Imow robotic lawn mower. Imow robotic lawn mower

Ultimate Robotic Lawn Mower Buying Guide (2023)

Robotic lawn mowers still seem like a crazy concept, but just about every major mower manufacturer is moving in this direction. If you’ve ever used a robotic vacuum, you can understand what is appealing about a robotic lawn mower.

imow, robotic, lawn, mower

STIHL iMow robotic lawn mower Gate installation in flower bed

You set it and forget it. You can leave for work and come home to a clean floor, or in this case, a mowed lawn.

But if you are having hesitations about letting an autonomous machine with spinning blades crawl around your yard unattended, you’re not alone. There’s a ton of hesitation with buying a robotic lawn mower – especially when you see the price.

So we spent weeks scouring the internet, talking to manufacturers, and reviewing trends to compile the ultimate buying guide for robotic lawn mowers. We will also take a look at some of the robotic lawn mowers from all of the major brands.

Why we review lawn tools

The reason we started this website in the first place was because we had so much trouble trying to find reasonable, understandable, honest reviews for lawn equipment. And it’s not cheap! After hours and hours of research, trying products and returning them, and messing up our yards – we started this site.

As people who had to learn the hard way, we want you to know exactly what you are signing up for before you purchase a piece of equipment. That’s why we are committed to providing honest, easy-to-understand reviews that mean something.

What to look for in a robotic lawn mower

Robotic lawn mowers are becoming more common and look and sound the same, except they have drastic variations in price. Yikes. So how do you know what to look for when comparing? I’ll say a big part of this comes down to convenience and the associated bells and whistles, but here are definitely some non-negotiables.

Cutting height and width

Please don’t buy a robotic lawn mower that can’t cut your grass. Sadly, there are some options out there that max out at 2.5 inches of grass length. If you have fescue or other transitional grasses that are supposed to stay at least 2.5 inches long, you will be in steep trouble.

Cutting height and width of robotic mowers is extremely important for assessing how the machine will be able to cut your lawn. The bigger cutting height, the taller the grass it can take. Measure twice, buy once.

Width is also a consideration. The average push mower width is about 21 inches. Most of these robotic mowers are less than a foot wide, often boasting cutting widths of 9 inches or so. Take this into account if you have tighter nooks and crannies or a wide open yard. The larger the cutting width, the more efficient the mower will operate.

Run-time and maximum yard size

Robotic mowers operate using a rechargeable battery. They can’t run all day without having to charge. If you have a larger yard, there may be times when the mower has to stop mid-way through a cut to recharge for over an hour. Not the best time to have visitors over with a half-mowed lawn!

Most robotic lawn mowers have the recommended yard size displayed, so make sure it vibes with your yard size.

Ease of use

This is a super broad category, but how easy is this to use. The number one reason people buy these is because they want to take mowing their lawn off of their plate. If the robotic mower is adding a bunch of set-up time, moving around, re-calibrating, etc. it may be more trouble than it’s worth.

The set-up process is generally laborious for every one of these. Many also come with an app that notifies you of the job progress. Make sure these are seamless to use and make your life easier, not more complex.

Safety features

Obviously super important to have a safe robotic lawn mower. The last thing you need is a puppy puree after a horrific robotic mower incident. Each of these have safety features but make sure they are thoughtful about your specific needs: kids, animals, gardens or anything else of importance. See if there’s a way to have a remote kill-switch to make it stop on command.

Advantages of robotic lawn mowers

Robotic lawn mowers can be EXTREMELY convenient. Once they’re some of the coolest tools on the planet, with a few exceptions. If everything is humming along nicely, you can get your yard mowed to the exact specifications without lifting a finger – and it can even mow in the rain.

