Husqvarna tf 230 cultivator oil change

Possibilities of Husqvarna TF-338 and 434 power tillers: let us introduce the issue

One of the most attractive options on the market of power tillers is a single-axis tractor Husqvarna TF 338, the reviews of which have only positive characteristics. Husqvarna also has numerous features that distinguish its model range from competitors. In order to make a decision it is necessary to get acquainted with each model individually beforehand. This will help you choose the right unit.

Husqvarna power tillers are a good combination of quality and price

Overview, function and design

This is Huxvarna’s top of the line single axle tractor. As is typical of this level of technology, the single-axle tractor offers the highest performance, comparable to premium models. The machine is in wide demand for the processing of garden and garden plots, it is in demand among farmers and dacha owners, and is also quite popular in the municipal sector.

Among the main areas of activity, for which the considered model is designed, it is worth noting the cultivation and hilling the soil, planting and digging up crops, transportation of various cargo and other works. For each task, it is necessary to have a specific attachment. However, the machine supports all kinds of attachments, and in this respect it is versatile. Husqvarna TF 338 features a belt clutch

Let’s consider the key advantages of the power tiller:

  • The model is equipped with a variety of power units from renowned manufacturers. In our case the machine is equipped with original Husqvarna Engine that supports 92-gasoline.
  • The single-axle tractor is equipped with several comfort features. For example, all versions feature reversing, which eliminates the risk of getting stuck off-road. In addition, the reversible drive improves the manoeuvrability.
  • The equipment is equipped with an adjustable handle, which in addition can be folded, which is very convenient for transportation and storage. Height and horizontal adjustment of the handle. For example, the height adjustment reduces strain on the spine and arms, thereby increasing productivity. Thus, the operator is less tired and is able to work more time
  • The single axle tractor has a maintenance free gearbox. It has special lubrication technology, which is enough for the entire period of operation
  • Side guards are fitted as standard to prevent damage to the crop during tillage
  • Large pneumatic wheels give good all-terrain mobility. Deep tread and large wheel diameter allow to work in tough plots, wet and slushy soils. Large pneumatic wheels for good all-terrain mobility
  • Transport handle for easy transportation over short distances
  • The machine is equipped with a reliable 4-stroke gasoline engine of own production Husqvarna Engine. The durability of this power pack is in no way inferior to American and Japanese engines that are used in other modifications of the single-axle tractor. In addition, the engine is recognized fairly economical, and the cost of spare parts for it is at an acceptable level.
  • There is no electronic system, so the machine has to be started manually. The manufacturer thought that fewer electronics would make the machine more reliable and less capricious. And the manual start option eliminates cold and slushy startup problems. Also note that the motorcycle engine has an overhead valve arrangement and the crankshaft is located horizontally. This arrangement is considered the most successful and reliable, and better saves interior space, thereby minimizing the contact of parts.
  • The single-axle tractor has a belt clutch that has been proven over the years. The clutch drive is reliably sealed to prevent dust, dirt and other external influences. Also emphasize the importance of the chain reducer, which allows you to move both forward and backward.
  • Only two cutters are included in the basic package. If necessary, up to six milling cutters can be installed.

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