How to Set Ignition on a Chainsaw

In addressing this issue, the review presented to you will try to uncover the question that arises among many owners of chainsaws. During the operation of such a tool, the consumer may encounter a situation where it is necessary to make an adjustment to the ignition moment. Over time, the breaker may fail, the coil is also not eternal, although it is not easy to operate and it is difficult to disable it. So let’s try to figure out how set the ignition on a chainsaw.

Structural components

Engines such as cars are left to our client; in other words, other tools using a gasoline engine have similar working mechanisms.

Not an exception is considered such famous chainsaws and with pleasure used by consumers like Goodluck, Stihl or Husqvarna.

The drive there is a familiar gasoline engine to everyone, respectively a fuel tank, an engine and a tool that performs specific work, as well as other suspension organs that help in managing.

From time to time in the process of use, some difficulties occur, in this matter a fairly reliable tool like a chainsaw.

The question is, what then to do?

Here are some common cases:

  1. A chainsaw will not start;
  2. If it starts, it works intermittently;
  3. Missing power for proper operation.


Central to this group of problems is the engine.

Ignition one of the main parts affecting the uptime of a tool. Therefore, the first to examine specifically This common rumor block.

The time has passed when the ignition control was engaged in a breaker with cams and a moving contact, which supplied a spark to a candle.

It was not a very reliable system based on the huge number of parts that influenced the operation of the motor. A chainsaw with invisible defects could simply not start. And we could follow the picture of the constant pulling of the lace of the factory. At this point in time, domestic manufacturers have fled to the non-contact ignition accounting system.

how set the ignition?

Now we will touch on an important topic. how set the ignition? Vedeo installation ignition.

They have fewer moving parts and no contacts that need to be periodically exposed, often failing. The coil used on a modern chainsaw will work until the end of the service of your tool. A chainsaw has become much more reliable and easier to maintain.

Possible malfunctions

If the saw does not start, the first thing to check is a spark giving a spark that ignites the fuel in the cylinder. Start by removing the high voltage wire to which the candle is connected. Then unscrew the candle itself from the cylinder cover and inspect its condition. A candle should work dry and light deposits on light-colored ceramics:

  • If the candle is wet, then there are problems with the carburetor. Need to adjust and put up fuel level in it;
  • The soot on the walls of the candle is dark or black, means a malfunction in the piston group.

If you have not found any visible causes of the malfunction, the candle is dry, light carbon deposits continue to go from the opposite. Since this is the final point of ignition of the working mixture. Now check to see if the spark comes to the candle. This is the ignition system unit.

Check whether there is a spark will not be a particular problem, for this it is enough to take the high-voltage cable to which the candle is connected, bring it to the cylinder block by setting a small gap between them, so that you can notice a spark jumping between them. Then we pull the starter’s starter cord and see if there is a spark and what color it is. A working, working candle should give a spark similar to lightning. How it looks, look at the photo suggested your attention, everything is clearly visible on it.

If no spark is observed, check with a control light; if there is no probe, the high-voltage cable. A cliff is possible in the place where it was bent most often. If the wire is in order, it is possible that the problem is in the incorrectly set ignition angle. It may be too early or too late in both cases, the chainsaw starts well and will not work.

Now let’s try to set the correct gap between the movable and fixed contact. Ideally, it should be 0.2 mm. You can check with a probe, since it is not a deficit.

This was a description of the malfunctions of the older generation of chainsaws. The new generation includes modern chainsaws Goodluck, Stihl and Husqvarna.

Modern systems

Modern systems are equipped with chips that regulate all of the above problems. A method for independently setting the ignition timing depending on the engine speed and the power transmitted to the cutting element. At the same time, fuel is saved significantly without sacrificing power. Starting the saw is also much easier regardless of weather conditions.

The chainsaw itself has become simpler and more efficient and does not require expensive repairs. Ignition coils made using modern technology and using new materials have literally become eternal.

In addition to everything read, a video is offered here for a complete familiarization with the material provided.

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I bought a Stihl chainsaw, it practically did not work. just repairing. I can’t start it.

how to set the ignition on a chainsaw

This part of gasoline saws includes a number of interconnected parts through which sparking occurs at the time of starting the engine. Their main purpose is to ignite the combustible mixture so that the engine can enter the operating mode.

Despite the thoroughness of this part of modern chainsaws, it periodically also needs not only repair, but also the correct adjustment. And what you need to know for this, and will be discussed in this article.

Ignition system device

This part of the gas tool has the following typical structure:

  • magneto;
  • power cable;
  • spark plug;
  • shutdown key.

In turn, magneto also happens:

  • contact;
  • non-contact.

Their common elements are:

  • magnets placed in the rim;
  • ignition coil, consisting of a core and transformer windings;
  • candle.

