How to Replace a Cartridge with a Milwaukee Screwdriver

The instructions do not write anything on this subject. The screw most likely stuck.

There are several features when removing cartridges:

  1. You need to get to the fixing bolt, for this you need to spread the cams all the way.
  2. You need to unscrew the fixing bolt, then you need a head with a thin wall so that you can reach the bolt.
  3. It is necessary to twist, but not in the usual direction, since there is a left-hand thread, it is necessary to unscrew it clockwise.
  4. Since the fixing bolt is installed on the thread sealant, here two options are to unscrew it, or to heat the connection, but you can spoil the plastic elements, or a sharp blow, for this, an air or electric wrench with an impact mechanism is best suited.
  5. After the bolt has been unscrewed, it is necessary to unscrew the chuck, it’s good when there is a groove there, you can hook the tool on it and the chuck will unscrew, it is more difficult if there is no groove, then we clamp the bolt into the cams and unscrew it, gripping the bolt head with a wrench.

It is quite easy to remove the cartridge from the screwdriver, you need to carry out some actions to unscrew the cartridge. Most screwdrivers have a screw inside the chuck that secures it to the shaft. To get to it you need to spread the jaws of the cartridge as wide as possible and there will be a screw inside that has a reverse left thread. Unscrewing it is not easy, especially if you have been using a screwdriver for a long time, it can stick and you will have to make a lot of effort to unscrew it, after that the cartridge must be turned counterclockwise with effort and it will be removed.

Bosch screwdriver. a reliable tool, indispensable for construction and repair.

  1. It is not difficult to remove the cartridge if you first open the cams.
  2. The cartridge has a left-hand thread, so often the unscrewing process itself presents certain difficulties.
  3. In addition, the sealant reliably fixes the threaded connection, and unscrewing the cartridge without the use of special tools turns into a tedious process.
  4. But with a conventional or electric wrench, the chuck from any screwdriver will be unscrewed without much effort.

The owners of screwdrivers sometimes need to remove the cartridge from a power tool. This can be caused by various circumstances:

  1. Repair, lubricate and clean this unit.
  2. The desire to replace this cartridge with another model (of a different design, size).

How to Replace a Cartridge with a Milwaukee Screwdriver

This operation does not require any special tools, abilities and skills. But, performing it, it is necessary to remember some features that complicate disassembly actions. Most three-jaw self-centering chucks mounted on screwdrivers are quick-clamping. That is, they have several differences from the usual (key types):

  1. The assembly has a plastic surface that can break even with minimal mechanical impact on it with metal tools.
  2. The cartridge is very close to the body of the drill, with a small gap that will not allow the spindle to be fixed with a pipe wrench or vise.

Another factor that can complicate disassembly in the easiest way is the relative low power of the screwdriver (when compared with drills).

The first mandatory stage! Unscrew the fixing screw

The first, mandatory, step when removing the cartridge from most household screwdrivers is to unscrew the fixing screw located at the end of the spindle between the cams. This fastener is designed to protect the quick-clamping unit from independent "make-up" when working with the load in reverse mode (counterclockwise).

For example, when unscrewing old fasteners, when it is necessary to increase the torque. At the same time, the chuck can remain motionless, fixed with a bat in the machined surface, and the spindle will rotate “to the left” (counterclockwise) and unscrew it from the screwdriver mounting unit.

To avoid such situations, manufacturers use a control screw with a "left" thread. It is it that must first be removed by performing the following steps:

  1. Open the cams so that the tip of the screwdriver freely passes between them.
  2. Unscrew the screw by rotating it to the right side, since it has a “left” thread.

Attention! The grooves on the screw heads can be of various sizes and shapes (straight or cross-shaped). Therefore, you must have a screwdriver with different tips.

Fastening the keyless chuck from the screwdriver spindle
After the fixing screw with the “left thread” has been unscrewed from the end face of the spindle, you can remove the keyless chuck from the screwdriver.

Due to the fact that the gap between the coupling and the housing is several millimeters, it is not possible to fix the spindle with a vise or pipe wrench. Therefore, there are several other ways to remove the cartridge.

Holding the cartridge by hand

The easiest way is to hold the cartridge with your hand. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Put on a work glove on the hand that will hold the cartridge.
  2. Set the torque regulator to the maximum value or put the screwdriver in drilling mode.
  3. Make sure that the fixing screw is unscrewed from the end face of the spindle.
  4. To reduce the cams of the cartridge to the minimum clearance.
  5. Holding the chuck with one hand, protected by a glove, start the rotation of the screwdriver in the reverse direction (counterclockwise). While the cams diverge, the electric motor will gain momentum, and at the moment of their full opening, a peculiar blow will be obtained, which should shift the threaded connection. Now to unscrew the cartridge is not difficult.