Here are some advantages to robotic lawn mowers:

  • Able to cut lawn to exact length
  • Quiet and can mow at night
  • Connect to your smartphone or even Alexa
  • Self-charging feature available
  • Able to mow in the rain
  • Can connect to other apps to sync up with watering schedule
  • Tons of safety features

Disadvantages of Robotic Lawn Mowers

Robotic lawn mowers are really cool tools, but with every rose comes a thorn (or more). Let’s check out some of the downsides to owning a robotic lawn mower:

  • Expensive, much more than traditional mowers (5-10x)
  • Difficult to install
  • Can’t bag your grass well
  • Can’t stripe your lawn (runs in random patterns)
  • Unknown durability
  • Unable to perform most maintenance yourself

Robotic mowers essentially take away the control you have over your yard. Similar to robotic vacuums, they often run in random patterns, which means your grass will get cut but not appear in neat rows. This also doesn’t replace trimming and edging your yard, which are the final steps of making a decent looking lawn.

The Future of Robotic Lawn Mowers

Despite some of the negatives associated with robotic lawn mowers, their future is promising. Just about every lawn tool brand we’ve spoken with (including Greenworks, Husqvarna, Worx and more) are investing heavily in autonomous lawn mowers. Worx even recently announced an upgrade to their top-seller Landroid model that includes a neural network. And these are not just for homeowners.

Massive dollars are flowing into commercial, robotic mowers that simply require landscapers to drop them off in certain locations and pick them up when the yard is done. A future landscaping company might simply be setting robotic mowers in various properties, then picking them up at the end of the day.

Robotic lawn mowers as a percent of the total lawn mower market are expected to dominate, growing from a sliver of the market today to around a quarter. The overall market growth is extremely impressive as people look to save money on lawn care by ditching landscapers and going robotic.

There also may be new lawn tool entrants from companies like Shark or iRobot who already have the technology to create a safe, Smart sensor that could create a safer robotic mower.

Best Robotic Lawn Mowers: 2023

Now that we have a good picture of what you’re going to get with a robotic mower, let’s break down some of the best residential robotic mowers on the market. Obviously quality is important here, but I want to make sure it’s balanced by still being relatively affordable.

Husqvarna Automower 115H

While this robotic lawn mower isn’t the fanciest one on the market, it has all of the bare minimum basics at an extremely affordable price. When I think of Husqvarna products, I automatically assume high quality but also higher price.

But man, the Automower is changing the game. For reference, Husqvarna has some robotic mowers that go for about 10x the price of the 115H. While it is designed for smaller yards less than half an acre, it can handle tall fescue and other grasses up to 3.5 inches tall. This is going to be great for those of us that live in transitional or cool season grass zones.

  • Automatically makes its way back to the charger
  • Super quiet
  • Onboard display lets you set the schedule directly on the mower
  • The price
  • Theft protection
  • Control from any app-capable device
  • The price…again

So for a robotic mower, this is a really good price. For a Husqvarna robotic mower, this price is ludicrous. If you are wanting a low-risk way to dip your toe into the water, this is the easiest and most affordable way to get quality.

You can grab this straight from Husqvarna or get it on Amazon for a really good price.

Worx Landroid L Series Robotic Mower

Worx is the biggest surprise of the bunch. The tool company known best for making products that are affordable and light-duty randomly came out with a really, really nice robotic mower. What I love about Worx’ Landroid L model is that it uses rechargeable batteries that can also be used with their other lawn tools. Not only does this help it run for a long time (up to ½ acre), but can be popped off when you need to use a Worx weed eater or other Worx tools.

Worx was way ahead of the game when they started working on robotic mowers, and many thought they were crazy. But their Landroid series is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) robotic mowers on the market. They have several different models as a part of their Worx Landroid S series as well, which we’ve reviewed and compared extensively.

The main downside to the Landroid is the same common downside to a lot of robotic mowers – you have to lay a wire to help it way-find around the yard and back to the charger. Newer, auto-sensing robotic mowers will become the wave of the future.

imow, robotic, lawn, mower

Either way, the Worx Landroid robotic mower is a great starting point and can be found on Amazon for a really competitive price.

STIHL iMow RMI 422 PC-L Robotic Mower

I love STIHL’s line of products outside of their recent battery-powered line. But it looks like they’ve actually put quite a bit of thought into their new iMow Robotic mower. It is definitely one of the more tech-enabled robotic mowers on the market, giving you a peek into the future of this technology.

The STIHL iMow is unique in that it has cellular connection that lets you control it from just about anywhere – including your phone. You can program it to have certain active times where it can quietly mow your lawn. This is a great feature for the middle of the night to ensure your lawn gets mowed without worrying about kids or animals being in the yard.

