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Bath restoration with cast marble price, reviews

Cast marble (differently, liquid marble, cast marble, artificial or cast stone) is one of the varieties of artificial stone. Is a two.composite polymer material.

natural marble crumb of grinding to a fine state;

polyester resins bind the composition of synthetic components.

In addition, hardeners and pigments are added to the composition to give the coating the required shade.

tips for choosing a bathtub from cast marble: pros, cons, manufacturers

Obviously, the times when only two types of baths were available to consumers. steel or cast.iron, have long forgotten. They were replaced by the rapidly gaining popularity of a bath from acrylic. Indeed, this is a great alternative with a lot of advantages, but progress does not stand still. And relatively recently, a more interesting type of this product. bathtubs made of cast marble became available. One name pushes thoughts about reliability and durability. But let’s figure out if this is really. Today we will give you standing tips for choosing baths made of cast marble, consider their main pros and cons and highlight trusted manufacturers.

Knowledge of production technology and the right composition that must be observed by manufacturers will help you choose a really high.quality product. So, natural marble crumbs are used as the basis. It is obtained by grinding marble slabs with defects or waste of natural lump stone in the manufacture of decor items or other products. After processing, the baby has a very fine.grained structure resembling flour.

To fasten the composition, special binding components are added to it and mix thoroughly. Usually resins are used for these purposes. over, the ratio of components should be maintained at the level of 80% of the crumb of 20% of the resin. A slight deviation from the norm in the redistribution of ± 2%is allowed, which is painlessly reflected in the characteristics of the finished product, but not more than. A significant decrease in marble in the composition will lead to a deterioration in operational properties.

Now let’s look at the method used by unscrupulous manufacturers, thereby deceiving customers. As a basis in this case, not a natural processed stone is used, but quartz sand. This is a material that consists of small particles having internal cavities. And, as you know, the more porous material, the less its strength. Problems may occur in the future, for example, during cutting holes for the drain and overflow or cutting of the hydromassage system. Chips and small cracks can form, which over time spread over the entire surface of the product. Now as for the technology of production. It consists of 5 main stages:

  • Preparation of form or formwork. The accuracy of the size and straightforwardness of even areas of the product will depend on the quality of the form. Also, the characteristics of the formwork also affect the uniformity of the thickness of the walls. Therefore, worthy manufacturers use very expensive and exact forms for filling, which, accordingly, increases the cost of the bath itself. There are both standard formwork and custom.made, under a certain form of a bowl. A very important stage is the application of a special mixture to the walls of the shape of a special mixture. This is a polymer composition that will serve as a protective layer of the surface of the bath, will make it brilliant and increase wear resistance. Its use is mandatory because the surface of the marble is very porous. If this moment was lost, then the surface of the bath will quickly absorb pollution, and will be exposed to coloring substances. In addition, she will not be so smooth and attractive.
  • The second stage is the preparation of the mixture that we described above. We only mentioned that a coloring substance is added to it to give the desired shade. At this stage, there is also the likelihood of being deceived. Conscientious manufacturers add the dye directly to the mixture and knead all the components together. In this case, the finished product will have the same color throughout the thickness. And even the holes for the drain will have colored walls. This greatly simplifies the repair of the bath in the future. It is possible that with careless operation small scratches or chips may occur, but they will have a color identical to the entire surface and will not be caught in the eye. And to eliminate them, it is only necessary to purchase the remote complex of the corresponding shade and use it independently. Manufacturers who are trying to reduce the cost of the manufacturing process and make the price of their product lower and attractive, do not add a colver to the mixture. They apply color coating only to the surface and protect it with a layer of gelcoat, at best. In this regard, with the formation of chips or deep scorses on the colored surface, they will have a distinctive light color and will be very noticeable.
  • After all the preparatory work, the finished mixture is poured into the formwork. This process requires maintaining a certain level of temperature and humidity. Normal temperature lies in the range-18-23 ° C. Compliance with this condition is one of the key points, otherwise uncontrolled deformation of the composition may occur. In factory conditions, the filling process is carried out on special vibration tables. A certain level of vibration help to distribute the mixture evenly, prevent the formation of voids and achieve the necessary degree of shrinkage with the specified density parameters.
  • At the same temperature, further drying and crystallization of the composition occurs.
  • After final hardening, the formwork is removed, and the surface of the bath is subject to minor modifications, namely, the removal of foundry defects, grinding and polishing. Then the finished product is allowed to brew for a certain time to acquire the necessary strength indicators.

