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Kawasaki vs Kohler: Which Brand Should You Choose?

Kohler engines are more reliable whereas Kawasaki engines have superior support.

Cab Cadet as a great lawnmower uses Kawasaki and Kohler engines like many other powerful mowers and devices. Both of them provide outstanding performance with multiple strong qualities, though Kohler has stronger support service. Kawasaki, on the other hand, has a history of outstanding quality over time.

In this article, the distinction between Kawasaki and Kohler will be covered to help you in choosing the best option for your mower.

Kawasaki Vs Kohler: Quick Comparison Table

Kawasaki and Kohler are both viable solutions. However, before selecting which is the best option for you, have a closer look at both.

Features Kawasaki Kohler
Engine Types Special Choice Several Choices
Fuel Consumption Fuel consumption is inefficient Fuel efficiency is better than Kawasaki’s
Power 15.5 HP to 38.5 HP 3hp to 38hp
Longevity Long-lasting Less Lifespan
Warranty 3 Years with the Advantage of getting the replacement No Set of Warranty Period
Cost Expensive Costs Less than Kawasaki

What’s The Difference Between Kawasaki and Kohler Engines Based on Features?

Power System

Kawasaki is noted for its Critical Power engines, which produce significantly more horsepower than any other engine. This standard assures that engines deliver at least 98 percent of their advertised horsepower to the customers.

The interesting part is that several testing authorities put Kawasaki engines to the test in order to ensure that they have the most horsepower for their consumers and its horsepower ranges from 15.5 HP to 38.5

In contrast, Kohler engines aren’t recognized for their reliability when it comes to horsepower measurements. Kohler offers a wide range of gasoline engines, with horsepower ranging from 3 to 38.

Kawasaki is the winner in this category. Because of its higher horsepower, the Kawasaki has a faster top speed, making it ideal for commercial use.


A Kawasaki engine has the potential to survive more than a decade.

over, Kawasaki is regarded for the correctness of its horsepower numbers when it comes to dependability. You receive the horsepower you anticipate when you are to use lawn mower with a Kawasaki engine.

In comparison to Kawasaki engines, Kohler engines have a shorter lifespan.

Depending on the model you buy, Kohler engines are fairly reliable. Oil leakage has been a problem with some models, but it’s a simple fix.

Kawasaki wins in the case of durability because Kawasaki engines have far fewer problems according to users.


Most of the Kawasaki engines come with a 36-month warranty that can easily be used in your lawn mower. If the engine has any difficulties throughout the period of use, it can be replaced with the help of the manufacturer.

Kohler engines, on the other hand, are rarely covered by a warranty.

It is not very hard to decide that Kawasaki is the best option for your lawn mower from the beginning because of the longer warranty period.


Regular maintenance on Kawasaki engines is recommended. As Kawasaki engines have fewer components, its distinctive loop technology requires less maintenance. Despite taking less maintenance, it still requires routine maintenance on occasion.

Kohler also recommends doing regular maintenance as specified in your user manual to extend the life of the engine. The air filter, oil and oil filter, and cooling system should be maintained on a regular basis.

Even though both Kawasaki and Kohler need regular maintenance, Kawasaki is a better option for your Cub Cadet because it offers open-loop control technology and has fewer components to be maintained than Kohler.

How Can One Know If a Kawasaki Engine Is a Good Lawnmower Engine?

Kawasaki comes up with smooth edges along seams and covers, trimmed seals with no overlap, heavy fuel lines, plug wires, and tight-fitting housings and covers all indicate a well-built engine for your lawn mower.

over, Kawasaki provides good indicators including clearly labeled, easy-access dipsticks and filters, as well as thoughtful additions such as Kawasaki’s debris clean-out ports.

Only Kawasaki Critical Power engines are SAE Certified for horsepower accuracy, ensuring that you get all of the power promised.

How Long Can a Kawasaki Air Cooled Engine Run?

You can get 2000 to 3000 hours out of a high-quality air-cooled engine like the Kawasaki.

You are now able to make smarter decisions regarding which engine to use for your lawn mower now that you understand the differences between Kawasaki and Kohler engines.

In a summary, the Kawasaki engine will not disappoint you because it has excellent responsiveness, power and reliability. The Kawasaki engines have a long track record of dependable performance.