The last element is considered one of the most important, since it is by the appearance of the spark plug that in most cases it is possible to make a visual diagnosis of the entire ignition system of gasoline units.

Sparking is not an easy process. First, it is necessary that a magnetic field is created in the coil itself, which is possible thanks to 2 magnets. When the primary contacts are closed, a slight electrical impulse begins to occur. Accordingly, when they are open, there is neither a magnetic field nor an electromotive force of the secondary winding.

In this case, an electric current with a high voltage is formed and a candle is supplied, which gives the same spark that ignites a combustible liquid. Usually at this moment the piston is localized near the dead point, or rather. 0.4 cm below its position. It is worth noting that the contact ignition, which was installed on chainsaws in the early 90s. and that has come to us together with used equipment at the modern technical stage has already outlived itself.

Therefore, in the current modifications, which are presented to us by leading manufacturers, non-contact electronic ignition is installed, which is much easier to regulate and maintain.

How to set the ignition on a chainsaw yourself?

This is one of the central issues of concern to all owners of chainsaws, regardless of their power class and the brand that produced it. Indeed, even if the tool had factory settings that were set strictly according to the rules in accordance with the operating instructions, then in the process they still cannot be avoided. The reason for this is vibration, intense loads acting on all saw systems and the ignition as well.

Video: How to Set Ignition on a Chainsaw

It is necessary to look into the ignition coil as soon as possible if:

  • the unit does not start after several consecutive attempts;
  • functioning occurs intermittently, which are noticeable not only at idle, but also under load;
  • the tool does not give out its power at full strength.

If at least one of these points occurs in the operation of the device, then re-installation of the ignition on the chainsaw is required. This means that you just need to reconfigure it, which can be done with your own hands, without resorting to the help of repair shops and service centers.

Adjust the ignition: where to start?

If at one point a chainsaw suddenly does not start and this is not the only such case, then adjusting the ignition of the chainsaw will be more than ever by the way. It must be produced in the following sequence:

  1. Examine the candle for a malfunction. Effective candles are always dry.
  2. Having found that the candle is quite wet, you should turn your attention to the carburetor, whose malfunctions can lead to the filling of the candle part and prevent sparking. The presence of a darkish plaque is a signal that there are problems in the cylinder-piston elements of the motor.
  3. If the previous check item did not give visible results, the next step is to check if there is a spark. To do this, it is necessary to slide the cable coming from the candle to the cylinder. At the time of a small gap between these parts, a spark is necessarily allocated.
  4. If there is no spark, we proceed to the voltage test. Its absence can only mean one thing. the integrity of the wire is broken.
  5. If the high-voltage cable is working, you should double-check the ignition angle, because non-observance of it can cause the spark to either “hurry”, appearing too early, or “delay” without having time to ignite the fuel.
    After all, all the leading experts emphasize that the adjusted clearance between the flywheel and the ignition coil is the basis for the timely formation of a spark, and as a result, trouble-free starting of the engine and uninterrupted operation.
  6. Another option that must be taken into account by checking and correcting all the previous points is the candle itself, which could wear out and require replacement with a new one. A benign spark from a new working candle looks like a lightning. If it is dull, it is worthwhile to study in detail the quality of the spark.

To do this, the high-voltage wire is connected directly to the candle. Next, jerkily start the starter. Based on the results of observations, we can conclude whether to change the candle or not.

Timely diagnosis is one of the chances of saving parts

As practice shows, the problem is easier to eliminate at the stage of its development than when the equipment has already completely refused to work. For this, it is necessary to inspect all parts and assemblies on time, and not only visual. Its worthy replacement is the hardware method, popular recently.

Testers were able to combine different instruments for measuring voltage, resistance and current strength.

But before you check the ignition coil of a chainsaw with a multimeter, you should read the instructions for the chainsaw in detail to have the initial information regarding its normal technical parameters, with which the values ​​obtained on the tester will be compared.

The verification sequence is as follows:

  1. Check the primary winding (zero resistance means problems with the coil, and “∞” means a wire break);
  2. The secondary winding is examined by connecting the scanner to a high-voltage wire and a contact with a “” sign.

As you can see, although the ignition system is considered one of the most capricious in any gasoline powered vehicle, everyone can figure it out.

The installation on new chainsaws of electric chips that regulate this process without human intervention, avoids many points. However, they are practically unrepairable, like ignition on older models.

Gasoline saws are necessarily equipped with an ignition system. It is necessary for the timely ignition of the fuel mixture in the engine cylinder. Therefore, the installation of the ignition on the chainsaw and its periodic adjustment are so necessary, since without a spark the tool simply will not start.