After such a simple process at first glance, marble baths acquire their exquisite and perfect look.

Any product has a number of positive and negative points that you need to know. Because it is these factors that are decisive during the choice. Let’s start with the undeniable advantages of vanity from cast marble:

  • The surface of the bath, subject to all stages of production, have very high strength and resistance to mechanical influences. High.quality baths for a long time will maintain a perfectly smooth and unharmed surface.
  • The polymer-mineral base has a high level of abrasion.
  • The ability of the surface to extinguish vibration will appeal to fans of hydromassage. Unlike acrylics, which rather significantly convey fluctuations during the operation of the massage installation, the marble remains completely motionless. Thus, you can completely focus on pleasure, and not on the trembling walls.
  • Noiselessness, which is slight, but exceeds acrylic products, remains even when water falls from a great height. This will be relevant when using systems of a shower from the “Tropical Rain” series.
  • Like most composite materials, cast marble is characterized by high thermal insulation indicators. This will significantly increase the cooling time of water.
  • The surface of the bath is pleasant to the touch and not cold due to the low level of thermal conductivity, which makes the operation of the operation very pleasant.
  • The properties of the material itself prevents the formation and growth of bacteria.
  • The structural integrity of the material makes it possible to withstand significant loads with small wall thicknesses.
  • Cast marble is a dielectric.
  • Cast marble products are resistant to many chemicals.
  • The variety of color palette is much larger than that of acrylic.
  • It is possible to imitate the color of any breed of natural stone. This option is almost indistinguishable from products from original material.
  • In case of damage in the form of scratches or chips, the surface is easy to repair without the need to dismantle.

Tips for choosing a form and size

A bath is a center of attention of the entire room, its key component, which can both favorably emphasize the features of a certain style, and spoil the situation in an inappropriate form or color. The variety of forms of the cup of bathtubs made of cast marble is much wider than from natural. Anyone can choose the necessary option for himself. The form directly depends on the installation method:

In the first case, the bowl can be a real work of art, especially if it was made to order. This type of product is a bowl that is located at a distance from the walls. In some cases, special legs are provided, which can have the most diverse shape and give a special chic. Its facets can be both straightforward and have rounding. The edges can be asymmetric, resembling sea waves. The silhouette itself can be oval, trapezoidal, almond.shaped, round, in the form of a polyhedron or asymmetric. Such models look very unusual. It is appropriate to place them in spacious bathrooms. Usually they occupy an honorable place in the center of the room. The specially paved with a small pedestal and a floor tall crane will effectively complement the non.standard font. The disadvantage of this installation site is:

  • A difficult supply of communications to the drain holes, which should remain invisible.
  • It will be necessary to take care of not only the internal, but also the outer surface.
  • Using a large amount of useful space.

The wall installation method due to its compactness involves placement in small bathrooms. The shape of the bowl distinguishes the following options:

All of the above models can be equipped with a hydromassage system. The choice of one or another form and size of the bowl will depend on the area of ​​the room and your personal preferences. As for the color scheme, the most harmonious are two options:

  • When the bathroom has a distinctive color and serves as a highlight of the room. In this case, a non.standard color of the product must be supported by several smaller details. For example, a wine.colored bowl can be complemented by large candles of the same color and a large bath towel. Or a small rug and a wall shelf of a similar shade. The surface may not necessarily be plain. It can imitate the color of natural stone breed or other materials. In this case, the bowl should be a contrasting color in relation to the colors of the walls or floor. Then you will achieve the desired effect, and all the attention will be focused only on the chic bath.
  • The second option is the most traditional. when the color of the bowl corresponds to the total color scheme of the bathroom. Such an interior looks harmonious and holistic. And the bathroom becomes its integral part. Usually the most close shade to the color of the walls is selected. But the flooring can be a few tones darker.