Attention! This method is unsafe! It is forbidden to use it when confirming at least one point:

  1. Lack of overalls.
  2. The power of the screwdriver exceeds 500 watts.
  3. Self-doubt.
  4. Lack of good physical fitness (adolescents, women, elderly people).

If this method does not work for the prohibiting reasons indicated above or is unsuccessful, then the following should be applied.

Using the L-shaped tool

This method is quite simple and safe, therefore it is a priority. You must complete the steps in the following sequence:

  1. Make sure that the fixing screw is unscrewed from the end face of the spindle.
  2. Fasten the L-shaped tool in the cams. Best hex key.
  3. Set the torque control to the maximum value or put it into drilling mode.
  4. Switch the direction of rotation of the spindle to reverse (counterclockwise).
  5. Start the engine and allow it to gain maximum speed.
  6. Bring the rotating, fixed between the cams, L-shaped tool to the hard stop. For example, a bench vise, a gymnastic weight.
  7. At the moment of impact of the fixed L-shaped tool, a quick make-up of the chuck from the spindle will occur.

Video: How to Replace a Cartridge with a Milwaukee Screwdriver

Attention! The cartridge unscrews very quickly, in less than one second. Therefore, it is necessary to provide that it falls from a minimum height, that is, the emphasis on which the L-shaped tool will strike should be as close to the floor as possible.

A second variant of this method is also possible:

  1. After unscrewing the screw and securing the faceted key (three-, four-, five-, six-sided) between the cams, hold the screwdriver in one hand, and with the help of the other we strike with a hammer (mallet) on the shoulder of the protruding tool so that the rotation occurs counterclockwise.
  2. "Tearing", thus, the cartridge from its place, you can continue to unscrew by hand.

This type of unscrewing is especially effective in cases where there is no voltage in the network (power screwdriver), the battery is discharged or the power tool is inoperative.

Removing a chuck from a disassembled screwdriver

All of the above methods involve removing the cartridge from a whole screwdriver. But a situation may arise when the power tool is disassembled. The chuck will be removed from the screwdriver along with the gearbox.

Then you can remove the cam unit in two ways:

  1. Fasten the gearbox between the jaws of the vice using soft gaskets (for example, wooden) so as not to damage the housing. Fasten the L-shaped tool in the cams, and try to “tear” the cartridge with a hammer.
  2. Choose a socket wrench so that it fits snugly on the three studs of the gearbox (you can start with size 19).

Holding the cartridge with one hand, turn the key counterclockwise with the other.

The designs of most manufacturers of modern household screwdrivers with quick-clamping three-jaw chucks are very similar, so the disassembly methods are applicable to most models.

The easiest and safest way is to use a L-shaped faceted tool clamped between the cams of the chuck.

This device occupies an important place in the workshop of each owner. Today there are many varieties and brands of screwdrivers, but they all function in the same way. One view from another can differ only in the way power is supplied to the device. Based on this, distinguish mains and cordless screwdrivers. And the other components of the tools are similar to each other.

In some cases, in the process of working with the device, it is necessary to disassemble it with a cartridge. These manipulations are carried out in case of violation of the functionality of the tuning mechanism. This is not quite easy to do. To do this, you should know how to unscrew the chuck on a screwdriver correctly. All models have the same parts, including these. Slight differences can occur only in exceptional cases.

Removal Procedure

Cartridges come in two types. keyless and cam. First of all, to remove it is necessary to prepare tools (screwdrivers, hexagons of suitable size, some heavy object of small size, punch). Be sure to observe safety precautions. wear glasses to protect the eyes from small elements that may fly off during operation. Next, the dismantling process itself begins.

It is necessary to find out exactly what type of chuck is used in each specific tool (with Morse taper, on a thread or on a thread with an additional fixing screw). This can be recognized by the inscription. For example, “1. 6 B10” refers to the Morse cone, in Russian production “1,0. 10” and for foreign brands “2. 13” mm ½. 20 UNF ”, here the dimensions are written in inches.

The cone-shaped cartridge is removed without much effort. You need to lightly hit him with a hammer, while you should be extremely careful.

How to unscrew the cartridge on a Makita screwdriver?