STIHL will come install this in your yard (for a price), which makes the most painful part about robotic mowers totally gone.

One major downside to the STIHL iMow is that it will be best for warm season grasses that stay shorter but thrive in the summer. If you have a taller grass like fescue, this will not maintain it at the appropriate length.

Greenworks optimow 50H Robotic Lawn Mower

Greenworks is one of our favorite brands for traditional battery-powered lawn tools so we were not surprised to see their optimow robotic mower in our top five. One thing that I consistently love about Greenworks’ products is their commitment to quality on the essentials.

The Greenworks optimow robotic mower has an intelligent TruBrushless mower, which is at it’s core the best motor for battery-powered tools. My other favorite part about this mower is that it is designed for transitional and cool season grasses, so it can easily maintain tall fescue and others that Stilh’s iMow cannot handle. It gets more intense:

  • 32 height options (somehow)
  • Can navigate as narrow as 2 feet
  • Blades that self-pivot away from hard objects
  • App connectivity and GPS (in case of theft)

This thing is sweet and if I know the guys at Greenworks (I do), then I know that they are going to be jumping to the number one spot VERY soon across all robotic landscaping equipment.

Common questions about robotic mowers

As experts in the field of all things outdoor power equipment and battery-powered lawn tools, we are often asked by journalists and industry specialists about robotic mowers. We’ve started compiling a list of the most common questions that we will continue to expand upon over time.

How do robotic lawn mowers work?

Most robotic lawn mowers use guidewires that set the perimeter that they can mow and guide them back to the charging station.

They then mow random patterns within the perimeter until the job is complete, taking several hours each day over the course of a week to complete. They are essentially always running on the schedule you set to maintain the height of the grass.

Newer technology from companies like iRobot will allow for sensing the area without the use of guidewires, which will be a huge step up in future models.

How much does a robotic lawn mower cost?

Robotic lawn mowers start at a little over 500 and up to 5,000 (or more).

Each company has several different models where cutting width, run-time, and programmability all impact the cost of the robotic mower.

imow, robotic, lawn, mower

What are the safety features for robotic lawn mowers?

Most robotic mowers have safety features that will stop the blades when the mower is lifted or otherwise disturbed.

These mowers also have self-protective mechanisms that prevent them from taking on water damage. To keep them in a specific area, the use of guidewires as boundaries ensure they don’t wander off and cause damage.

How do the sensors work on robotic lawn mowers?

Many robotic mowers still don’t have great sensors for determining the boundary of the yard, but do use underground guidewires that serve as an “invisible fence”. Some robotic mowers have sensors that can indicate moisture and predict rain. There are even other sensors that help stop the blades when the mower is picked up.

Are robotic lawn mowers worth buying?

Robotic mowers are worth buying if you are a tech nerd who prefers to not spend time mowing their lawn.

It totally depends on how you view your yard work. I prefer to mow my lawn myself because I’m obsessed with the aesthetic of having a striped lawn. But for those that can’t stand spending their weekends doing yard work, then robotic mowers can be a great option.

How long do robotic lawn mowers last?

Robotic lawn mowers have not been around very long, so it’s hard to say. The first thing to go will likely be communication issues with the ground wires and the sensing technology, especially if the robot has a brushless motor.

In my experience, the network connection can be spotty and less reliable – which I believe will be the least reliable function of robotic mowers in the long run, until new technology is readily available.

Imow robotic lawn mower

® Robotic Mowers /

Homeowners can enjoy more time relaxing and having fun while the lawn is being beautifully manicured for them by the iMow ® robotic mower. The lawn is mowed quickly and efficiently at the time most convenient for the homeowner. The guarantee of knowing that the grass will get cut, no matter how busy life gets, is a comforting thought.

Landscapers who purchase an iMow ® robotic mower for their lawn mowing duties, will quickly determine how it provides them more time to perform other tasks on the job. They can rent or lease an iMow ® to homeowners, as well as provide maintenance and store the iMow ® during the off-season. It also provides the opportunity for them to acquire more contracts.

