How To Replace Fishing Line With Patriot Trimmer

Hoper brand trimmers and lawn mowers overview

The development of the Khoper brand in the Russian market began in 2010. Positions strengthened over time thanks to the successful design of technology and the use of inexpensive, but high-quality materials. To reduce the cost of production, all capacities were transferred to China, but this did not affect the quality. Coarse assembly is carried out in Russia. The Khoper company also produces components in a large assortment.

How To Replace Fishing Line With Patriot Trimmer

The popularity of the Khoper brand was facilitated by the fact that for the most part the technical specifications were copied from the popular Zirka and Kadvi brands. Thanks to the multi-stage control that is carried out at the production site, Khoper’s products are not inferior in quality to well-known brands.

The Khoper product line is represented by various models of trimmers and a lawn mowing machine with a gasoline engine. All models are distinguished by reliability, build quality and long life.

Product Range Overview

Petrol models

The Khoper catalog presents various models of lawn mowing, designed for mowing grass and other vegetation in a personal plot, in a garden and park zone, as well as in other places. A distinctive feature of trimmers is ease of use and ease of maintenance. Air-cooled gasoline 2-stroke engines are installed on the lawn mowing model, allowing the device to be used for a long time. However, the manufacturer recommends taking a break every 45 minutes to let the engine cool completely.

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The differences between the models are mainly in engine power, which varies from 2 to 3 hp. and, accordingly, in the weight of the unit. The convenient handle is adjustable and allows you to adjust the control in an optimal way. The kit comes with a shoulder strap with femoral protection, which reduces the strain on the hands of the operator. Therefore, regardless of the weight of the model, working with her is comfortable.

Each farmer can choose for himself the best option for lawn mowing, depending on the area and complexity of the plot.

Below are the popular trimmer models:

Advantages of the gas trimmer:

  • Ability to work up to 45 minutes without a break;
  • Easy access to the air filter;
  • All controls on the handle;
  • Mobility;
  • Reinforced gear;
  • It is easy to trim areas near the fence, tree, etc with a trimmer;
  • Carbide teeth;
  • The two-stroke engine saves fuel and does not burden the design.

Disadvantages of the gasoline model:

  • Noisy;
  • One-piece bar;
  • Pollutes the environment with exhaust;
  • Requires thorough maintenance;
  • Heavy given the weight of the engine and a full tank of fuel.

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Electric models

A great alternative to gasoline models can be electric trimmers, which also cope well with the task of mowing lawns and various dense vegetation. Engine power is 1-1.2 kW, which allows you to mow even shrubs. As a cutting tool, you can use a fishing line or knife. The thickness of the fishing line in the reel is about 2 mm.

The bar, which forms the basis of the structure, is straight and, if necessary, can be disassembled. This facilitates not only the transportation of the tool, but also its storage. The type of handle, in contrast to gasoline models, is loop-shaped, but despite this, it is very easy to wear a trimmer.

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Below are the popular models:

  • Hoper ET1000
  • Hoper ET1200
  • Hoper ETS1200

Advantages of electrical models:

  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Can be used without preparation;
  • Comfort in work due to almost complete noiselessness and absence of vibrations;
  • You can work for a long time, since there is no dependence on the availability of fuel;
  • Low cost of maintenance, as consumables are needed in less quantity;
  • Overheat protection;
  • Quick start.

User’s manual

Features of the use of electrical models

Electric trimmers are considered the most loyal to maintenance due to the power supply from the mains. It is advisable not to overheat the engine.

To do this, you must adhere to the correct operating mode: 20 minutes of operation, 20 minutes of a break. Before each season of operation, lubricate the gearbox.

Important! Do not use the trimmer in wet or rainy weather.

Major malfunctions and their elimination

The main malfunctions of the electric model:

  • When turned on does not work. Check the contact in the plug connector, make sure that the power cable, switch and plug are working.
  • The fishing line may get confused. Check all contact connections.
  • During prolonged use, a nylon thread may stick together. Using an indicator screwdriver, check the contacts with the control handle.

Features of the use of gasoline models

Hoper trimmers use a mixture of gasoline and oil as fuel. To prepare the mixture, you need to take the ratio. 1 part of adapted engine oil and 25 parts of gasoline with an octane rating of at least 92. If you do not observe the proportions given, then the engine life will be significantly reduced.

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Running the lawn mowing is not required, but at first the unit needs a gentle operating mode, therefore only half the power is used. For abundant lubrication of engine elements, the first two gas stations need to use oils 10% more than recommended during the preparation of the fuel mixture. Do not try to procure the fuel mixture with a reserve, as the fuel is aging and does not fulfill its purpose.

To extend the life of the motor, follow these guidelines:

  • Use only high-quality gasoline with the obligatory addition of oil.
  • Do not use the trimmer at high speeds without load.
  • Use oils for 2-stroke engines only.

After 10 hours of operation, lawn mowers need:

  • Check the condition of the muffler;
  • Clean or replace the air filter;
  • Check the clearance between the spark plug contacts. It should be 0.6-0.7 mm;
  • Flush vent holes;
  • Add oil to gearbox.

If a breakdown is detected, do not carry out an independent repair of the power unit. Contact a service center.

To reduce the load on the engine and prevent overheating after every 45 minutes of operation, a technical break is made for 10-15 minutes, while completely shutting down the motor.

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