How to Turn On Grass Trimmer

Mowing grass can be both a very simple and extremely tiring task. It all depends on the type of tool used. Experts advise to give preference to a trimmer, which will quickly and effectively bring the lawn in order. Selecting it is easy if you know how to do it right.

How to choose a grass trimmer: gasoline or electric?

The main criterion by which trimmers are divided into groups is the type of engine installed. The motor can be either electric or gasoline. What’s better?

  • relatively light weight
  • ease of use. you just need to turn on the tool
  • low noise operation
  • environmental friendliness
  • the presence of a cord that interferes with work and limits its range
  • the need for regular recharging (in the case of the battery model)
  • smaller set of cutting tools available than gasoline units
  • moisture sensitivity
  • high power and performance
  • independence from electricity
  • a significant number of nozzles designed to handle different types of vegetation
  • heavy weight
  • noisiness
  • strong vibration
  • emission of harmful emissions
  • characteristic gasoline smell
  • more complicated maintenance

how to turn on the grass trimmer

Electric trimmers are generally lighter in weight and can be used physically by people who are weak (such as women or retirees). Such tools are suitable for users who are poorly versed in technology or do not want to spend time filling fuel every time. The electric model should be chosen if the lawn is small and there are no bushes or trees growing on it. An important condition is access to the outlet and the minimum risk that the electricity will be turned off “in the most interesting place”.

Trimmers with a gasoline engine are characterized by high power, which makes them indispensable when working in large areas. Models of this type can be used in cottages where there is no electricity or strong power surges are often observed. The gasoline engine makes it easy to mow not only grass, but also shrubs and small trees.

How to choose an electric grass trimmer

The electric tool has a motor whose power ranges from 175 to 1400 watts. When choosing a trimmer of this type, the user needs to pay attention to the way the engine is positioned. It can be located at the top or bottom of the tool.

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  • compactness
  • little weight
  • simple management
  • low cost due to simplicity of design
  • adaptability to delicate work in hard-to-reach places
  • low power level (up to 550 W)
  • the ability to work only with cord diameters of 1.2-1.6 mm
  • good power (within 600-1400 W)
  • a relatively wide selection of cutting elements (you can use both fishing line up to 2.4 mm and circular knives)
  • durability
  • higher cost
  • the likelihood of a short circuit when mowing wet or dew-covered grass (in some cases, even succulent plant stems pose a risk)

Having decided to acquire a tool, it is necessary to determine the type of metal shaft, which is responsible for transmitting rotational motion from the motor to the cutting element. The user has two options:

  • flexible shaft made in the form of a cable. It is characteristic for tools with a curved bar. Only a mowing head with fishing line can act as a cutting part;
  • straight shaft, which is a rod. It is considered more reliable and is found in straight-bar trimmers. In addition to the cord, a circular knife can be used.

In some cases, to reduce weight, straight bar tools are equipped with a flexible shaft. But this approach is irrational, since along with the loss of some mass, the main advantages of the direct type of barbell disappear.

Petrol grass trimmer: which one to choose?

Gasoline models are often referred to as lawn mowers. They are quite difficult to operate and demanding maintenance, so it is important to know in advance about the availability of a service center.

First of all, the user needs to choose the optimal engine type:

  • cheapness
  • small size, which positively affects the overall weight of the tool
  • good power
  • easy operation

The buyer should also pay attention to such features of the trimmer:

  1. Volume of the tank. The value ranges from 0.3 to 1.5 liters. As a rule, the larger the tank, the longer the tool will be able to work without rest: 20 minutes are enough for someone to mow all the grass, otherwise it will take about an hour.
  2. Belt accessories. Due to the weight of the trimmer, it is extremely important to ensure a minimum load on the muscles and reduce the risk of "jumping out" of the instrument from the hands when it hits a solid object. For this, there is a belt equipment:
    • a single shoulder strap is not the most convenient option due to the load on only one shoulder;
    • double shoulder straps. allow you to balance the load by distributing it between two shoulders. It is better to choose a model whose shoulders are wide and soft;
    • knapsack belt suspension. removes the load not only from the hands, but also from the entire musculoskeletal system.
    • Lever. Its type depends on the purpose of using the trimmer:
      • light and maneuverable tools are equipped with a closed D (O).shaped handle;
      • trimmers designed for mowing tall grass operate with a J-shaped handle;
      • Long-life models are equipped with a T (U).shaped handle.
      • Shaft type. As with the electric trimmer, it can be direct (reliable and “cooperating” with different cutting tools) and flexible (designed to work in hard-to-reach places).

      Buying a grass trimmer will turn lawn care into a simple and fun task. It remains only to choose a tool.