Kawasaki Engines

Kawasaki produces reliable, durable and easy to maintain engines for everything from motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and jets. They are also one of the leading suppliers of engines for outdoor power equipment. That’s why they are the most popular engine Wright installs in our Stander mowers.

  • Maximum engine protection provided by heavy duty canister air cleaners with an extra inner filter on FX series engines.
  • Reliable starting with heavy duty shift starters on most Kawasaki engines spec’d by Wright.
  • 3yr Kawasaki warranty.
  • Easy parts ordering due to matching Wright/Kawasaki part numbers.
  • Fast and easy maintenance with very few accessories mounted on engine housing.
  • Most Kawasaki mower engines are American-made in Maryville Mo.

Wright installs the FS541 engine with recoil start, FS600 with integrated air cleaner and clean out ports as our lighter commercial engine, FX600 for smaller heavy duty mowers, FX730 for medium range mowers and FX850 for larger mowers.

If there is only one part of your mower that makes or breaks the overall experience and the overall quality of the mower, it is the mower engine. (We have addressed this in a couple of our blogs, including one entitled Engine Condition: How to Keep Your Mower Lasting Longer.) The importance of a strong engine is something that both Wright Manufacturing and Kawasaki knows. This is why Wright trusts one of the best known and most reliable names in the small engine business—Kawasaki In addition to creating commercial products like ATVs, motorcycles, and jet skis which they are known for, Kawasaki Heavy Industries is involved in the manufacturing and sale of engineered aerospace, shipbuilding, and construction machinery. While they are headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, they employ over 30,000 people throughout Japan and North America. And, the company has a long tradition, extending back to 1896 and entrepreneur Shozo Kawasaki.

Kawasaki engines have a couple of key features that help explain why their engines are some of the most used in the business, including:

(1) A cast-iron flywheel. These flywheels provide continuous rotational energy, and Kawasaki gives its flywheels greater weight to provide more inertia and power when mowers need it. (2) A dual-element air filter. This filter helps to keep dirt and other debris from entering the inside of the engine. This makes for easier maintenance. (3) A large, high-flow fan. Kawasaki Engines are long-lasting because they’re engineered to run cooler, thanks in part to a large, high-flow fan that disperses engine heat. The cooler an engine runs, the longer it can last. (4) A forced lubrication system. Kawasaki uses a forced lubrication system along with seals that reduce the temperature of the oil when operating and reduce the chance that oil will leak. (5) A low-tone muffler. Their engines use a low-tone muffler which helps to reduce the noise generated by the engine.

It is because of parts like Kawasaki Engines that Wright’s mowers can do what they are designed to do, and do it fast and efficiently. And, this prevents you from having to worry about all that is going on inside these mowers. Wright Mowers have brought the best parts in the industry together to provide you with a product you can rely on. For more information on some of the best mowers in the industry, visit our website or call Wright Manufacturing today at (301) 360-9810.

Kawasaki Lawn Mower Engines recall: Reason, affected number range, and all you need to know

Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp. USA has issued a nationwide recall of more than 33,000 FT730V-EFI Kawasaki Lawn Mower Engines over fire hazard concerns. The recalled engines were originally sold on popular Ferris and SCAG riding lawn mowers.

Announced on March 23, 2023, a voluntary recall is being issued under the supervision of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The recall was initiated following customer reports of incidents where the fuel line on the engine broke and resulted in a fire.

Further investigations into the matter suggested that the high-pressure fuel line in the Kawasaki Lawn Mower Engines could be damaged by coming in contact with the fuel pump cover, resulting in a fuel leak. As such, fuel leaks are potential fire hazards and can be dangerous.

As of now, Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp. has received at least four incident reports where the fuel line on the lawn mower engines broke, and at least one report where it resulted in a fire. Neither the company nor the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) have received reports of any injuries or fatalities in regard to the faulty engines.

Kawasaki will be offering free repairs for the affected FT730V-EFI Kawasaki Lawn Mower Engines

#Recall: Kawasaki Motors USA lawn mower engines. The high-pressure fuel line can get damaged by contact w/the fuel pump cover, causing a fuel leak that poses burn fire hazards. Get free repair. CONTACT: 866-836-4463. Recall notice: cpsc.gov/Recalls/2023/K…

#Recall: Kawasaki Motors USA lawn mower engines. The high-pressure fuel line can get damaged by contact w/the fuel pump cover, causing a fuel leak that poses burn fire hazards. Get free repair. CONTACT: 866-836-4463. Recall notice: cpsc.gov/Recalls/2023/K… https://t.co/kyFRMcGLHl

The recall affects nearly 33,100 Kawasaki FT730V-EFI Lawn Mower Engines that were manufactured and distributed by Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp. USA of Maryville, Mo. The recalled engines were sold on some of the most popular Kawasaki Lawn Mowers including. Ferris and SCAG. As mentioned earlier, fuel line damage to the engines is feared to be a fire hazard and has caused the company to recall the engines from all across the country.