The STIHL iMow ® must be installed and programmed by a participating STIHL iMow ® Dealer. The iMow ® maintains the lawn automatically and according to a desired programmable mowing plan. iMow ® automatically returns to its docking station after it is finished mowing or when the battery needs charging.

Fast and manoeuvrable for small lawns up to quarter acre.

The RMI 422 P iMow ® is perfectly suited for small lawns, around pools, and even yards with slopes or a lot of corners. It can mow lawns of up to a quarter acre in just a few hours. It’s particularly manoeuvrable and covers every last corner of a lawn, thanks to its compact dimensions and 7.8” cutting width.

Challenging Terrain?

Using its tilt sensors, iMow ® adapts its speed automatically on uphill and downhill gradients, handling slopes up to 22 degrees.

RMI 422 P
Maximum Lawn Area (up to approx.) 0.25 acre
Average Mowing Duration (per week) 17 hours
Battery Type 18 V
Battery Capacity 80 Wh
Battery Amp Hours 4.5 Ah
Average Mowing Time (per battery charge) 60 min
Average Charging Time 90 min
Maximum Degree of Slope 22°
Slope Percentage 40%
Cutting Height 0.75-2.25”
Cutting Width 7.8”
Under ideal conditions, based on the specified maximum lawn area.

High performance for large lawns up to one acre.

The RMI 632 P iMow ® can handle large lawns of up to one acre with ease. With its powerful battery and 11” cutting width, it can mow up to 150 minutes per charge.

Removable Control Panel

The removable control panel offers easy and comfortable programming without having to bend down to reach the controls. It can be programmed from the control panel when docked or when the control panel is removed.

RMI 632 P
Maximum Lawn Area (up to approx.) 1 acre
Average Mowing Duration (per week) 40 hours
Battery Type 29 V
Battery Capacity 194 Wh
Battery Amp Hours 6.8 Ah
Average Mowing Time (per battery charge) 150 min
Average Charging Time 60 min
Maximum Degree of Slope 24°
Slope Percentage 45%
Cutting Height 0.75-2.25”
Cutting Width 11”
Under ideal conditions, based on the specified maximum lawn area.

Advantages of a STIHL iMow ® Robotic Lawn Mower

Intelligence – A Mower That Thinks iMow ® has a fully automated mowing plan tailored to every yard. For example, if it’s raining, the rain sensor tells iMow ® not to mow and to catch up on the lost mowing time later in the week.

Maximum Flexibility During Charging and Mowing To cover a large area in a short time, iMow ® can recharge quicker and adjust its speed to suit the mowing conditions. For example, if it’s taking the night off, it charges itself slowly, thus extending battery life.

Mows Evenly Across All Areas iMow ® can be programmed to mow a variety of yard layouts in the front or back yard. It cuts several times a week so your lawn never has that “needs to be mowed” look.

A Beautiful Lawn in Every Way iMow ® has an edge mowing option that results in a clean cut along the edges of your mowing area. You can also plan how your iMow ® returns to the docking station by choosing between following the perimeter wire or making the journey to the docking station using a random pattern. The docking station is powered by an outdoor wall outlet.

Greener, Healthier Lawn iMow ® is a mulching mower that finely shreds the grass clippings, returning them to the lawn as an effective fertilizer. This nourishes for a thick and healthy lawn.

Safety and Security iMow ® is equipped with a variety of sensors. If someone attempts to lift or tip the iMow ®. the mowing blade is designed to stop. The user sets a defined PIN in the iMow ® menu, which cannot be changed, even if the battery is removed or the unit is reset.

Quiet iMow ® mows so quietly, neighbours will hardly notice it’s there. Plus, iMow ® emits no exhaust emissions while working.

Allergy Relief iMow ® doesn’t kick up dust and dirt like a tradional mower, which helps provide relief for people with allergies.

Dealer Installation Right from the start, a STIHL iMow ® Dealer will provide personal advice and professional installation.

The best robotic lawn mowers for 2023

Like the look of robotic lawn mowers? Browse our pick of the very best, for gardens of all shapes and sizes.