The competently selected shape and color of the bowl will help create a unique interior that does not require additional decor. After all, the impeccable appearance of marble baths is already the main decoration of the room.

Like any other product, blank marble baths require a careful relationship and proper care. And as you know, the best care is prevention. To maintain their attractive appearance and avoid the formation of unwanted spots, it is necessary to adhere to several simple rules:

  • Use detergents specially designed for this material. You will have to forget about hard abrasive cleaning products forever. Their cost is quite high, but the effect of their use will smooth out this drawback;
  • After each bath is taken, it is advisable to wash the surface with clean water and wipe it dry with a soft cloth;
  • The surface cleaning with special detergents does not need to carry out immediately after bathing, enough once or twice per week, depending on the frequency of use;
  • Make sure that the water completely merges from the bowl. Even small islands of water around the drain opening will lead to the formation of yellow spots. In the early stages, they can be eliminated using hydrogen peroxide in small quantities;
  • Timely eliminate the leak of the cranes to avoid prolonged exposure to water on the same place. This can also lead to the formation of stains and raids;
  • When purchasing such an expensive product, be sure to take care of the replacement of the old water supply. Particles of rust or even worse, water painted with rust, can leave noticeable traces. And the fight against rust on products made of cast marble is very difficult;
  • In the case of mold or fungus, use ammonia to eliminate them;
  • If a persistent spot from a coloring substance has formed, you can try to remove it using a solvent. However, it is impossible to leave it on the surface for a long time, otherwise a white cloudy spot will form. It is better to gently wipe the contaminated place with a cotton pad moistened with a solvent;
  • If after washing color things you drain the water into the bath, immediately rinse its surface with clean water to avoid absorbing the dye and the formation of colored spots;
  • The marble surface is practically not subject to burnout, but if this happened, a special polish will help return the original appearance.

Now as for small scratches or chips. They practically do not form on the surface of quality products, if there was no blow. If the surface of your bath is quickly rubbed and covered with a mesh of small scratches, this indicates an inappropriate process of manufacturing or saving by the manufacturer on the quality of the protective coating. Re.polishing will help to eliminate this. Special sets for small repair will help eliminate small chips on their own. If the size of the chip or the depth of the scratch is large, then it is better to use the help of specialists.

secret to produce baths made of cast marble

The process of manufacturing such baths is not complicated. Technology for the production of products from cast marble: mixing marble crumbs and polyester resins until a homogeneous mass is obtained; staining with coloring pigments of the working mixture for simulating marble; spraying to the surface of the helco.mounted shape using a spray or sprayer; Exposure before the hardening of the gelcoat; filling-prepared sour cream-like mass is evenly filled inside the form; hardening of composite material; After full hardening, the workpiece is extracted from the form, then polished and polished.

Little molding technology allows you to produce any form, size, color and texture of the product.

In accordance with the technology, there should be up to 95 % of natural marble crumbs (CACO2 calcite or CAMG (CO3) 2) and 5 % polyester resins should be up to 95 % of natural marble. Bathroom made of cast marble with such a composition is considered a high.quality product.

However, some manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of production reduce the amount of marble crumbs to 20%, thereby increasing the amount of polyester resin, respectively, to 80%. As a result, such a “bathroom from cast marble” becomes much more plastic than marble.

And there are manufacturers who, in general, instead of a grinding natural marble crumb, use quartz sand. Baths made of quartz sand are no different from the baths made of marble crumbs.

Outwardly noticing the substitution of the product is impossible. But quartz sand is heterogeneous, contains internal cavities and porous structure. This, in turn, significantly reduces the strength and durability of the bath, since porous quartz sand in terms of strength and wear resistance is inferior to natural marble crumbs.

As already indicated above, according to technology, the dye should be added to the molding mass and move evenly with the components to the entire depth. In this case, the scratches that appeared on the bath will not be noticeable.

Some manufacturers paint only the surface layer of the resulting product. At the same time, the scratches that appear will be visible.

How to choose a good bath of cast marble?