The recalled Kawasaki Lawn Mower engines were available all across the country through Kawasaki, Ferris, and SCAG dealers. Customers could have bought the affected products from dealerships across the United States between November 2017 and September 2022 for a price ranging from 8,000 to 13,000. It is to be noted that the recall affects Kawasaki FT730V-EFI engines only.

Customers can recognize the affected engines by looking for the following details:

Consumers who may have bought the affected Kawasaki Lawn Mower Engines are strictly advised not to use them. Kawasaki will be offering free repairs for the affected engines through all major dealerships across the country. Customers can either contact Kawasaki customer support or get in touch with the nearest dealer to learn more about the free repair. The company will also be contacting all known owners of the recalled FT730V-EFI Lawn Mower Engines.

Founded on October 15, 1896, by Shōzō Kawasaki, Kawasaki Heavy Industries is a Japanese public multinational corporation that manufactures motorcycles, engines, heavy equipment, aerospace and defense equipment, rolling stocks, and ships. Headquartered in Chūō, Kobe, and Minato in Tokyo, Japan, the company is one of the top three heavy industrial manufacturers in the country, alongside IHI and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

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Kohler vs Briggs vs Kawasaki vs Honda Mower Engines– Which Engine Should You Choose?

Kohler, Briggs Stratton, Kawasaki, and Honda are the most well-recognized brands for offering an exceptional range of mower engines. But what if you must choose only one brand’s engine from them?

Factors like each brand engine’s durability, reliability, performance, efficiency, compatibility, and comfort indicate the real difference between them.

Thus, if you cannot decide between Kohler vs Briggs vs Kawasaki vs Honda engine brands, continue reading the article to comprehend their differences in detailed.

Quick Company Overviews

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The ROP Shop Compatible Oil Filter Replacement for Briggs Stratton, Kohler, Kawasaki Small Gas Engines Motors (Set of 12)

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The ROP Shop Compatible Oil Filter Replacement for Briggs Stratton, Kohler, Kawasaki Small Gas Engines Motors (10 Pack)


In 1873, John Michael Kohler II founded Kohler company but began engine manufacturing in the early 1920s.

Kohler started producing and marketing small engines in 1948. However, the company diversified into the lawn and garden industry in the 1990s. Continue reading the full timeline.

Briggs Stratton:

In 1908, inventor Stephen Foster Briggs and investor Harold M. Stratton joined their alliance to establish Briggs Stratton Corporation. But the company began manufacturing engines for agricultural and military applications in 1920.

The first Briggs lightweight aluminum engine was developed and introduced in 1953. Learn more about Briggs Stratton.


Shozo Kawasaki initially founded a shipyard, which has gone through numerous diversification phases and became today’s Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group. Kawasaki engines are also a part of this Kawasaki Group. Check out this video to learn more.


Honda was formed in 1948 in Hamamatsu, Japan, and opened its first U.S. storefront in 1959 in Los Angeles, CA.

Honda started as a small enterprise with eight hardworking employees but swiftly expanded to incredible heights. The first Honda walk-behind lawn mower was introduced in August 1978. Learn more about Hona Heritage.

Kohler vs Briggs vs Kawasaki vs Honda Engine: What Makes the Difference?

Here are the five primary traits that distinguish the four most popular lawn mower engine brands_

Starter System Maneuverability:

Kohler: The Kohler Engine Starter System (KESS) is an advanced, self-contained starter system. It is designed for a dedicated and efficient starting experience.But they can be challenging to start in certain situations, especially in cold or snowy weather.

Kohler engines offer better maneuverability due to their smaller size and lightweight construction.

Briggs and Stratton: The Briggs Stratton starter system is a dependable and easy-to-use system. This is designed to start lawnmowers quickly and easily.

Most Briggs engines are smaller and lighter than Kohler engines, making them easier to maneuver. They are also easy to start in cold weather.