Increasingly popular with UK gardeners, robotic lawn mowers are a welcome, hands-free alternative to traditional petrol and electric lawn mowers. Because a robotic lawn mower is fully automatic, it can be a brilliant option for gardeners who have mobility concerns, are away from home a lot, or simply find mowing a chore. Powered by rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries, most mowers are guided by a boundary cable laid around the edge of the lawn, which helps the robotic lawn mower identify where to mow and to avoid flower beds, trees and other obstacles.

While we tested models from a number of different brands, note that all of them offer a range of mowers with varying sizes, capabilities and features.

To compare these robotic models against other types of mowers, see our reviews of the best cordless lawn mowers, the best electric mowers and the best push mowers. And, if you’re looking to give your lawn a bit of TLC, our experts have tested a range of manual and powered aerators and scarifiers. check out the best scarifiers and best aerators reviews. You can also keep edges looking neat with our tests of the best strimmers or pick of the best lawn edging.

Best robotic lawn mowers at a glance

Our expertise

To help you find a robotic lawn mower suitable for your garden, we tested a range of mowers for different size gardens, including gardens with slopes and a complex shape. Each mower is in use for weeks at a time to allow us to assess its battery capacity and cutting proficiency as well as ease of use.

Each mower in our review has a detailed list of pros and cons for clarity and has been rated according to set up and ease of use, cutting performance, extra features and value for money. Every robotic mower in our round-up below has scored a minimum of four out of five stars, so you can buy with confidence.

The robotic mower industry is constantly evolving, with new developemnts and advances, and we are currently testing a number of the latest models ready to update this review shortly. Please check back soon to see the results of our new review.

Best robotic lawn mowers

Husqvarna Automower 405X

RRP: From £1899.00

Our rating: 4.5 out of 5

  • Unobtrusive colour
  • Easy connectivity
  • Clever mowing features
  • GPS theft tracking

Awarded a BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Best Buy for features, the Automower 405x boasts a huge range of features that help the mower cut well and make the experience easy for the user. These include, three different start points, switching mowing pattern according to where it’s mowing, such as through a narrow passage, frost guard and weather time that automatically adjusts the height according to the grass growth, and its new Rewilding Zone where you can leave 10% of the lawn aside to grow for pollinators.It’s available to buy as a bare mower, which is then installed by a dealer for an additional cost, or with the installation kit included and you install it yourself. Suitable for smaller gardens 600m2, the mower operates with both a boundary wire and a guide wire and unlike some other mowers, has a more flexible docking station, which doesn’t need a wide, clear space around it. ours was tucked neatly into the side of a hedge. It’s also easy to set up via the intuitive keypad or the impressive Automower Connect app, which allows you to change the schedule, adjust the height of cut, check on the mower’s progress and receive notifications, simply and quickly no matter where you are. As an X model, the mower also has a built in SIM so you have both remote and voice controlled control. Our only confusion with set up was working out the scheduling needed, which took a couple of weeks to establish, and that the height of cut on the app is listed as 1-9, when it cuts between 20mm and 50mm.The mower can cope with 40% slopes, which should suit most gardens. The slope in our test garden has a tendency to get muddy and slippery so at the installer’s advice, we used the spiked Terrain wheels which stop the wheels slipping. Only occasionally did the mower fail to get up the slope and when the weather was really wet we simply removed that zone from the work area. The mower cut consistently well and is very quiet, the only perceptible sound is the whirring of the blades as they cut. It occasionally missed spots on the lawn but overall this is a very easy to use and high performing mower.The Automower 405x is just one in a large range of Husqvarna mowers to suit different size lawns. A host of accessories are also available, including a cover for the docking station and wheel brushes, as well as spare parts, from batteries and blades to wheels. Both the mower and the battery come with a 2 year warranty.

Buy the Husqvarna 405X Automower from Sam Turner, Husqvarna and Red Band


Spend your time on other garden projects you really care about while guiltlessly leaving the lawn to the robotic mower iMOW®. Why? Because it will deliver a perfect lawn all on its own.