The first thing the buyer pays attention to when choosing a bathtub from cast marble is the price. It would seem that the high cost should guarantee the high quality of the product. However, in our case, the choice of baths made of cast marble is far from the case.

If the manufacturer has a goal. to obtain maximum profit, in this case, in addition to reducing the cost of production, the manufacturer can overestimate the cost of the finished product, presenting it as high.quality, since he understands that it is impossible to establish the absence of marble crumbs in the finished product when selling products.

All the tips that are on the Internet come down to the following. buy baths from casting marble only proven manufacturers. But:

Firstly, unfortunately, there is no correct recipe to whom, unfortunately,; Secondly, the production of baths made of cast marble does not represent a complex process and does not require expensive equipment. Therefore, under the guise of a well.known proven brand, you can buy a regular fake that is not outwardly distinguished from the original, but consisting of quartz sand instead of natural marble crumbs.

Therefore, be extremely attentive when choosing a bath of cast marble.

Advantages of enamel from stone crumbs

The technology of applying bulk marble consists of 3 main stages: grinding the old coating of the bath, degreasing enamel and the coating itself with liquid acrylic.

Surface cleaning

The old surface of the bath must be carefully cleaned from dirt, rusty plaque and glossy layer for better adhesion of a bulk enamel with an original coating. As abrasive materials, you can use sandpaper with a granularity of 20-30 with a manual method, or 40 when working with a grinder (corner grinder).

It is recommended to go out the upper edges of the bathtub manually so as not to rendering the smooth rounding of the sides and not leave gross scorks that may be visible after applying acrylic. To improve the quality of the bulk coating, it is necessary to close the existing chips, fits and cavities with car putty. Do not worry from the difference in the shade of putty and old coating, liquid acrylic is applied to the bath with a thick layer and is not shone.

Removing a siphon

The technology of the flood bathtub implies the mandatory removal of the lower and lateral drain to ensure free stack of the remains of liquid acrylic through the drain hole. If you have a plastic siphon installed, then it is easily unscrewed and put back after the acrylic solidification.

In the case of a cast.iron strapping, it is recommended to cut it and replace it with a new siphon. In the absence of access to the siphon, the filling of the bath can be done using another technology without removing the drain. Put a small jar under the drain hole so as not to stain the tile on the floor.

Speeding the surface

As before any painting, the surface should be matte, low.fat and dry. It is best to degrease with acetone, or pimalyx with cleaning powder. In any case, keep a jar of acetone with you, then clean your stained hands from acrylic or tiles. The surface should be perfectly clean, without villi and grains.

Precautions for restoration with bulk acrylic

In the process of lining the bath, liquid acrylic will drain along the edge of the outer side on the floor. If you do not remove the sticky acrylic, then when hardening on the tile, it will become like a stone. Therefore, spread the newspapers to the floor right under the side, and also glue the newspaper to the walls on the walls on the side.

Put the tap towards the sink, twist the rain with it and put on 2 garbage bags on them, tightly tied their ends to avoid water entering acrylic enamel. In the first 6 hours of solidification, it is better to block water in the house. After 6 hours, the surface of the acrylic will become more solid, and drops of water will no longer be able to deform enamel.

Acrylic mixing with hardener

Remove the lid from the metal jar, pour half the hardener into it and stir the liquid with the base for 3 minutes with slow movements. Then pour the residue of the hardener and continue to interfere for another 3-4 minutes until the mass becomes completely homogeneous. As a tool for pouring, we will use a bottle of hardener, after cutting off the neck.

Filling liquid acrylic

Fill our tank with a finished acrylic composition, and start pouring a bathtub in a small stream in a small stream. It is most convenient to start from the left corner, filling the sides of the bath in a circle, and then return to the starting point.

When applying, liquid acrylic will drain under its own weight in the direction of the bottom, covering the surface of the bath with shiny enamel. The first fill is enough to cover a third of the surface of the bath. Continue the loud from the place where acrylic. When a thick mass reaches the bottom, distribute acrylic evenly along the bottom with a rubber spatula. And at the final stage, bring the mass from the posterior wall in the direction of the drain with zigzag move.