This is a widely used tool in everyday life. The operation of removing the cartridge is as follows:

  1. Use a flat-shaped screwdriver to expand the part. It is important to remember that in this model this element is connected to the thread. This is very important in order to unscrew the chuck on a Makita screwdriver. This brand differs from others in the deep arrangement of the element bolt. Carefully hit the head with a hammer.
  2. In which direction to unscrew the chuck of a screwdriver? First you need to turn the lock screw to the right (clockwise). He is in the cartridge. Then it is necessary to insert a hex key into it, fix it, turn on the reverse and press the drilling button. In some cases, it is easier to use a bench vise and tap on a key. This method is more risky, and in the process, you can spoil the cartridge. The method is used when it is completely replaced.
  3. The next step after removing the screw is to remove the cartridge. It is necessary to perform a corkscrew fixation if there is room for a wrench. If not, remove the housing cover.
  4. In some cases, manufacturers in devices with low power use plastic cartridges. In order to unscrew the cartridge on a screwdriver from this material, additional instructions are needed. When removing the cam part, it is necessary to open the vise with which it holds. The Makita brand product has an automatic lock. and cartridges. one-foot.
  5. The hexagonal part under the bat is dismantled with an adjustable wrench, after inserting the nut inside and performing the manipulations indicated above.

Bosch and "Interskol"

How to unscrew the cartridge on a Bosch screwdriver? The difference between the Bosch model and the Makita is that the first one has an autolot. An element is replaced in the same way as in the previous case. clockwise.

Features of parsing a screwdriver "Interskol":

  1. To do this, insert a figure eight hexagon into the cartridge and fix it.
  2. Make sure that the battery charge is full and the angle of the key is in the down position (parallel to the handle).
  3. Then you should select the drilling mode and reverse.
  4. Down the hex key you need to put a solid object (stone, small weight or dumbbell) and turn on the trigger.
  5. The cartridge is unscrewed by intensive counterclockwise movements.

How to unscrew the cartridge on the Milwaukee?

This product is of high quality, reliability. There is also an additional function. fixing the screw. When changing a cartridge, you must first remove this screw, the instructions do not allow you to do this yourself. Also this unit is equipped with a chuck with quick clamp function. It includes a shallow pitch and 9/16 inch thread. It is recommended to change such a part in special repair centers.

To unscrew the cartridge on a Milwaukee screwdriver, you should first try to remove this element in the usual way:

  1. It is necessary to open the cams and remove the screw, which consists of the left thread, by unscrewing.
  2. In the event of an unsuccessful attempt, use a punch to lightly hit the hammer to displace the thread.
  3. Then follows the hex key eight to press in the fists.
  4. Switch to reverse.
  5. You need to turn on the start for a few seconds. In this case, it is necessary to put a solid object under the key.

As a rule, after this procedure, the cartridge is unscrewed, but it may be necessary to insert a flat screwdriver on the side of the element and carefully move the thread from its place. In rare cases, it becomes necessary to completely dismantle the device with the removal of the gearbox with the spindle.

Hitachi and Bison

Both devices are similar to each other. When unscrewing the cartridge, it must be disconnected from the shaft. This is done quite easily. It is necessary to do standard actions. The screw must be turned clockwise, then remove the cartridge.

How to unscrew the cartridge on the "Makita 627 ld"?

Actions are performed in several steps:

  1. In this case, you need a flat-shaped screwdriver.
  2. You will need to turn the screw counterclockwise.
  3. Hexagon on eight to press the element.
  4. Unscrew the cartridge without undue effort.

For this model, other parts from foreign manufacturers (for example, Deko cartridges) are also suitable. You just need to connect the parts in the reverse order.

How to spin a cartridge on Divolt-220 and Nikkey

This tool is network powered. It is equipped with a key cartridge. To remove such an item, you must:

  • push the fists as deep as possible to open the bottom;
  • unscrew the screw (on the left thread);
  • in order to prevent the spindle from rotating, fix the element (using the key from the chuck or wrap the tool with a rag) and clamp it in a vice;
  • then unscrew the screw;
  • remove the cartridge without extra effort.

If the attempt fails, you must remove the housing cover, and then lock the spindle inside.

Important note. Be sure to disconnect the device from the network before replacing the element. There is no need to turn on the tool for this process.

To unscrew the cartridge on a Nikkey screwdriver, just study the previously given instructions. The principle of removing elements for all of these models is similar. If you understand one of them, then you can easily cope with any unit.

Recommendations and Tips

How to unscrew a jammed chuck on a screwdriver? To do this, pour grease into it, for example, WD-40. Wait about five minutes for it to penetrate into all holes and grooves. To make this happen faster, you can use a hairdryer. Warm the cartridge with it and then lightly hit the cams with a hammer from all sides.

It is important to know that the cartridge is unscrewed only after cooling the device. It will be very difficult to remove an element from a heated tool, because the elements are firmly fixed in the socket.