Husqvarna riding mowers 42. Husqvarna riding mowers 42

Husqvarna riding mowers 42

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Husqvarna riding mowers 42

husqvarna, riding, mowers

husqvarna, riding, mowers

YT42DXL 22 HP Kohler Engine42″ ClearCut Fabricated DeckPedal-operated Drive​Hydrostatic Transmis​sion

husqvarna, riding, mowers

​ YTH24V48 ​​24 HP Briggs Stratton Engine48″ Stamped/Reinforced DeckPedal-operated Drive​Hydrostatic Transmis​sion

husqvarna, riding, mowers

​ YTH18542 ​ 18.5 HP Briggs Stratton Intek Engine42″ Stamped Deck​Pedal-operated Drive​Hydrostatic Transmission

husqvarna, riding, mowers

​ YT42DXLS ​25 HP Kohler Engine42″ ClearCut Fabricated DeckPedal-operated DriveHydrostatic with Automatic Differential Transmission

husqvarna, riding, mowers

​ TS348XD ​ ​ 26 HP Kohler Engine 46″ ClearCut Fabricated DeckPedal-operated DriveCommercial Grade Hydrostat, Electric Locking Differential

husqvarna, riding, mowers

​ YTH22V46 ​22 HP Briggs Stratton Intek Engine46″ Stamped/Reinforced DeckPedal-operated Drive​Hydrostatic Transmis​sion​

husqvarna, riding, mowers

​ TS354XD ​ 26 HP Kohler Engine54″ ClearCut Fabricated DeckPedal-operated DriveCommercial Grade Hydrostat, Electric Locking Differential

Husqvarna riding mowers 42

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The Husqvarna YTH18542 features a 42-inch, stamped deck with a Briggs Stratton Intek series engine. It also features an innovative air induction system that draws clean air from the top and underneath the cutting deck. Additionally, it has a unique adjustable sliding seat that changes height as it moves forward or backward.

Husqvarna yth18542 Review: Close-Up Look at This 42-inch Ride-On Mower

This article focuses on the Husqvarna yth18542 riding mower, what it has to offer and what its drawbacks are.

husqvarna, riding, mowers

By reading here about this Husqvarna 18.5 HP riding lawn mower, you’ll gain insight into how this machine works, what you can do with it, and whether it would be a good investment for you.

At the start, you’ll see a chart of the main pros and cons of this mower, followed by a list of its product feature highlights. Then you’ll read in-depth information about each feature and any reported problems we discovered.

Husqvarna Riding Mower Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Easy-to-use Not good on slopes
Wide cutting width Buyers report repair issues not covered by warranty
Tight turn radius
Compatible with many accessories

This mower is designed for residential landscapes with large open lawn areas to mow. and it is also beneficial because you can match it with a variety of towable accessories.

This ride-on Husqvarna mower is easy to use. and it has plenty of power for quickly mowing and mulching an expanse of grass or bagging up the debris and collecting it in a bin accessory.

husqvarna, riding, mowers

  • 18.5 HP Briggs and Stratton engine
  • 42-inch cutting width
  • 16-inch turn radius
  • Maintenance-free hydrostatic transmission
  • Simple forward and reverse operation

Husqvarna yth18542 Review

This Husqvarna hydrostatic riding lawn mower is compact and powerful for keeping a large residential landscape well-maintained.

It is easy to maneuver around objects and turn around in a tight space, and there are a wide variety of accessories like collection bins, cargo trailers, and lawn care tools that you can purchase separately to use with this mower.

With this ride-on lawnmower, you can keep the grass looking fantastic and use it to clean up and beautify planting areas and other outdoor features.

For example, if you live in an area with snow, you can hook up a snow plowing blade or a snow thrower to keep your driveway and parking areas accessible and free of snow and ice buildup.

You can also use this mower to tow lawn care attachments like aerators and dethatching equipment to invigorate your lawn and keep it lush and green.

– Easy-to-Use

If you haven’t ever driven a ride-on mower, you might be a bit intimidated about operating equipment like this. However, navigating this machine is straightforward, and most newcomers get a feel for it with a few minutes of practice.

husqvarna, riding, mowers

Beyond that, a lever on the right side of the operator seat raises and lowers the deck. Thanks to the spring-assisted device inside the mechanism, you can do this with one hand.