The final stage of the restoration of enamel baths

After the end of the work, we leave everything as it is for 36 hours, we do not remove garbage from the floor, There is a big risk reflexively grab the side and ruin the coating. After 2 days, we remove all the garbage around, and with the help of sandpaper we clean the resulting snot on the side and the drain hole under the bottom.

Install the siphon back, type water and check if there are leaks. On this, the work to restore enamel with liquid marble ends, and you can enjoy the first bathing.

Frequently asked Questions

Is it possible to fill the floor with liquid marble?

With casting marble, you can fill in any surface: metal, wood, acrylic, concrete, tiles and even glass. You can apply liquid marble to the floor if they do not walk in shoes on it. Apply material in rooms with high patency. It is extremely not recommended!

Nevertheless, the basis of cast marble is acrylic, and though hard, but plastic. The material is subject to scratches and chips when the metal objects fall. And when it was washed with the hard side of the sponge, the upper gloss is erased over time.

Why sticks bulk marble in the bathroom after hardening?

The stickiness of liquid marble after solidification can occur only in the case of insufficient measurement of the white base with the hardener, which triggers the crystallization reaction. As a rule, part of the white base on the walls and the bottom of the jar is not caused.

Therefore, a stick stick should be pressed against the walls and rake a white base, thoroughly stirring it with a hardener.

How and how to drill cast marble

Cast marble products have high operational characteristics. They are durable, withstand mechanical loads, are not afraid of temperature changes. In the process of drilling holes, it is necessary to observe certain rules and know the technology of work.

How and how to drill marble

How to drill cast marble? Diamond drills. the best option. They are solid, characterized by high strength, do not need constant cooling with water and regular sharpening. Only with their help can you get a perfectly smooth hole and not damage the monolist of the stone. Drilling is performed with speed calculation based on the diameter of the tool. The larger the size of the drill, the lower the speed of rotation. Be sure to mark the future opening. To do this, you can use painting tape and pencil.

Features, complexity and basic rules

possible, bathtub, cast, marble

Beautiful washbasins from composite materials differ from ceramic counterparts with a number of positive qualities: for high.quality work, it is necessary to hardly fix the plate. It is recommended to drill from the back of the product to avoid small irregularities. Dip the periodically diamond drill into cold water to prevent overheating. Often beginners spoil the polishing, pressing the crown vertically. It is necessary to start working at an acute angle, and, only after the formation of a small hole, go into a vertical position. Drilling cast marble is performed without pressure on the drill. Since marble is not uniform, the risk of getting a crack or a small chip is great. If you do not have experience working with a drill, start with small revolutions, gradually increasing them.

What tools will be needed

To drill holes in marble, it is necessary to prepare a drill, a drill (preferably, diamond) and a pencil for the rally. Think about how to securely secure the stove, if it is not in a pre.mounted product. If possible, ask someone to press it tightly to the flat surface. This will reduce the vibration from the drill and will help to quickly cope with the work.

Is it possible to cut a bathtub of cast marble

Whether the cast marble is stable for scratches? Casting marble has an upper protective coating. gelcout, which is characterized by increased resistance to mechanical damage. By the way, expensive yachts are covered with gelcoot, which ensures high surface resistance by hydrolysis and, as a result, preservation of the original aesthetic type of product throughout the entire service life.

Is it possible to repair the product?In the presence of severe injuries (chips), you can repair, and at home, using improvised means using a repair kit.

Is it possible to install additional equipment on baths (hydro-, aeromassage)? Our company establishes additional equipment of various sets of hydraulic, aeromassage, Shiatsu systems, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, backlight, pens and much more.

How often new products of products appear?We constantly track trends in the world of plumbing, and monthly update the model range.

possible, bathtub, cast, marble

How are baths from cast marble differ from acrylic? Unlike acrylic, cast marble has increased impact resistance, the wall thickness varies from 2 to 3 cm, also rolling marble holds the temperature of the water well, for 30 minutes the temperature of the water cools for 1 degree, while the acrylic baths for the same period of time for 4 degrees.

How much do products from cast marble weigh?On average, the bath weighs 90 kg, this only adds to her monumentality and strength.

