Interskol screwdriver, Hitachi, as well as other manufacturers.