How it works and how the ignition of a chainsaw works

The carburetor engine is independent of the model of tool. Therefore, we can talk about the standard ignition system of a chainsaw. It consists of the following elements:

  1. Magneto. It is an alternator. It is necessary to supply spark plugs with electric current. Externally, this part looks like a stationary winding of an inductor and a permanent magnet, which is fixed on the flywheel. The latter rotates simultaneously with the engine crankshaft.
  2. Spark plug.
  3. An electric cable that connects the 2 previous elements.
  4. Buttons to turn off the device.

The ignition circuit of a chainsaw is simple. After starting the tool, a rotating magnetic field is formed due to the movement of the flywheel and crankshaft. It in the existing winding creates a moving force that transforms into voltage. This potential is enough to create a spark.

The differences between different chainsaw models can only be in the fact that contact or non-contact magneto is used. In the first case, one output of the winding goes to the candle, and the second. first to the disconnect button, and then through it to the ground. In the second case, the device has a capacitor that generates current when discharged.

Major malfunctions and their elimination

If you cannot start the saw the first time, there may be several reasons. Most often, the problem is with the spark plug:

  • electrode wear or damage to the ceramic insulator;
  • loose fit of the removable cap (if any);
  • walking sparks along the ceramic winding, a sign of which is a brown residue on the outer shell;
  • cracks in the cap of the candle (a saw with such a problem will continue to work, but can hurt the user when touched).

If there are no problems with the candle, it is recommended to inspect the wires coming from the coil. They may be torn off or have other mechanical damage. There may be wire breaks inside the insulation, so sometimes these violations can not be detected during visual inspection.

The cause of the breakdown may lie in the toggle switches. Checking them is easy. To do this, disconnect the wires from the module, and then check the ignition. If a spark appears after tripping, the switch must be replaced.

Check ignition coil on chainsaw

If the preliminary steps did not help in identifying the cause of the malfunction of the chainsaw, it is necessary to check the ignition coil of the saw. Diagnostics is carried out in several stages:

  1. Measure coil resistance using a multimeter. To do this, you should know the optimal parameters that are indicated in the instruction manual. However, due to the use of semiconductor elements in the system, when trying to “ring” the coil, the result will be the indication “Open circuit”. This is normal. A sign of malfunction is a positive test result. That is, if it was possible to determine the resistance of the coil using a special tool, then it is definitely faulty.
  2. Check for sparks with a special device. This device should be installed in an open circuit located between the spark plug and the high voltage terminal of the saw ignition coil. The indicators will be visible on the display. This method of verification is more often used in service centers, since the device necessary for this is expensive, and the costs will not be comparable with the provided benefits.
  3. Testing the coil with a candle, i.e., make homemade ignition. To do this, it must be unscrewed, and then attached to the cylinder body. Now you need to pull the starter and watch the spark. But this method gives only an approximate result, since the flywheel spins faster due to the unnatural position of the candle.

If none of these methods yields a result or, if necessary, perform field tests, you can do the following:

  1. Remove the cap from the candle, insert a nail without a hat into the core at a distance of 6-7 mm from the cylinder. This should be done as carefully as possible so as not to damage the part.
  2. Follow the steps to be taken when starting the tool. Now you need to look at the presence of a spark and its color. If there is no malfunction, then the spark will be strong, and the color will be bright blue.

This method can be used as a last resort and only if there are no electronic nodes, it is important to follow the rules:

  • you can not completely unscrew the candle, as this can lead to faster rotation of the flywheel, which is not the correct mode of operation of the engine;
  • it is necessary to place it at a distance that corresponds to the compression model and the dielectric properties of the fuel mixture, therefore this parameter can be viewed in the instructions (a value of 6-7 mm is averaged).

How to set the ignition on a chainsaw

Periodically adjust the ignition of the chainsaw. This action involves setting the correct clearance of the spark plug between the coil and the flywheel. The parameter depends on the model of the chainsaw. It is indicated in the instruction manual. The average value is a parameter of 0.2-0.4 mm. The presence of the correct clearance is important so that the spark appears at the right time, i.e., not earlier and not much later than the fuel supply.

Special templates will help to adjust the ignition on the chainsaw, however, it is not always advisable to purchase them for one-time use. Therefore, they can be replaced with homemade. To make it, you need to cut a strip from a plastic bottle. The part of the container where there is no embossing is suitable. After that, you can install the ignition, acting in the following sequence:

  1. Remove the ignition bolts slightly to loosen.
  2. The magnets located on the flywheel must be connected to the ignition coil.
  3. Clamp the plastic plate between the flywheel and the coil, and then tighten the screws again.
  4. Take out the strip.
  5. Scroll the flywheel a full turn several times in a row, while making sure that it does not cling anywhere.

If during the diagnosis any malfunctions of the coil were detected and it did not work out, then the part must be replaced, since the repair is impractical.