The robotic mower iMOW® 4 models are extremely reliable robotic mowers taking care of lawns up to 1,700m2. The most demanding of lawns will profit from the innovative robotic mower iMOW® cutting technology using a robust double-sharpened mulching blade to mow the grass and to ensure a precise cutting pattern. FIND OUT MORE


connectivity features. options. And even more power for lawns up to 5,000 m2! The robotic mowers iMOW® 6 models are powered by a strong Lithium-Ion battery. Its intelligent charge management can decide for itself whether a long, gentle charging of the battery is possible or a faster one is needed in order to complete a task. Making it ready to work anytime for you. FIND OUT MORE



Control the robotic mower iMOW® C or PC models from wherever you are. With the iMOW® robotic mower smartphone app that connects to any iMOW® robotic mower model in this range. In this way, you will be able to configure the mowing plan, read status messages and pause or start new mowing operations from the comfort of your home or office. Using the intuitively designed interface, it is possible to check on maintenance information, performance data and other important functions of the robotic mower with ease – and all in real time. You can download the iMOW® robotic mower app from the App Store and via Google Play. There is also an interface with Alexa voice control and it is even possible to integrate the devices into Smart Home applications.



Because the robotic mower iMOW® is so fast, you’ll get more time to enjoy your freshly cut lawn. In order to ensure that both the cut and the quality are always of the very highest standard, the iMOW® robotic mower adjusts its working speed according to the gradient of the terrain and the length of the grass.


The iMOW® robotic mower is an extremely reliable robotic mower capable of mowing gradients of up to 45%.


The robotic mower iMOW® uses a robust double-sharpened mulching blade to mow the grass and to ensure a precise cutting pattern. The rotational direction of the blade changes automatically every time the blade stops to ensure even blade wear and a longer service life. While mowing, the iMOW® robotic mower cuts and finely shreds the grass clippings which then fall back onto the lawn, acting as an effective natural fertiliser (known as mulching). Safety measures have been put in place to stop the blade automatically as soon as anyone tries to lift the robotic mower iMOW® off the ground. The manual stop button also offers additional safety.


Thanks to the ability to alter the cutting height centrally, setting the mower up is a quick and simple process.



RMI 422

  • mows lawns up to 1,700 m²
  • manages slopes up to 40%
  • 20 cm cutting width
  • charges fully in 90 min
SPECIFICATIONS RMI 422② RMI 422 P②RMI 422 PC② Cutting widthMaximum slopeBattery technologySound power level LwA
Grass area up to 800 m² up to 1,500 m² up to 1,700 m²
20 cm 20 cm 20 cm
Cutting height 20. 60 mm 20. 60 mm 20. 60 mm
35 % 40 % 40 %
Mowing duration per week① 16 hours 25 hours 28 hours
Lithium-Ion Lithium-Ion Lithium-Ion
App connectivity No No Yes
60 (dB (A)) 60 (dB (A)) 60 (dB (A))
Weight③ 9 kg 9 kg 10 kg

① As standard 2 Under ideal conditions (no obstacles, geometry or slopes in the garden), related to the stated maximum area

② Does not fall under the 2000 / 14 / EC Noise Directive, KwA 2 (dB(A)) uncertainty factors in accordance with Dir. 2006 / 42 / ECRS

① As standard 2 Under ideal conditions (no obstacles, geometry or slopes in the garden), related to the stated maximum area

② Does not fall under the 2000 / 14 / EC Noise Directive, KwA 2 (dB(A)) uncertainty factors in accordance with Dir. 2006 / 42 / ECRS


RMI 632

  • mows lawns up to 5,000 m²
  • manages slopes up to 45%
  • 28 cm cutting width
  • charges fully in 60 min
SPECIFICATIONS RMI 632④ RMI 632 C④RMI 632 P④RMI 632 PC④ Cutting widthMaximum slopeBattery technologySound power level LwA
Grass area up to 3,000 m² up to 3,200 m² up to 4,000 m² up to 5,000 m²
28 cm 28 cm 28 cm 28 cm
Cutting height 20. 60 mm 20. 60 mm 20. 60 mm 20. 60 mm
45 % 45 % 45 % 45 %
Mowing duration per week① 35 hours 38 hours 40 hours 50 hours
Lithium-Ion Lithium-Ion Lithium-Ion Lithium-Ion
App connectivity No Yes Yes Yes
59 (dB (A)) 59 (dB (A)) 59 (dB (A)) 59 (dB (A))
Weight③ 14 kg 14 kg 14 kg 14 kg