To activate the cutting blades, you pull a button on the dash and press it back in to turn them off, and they shut off automatically under certain conditions for safety.

The headlights come on automatically when you start the mower, making the machine more visible to cars and pedestrians and shining a light ahead when working in low-light conditions.

– 16-Inch Turn Radius and Broad Cuts

The tight turn radius of this mower is a benefit for mowing around objects like garden sheds, raised planter boxes, and lawn furniture. In addition, when mowing large expanses of lawn, the tight turnaround capacity saves time when you reach the end of a row of mowing and need to go back for another pass.

The two blades under the deck shear a swath of grass 42-inches wide with each pass, and since you can safely move along at several miles per hour speed in many situations, you can mow a vast area in a bit of time.

– Multiple Accessories

You can also do more than mow with this machine. With optional accessories. you can collect cut grass and leaves from the lawn, improve the health of your yard, move heavy items like large potted plants, compost or gravel around in the landscape, remove hazardous ice and snow or spread out a pile of dirt with a scraper blade.

The most popular accessories for this mower include:

  • Bin collection systems
  • Swivel dump carts
  • Tow-behind spreaders
  • Dethatching and aerating tools
  • Lawn rollers
  • Lawn sweepers
  • Scrapers and blades

– Reported Problems

There have been some buyer reports of problems with this mower, including broken parts, difficulty with warranty service. and low traction for getting up hills. In addition, this mower is not designed to operate on steep slopes, and it does best on primarily flat ground that is not too soft or can get stuck.

You can read about the warranty issues toward the end of this article. Any components that fail or are damaged when the machine arrives should be reported immediately to the manufacturer for warranty service.

It’s also crucial to note that this lawnmower requires regular maintenance of the engine, cutting blades, drive belt, and deck. In addition, using the correct fuel and oil and storing the machine properly are vital for keeping it running and safe to use.

Product Features Breakdown

– Engine

This mower is powered by a high-quality BriggsStratton Intek engine that gets high fuel efficiency and produces low emissions. The 18.5 HP engine has plenty of power for hours of mowing or towing accessories on primarily flat terrain.

The fuel tank holds 2.5 gallons of gas, and the mower can travel up to 3 mph at top speed, getting lots of work done between stops for refueling.

– Hydrostatic Transmission

The foot-operated pedal hydrostatic transmission contro l lets you go forward or backward depending on which direction you press it, leaving both hands available for controlling the steering wheel at all times while you’re moving.

husqvarna, riding, mowers

Part of the rugged construction includes the transmission housing is under the mower and made of tough steel to protect it from damage.

Four anti-scalp wheels are attached to each corner of the deck to keep it from bottoming out when going over bumps and low spots in the terrain. In addition, the transmission is factory-sealed, so there is no routine maintenance for this component.

– Cutting Deck

Sin a blast of wind that holds grass blades upright when the cutting edge zips by, producing an even and clean cut. In addition, you can raise and lower the deck with the adjustment lever on the right side of the seat, moving it into six positions from 1.5-inches to 4.5-inches above the ground surface.

This level of adjustment makes it possible to mow grass to the optimum height for the grass species and growing conditions in your yard and raise the deck when cutting tough weeds or overgrown grass.

Another advantage of this mowing deck is engaging the blades while going in reverse if necessary. Mowing while backing up is not as safe as trimming while traveling forward. so this feature is only used in certain situations.

For this reason, the manufacturer has built in an additional step you need to take to activate the blades in reverse. However, having this reverse mowing option is a significant convenience that can help in crucial situations.

– Ergonomics

The comfortable vinyl seat has a 13-inch high back and plenty of padding to keep you comfortable for longer mowing sessions. In addition, the steering wheel is also padded with soft-grip material that keeps your hands comfy while you drive, and you can readily move the seat forward or backward to accommodate your legs.

Additionally, the convenient step-through design makes the seat accessible from either side of the machine.

– Maintenance and Storage

It is not advisable to leave the machine unprotected outdoors for long periods and to protect it from UV light and moisture. UV light exposure can cause the paint and upholstery materials to fade and crack.

husqvarna, riding, mowers

So, if you don’t have room in your garage or tool shed to store this mower, you can buy a fabric cover to keep it out of the elements when storing it outside.

– Size and Weight

The overall dimensions of this mower are 70-inches long, 50-inches wide at the outside of the wheels, and 41.4-inches high. As you can see, this mower takes up a much bigger footprint of storage space than a walk-behind mower.