How flat geometry of products? The permissible error in the goodwill in our products is 1 mm per 1 m of length, this error in the eye is not determined, especially since all products undergo a strict department of technical control.

What additional options can the company offer?At our enterprise we can offer the most daring design of products. This is color performance, with sparkles, applying various drawings of any complexity according to customer sketches. We can also apply laser engraving to the sink, and make a forged stand for the bath.

Is it possible to cut a bath to the required non.standard size? Yes, at our enterprise we can adjust the size of the bath by reducing the length, and with the complete restoration of the cut edge.

Is it possible to restore the original type of product at home?Of course it is possible! We recommend polishing our products once every 7 years, to give products to the original product species. Thus, our products will delight you for many years, because their service life is more than 45 years.

Bath repair of artificial stone

Прочные, тяжелые, основательные материалы. лучший выбор для изготовления ванны. Они надежны, долговечны, устойчивы, имеют низкую теплопроводность и высокое шумопоглощение. Благодаря всем этим качествам привычные гигиенические и бьюти-процедуры становятся более приятными. Ванны из искусственного камня или литьевого мрамора помимо всех перечисленных качеств еще и очень эффектны, делают интерьер роскошным, изысканным.

Cast marble attracts the wealth of textures, shades, and a variety of surfaces. Such products are made from a mixture of polymers, resins, dyes, marble crumbs and other fillers.

As a rule, artificial stone baths serve for a very long time and are not damaged from ordinary household influences, but they are not insured against wear and defects and defects.

Like other surfaces, marble baths are wiped, lose their shine, scratch, and in some cases they receive deeper damage. Most often these are chips and cracks.

You can cope with any defects on the surface of artificial stone. Depending on the nature and depth of damage, as well as based on the preferences of the customer, there may be several options for restoration of marble bath.

If the bath of cast marble faded, covered with a mesh of small scratches or cracks, then the restoration of such a surface will be in grinding and polishing. With special nozzles with a certain abrasiveness, the master removes the thin layer of material, polishes those areas that require this. The final stage of restoration. polishing with felt nozzles with special means. After that, the bath becomes again brilliant and smooth.

Average for repairing baths from cast marble

Scratches from 900
Cracks from 1350
Broken off from 1350
Singers from 1350
Bearing from 1350
Slasps from 1800

If an artificial stone product has chips and cracks in addition to losing gloss and a dull shade, the surface must be restored differently. The scene is cut around the perimeter and a fragment of the desired size is made from the same material. It is planted on glue, after which the seams are treated with special cutters, the entire surface is polished and polished.

The difficulty of this method is that it is not always possible to make a fragment suitable for a certain bath. It is even more difficult if the bath has several such chips or deep cracks. For such cases, there is a third option that will eliminate all surface defects.

How to Replace a Bathtub (Step By Step)

Bath of artificial stone can be covered with liquid acrylic. This material has a strong hitch with any surface, including casting marble. Liquid acrylic today is the most affordable, effective, durable composition for restoration of the surface of the bath. Plus, the result of working with him is always an impeccable, modern surface compatible with any type of interior.

Bulk acrylic. this is a material with a homogeneous consistency, with which it will not be possible to maintain the texture of marble, since it covers the surface with a dense opaque layer. However, the product after such a repair acquires additional strength and retains all other properties. noiselessness, low thermal conductivity, stability, durability.

If the residents of the apartment want to maintain exclusivity and an unusual type of bathtub, you can resort to the use of a column paste. Such pastes are offered by many manufacturers of liquid acrylic. With them, initially white material can be toned in any color. The palette usually includes all the basic colors that can be used both separately and mixed to obtain certain shades.

The process of restoration of liquid (casting) marble

Consists of two stages: surface preparation and application. The preparation of the bath and the composition for work is very important for the final result, because the mistakes made at this stage can no longer be fixed.

With the help of an abrasive. sandpaper and cleaning powder from the product remove the upper layer of the coating. In the process of work, together with old material, all defects noticeable to the eye are cleaned. Cracks, spots, detachment, chips.

Deep damage requires more thorough processing and, if required, preliminary filling with primer material.

