How to Wear a Belt From a Trimmer Priority

Choosing a Gasoline Lawn Mower for a Cottage

Maintaining order in the garden area certainly requires timely grass mowing, in which a gas trimmer will help every gardener. After all, it is not always convenient to do this with the help of a wheeled lawn mower or an ordinary scythe, and leave the weed grass to grow # 8212; not the best option, since the cottage on which you want to relax and enjoy its landscapes can turn into an overgrown wasteland.

How to Wear a Belt From a Trimmer Priority

Mowing the grass with a trimmer is very convenient, as a rule, the owners of the plots give priority to gasoline models, because not every cottage has electricity, and the wires create an additional inconvenience. The main thing # 8212; it is to choose the right trimmer, which will be convenient to work with. It is not bad that its power makes it easy to remove even tree growth and shrubs.

Trimmer # 8212; This is a structure consisting of a lightweight bar. A cutting mechanism is attached to one of its edges, and # 8212; engine. It is easy to use, lightweight, practical, suitable for removing grass in difficult places. Also, the trimmer may also have another name # 8212; lawn mowing, mowing or lawn mower.

It is very convenient to work with a trimmer, (there are no tricks to use) and it is pleasant, because all the time of work it will be accompanied by the smell of freshly cut grass. But for the process to be productive, it is necessary to know exactly the parameters for choosing a tool.

Thinking about choosing a benzotrimmer for a summer residence, you need to understand the types of manufactured devices and their technical characteristics.

Features of engines for trimmers

Engine # 8212; This is the heart of the design. The duration and quality of work, which directly depends on it. Often, motors for trimmers are equipped with a single-cylinder two-stroke engine, the power of which is 0.5-3.3 kW. As a rule, it is seasoned with a mixture of oil and ordinary AI-92 gasoline. You cannot take other fuel, so as not to cause overheating and subsequent engine damage.

Two-stroke engines are moody in maintenance, therefore, choosing a gas trimmer, inexperienced users are recommended a tool with a four-stroke engine. He does not need a mixture, because oil and gasoline are poured into it in different compartments. In addition, such engines are more powerful and able to mow even thick stems of shrubs.

In any case, choosing an instrument, it is worth deciding what kind of vegetation they have to clean. Since if you purchase a trimmer for lawn grass, you can safely stop on two-stroke engines, as they are easier and cheaper.

The location of the gasoline engine on the trim tabs can be upper or lower:

  • from below the motor is placed on electric or battery trimmers. This design is optimally balanced and vibrates less. But such a trimmer can not work with wet grass;
  • the motor is placed on top of electric and gas trimmers. Knives and a thicker fishing line are suitable for them. They will not have problems with wet grass.

Exploring the device of a gas trimmer, and choosing the right model, you probably want to opt for motors from European manufacturers and avoid Chinese ones, but this is unlikely to succeed. Unfortunately, many European manufacturers buy engines from the Chinese, since the cost of collecting them in China is much lower, so in 90% of cases this engine will come across. But, despite this, they are all of good quality and have a long warranty period.

The most famous engines manufacturing companies:

Of these, only Honda is not produced in China.

Choose a cutting tool

The choice of lawn mowers for mowing grass in the country is not limited to the selection of the engine. An important role is played by the cutting tool with which all lawn mowers are equipped. Its appearance usually depends on the engine power level. A tool with a small power, as a rule, is equipped with a cord (fishing line), and more powerful ones. with a milling cutter and metal knives.

Trimmer fishing line has a different thickness (1.2-4 mm) and shape:

  • round;
  • square;
  • with rounded protrusions;
  • round;
  • square;
  • polygonal.

With the thickness of the fishing line are determined based on the specific characteristics of the braid. To put too thick a fishing line on a tool for which it is not designed is not recommended. bushings can wear out quickly.

For mowing tall grass in the area, it makes sense to equip the trimmer with knives instead of fishing line, so that the grass does not wrap around the spindle while mowing fishing line. Knives are metal and plastic.

It is recommended to remove green shrubbery with metal knives, and hard plants, dead wood. with plastic. Knives should not be used on rocky areas, as this is prohibited by the safety rules for using the tool. Also, gas trimmers are equipped with a different number of knives, the more of them, the better the braid works. If you are planning to purchase a machine for haymaking, a device with more than two knives will not work for you, # 8212; they will chop grass too finely.