Kawasaki: engines offer a good balance between power and agility. While being simple to start in cold weather, they may not give superior mobility to Briggs or Kohler.

Honda: engines are also easy to start and work great on different terrains. But they may require more effort in rough or extreme weather conditions.

Kohler and Briggs Stratton engines are known for their easy starting capabilities.

Durability Reliability:

Kohler: designs all engines with high-quality construction and durable parts to ensure a longer life span.

Briggs and Stratton: engines feature premium packages and provide better durability and longevity.Such as_

  • Full Pressure Lubrication System,
  • Advanced or Cyclonic Debris Management,
  • Super-Finished Crank Shaft,
  • Premium Oil, and
  • Fuel Filters.

Even their iron cast sleeve resists wear and abuse for extended durability. This feature also guarantees improved oil control and ensures less waste.

Kawasaki: make engines that withstand the toughest conditions and provide long-term performance. Kawasaki uses premium components and advanced technology for maximum power, efficiency, and longevity.

Honda: engines tend to be versatile, equally durable, and reliable. Honda even has some models that last longer than most top-branded engines cannot.

In general, Kohler and Briggs engines tend to offer better durability and reliability than Kawasaki and Honda.

Performance Efficiency:

Kohler: has vertical-shaft and horizontal-shaft engines. These engines are used in various applications, from lawn tractors to pressure washers.Kohler uses an advanced debris management system or a streamlined air intake system. These features reduce emissions and increase their performance levels.

Briggs and Stratton: also have long-lasting horizontal-shaft and vertical-shaft engine models. These engines also provide more power output than equivalent models from other brands.They also feature an advanced debris management system or a streamlined air intake system. These features reduce emissions while increasing performance levels.However, Briggs engines tend to consume more fuel than Kohler’s models.

Kawasaki: is one of the top commercial-grade engine manufacturers. Kawasaki engines feature advanced features, such as fuel injection systems high compression ratios. These features guarantee their improved efficiency and performance. Their OHV (Overhead Valve) technology helps enhance combustion efficiency. Also, the electronic spark ignition system ensures reliable starting in any weather condition.

Honda: engines feature advanced combustion system designs that help to lower emissions. Also, it delivers greater output power than most brands’ engines.Honda engines also feature either electric start capability or automatic decompression. These features provide higher performance and improved efficiency.

Honda and Kawasaki are known for their superior performance and fuel efficiency.

Compatibility To Power Other Brands Mowers:

Kohler: has a broad range of engine models dedicatedly designed for most residential and commercial grade mowers.That’s why Kohler engines are also used to power other brands’ (Craftsman, John Deere, Poulan, Toro) mowers.

Briggs and Stratton: also offer a wide range of engine models used in other brands like– Craftsman, Husqvarna, and Poulan to power their mowers.

Kawasaki: Kawasaki engines are used in powering several Husqvarna lawn mower models.

Honda: Honda engines are also compatible with a few mower models but cannot win against Briggs Kohler.

Kohler and Briggs offer a better range of engine models that are compatible with mower models of other top mower brands.

5.Quiet Comfortable:

Quiet:Honda and Kawasaki engines are known for being the quietest. Kohler and Briggs engines are also tolerable and relatively quieter than several other brands’ engines. But not as much as the other two brands.

Comfortable: Kohler and Briggs Stratton both design their engines to be comfortable during rides. So, you will experience smooth operation and low vibration with Kohler and Briggs models.

Kohler vs Briggs vs Kawasaki vs Honda – Which Engine Should You Choose?

Kohler engines offer easier start and better mobility to handle tough mowing jobs.

Besides durability and power, if you also need easy-to-start and maintain options, Briggs engines will be perfect.

For better fuel efficiency and reliability, Honda engines are a great choice.

Kawasaki engines have enough speed and power to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Remember, any brand’s engine durability, reliability, performance, efficiency, compatibility, and offered comfort can be determined by its particular design, quality of materials, and additional components.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which engine is better Kohler or Kawasaki?

Kawasaki mower engines produce more horsepower and have a greater top speed than Kohler engines. That’s why if you must choose between Kohler and Kawasaki engines, Kawasaki will be better for commercial applications.

Who makes the most efficient small engines for mowers?

Honda is still the best for producing the most reliable small engines.

Are Honda engines better than Briggs Stratton mower engines?

Honda commercial and consumer-grade engines are not better than Briggs Stratton commercial models.

