How to Set Up a Band Saw on a Tree

How to Set Up a Band Saw on a Tree

Hello dear subscribers and readers of the blog of Andrew Noack! Since I have been working with wood for a long time, I have gained a lot of knowledge on its processing. Including on tape power-saw benches. Proper equipment setup is the key to quality material at the outlet. And in this article you will learn how to set up a power-saw bench.


I will be 100% right if I say that setting up the sawmill is the most important task. If the equipment is not properly configured, the so-called “wave” may appear. Such a defect can occur when sawing logs and many factors play a role here, which must be taken into account. I think everyone knows what a “wave” looks like. bumps on the surface of the board at the sawing place.

In addition to the wave, you can get understated or overestimated thickness of the lumber, which is also not good, since then after drying there is no possibility to lay the boards on the same four-sided without additional operations and in size.

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Ribbon Preparation Steps

Setting up a power-saw bench is conditionally divided into several stages:

  • Selection of the necessary saws and equipment setup;
  • Inspection of visible parts of the mechanism;
  • Checking the correct sharpening of the band saw.

First things first.

Selection and adjustment of equipment

The person who is responsible for the quality of the saw (operator or maybe a technologist at a large production site) is obliged to choose the right saw and set the speed of sawing wood. Depending on the type of material, the following settings are selected:

  • Experienced adjusters know that the cutting speed should be slightly less than the limit. The quality of the material at the exit depends on the speed: too large will lead to a “wavy” surface, and if low, projections will appear;
  • The following parameters should be the tension of the tape. You need to look at the passport characteristics of the machine. On average, a pressure of 170 bar is set on the machine, but if there is no belt tension sensor, you need to install it, so you will significantly save on the quality and consumption of tapes;
  • Ribbon protrusion above the pulley from 0 to 3 mm;
  • Do not forget about the exhibition of pulleys parallel to each other;
  • The rollers should be lowered a centimeter below the pulleys and give the ribbon parallelism.

Video: How to Set Up a Band Saw on a Tree

This setting should be done once a day. If you configure the power-saw bench less frequently, for example, once every 7 days, then the time of the adjustment itself will increase, and the quality of the material will decrease. After contact of the wood with the support roller, it is better to double-check the adjustment of the machine.

Inspection of the details of the mechanism

It is very important to inspect important machine parts before work. Pay attention to the rollers, whether there are deep defects on them. They appear if the rollers do not rotate during operation. You also need to monitor the cleanliness of the part, as large accumulations of dust can lead to vibration.

When replacing rollers, pay attention to the seats. If they are broken, then you need to replace the roller itself. But if the mounting of the axis and the stud is normal, and there is play, then you need to change the entire case.

An important role is played by studs and nuts. If they are broken, then they need to be replaced with new parts. Only a high-quality tool is used for adjustment, so the parts will last much longer. And then one acquaintance regulated such keys that it’s a shame to go to the toilet with them &# 128512 ;.

After replacing parts and repairing damage, the operator must correctly adjust the rollers. How to find out that the part is adjusted correctly? I wrote about this above, but I repeat, the position of the clip testifies to this. The direction when moving should be strictly parallel to the support table. If you miss this important point, then the material at the exit will be covered with "waves". In addition, it is very important to correctly adjust the position of the saw. If the position is incorrect, the trailing edge is often stretched, resulting in unstable sawing.

Band Saw Check

Sharpening band saws.

Very often, poor sharpening of the saw leads to defects on the surface of the board. It is very important to take into account the angle of sharpening: if it is too large, then the saw will bite in the wood, and if on the contrary it is too small, the sawing speed on the tree will decrease significantly. Pay attention to the size and uneven distribution of the saw.

To extend the quality work of the band saw, you need to take into account a number of important factors.

These include the type of wood, the diameter of the workpiece, the tension pressure which ideally should be 170-180 bar, the sawing speed, as well as the professionalism of the operator.

A few words about the most popular models of band saws

If you are interested in equipment, then surely the information on the most popular models will not be superfluous. The brands have proven themselves very well: Taiga, Altai, Altai 3, Vanguard, Dobrynya Nikitich, Spectrum, MV 2000, Titanium.


Sawmills of this brand are distinguished by productivity and high quality work. In addition to precision machining, machines are characterized by low energy intensity. Vanguard-LP is easy to transport and install, since it does not require a special foundation.


This model is used for longitudinal sawing of logs. The output is boards, boards, sleepers. Atlanta’s construction is very powerful and has several advantages. Thanks to this drug you can get products with excellent quality.


This powerful machine saws logs into boards and beams of different lengths and thicknesses. The model is very reliable in operation. The design of the MV-2000 is characterized by increased rigidity and strength.

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I’ll tell you more about each model in the next article, where I compare the characteristics and advantages of popular models. I wish you the correct settings and high-quality sawing. Andrey Noak was with you, bye and see you on the blog!