Features of the external elements of lawn mowers

Rod # 8212; the main conductor combining the motor and the cutting system in a single design. In its cavity there is a shaft, which is flexible or straight. The bar can be disassembled, due to which it is much more convenient to store. The shaft design determines its shape. The straight shaft is more reliable for the boom. However, if the landscape of your site is different in height in different places, it is better to purchase a trimmer with a curved shaft.

Types of holding belts

  • The most inexpensive # 8212; these are trimmers with a gasoline engine equipped with a belt on 1 shoulder, but with them the load on the body is distributed unevenly.
  • organic option # 8212; this is a model with double materials, soft shoulder pads come with it, and a thigh pad protects it from vibration.
  • The most expensive # 8212; These are backpack pendants. Their pigtail can be perfectly adapted to individual physiological characteristics.

When choosing a gas-powered scythe, stop at several models, turn it on, hold it in your hands, and only then decide which one will be more convenient to work with.

Prices for gas trimmers from leading manufacturers range from 3,300 rubles to 35,000 rubles. The cost depends on the power of the engine, its volume, design weight and processing width.

How to mow with a trimmer with fishing line?

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Almost any owner of a suburban or suburban area knows that it is necessary to regularly care for the lawn, otherwise it will lose its attractive appearance and overgrown with grass. To do this, select the appropriate trimmer and use it correctly.

Fishing line selection

First of all, you need to install a fishing line, which will act as a cutting tool. Choosing too thick is not worth it, as it will seriously overload the equipment and this will not lead to anything good. It is better to opt for a not too thin version. it will cut well soft-stalked grass and provide opportunities for increasing revolutions.

Preparation for work

Depending on the type of trimmer, you need to hold it correctly, otherwise mowing the grass will be a very difficult and uncomfortable process:

  • upper motor solutions. they are worn on the shoulder with the help of a special loop and held on it;
  • knapsack options. worn over the shoulders and quite often are the most comfortable, especially with a large lawn;
  • lower motor devices. held by hands by special handles.

After the trimmer has been worn, it is necessary to place its cutting mechanism parallel to the grass.

Right mowing

You need to move from right to left in front of you, so that the mowed grass will fall on the previously processed area, which will first allow you to cut the tops. Then a reverse movement is made, which removes the remains of the vegetation.

When working with large lawns, it is better to divide them into squares. In the process of mowing, it is necessary to move along their outer side, which will not trample the grass once again and cover the entire area. To facilitate the task, it is better to move from below, going parallel to the sloping section, and then returning back.

In this case, the use of fishing line allows you to cut the lawn around the trees, bypassing them around the trunk.

If you mow the grass in this way, this will reduce its spread to the sides, ensuring proper treatment of the territory.

Completion of work

After mowing, it is necessary to turn off the engine and clean the cutting mechanism from the rest of the grass. Regular maintenance of the device will allow it to remain operational and effective for much longer.

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How to work with an electric grass trimmer When choosing equipment for a summer cottage, it’s not always worth chasing powerful and dimensional devices. The power of the tool is, undoubtedly, an important parameter, but it certainly pulls the increased weight of the device, its large size, as well as the high price and increased fuel costs. But that’s not the point. If you have a small garden in which fruit trees are densely planted or a small lawn with flower beds and shrubs. then clean it of weeds and mow the grass gently. this is clearly an impossible task for any lawn mower. In such cases, even a hand tool. an ordinary scythe and that will not help: you just can not swing it, bumping into tree trunks. The ideal solution in this case is a good and inexpensive electric trimmer. It is so light, convenient and easy to operate that it always becomes a favorite among women and older people. A lightweight, quietly buzzing electric motor, a handle with convenient handles and a nylon fishing line tucked into the spool are the main components of the electric trimmer.

Electric trimmer efficiency
A trimmer that runs on a household electrical network. relevant on a plot of four to six acres, planted with trees, flowers, shrubs. It is convenient for them to gently mow the grass near the house or along the curb, mow the paths, and an environmentally friendly motor that does not produce exhaust, gas and burning will make it possible to even remove weeds in any indoor environment. greenhouse or greenhouse.
The trimmer cable limits the grass mowing radius, but can be increased with a standard extension cord. If this length is not enough for you, or the power supply parameters do not contribute to the normal operation of the electric motor, then you can purchase a kind of electric tool. a cordless trimmer. It works autonomously, the built-in battery lasts for half an hour or an hour of intensive work. it is enough to mow the trees in the garden.
The motor at the trimmer can be placed at the top of the tool or at the bottom. Upper-motor trimmers work well on bumpy and uneven terrain. They are also well balanced and can work with tall and wet grass. a short circuit will not occur. The convenience of working with it is also enhanced by a single-arm loop, which is hung on the shoulder.
The lower motor trimmer can only be used for wet grass and for flat areas. Often, lower motor trimmers operate on a battery.

