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Why is my lawn mower not moving

Why would my Craftsman riding lawn mower quit moving? It is about 8 yrs old and has a hydrostatic automatic transmission. It will not move in forward or reverse. Any help would be appreciated.

have you checked the lever is connected to the trans

I have a 5 speed mower will not move in any gear : but I hear clanking noise from transmission what is the problem

@cam2363 yes lever is moving in to gear butmower will not move belts are tight I raise back tires off ground both are turning but once I put mower in first gear no movement

may be the belt that is under the battery I’m replacing mine

I have replaced belt. Mower moves very slow foward sometimes not at all.Will still move in reverse


@jeff1 ,William, You did not state your model, so I will post some generic suggestions. Check the free wheeling lever at the rear of tractor is not engaged(1st link) and park brake off. Check to see the belt is still on and not broke/stretched and for worn pulley’s. Check for hydro-static fluid leak or low fluid. Check clutch to see if it is engaging when you switch on, if not check battery condition as it needs good charged battery 12.4 Volts to engage clutch normally, also could be bad wire/plug/switch for clutch, Control linkage out of adjustment, Internal pump damage. Check the 2nd link as you may be able to get your manual using your model # for more trouble shooting on your issue and suggestions. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Where is the hydrostatic fluid plug at?

Also check the key way in the axle when you remove your rear tires there is a key way if its broke the axle will spin but the wheel will not


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Old sears lawn mowers

3 HP Sears Craftsman Riding Mower FARM HOME Lawn Mowers 31h 38 Your readers may get a kick out of this old 3 HP Sears Craftsman riding mower that I recently restored I rode it in a parade this summer at the Little Log House Show near Miesville Minn where it attracted a lot of attention The riding mower has only a 24-in cutting width and was made in about 1950 I bought it at an auction for 275 It had sat in a silo for many years and didnt run so I took everything apart and cleaned it all up and got it running The riding mower rides on hard rubber wheels and has a steel seat with the operator using an S-shaped metal rod to steer The 3 HP engine has a built-in Sears Craftsman starter on top The operator turns a crank built into the top of the engine to set a spring and then pulls on a lever to start the engine The engine belt-drives the mower blades and chain-drives the rear wheels To drive forward the operator lifts up on his foot to tighten a drive belt Dick and Jane Molander 1725 West Fourth St Red Wing Minn 55066; ph 651 587-3544

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Sears 10XL Garden Tractor

I don’t know yet what year this is. but all cues point to ’60s or early ’70s most likely.

This belonged to my grandfather from before I can remember. 20 years ago or so, he gave it to my father (who needed it every bit as badly as I do). This year my father asked if I’d like to have it.

I don’t have a specific use for it. but I’ve got a place to store it and it holds a sentimental value for me. We just celebrated my Grandfather’s 94th birthday a few weeks ago. Everything my Grandfather has owned he has maintained meticulously.

I dragged it home on Easter weekend of this year and rolled it into the barn and forgot about it for a while.

Today, I put some gas in it, hooked up some jumper cables, pulled the choke, turned the key and it fired up!

I’d like to get it into usable condition and. use it a bit. If nothing else, it looks cool as can be.

If anyone knows anything about these, I’m sure I’ll have some dumb questions. I already do! In the mean time, I’ll start finding the various problems and fixing them as I get around to it.

As with most any motorized device you can think of, it turns out there’s a website for vintage Sears lawn tractors http://vintagesearsgardentractors.com/ It looks like yours was built around 1970.

My dad had an Allis-Chalmers lawn tractor of about the same vintage. One of these days I want to rescue it from my sister’s garage and fix it up. I don’t have a real need for a lawn tractor either but it does have sentimental value.

That thing is sweet! Also, the fact that there is a dedicated site to them makes me happy about life

Yeah. I haven’t spent any time on the site, but I did find it today when poking around.

This thing will pull the front wheels off the ground. Seriously.

If you have grass to mow, use it. It will last longer than anything on the market now.

I have WAY more grass to mow that my Grandfather or Father have. So. it should see its highest calling ;). Really, though, it looks so cool. as long as it moves under its own power. this thing will be awesome!

Back when stuff was built to last. Enjoy!

I see no reason that thing won’t run forever.

Nice, I am a bit of a Garden Tractor nut, the place to go to find all the info you can is;

I have a few Simplicity tractors, two with the old Lambordini diesel engines. I am currently working on a repower of a JD 317.

I dig the Natural State sticker on it!

I took the deck off and looked it over. It was missing a c-clip that retains one of the splined couplers on the main cross shaft (between the two gearboxes). I found one that is “close enough” at NAPA, so I put that on and put it back together.

power, equipment, sears, lawn, mowers

One of the front wheels was wobbly and it looks like the inner bushing has long since disintegrated. Looks like the wheel is “wallowed out” a bit. I think it should measure 1″ but it’s more like 1.080. I’m hoping a bit of JB weld will help secure a bushing in there. The real fix is probably going to be replacing the wheel. I’ll try to post some photos sometime soon.

You might check Sears for parts. They had everything for my 70s mower in stock.

Yes, they still have diagrams and many parts. I’d say most of them are discontinued, but it’s cool that they still have some stuff listed.

If I remember correctly that is an Onan engine in that thing. I rebuilt one when I was in High School

Looks like this one has a BS, possibly cast iron at that age.

power, equipment, sears, lawn, mowers

i always find parts numbers on the sears website, then google the # to find the parts and/or best prices. maybe youll find what you need.

thats a real nice tractor, looks like other than being a little dusty its in great shape. great family heirloom.