Kubota D640 Engine Rebuilt – Kubota G6200 Lawn Mower. Lawn mower engine rebuild

Small Engine

Whether or not they make a career out of it, small engine repair will be a useful skill for students as they become adults and homeowners. Coach students through nearly endless repair scenarios on a wide range of small engines including lawn mowers, snow blowers, and more with these small engine tools.

Small engine kits are specifically designed for use in the classroom and give students a wide range of skills to practice. These kits typically include pre-designed educational materials to reduce your time spent writing curriculum and creating presentations. New instructors will enjoy having a complete lesson plan ready, while veteran teachers will appreciate how easy it is to incorporate these materials into existing lessons.

Small Engine Resources

Including a variety of resources in your teaching materials enables students to learn the necessary skills in a way that best suits them. Small engine repair books are great for teaching theory and difficult concepts, while also being manageable during active repairs. With explanations of common specifications and detailed, easy-to-follow instructions on adjustments, tune-ups, and repairs, these resources provide a comprehensive compilation of the maintenance practices that are required for small engines.

When it comes to small engine replacement parts, you can never have too many. We stock a wide variety of frequently used parts including hoses, fasteners, spark plugs, cylinder heads, starter ropes, filters, and gasket sets for carburetors and engines.

Small Engine Tools

As with any specialized project, you need the right tools. From valve spring compressors, to flywheel pullers, to ring compressors, we have the small engine repair tool you need. The best way to start an entry-level small engines program is with a tool kit. These can include valve seat cutters, tachometer, torque and clutch wrenches, spark tester, carburetor jet screwdrivers, plug gauges, and more. You may also want a small engine stand to make repairs easier.

Small engine repairs can be messy and unsafe. With transmissions and hydraulic systems, there’s a risk of spilled fluids that can cause danger. Installing a few small engine work benches in your shop is the best way to safely drain automotive fluids and help protect your students.

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As an authorized Kubota Parts and Service Center, rebuilt engines are our specialty. We stock rebuilt engines for Kubota brand name equipment and for engines that are no longer available. We even stock a full line of engine parts so if we don’t have your engine, one of our certified Kubota Technicians can rebuild an engine to spec for you.

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How much does it Cost to Rebuild a Lawn Mower Engine?

The amount that you’ll spend on repair depends on the type of lawn mower and engine that you have. Push and riding mowers are the two most common types. Push mower engines are the cheapest to repair because they’re smaller and less powerful.

kubota, d640, engine, rebuilt, g6200, lawn

Additionally, the extent of the damage is another factor that can affect rebuild cost. A faulty carburetor will cost less than issues with the crankshaft or valve. Therefore you should carefully evaluate these factors before you prepare the budget for repairing your engine.

The price for repairing lawn mower engines can be as little as 20 to upwards of 100. As mentioned earlier, the price depends on your type of machine or engine. The best way to know your engine’s repair cost is to check the price of the defective part(s) online.

You can also take the machine to a technician who will give you the estimated amount it will cost you to repair your engine. If you take it to a technician, you’ll have to pay higher fees because they’ll charge you for workmanship. However, it’s best to take it to a technician if you can’t repair the engine to avoid damaging it.

Saving Money on Engine Repairs

A great way to save money on engine repair is to check the warranty on your mower. If it’s still under warranty and you didn’t violate the terms, you can get a rebuild or replacement free from the company.

Most residential lawnmowers have a 2-3 year warranty, but commercial models can have more. You can check with your manufacturer to know the exact warranty period for your mower.

kubota, d640, engine, rebuilt, g6200, lawn

You should approach two or more reputable repair shops when determining the cost of rebuilding your engine because you could get it considerably cheaper in some than others at the same repair quality. Referrals are among the best ways to get good repair shops, so you should ask your friends or family.

It’s best to educate yourself about regular engine maintenance if you have a mower. Sometimes, the issue with it is a minor one that you should be able to fix yourself with little money. However, you get to pay more if you take it to the store because you don’t know how to do it yourself.

Rebuild or Replace: Which is Cheaper?