How to use a trimmer
The household trimmer is the easiest to use and at the same time very effective tool. It seems that there is nowhere easier. to plug the instrument into a power outlet and work. But still there are some nuances that you need to know in order for the trimmer to work long and productively.

1. Site preparation. It is necessary to carefully examine the mowing area and remove all foreign objects. stones, glass, wire, etc. Suddenly flying out from under the fishing line during operation, such an object can cause injury.

2. Installation of a cutting system. There are low-power trimmers that can only work with fishing line, mowing soft and juicy grass. they do not need to install a cutting system. But some models of trimmers, in which the motor has 1 kW and more power, can work with a knife. If there are hard weeds or even small bushes on the plot, you need to unscrew the nut of the working mount and install a cutting knife. Then tighten the nut firmly with a wrench.

3. Before starting work. It is very important to wear safety glasses when working with the trimmer, because even if you cleaned the area from debris, plant stalks and grass can fly into your eyes. The same stems, grass and branches can hurt your hands, so it is advisable to wear gloves. We simply plug the electric trimmer into the network, but the battery trimmer needs to be charged for several hours before work. Then, if there is a shoulder mount, hang it on the shoulder, knapsack. on both shoulders. Comfortably grab the trimmer by the handles. The D-shaped handle must be tightly wrapped around the palm of your hand, and the garden trimmer with the bicycle handle (U-shaped) should be firmly taken with both hands. The trimmer must be held above the grass so that the spool with fishing line or knife is parallel to the ground. Turn on the start.

4. How to mow. The rotation of the cutting mechanism occurs counterclockwise. Thus, in order for the cut grass to fall on the already mowed area, easily, with simple movements, we carry out the trimmer in front of us, from right to left. To remove the rest of the grass, you should make a movement to another side. from left to right. If the area is even and large, break it into imaginary squares and mow, moving along the outside of such a square. If the site is on a slope, then you need to start mowing from the bottom of the lawn, passing across the site. in one side. Having reached the edge, you need to go back and mow in the same direction, in parallel.
If there are a lot of trees on the site, mow only with fishing line, otherwise you can cut the tree trunk with a knife. In such a garden, it is best to mow around the perimeter, bypassing the tree in a circle.5. Shutdown. Turn off the engine and remove the shoulder straps. this is not a complete shutdown. It is necessary to carefully clean the spool and knife from the remnants of grass. Then fold the trimmer if it is telescopic or collapsible and hide it until the next mowing.

The fishing line also has its secrets.
The fishing line is wound around the spool inside the reel, and its tips are exposed. When mowing, the spool rotates, and the line, with this rotation, cuts off the grass. To release the tips you need to lightly tap the coil on the ground (semi-automatic system), there are automatic reels in which the fishing line is released by itself. When working with fishing line there are also several rules:

In order not to damage the fishing line and reel. Try not to touch the reel and fishing line of various solid materials. paths, borders, fences. From this fishing line is prematurely shortened, the coil may be damaged or even jam the engine. The spool with fishing line should also not touch the ground.

Mowing with tips is more efficient. If you mow the entire length of the fishing line, you can overload the engine. In addition, this reduces the efficiency of mowing. The tool must be held so that it mows only the ends of the fishing line. To do this, tilt it forward. towards mowing.

Tall grass requires several mowing. If the grass is above 20 centimeters, then one mowing will not do here. It is necessary to mow two to three times, from top to bottom. This is done so that the grass does not wrap around the reel. Wound grass is a guaranteed overheating of the engine. If the grass is still wound, you need to stop the tool and clean it.

The fishing line ran away and hid in a reel. This option when working happens if you did not release the line from the reel on time. After all, the line when mowing is erased and shortened. If you do not have time to release it, then stop the engine, turn off the tool from the network, and then disassemble the spool and pass the ends of the fishing line into the desired holes.

What does the consumption of fishing line depend on? It must be remembered that the line wears out faster if the grass is tough. Therefore, you need to release it more often when mowing weeds and dry hard grass. Around the foundation of the house, near the wall and the curb, the consumption of fishing line will also be greater than directly on the lawn or near trees. It is worth considering: if you work carefully and accurately, the consumption of trimmer line will be optimal and economical.