How to Wear a Strap From a Lawn Mower

Today, most of the population uses such an indispensable and practical agricultural device as a lawn mower. Naturally, this tool has not only a high level of functionality, but also quite productive.

And at a cost it is available, at least for most models. Well, it happened, you became the owner of this unique equipment, even managed to enjoy its work, but something went wrong and the lawn mower simply failed? For example, about the proper repair of Honda lawnmowers, you can find out by clicking on the link.

The problem may lie in the belt, which is part of her device. It can fail or break, or as people say, “relax.” Therefore, if faced with a similar situation, in this case, you just need to read this article.

Here you can find out what the belt consists of, how it works, and you will also be given information on how you can personally change it and actually what to proceed from when choosing this type of purchase. So let’s get started.

Device and principle of operation

What does it consist of

Consider this issue as an example of the principle of the belt to the vega x pj457 180j lawn mower. And so, from two rows of rings of infinite direction, which are located parallel to each other directly in the groove area of ​​the multiple so-called “elements”. They, in turn, are attached to each other in the form of a kind of ring. This installation is made in such a way that the groove itself has the opportunity, so to speak, to open precisely to the peripheral external side.

It is worth noting that the surface called the “guide” produces the formulation of a peculiar force of the pushing direction exactly on the inner side of the belt, thereby supposedly pushing one particular ring to one of the special end surfaces. This is the pushing component itself, which is directed to the inner region, makes a peculiar attachment to the lateral outer side of the ring, which is being pushed through.

How does it work

First of all, it is worth noting that a kind of transmission, which has gears of the gear direction, directly provides a certain change in the gearbox, which has gear steps. The same applies to the continuously variable transmission, which in turn is responsible for directly varying the gear ratio.

These features are available as a kind of transmission designed specifically for power output, which is produced between certain rotating elements.

At the same time, a force arises, the so-called “compression”, which in turn applies directly to the elements themselves in the direction in which they are placed, that is, in the direction where the greatest coefficient of their thickness is relative to the moment of driving the driving pulley.

While the force of a certain compression has already been “sent” to a special element, which actually fully maintains contact with the driven pulley, then the peculiar friction force produces the formulation precisely in the part where the pulley, follower and element are in contact.

Therefore, by means of this kind of mutual transmission by force, a torque is produced which is intended to move the driven pulley. Actually, in this way, its working power is transferred to the belt itself. You can find out exactly where the belt is located in such units using the example of the Polish rotary mower device.

How to Wear a Strap From a Lawn Mower

Aspects of Choice

First of all, it is worth noting that the quality work of a lawn mower directly depends on how much its owner looks at it, as well as how often it carries out the necessary diagnostic and repair work. over, it is also important timely replacement of consumable materials, in fact, which also include belts designed for this kind of technology. So, it’s not superfluous to find out, for example, about the necessary spare parts for the mowing machine.

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Given the fact that lawn mowers today occupy a leading position among agricultural machinery, we can make an unconditional conclusion that demand for this item is additional, will never fall, at least so far, humanity is so rapidly acquiring this kind of technique for its lawn.

Actually, let’s now figure out what kind of belt you need to buy for your “iron darling,” and also what you should pay due attention to in order to make the right and practical purchase. Perhaps, reading this article, you are in a kind of bewilderment, supposedly, that it is difficult to choose a belt, for technology, given that this is a fairly simple mechanism?

If your tow truck picks up your car and you don’t know who to contact and what to do, then you just need to read this article.

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But everything is not as simple as we would like, since it is important to pay attention to certain aspects of the choice, which actually will be presented to you now. So.

To start you should be aware of the differences between the belts, designed for industrial and agricultural machinery. The difference is as follows:

  • in the belt design itself;
  • in braid and cord materials.

In the process of choosing you need a belt, you must build on the following:

  • marks of the belt itself;
  • its immediate size.

To do this, measure both height and length, and width. Therefore, you can easily choose the best option for your lawn mower. And this article will tell you how to choose a lawn mower.

How to replace the belt

In fact, the lawn mower is a fairly simple tool, on which the replacement or installation of certain elements can be done by you yourself and you do not have to contact professionals. In addition, if you have at least minimal skills in the field of mechanics, then in this case this kind of process will go smoothly and without any problems. For example, the repair of Stihl mowers can even be done with your own hands using the usual at first glance things that can be found in any home.

Probably, it is not necessary to remind that the drive belt is simply an indispensable and important element of the lawn mower mechanism, namely the drive area. It is important that the belt can be damaged, let’s just say it can be a stretching of its base, or it is torn at all, then naturally in this case you will not be able to use your equipment, at least until you replace the old belt with a new one.

How to do it? Everything is very simple and you yourself will see for yourself. Let’s look at an example of replacing a belt for a Bosch rotak 34 lawnmower. In turn, you can find out how to repair a Bosch rotak 32 lawnmower, an earlier model, here.

After the necessary item is purchased, you can actually prepare for the replacement process. To do this, prepare the place where the “update” will be performed. As a clean surface and organization will positively affect the work itself.

So, the replacement process has begun. To begin with, using the wrench, unscrew the spring, coil, support element, actually remove the entire assembly.

After this, it is necessary to remove the belt itself, which is damaged, as well as its direct guides. It is important to note that in most cases they are made of metal direction clamps. You will need this information in the process of selecting the components necessary for replacement.

You must remember that while removing this kind of add-ons you need to hold your belt at the same time. And only after they are removed, you can remove the belt itself. It is worth noting that it is much easier to remove these guides by using an adjustable wrench in the process.

Remove them with the bolts themselves. In addition, pay due attention to their condition, since if they are rusted, it is more advisable to simply replace them.

After that, try starting the engine of your lawn mower and observe how the belt behaves. You should remember that the belt should not cling to other elements, and also pay due attention to whether it rubs against any surface. If the process goes, let’s say, so correctly, then you can safely assemble the “node” back. All replacement is completed, and you can get to work!


I would like to hope that this article will become peculiar to you manual regarding belt operation and replacement. Here you can get acquainted with the main aspects of the device of the belt and its choice, because this unit is an indispensable assistant in large and small areas. Read more about the mower for tall grass and uneven areas here.

Undoubtedly, starting from the above requirements, you will be able to personally repair your lawn mower without any problems and difficulties. Which for many years will delight you with its work and productivity.