The result of stripping should be a matte homogeneous surface with a micro.relief from abrasive particles. Proper preparation provides a reliable coupling of the material and perfectly even coating.

The cleaned layer of enamel and all the dirt is washed off from the bathtub, after which they dismantle the siphon and close the mixer with a shower watering can with a cellophane so that water does not drip from them.

A clean bath is dried with a construction hairdryer, at the same time a little warming the surface. The final stage of training. degreasing, after which the bath is finally ready for coating.

Preparing liquid marble for work should be clearly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The base and hardener are delivered in ready.made proportions, they just need to be mixed. But to make the composition high.quality and lay down on the surface without defects, it is important to stir the material until smooth. It is quite difficult to do with liquid marble, because the base is very dense.

The finished composition is allowed to stand for 10 minutes and then proceed to the coating. Like other bulk materials, liquid marble is distributed over the surface of the bath, simply pouring it around the perimeter from top to bottom. The spreading, self.leveling formula creates a dense, homogeneous and even coating without influxes, subteces or incomplete sections.

Over the past years, the newest innovative and the best way to restore the bathtub is very popular. the restoration of the bathtub with cast marble.

The essence of this method of restoration of baths is as follows. a special two.composite polymer material of cast marble is applied to the pre.prepared surface of the bath. Casting marble has a natural marble crumb of a small fraction.

It is used to restore damaged surfaces of any plumbing products and has very good adhesion with a painted surface.

The advantages and advantages of the restoration of the bathtub by casting marble:

The surface is strong, smooth, even, glossy and snow.white as an acrylic coating; The low thermal conductivity coefficient ensures the maintenance of the heat of the water. To the touch is a warm surface that preserves the water for a long time hot; increased wear resistance of the coating due to the presence of natural marble crumbs. resistant to abrasion, scratches; impact.resistant. the strength of cast marble is comparable with the strength of natural granite; the possibility of making color coating; high degree of noise absorption. the coating reduces the noise level of water gained; Coating made of cast marble is well extinguishes vibration when using hydromassage; Long life. from 15 to 25 years; The time of complete drying is 36 hours; The damaged surface is easily restored using special reptodes; high resistance to household chemicals; good insulation properties; Hippoallerogenen. does not cause allergic reactions in either people or animals; not toxic and safe. old people,Children and animals can be in the apartment during restoration work; does not turn yellow over time; The absence of a micropor in the coating provides high antibacterial properties; Lightness and ease of care. the most minimal care does not take much time and effort.

There are no deficiencies in the coating from casting marble, with the exception of the price, there are no complaints and complaints. The price of the restoration of the bathtub with cast marble is 2 times more than the price of restoration of baths with liquid acrylic. Undoubtedly, the restoration of the bathtub by casting marble according to reviews is the best of all ways to restore baths.

Particular attention to this type of bath restoration should be paid attention to those who, for whatever reason, want to purchase a cheap new bath or install an acrylic insert. For the same amount of money, if not less, as a result of the restoration of the bathtub, you get completely different in quality, super.strength and reliable beautiful coating.

What to do-restore an old bath or buy a new? Expert advice

Having familiarized himself with all the advantages and disadvantages, having weighed all the pros and against the new baths and all ways of restoration, the conclusion is obvious. it is undeniably not in favor of dismantling the old bath and the installation of a new.

The only argument in favor of buying a new bath is if you make some expensive designer repair of the bathroom, which does not “fit” into the old bath in any way, then you definitely need to purchase a new high-quality bath of a certain shape, size and appearance.

Only in no case do not buy cheap baths, it is like a mine. in the future today’s savings will result in a significantly larger amount of money.

And articles about whether it is worth restoring a cast.iron bath or buy a new one, it should be noted that in all other cases, the restoration will give a new life to your good old bath. Subject to the technology and performing work on the restoration of the bath with experienced craftsmen using high.quality materials, your bath will become like new and many years will delight the eye with its radiant snow.white glossy coating.

Order the restoration of the bathtub for relatively little money with us and a great result is provided to you!

Read about the proper care of the restored bathroom in articles. how to care for an acrylic bathroom and how to clean at home? Why is an acrylic bathtub turn yellow? (open in a new window).