Where do Kawasaki engines come from?

They are assembled from the USA-based factory of Kawasaki.

What caused Briggs and Stratton to decide on discontinuing?

Financial difficulties the corporation has faced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Greeting! I am Anthony Harry, a skilled scribe with a FOCUS on the art of lawn mowing and the beauty of all things green. My objective is to impart my knowledge and enthusiasm for lawn care to others, enabling them to attain their ideal lawns.

Kawasaki or Kohler: A Quick Overview


In this Kawasaki vs Kohler engine review. our mower engine experts decided to take a closer look on each brand’s Horsepower ratings. During our evaluation, we immediately noticed that Kawasaki offers both liquid-cooled and air-cooled engines.

As we tested them out, some of its FX series reached up to 38.5 Horse Power while operating at a speed of 3600 RPM. On the other hand, its critical power gain maintains up to t 57.8 ft-lbs maximum torque at 3200 RPM. The FD series from Kawasaki engines also come with a Digital Fuel Injected technology that allows 31 Horsepower ratings.

For the Kohler engines. most of their available selections range from gasoline, natural gas, to propane fuel types. Because of this, we already expected that its rated horsepower could reach between 3HP to 38HP.

However, the reason why many people prefer Kohler is its diesel-powered engines that can handle up to a 100 HP rating. So, overall, Kohler engine options win by a small margin in this part of the roundup.

Reliability and Efficiency

Kohler and Kawasaki engines are regarded as the best options for zero-turn mowers due to their excellent cutting capabilities and fuel efficiency. And with Kawasaki engine models mainly equipped with V-twin technology, lawn mowing with this engine choice results in low emissions.

You may not know, but Kawasaki hires a third-party testing group to ensure the reliability of its Critical Power engines before they hit the market.

But if you want maximum fuel efficiency, Command models from Kohler are the best engine to consider. Thanks to its Smart Choke Technology, any lawnmower with this engine will run as smooth as butter. Given the reliability of its hydraulic lifters, our testers conclude that Kohler is more efficient than most Kawasaki engine options.


Regular maintenance prevents excellent engines from breaking down [1] and increases the life of a lawnmower. However, it’s not a secret that most lawnmower machines require less maintenance than other garden equipment. Typically, all you need to do for these engines is keep the air filter clean and replace the oil filter.

But if we compare Kohler vs. other models, this brand requires less maintenance as its parts are widely available. On the other hand, Kawasaki parts are premium and harder to find in the aftermarket parts suppliers.

Lifespan and Durability

If maintained properly, the Kawasaki engine can stand the test of time. In fact, its John Deere model alone can run around 1200 hours. It complies with SAE J2723 standards, so rest assured that this engine will perform at its utmost durability.

Kawasaki enthusiasts may argue that Kohler engines are inferior for their plastic and metallic parts combination. However, some of Kohler’s offerings, like its new Courage model, have a cast iron interior that allows it to handle long hours of mowing. Kohler’s air-cooled engine also has an approximate lifespan of 2000 hours.


Parts of the Kawasaki engine are often produced in a lower volume, so our resident lawn experts weren’t surprised to discover that they have much higher than Kohler’s good engines.

Despite being not budget-friendly, we wouldn’t discourage you from buying a Kawasaki engine as they have fewer problems than standard engines and saves you money in the long run. And as the Kawasaki parts consistently go up, aftermarket suppliers are doing their best to keep its costs down.

On the other hand, Kohler engines are definitely more affordable than Kawasaki. However, if you compare it to Briggs’ prices, this engine may appear more expensive.


Both Kohler and Kawasaki engine options offer competitive warranty policies. These engines are often used in exposed environments, so our resident lawn care experts urge you to buy a machine with a corresponding engine warranty.

For Kohler, its residential engines are protected with a one to five-year warranty. While commercial or rental policies may range up to three years. However, keep in mind that these warranty durations depend on the engine type.

For Kawasaki, your new mower will be protected within 36 months from the day of its purchase. It covers any engine failure, but free repairs will only apply if a legitimate Kawasaki technician or dealer fixes it.

Customer Support

Like any other manufacturer, Kawasaki and Kohler provide technical support to their customers via phone and email. If you really want to get answers to your queries faster, our team advises you to send inquiries during office hours as both brands are only available Mondays to Fridays from eight in the morning to five in the afternoon.