① As standard 2 under ideal conditions (no obstacles, geometry or slopes in the garden), related to the stated maximum area

④ Does not fall under the 2000 / 14 / EC Noise Directive, KwA 3 (dB(A)) uncertainty factor in accordance with Dir. 2006 / 42 / ECRS

① As standard 2 under ideal conditions (no obstacles, geometry or slopes in the garden), related to the stated maximum area

④ Does not fall under the 2000 / 14 / EC Noise Directive, KwA 3 (dB(A)) uncertainty factor in accordance with Dir. 2006 / 42 / ECRS

The robotic mower iMOW® is a real workhorse and the wide range of robotic mowers on offer is ideal for mowing lawns of all sizes, up to 5,000 m². Even if your lawn is unusually shaped, this can be taken into account and an optimal solution can be found for your lawn layout.

The robotic mower iMOW® is a mulching mower which is why it doesn’t need a grass collector. By cutting the grass into very small pieces, the trimmings disappear back into the lawn and return valuable nutrients to the soil. This ultimately leads to a lush and healthy lawn.

The perimeter wire integrates accessible, low level edges (such as ground-level patios or paths) so that the robotic mower iMOW® cuts the grass cleanly and completely. For hard edges (such as walls and elevated patios), the robotic mower iMOW® is installed so that it can run as close to the edge as possible.

Choosing The Right STIHL iMOW® Robotic Lawnmower | STIHL iMOW® Guide | STIHL GB

Yes. Provided they are connected within the same wiring loop, a second, separate lawned area may also be mowed as long as it has its own docking area. You simply have to relocate the iMOW® robotic mower.

Speak to your local authorised STIHL iMOW® robotic mower dealer to arrange an initial consultation. Once you have decided on the right robotic mower iMOW® for you, your iMOW® robotic mower dealer will follow your instructions to design a layout plan of the area to be mown. Then, they will lay the perimeter wire and place the docking station in the most suitable part of this area. Your authorised STIHL iMOW® robotic mower dealer will program the mowing plan together with you and you will be able to make any additional adjustments to the robotic mower iMOW®.

The robotic mower iMOW® automatically creates a suitable mowing plan for getting the best possible lawn quality, but it is of course possible to then adapt this plan to your own needs. If you would prefer the robotic mower iMOW® to get to work while you are at home or when you are asleep, you can program it according to your preferences. After this, the robotic mower iMOW® will follow the individual mowing plan all by itself.

When it comes to obstacles such as flower beds, ornamental shrubs, trees and other objects, a loop can easily be installed which will act as an exclusion zone. Whenever the robotic mower iMOW® encounters any unplanned objects such as barbeques or deck chairs, bumper sensors under the hood automatically reverse the mower and send it off in another direction.

The iMOW® robotic mower is equipped with a variety of sensors. As soon as anyone attempts to lift the iMOW® robotic mower, it stops. The robotic mower iMOW® can also be set so that it can only be operated following the entry of a pre-defined PIN code. The manual stop button also offers additional safety.

Yes, by using the display on the RMI 422 or the removable control panel on the RMI 632. The special LCD display is always clearly legible, regardless of the weather conditions.

All robotic mower iMOW® models are equipped with an alarm that is activated whenever the device is lifted. The iMOW® robotic mower can be set so that it can only be operated following the entry of a PIN code. On the C model, you can also choose to receive an e-mail or text message in the event that your device is stolen and then locate it with your mobile device using the iMOW® robotic mower app.


No one knows the iMOW® robotic mower better than an authorised STIHL dealership, so let them take care of the installation as well. Upon request, they will have a specialist install the thin perimeter wire that is layed out to perfectly map the layout of the area to be mown, before creating the mowing plan and finally programming the iMOW®. They will provide you with the type of personal advice you would expect from an authorised STIHL dealership – ensuring you receive a professional level of service right from the start.


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Please note that not all products include the features presented here. Only the most important features are described on this page. For further explanations and information please ask your dealer. Potential installation costs (perimeter wire, cable routing etc.) are not included in the price of the iMOW® robotic mower.