Husqvarna 128r Trimmer Does Not Develop Cause Turnovers

About Brand

Regardless of the external conditions, the units are always characterized by high performance.

Users note the following positive features of this technique:

  • ease of launch;
  • ease of use and maintenance;
  • low level of noise and vibration;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • the presence of a flexible shaft;
  • the presence of a protective casing, a backpack mount;
  • light weight

Types and their device

For mowing lawns, as well as other work in the infield, use gasoline and electric braids. It is very convenient to work with these units, since everything is thought out to the smallest detail in the design. Therefore, you can’t find a better technique for fighting grass than Husqvarna. The Swedish technology is quite reliable. there is practically nothing to break in the trimmers.

Trimmers are:

In addition, they are divided into the following types.


Electric braid is able to work from the mains. The features of their functioning can be called noiselessness, lack of exhaust gases, low weight and good performance. The disadvantage of this technique is the presence of a cord, the need for constant electrical power, and the inability to work away from home.


These tools are considered more maneuverable than previous ones, as they are not tied to a power source. Its cost is higher than electric. Thanks to the availability of molded and high-quality batteries from Husqvarna, the unit can continuously operate throughout the day. To recharge the device will be enough 35 minutes.


The most professional tool. This powerful unit is equipped with a long and thick fishing line, which is able to cut rough grass, shrub branches and even tree branches with a thickness of 1.5 cm. The disadvantage of this type of technology is the need for constant fueling, as well as weightiness, the presence of exhaust gases.

Review of the best models

Husqvarna 122C trimmer

lawn mower Husqvarna 125R

This is a mobile, hardy and quite powerful piece of equipment. In the presence of a power plant of an average power level, the unit is able to cope with a plot of 20 acres. The light weight of the lawn mowers makes it convenient for use and transportation. The presence of shoulder straps can reduce the load on the user’s spine. The functionality of the tool is provided by 2 cutting elements, namely: fishing line for soft grass and a knife for dry and old bushes. The engine power of the machine is 1.1 liters. with. With a mass of 5 kg, the unit tank holds 400 milliliters of fuel.

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Husqvarna 128R trimmer

The model is considered the best for regular use. The unit operates on a flexible shaft, therefore it is characterized by durability. The presence of an auxiliary spring is a guarantee of a quick start of the machine. Equipped with a belt facilitates the work of the operator, and also evenly distributes the load on the back. After completing work, the ignition switch is able to return to its original position, so the trimmer is always ready for a new start. The gas tank of this model holds 0, 4 liters of fuel. The equipment weighs 5 kg and is characterized by a capacity of 1, 1 liter. with.

lawn mower Husqvarna 133R

This model is great for frequent use at high intensity. The unit is lightweight, has a solid structure, internal elements do not overheat in it. Trimmer equipment includes a durable casing, a pump that pumps fuel, a straight hose, a bicycle handle, a pair of cutting elements. The unit is characterized by a two-stroke engine with a capacity of 1, 22 liters. with. Such a lawn mower weighs 5.8 kg with a tank capacity of 1 liter.

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Husqvarna 128r Trimmer Does Not Develop Cause Turnovers

Husqvarna 135R Trimmer

Selection tips

The choice of the Husqvarna trimmer should be carried out taking into account the size of the territory to be processed, as well as the growing plants. When using on your own summer cottage, you should not take a professional unit. a household unit will be enough. The latter are less powerful, therefore they are cheaper, but they can cope with the tasks assigned to them without problems. If the territory for work is vast and with a difficult terrain, it is better to give preference to a powerful professional machine.

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However, it is worth remembering that such an unit has a large weight and high noise.

User’s manual

When working with the Husqvarna trimmer and its settings, there are rules that should not be violated. The first thing to do before working with the unit is to check its integrity, as well as the safety of the nodes, motor, and handle. Gasoline lawn mowers should always be checked for grease in the gearbox. And also you must not forget to fill the fuel in the tank, following the information in the instructions. Usually the oil is mixed with gasoline in a proportion of 50: 1. But it is better to find out from the passport or instructions from the manufacturer.

Running the trimmer means the unit is idling. When mowing for the first time, it’s best to eliminate the grass with a fishing line. The load on the machine should increase gradually. After running in, the trimmer should function for no more than 15 minutes. In rain or wet weather, it is best not to use an electric trimmer. The same is undesirable in the case of a gasoline engine. During operation, the appliance must not be wet.

When using this type of equipment, it is worth wearing special protective clothing and cutting grass at a distance of at least 15 meters from people and other objects.

Husqvarna carburettor adjustments should be made in the following cases:

  • after engine break-in, when the first 4–5 liters of fuel are used;
  • when changing the amount of fuel components;
  • after a sharp change in ambient temperature;
  • after winter downtime;
  • if the adjustment screws are independently turned at the moment of vibration;
  • when changing the load on the engine.

Before starting carburetor adjustment, it is worthwhile to carry out maintenance of the unit. A sign of a correctly carried out procedure is speed, evenness and confidence of a set of revolutions, while the trimmer head should not rotate at idle. Running cars of this kind is usually simple and easy. To start the unit, it is enough to carry out several movements.

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The gearbox is considered the most loaded part of the trimmer, so it needs lubrication. When lubricating, the individual characteristics of the machine must be taken into account. Gearbox grease is consumed depending on the ambient temperature. The user of lawn mowers should remember that the coil is considered the most worn out element in it. Therefore, after winter downtime in the unit, it is worth changing the fishing line to a new one and adjusting the operation of the machine.

Possible breakdowns

Any kind of equipment can fail, Husqvarna trimmers are no exception. The owner of the unit should not be afraid of malfunctions, since they can be easily eliminated and worn parts can be replaced with new ones. Sometimes the lawn mowing does not start, does not develop revolutions, stalls when you press the gas or it has a drop in power. When the causes of the problem are known, you can try to fix the problems yourself or seek the help of specialists.

To find out why the lawn mowing does not start, it is worthwhile to conduct a diagnosis. The reason for this may be a lack of fuel or its low quality, so you need to pour as much into the fuel tank as the instruction requires. And also it is better not to use the remaining fuel in the tank if they have been in it for a long time.

Refueling the unit should be done only with fresh and high-quality fuel. In addition, a malfunction of candles can cause a lack of reaction to starting the machine.

Lawn mowing may not start or stall due to clogged air filter. In this case, the filter should be washed and dried well or replaced with a new one. When the fuel filter is clogged, gas stops flowing, so the unit stalls or does not work at all.