Whether or not you should rebuild or replace your lawn mower engine depends on how much each will cost compared to the other. Do the rebuild if it costs far less to repair it than the engine. It’s best to buy a new compatible one if the amount it’ll take you to rebuild it nears the price for a new one.

Additionally, the period you’ve been using the mower can give you an insight into whether you should repair the engine. Manufacturers design lawn mower engines to last 8-10 years, and you shouldn’t have problems using them for that long if you maintain them well.

If the engine use time is close to the end of its lifespan, you should buy a new one if the repair cost is high. However, you can keep using it if the repair cost isn’t exorbitant and the engine still functions well.

How much does a new Lawn Mower Engine cost?

Nothing beats having laid your hands on your dream mowing machine. When this happens, it looks to you like it’s the best mower in the world, and no one can work better. When the engine gets damaged after years of use, you prefer to replace it, thus prompting the question; How much does it cost?

The cost of the mower’s engine depends on the size and model. In this time and era, most engines you’ll have to buy will cost upwards of 100. You’ll have to spend up to 500 or more to purchase engines for riding mowers.

If buying new mower engines seemed out of your budget, you can make do with used ones. Of course, used ones won’t last as long as new ones, but they work well and will last you for years if you get them in good condition. You can get used engines from popular online stores or a local dealer willing to sell them.

If you want to buy a used engine, test it properly to avoid purchasing a problematic one. Also, you can check the price of the new one you want to buy online to ensure you aren’t overpaying for the used model.

How many times can you Rebuild your Lawn Mower Engine?

Engines don’t need frequent repairs. You can use them for years without significant issues if you maintain them properly.

kubota, d640, engine, rebuilt, g6200, lawn

It’s best to consider buying a new engine if you’ve rebuilt it more than thrice. The main reason is that you’d end up overspending on repairs which aren’t worth it in the long run.


There’s all you may need to know about rebuilding your mower’s engine. Remember that the price varies depending on the engine type. Smaller ones are more expensive to repair than bigger ones.

Take your engines to a qualified technician if you can’t repair them yourself. You could cause more damage to the engine if you attempt to fix an issue that’s past your capabilities. Take advantage of your warranty if your mower is still under it.

Understand that you don’t need to purchase a new mower anytime the engine gets damaged. You can replace the engine in your mower two-three times before you get a new mower. If you’ve used the mower for nearly ten years or more, you can consider getting a new one instead of repairing or replacing the engine.

Lawn mower engine rebuild

Includes Lawn Tractors, Riding Mowers Residential Zero-TurnsALL ARE FOR LABOR ONLY / PRICE FOR PARTS ARE EXTRA

Tractor Tune-up Special: 169.00 New Spark Plug /Air Filter / Fuel FilterNew Oil Filter / Change Engine OilAdjust and Level Mower DeckCheck all Cables and Belts Replace if NecessaryCheck Gearbox, Pulleys and Drive SystemRemove all Debris From Tractor and Mower DeckSharpen and Balance all BladesInflate Tires to Proper Air PressureClean all Electrical Connections Safety Switches​Adjust Choke and Throttle if Necessary Adjust Steering and Lube all Grease Fittings Test Battery / Charge or replace if Necessary

​Lawn Mower Tune-up Special: ​ 75.00 New Spark Plug Air FilterRemove Old Fuel From Fuel TankChange Engine Oil / Grease and Check WheelsAdjust all Cables and Belts Replace if NecessaryCarburetor Cleaning and adjusting if NeededSharpen Balance / Clean Mower DeckTighten or adjust handle bars if NeededCheck Pull Cord Rope Replace if Worn

Snow Blower Tune-up Special: 149.00 New Spark Plug / Change Engine OilReplace Pull Cord Rope if Missing or WornCheck Electric Starter Replace if NeededTighten or Adjust Hand bars if NeededCheck all Belts and Cables Replace if NecessaryClean Drive Plate and Disc Replace if WornRemove all Debris Found in Engine or UndercarriageCheck Wheel and Auger Bearings Replace if WornRemove Old Fuel From Fuel Tank and Fuel LinesAdjust Snow Shoes to Proper HeightCheck Scraper Blade adjust if Needed Replace if WornCheck Tires Inflate to Proper Air PressureLube all bearings /Bushings / Gears / Chains if Applicable

Repairing snow blowers, tractors, and lawn mowers.