This mower weighs 490 pounds, making it a lightweight mower compared to some larger ride-on models. The relatively low weight makes it easier to store and transport this machine, and the lower weight also results in better fuel efficiency.

However, the low weight gives this mower less traction for getting up slopes, making it most suitable for primarily flat terrain.

– Warranty

The mower comes with a 3-year warranty. but components may not all be covered under the main contract, and separate warranties may apply to the engine and other parts. Reading all the warranty information before you buy can give you essential information that might affect your buying decision, which applies to any product.

In addition, knowing the warranty provisions also helps avoid actions that could void the contract, like improper use. Finally, following a regular maintenance schedule and using the recommended replacement parts reduces the chances of breakdowns that the guarantee may not cover.

Therefore, it is highly beneficial to read all the warranty information and the owner’s manual and follow the instructions there for care, maintenance, and how to get warranty service if you need it.


Does Husqvarna yth18542 mower have cruise control?

Yes, the Husqvarna yth18542 mower is equipped with cruise control for convenient and easy operation.

What is the turning radius of Husqvarna yth18542 mower?

The turning radius of the Husqvarna yth18542 mower is approximately 16 inches, providing excellent maneuverability and agility.

What is deck size on Husqvarna yth18542 mower?

The Husqvarna yth18542 mower features a 42-inch cutting deck, which is perfect for efficiently mowing large lawns or fields. This size provides a good balance between cutting capacity and maneuverability.


This Husqvarna yth18542 review revealed the most critical features, specs, advantages, and drawbacks of this ride-on lawnmower.

In addition, it’s also important to say that the mower needs minimal assembly when it arrives, and getting it out of the crate is usually more work than hooking it up and starting it once you unpack it.

Hooking up the battery and filling the oil and fuel tanks are the only tasks needed before turning on the engine and starting to mow.

This mower is a reasonable option for buyers with large properties and lots of grass to mow on primarily flat terrain. It’s also a benefit for people who want additional accessories for clearing snow, improving lawn health, or moving heavy items around in the landscape.

John Deere 1570 TerrainCut

Best commercial riding mower

Cutting width: 60 or 72 inches | Transmission: Hydrostatic variable speed with optional AWD and cruise control | Power source: Diesel | Mow in reverse: Not specified | Mulching/bagger capable: Not specified

The John Deere 1570 TerrainCut is a commercial-grade lawn mower designed for handling places like golf courses, sports complexes, and public parks. But if you live in a rural area and have a 5- to 10-acre property to maintain, it can be a powerful asset to have in your workshop.

It’s available only through local dealers or the official John Deere website, and if you go through the official site, you can customize aspects of the 1570 TerrainCut to better suit your needs. You can choose either rear or side discharging decks in either 60- or 72-inch lengths for ideal clipping disbursement and streamlined mowing. The gas tank holds up to 16 gallons (60.6 liters) of diesel fuel, so you can spend more time working and less time refilling your tank.

The 37.4HP engine and hydrostatic drive allow you to operate the TerrainCut like a car, and you can opt for all-wheel drive for better traction across steep or rough terrain. The mower has a “steer from the rear” design, meaning the back two wheels control the direction of the entire unit, which will take some getting used to if you’ve never driven something similar before, especially when driving in reverse.

The deck is stamped from seven-gauge steel and can be adjusted from one to six inches for cutting height, so you can maintain everything from upscale golf courses to grazing pastures and drainage ditches. And while the almost 28,000 price tag puts this mower squarely out of reach of typical homeowners, it’s a worthy investment if you have a landscaping business or need to maintain a very large, rural property.

What is the best riding mower?

In my opinion, the Husqvarna YTH18542 is the best riding mower you can buy. It has a 42-inch stamped steel deck, dual cutting blades, and a mow-in-reverse feature for maneuvering around tricky areas and obstacles. It also has a hydrostatic transmission which allows you to operate the mower like a car: press the pedal and go, no more messing with levers.

Other than your budget, there are a lot of features and scenarios you have to consider while shopping for a new riding mower. The size of your yard will determine how wide the cutting deck should be, though either a 42 or 46-inch version will be more than enough for most yards.

You can choose either a manual or hydrostatic transmission. A manual model lets you “set and forget” your speed so you can FOCUS, while hydrostatic models operate more like cars, going faster the harder you press the pedal. This makes them more intuitive to operate, but also more expensive.