​​Tune –up Special’s Apply to the Following Brands:John-Deere / Craftsman / Troy-Bilt / Cub- Cadet / Toro / MTD Husquvarna / Simplicity / Ariens / Tecumseh / Kohler / BolensSnapper / Briggs Stratton / Kawasaki ​Note: Major repairs or machines that are 20 years or older, may incur extra labor cost in addition to the tune-up special.

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Small Engine Repair

Matt is absolutely great to work with. He gets the work done quickly and has very fair prices. He comes and picks up your.

Matt recently repaired our 23 year old snowblower and it is running like new again. He picked it up and.

Had a great experience with Matt’s, today. Has online scheduling for pick up. He grabbed my snowblower out of.

What Matt Fixes

Regular service and maintenance is vital to ensure that your equipment will last for years to come. Matt’s provides service for residential and commercial lawn mower repair, snow blower repair, lawn and garden tools and a wide array of other small engine equipment.

Have equipment that hasn’t run in years? Let me at it!

kubota, d640, engine, rebuilt, g6200, lawn

kubota, d640, engine, rebuilt, g6200, lawn

Matt is committed to value.

Independently owned and operated, Matt is passionate about his community and the people that he helps. Located in St. Anthony Minneapolis and serving all of the Twin Cities, Matt is dedicated to providing outstanding service with a smile on his face and neighborly attitude.


Neighborly help with a smile and positive attitude


Online scheduling, free pickup and delivery, easy to drop off too.


Quick turnaround, speedy parts delivery, clear expectations


Above and beyond commitment to always being there for you.

Matt has easy online scheduling to get your equipment fixed so you can get back to work.

A Mobile Lawn Mower Repair Small Engine Repair Shop on Wheels: Bartlett, TN, Memphis, TN

Welcome to Mobile Mower Mechanic Small Engine Repair! Lawn Mower Repair and Equipment Repair Services are our specialties! We provide onsite maintenance services such as tune-ups, blade and chain sharpening, tire sealing and wheel replacement, deck welding and leveling, belt, bearings, and battery replacement, carburetor cleaning/rebuild, and winterizing of your small engine equipment.


convenient and time-saving than dropping off your equipment at the local repair shop and better than a mower pick-up and delivery service, we’ll bring the shop to your location. Most tune-ups and repairs are completed on the day of the previously scheduled appointment. Scheduling wait-times and backlogs vary depending on the season and demand for our unique services.

Timely Mower Maintenance

Do not let your costly equipment suffer from premature wear caused by negligence. Not reading and following the owners manual and issues from continuously operating in extreme conditions are easily remedied: Let our expertly trained and certified Master Service Technicians prepare your machines for a long life by giving them timely maintenance. Make sure to change your oil and air filter regularly. Also, keep your mower blades sharpened so your grass stays healthy looking! Most engine manufacturers recommend service every 25 to 50 hours or annually for residential equipment and every 50 to 100 for commercial equipment.

Equipment Types Serviced

Types of Equipment we perform services on include both residential and commercial brands; Push mowers, self-propelled mowers, riding mowers, and zero-turn lawn mowers; Other 2-cycle 4-cycle gas-powered lawn equipment such as blowers, chainsaws, edgers, string trimmers, tillers, and leaf vacs; Other outdoor power equipment including generators, pressure washers, log-splitters, pumps, and air compressors. All this is performed conveniently onsite, on-the-spot, all at your home or business.

Mobile Service Area

We bring our customers professional mobile lawn mower repair and mobile small engine repair in Shelby County Tennessee. Our service area includes: Bartlett, TN, Arlington, TN, Collierville, TN, Eads, TN, Germantown, TN, Lakeland, TN, Millington, TN and Memphis, TN.