Zero turn mowers are designed for mowing in oddly-shaped areas or around lots of obstacles like trees, lamp posts, and lawn ornaments. They’re called “zero turn” because they have a zero-inch turn radius; you pivot around either rear wheel for ultra-tight turning.

Choose this riding mower…

A well-rounded, gas-powered mower for yards up to two acres

A battery-powered riding mower for eco-friendly lawn care

A zero turn mower for maneuvering around obstacles or tricky areas

A compact riding mower for lawns a touch too large for a push mower

A commercial-grade mower for a landscaping business or large rural property

How did we choose these riding mowers?

Aside from price, I chose both gas and battery-powered riding mowers to give you a choice in how you handle yard work. Gas-powered models give you better run times and more horsepower, while battery-powered ones save you time and money on engine maintenance and help reduce your carbon footprint.

I also chose a variety of cutting deck widths for handling everything from 1 to 10 acres, including a commercial-grade model for large rural properties and landscaping businesses.

How do you decide which riding mower to buy?

Assuming you have a budget in mind, the first thing you need to do is find out how big your lawn is. You can either find your lot size on your memorandum deeds if you’ve bought your house, or you can check your city’s website to see if you can request lot measurements if you’re renting. If your lot measures about an acre, you’ll be able to use a 30 or 42-inch cutting deck without any issues. For lawns up to two acres, a 42 or 46-inch deck is ideal. And if your lot is over two acres, you can get a mower with up to a 72-inch cutting deck to handle larger areas.

The transmission type is also important. Many newer models have what is known as a hydrostatic drive. This means that they operate similar to how a car drives: you push the pedal and it moves forward or backwards. And the harder you push, the faster you go. This makes it easier to learn how to drive, but that also makes the mower more expensive. stripped-back models have variable speed manual transmissions, which allow you to “set and forget” your speed so you can FOCUS on paying attention to obstacles and people who may be nearby.

And finally, you’ll want to consider the power source for your new riding mower. Gasoline engines are far more common, but there is now a wider variety of battery-powered models to choose from. The perks of a gas engine are that you’ll get near-infinite run times (as long as you have enough fuel to keep the engine going) and a bit more power for handling steep inclines and rough terrain. The downsides are dealing with exhaust emissions and maintenance that can be a time and money sink. Electric models don’t need engine maintenance, so you save a bit of money in the long run. But they usually have a maximum run time of about an hour, which means that you may have to plan your mowing over several days if you have a larger yard.

How big of a yard do I need for a riding mower?

Riding mowers are best suited for yards measuring one acre or larger. A model with a 42-inch cutting deck is great for mowing up to two acres, so if you have more land than that, you’ll want to spring for a 46, 54, 60, or 72-inch cutting deck.

If you’re right on the threshold, you can get what’s known as a “mini rider.” They usually have compact bodies for easier storage and 30-inch cutting decks to make short work of lawns that are just a touch too large for a push mower.

How long should a riding mower last?

No matter if you choose a gas or battery-powered riding mower, proper maintenance is key to extending the life of your mower. For gas engines, you should change the oil and filters, clean the spark plugs, and sharpen the blades before you mow for the first time in the spring. And you should use fuel treatments like STA-BIL to prevent gas in the tank or in extra jerry cans from going bad from moisture contamination. This prevents build-up of gunk that can ruin your engine, improves engine performance, and gives you a cleaner cut for a healthier lawn.

Electric mowers don’t need engine maintenance, but you should perform thorough inspections at the start of mowing season to check for battery damage, corrosion on battery contacts, damage to the battery housing, and to sharpen the blades. If you do regular maintenance, not only will you save money by avoiding big repairs from worn out parts, you can also expect your riding mower to last 10 years or more. Which is great news, since they can be an expensive investment.

What is the cheapest riding mower?

In this guide, the 450,799 30-inch, six-speed manual Troy-Bilt TB30B is the cheapest top-notch rider you can buy.

Whether you’re shopping at a big name DIY store like Lowe’s, a local hardware store, or an authorized brand dealer, there are tons of options for a new riding mower. You can choose either gas or battery-powered models, cutting deck widths from as small as 30 inches to as wide as six feet.

Here’s a short list of other riding mowers I thought were great choices: