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I saved up for a Kubota on the recommendation of several farm repair services; and it was worth it! I have acres of rough areas to mow, including yards and fields; so I know that any riding mower I have will get a beating. This T2290 handles the treatment well. It is comfortable, runs smoothly, and I love the very tight turning radius, for I’m mowing around and under trees, shrubs and other plants. It is powerful and cuts very well. I could not be happier that I followed the recommendations and purchased this very fine machine.

I’ve now had my 1670 for about 8 yrs. It’s been a great mower with very little that has gone wrong other than parts wearing out which would be expected. Belts last quite a long time if you keep sticks outIt’s good on fuel, easy to service and just a great all round mower

Purchased Kubota T1880 in 2012. It is a belt eater. If you do not remove pulley covers each time you mow, clean around the pulley, by removing the debris, you will be replacing a new belt. They are not cheap. Secondly, it does mow in reverse. In order to move mower, without power, you have to engage the transmission lever and push all at the same time. Overall, it cut well and has enough power; however, the belt eating is too much to bear.

Great mower

I purchased this mower after doing alot of investigation on all makes and models. I am very old school I had a Cub Cadet 1863 that went down this spring 2020 with engine problems. I bought it new and a lot of Cub Cadet parts are not avalible. I called my local dealer Jacobi Sales and told them what I wanted, after a couple weeks went by I told them I had to do something I had not cut grass in two weeks. They went to another dealer and picked this unit up for me, it got delivered and i am cutting with it. The things I like is the power of the Ka

Read more wasaki engine, the dash layout and floor and seat. It is made very solid and will take a beating. I can honestly say that becuase I had cruise locked in and was cutting two weeks ago and moved a tree limb in my way, well another limb hit me in the face. I screwed up and hit the forward fuel pedal and BAMMM I ran into the back of my garage. All I can say is all of this safety stuff like unit shutting off if you go in reverese with deck on, if you leave the seat deck shuts off. But they put cruise control on a mower. Needless to say nothing was broken except my pride. I special ordered this unit with a bagger and snow blade. Units are not built like they used to be, you cannot change rear tires to lug tires so snow blade will most likely be useless. But this unit will run and makes the yard look great. Rear tires spin alot when on hills or turing around trees. Would I purchase again, I honestly have to say I would try a John Deere X570 mower. Not saying I would not buy the Kubota. I did finance through Kubota with 0% down and 36 months 0% fiancing. All in cost close to 8,500.00 for mower, bagger and blade.

Kubota Grass Catcher

Protero Inc builds custom Kubota grass catchers for commercial and residential use. Our catchers fit a wide variety of Kubota lawn mowers including walk behind mowers and riding mowers. Our containers can hold anywhere from 7 bushels of leaves up to 22 bushels and can easily be dumped with the flip of a lever.

Our zero-turn Kubota bagger is ideal for residential use and lawn care companies who may have a variety of different sizes of Kubota zero-turn mowers. Our grass catchers can hold up to 22 bushels of leaves in a 2-container or 3-container system.

Furthermore, or zero-turn catchers can be emptied by pulling a lever conveniently located near the mowers seat. The dump lever is easy to pull and gives a secure and positive spring-like feel when the door is latched and locked into place. The improved tubular frame offers increased strength for demanding condition.

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Utility Tractor Kubota Bagger

For those large jobs, our catchers for Kubota utility tractors makes picking up leaves a breeze! Our Kubota grass catcher system can hold up to 22 bushels of leaves.

Our largest Kubota grass catcher comes with a powerful PTO blower that converts a 540 RPM tractor to spin our large steel fan over 3,000 RPMs. The blower canister comes with a bolt in steel liner to protect the housing and the whole system comes off in seconds using the standard 3 point pins or quick hitch.

Front Mount Kubota Bagger

Our front mount bagger is ideal for commercial grade walk behind Kubota mowers. This front mount vacuum includes 2 30 gallon containers that can be lined with garbage bags that make bagging your customers leaves a breeze.

Our Kubota bagger includes our commercial blower that adds up to 12 inches in width to your mower. The wide 7 inch tube allows for a smooth flow of leaves from your deck into the container system.

Kubota lawn tractors by model

Established in 1890, the Kubota Corporation has a long history of manufacturing agricultural machinery in Japan. With an excellent line of compact tractors, necessary on smaller Japanese farms, Kubota entered the North American market in 1969.

Mower Deck
F2000 20 HP 60/72″ deck 1986. 1987
F2100 20 HP 60/72″ deck 1988. 1997
F2260 22 HP 60/72″ deck 1997. 2005
F2400 24 HP 60/72″ deck 1988. 1997
F2560 25 HP 60/72″ deck 1997. 2005
F2680 25 HP 60/72″ deck 2008. 2013
F2690 25 HP 60/72″ deck 2014.
F2880 28 HP 60/72″ deck 2006. 2007
F3060 30 HP 60/72″ deck 1997. 2005
F3080 30 HP 60/72″ deck 2008. 2013
F3680 36 HP 60/72″ deck 2006. 2013
F3990 39 HP 60/72″ deck 2014.
FZ2100 20 HP 54/60/72″ deck 1992. 1997
FZ2400 24 HP 54/60/72″ deck 1992. 1997
G1700 15 HP 48″ deck 1989. 2000
G1800 16 HP 48/54″ deck 1989. 2000
G1900 18 HP 48/54/60″ deck 1989. 2000
G2000 21 HP 48/54/60″ deck 1989. 1997
G2160 21 HP 48/54/60″ deck 2001. 2008
G2460 24 HP 48/54/60″ deck 2001. 2007
G3200 10 HP 40/44″ deck 1983. 1988
G4200 12 HP 40/44″ deck 1984. 1990
G5200 14 HP 40/44/48″ deck 1984. 1990
G6200 16 HP 40/44/48″ deck 1986. 1990
GF1800 18 HP 48/54/60″ deck 1994. 2005
GR2000 20 HP 48″ deck 2005. 2007
GR2010 20 HP 48″ deck 2008. 2009
GR2020 20 HP 48″ deck 2010. 2014
GR2020 20 HP 48″ deck 2015.
GR2100 21 HP 54″ deck 2005. 2007
GR2110 21 HP 48/54″ deck 2008. 2009
GR2120 21 HP 48/54″ deck 2010. 2014
GR2120 17 HP 48/54″ deck 2015.
GT850 15 HP 48″ deck 1978. 1988
GT950 18 HP unknown
PX-2100 20 HP 60″ deck 1987. 1995
T1400 13 HP 40″ deck 1987. 1996
T1460 12 HP 40″ deck 1997. 2001
T1560 14 HP 40/44″ deck 1997. 2001
T1570 15 HP 40″ deck 2002. 2007
T1600 13 HP 44″ deck 1990. 1996
T1670 15 HP 44″ deck 2002. 2007
T1700 17 HP 44/48″ deck 1991. 1996
T1760 17 HP 48″ deck 1997. 2001
T1770 17 HP 44″ deck 2002. 2007
T1870 19 HP 48″ deck 2002. 2007
T1880 18 HP 42″ deck 2008. 2017
T2080 20 HP 42″ deck 2008. 2017
T2090BR 20 HP 42″ deck 2018
T2290KW 21 HP 42″ deck 2018
T2290KWT 21 HP 48″ deck 2018
T2380 23 HP 48″ deck 2008. 2017
TG1860 18 HP 48/54″ deck 1998. 2003
TG1860G 18 HP 48/54″ deck 1998. 2003

Kubota Lawn Tractors Review Finding the best lawn tractors

This is not your brother-in-law’s riding mower. The Kubota company has been in business for over 100 years. Kubota lawn tractors are legendary for their performance and design, and are considered among the the best machines available anywhere. For reliability and pure performance, these machines are very hard to beat.

The Kubota lawn tractor lineup is not extensive. A few basic models designed to meet the day to day needs of a demanding consumer seems to be the philosophy of this company. This is also reflected in the down to earth design of the equipment produced. simple, reliable, and durable.

Although Kubota is a Japan based company, they have started manufacturing several of their lawn tractors here in the United States. Check with your local dealer to find out where your particular model was made. A variety of engines are also manufactured in the U.S.A., for use in power equipment in a variety of applications by other manufacturers.

All the Kubota lawn tractors feature rear bagging as an option. The deck cutting height is adjusted manually using a dial gauge.

The front axles on all Kubota tractors is fabricated of cast iron (would you expect anything less?). This is the sturdiest material available for a lawn tractor front axle.

The deck design on all the Kubota lawn tractors feature the ‘step through’ design. This eliminates any obstructions in front of the drivers seat. This allows for easy entry and exit from the tractor without the need to lift feet and legs over a raised portion of the frame.

Kubota lawn tractors are available in three model series. the T; GR; and G. The T models are considered the lower end in price and features, and are followed by the GR and G series in cost and available engine power. There are three T models available, two models in the GR series, and three models of the G series.

The T series offers a choice between a single cylinder Kohler overhead valve ( OHV) single cylinder 18 HP engine model T1880, or a Kohler twin cylinder over head valve engine, rated at 20 HP (model T2080) or 23 HP (model T2380). All versions of the engine feature a pressurized oil system, with a replaceable oil filter.

All the T models have a manual PTO used to engage the cutting blades. Every model has a 2 blade cutting deck. either 42” or 48” width. Models T1880 and T2080 come equipped with the 42” deck, model T2380 features the wider 48” deck.

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Count on spending between 3350.00 to 4850.00 for the tractors in the T series.

The GR series offers a choice between a Kohler twin cylinder over head valve engine, rated at 20 HP (model GR2010G-48) or 21 HP three cylinder liquid cooled diesel engine (model GR2110-48 and GR2110-54 ). All the engines feature a pressurized oil system, with a replaceable oil filter.

Both the GR models have a mechanical wet multi disc clutch used to engage the cutting blades. What exactly does this mean? Suffice it to say it is light years ahead of any other system used as a PTO on practically any other lawn tractor. The deck has a ‘Quick Attach’ feature that makes removal a snap. Every GR model has a three blade cutting deck. either 48” or 54” width. As an added bonus, hydrostatic power steering comes standard!

This type of luxury and performance does not come cheap. The GR series will cost about 7850.00 to 8700.00. Ah, but we can always dream, can’t we?

Next is the G series. which sports either a three cylinder 24 HP gasoline engine (model G460G-60) or 21 HP three cylinder liquid cooled diesel engine (model G2160-60 and others, depending on deck width). All the engines feature a pressurized oil system, with a replaceable oil filter.

kubota, grass, catcher, riding

The deck has a ‘Quick Attach’ feature that makes removal a snap. Cutting widths available vary from a generous 48”, to an expansive 54”, to an unbelievable 60”.

The hydrostatic transmission has direct shaft drive from the powerful engine options. Electronic rack-and-pinion power steering is another exiting feature on this sweet machine.

If you have to ask how much this will set you back, you probably can’t afford to drive this work horse around the spread. Consider some serious long term financing, for the price range of 8300.00 to 9200.00.

If you are looking for one of the best lawn tractors available, and price is not a major consideration, consider Kubota.

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T2090 / T2290

Get more of everything you want in a premium lawn tractor. comfort to keep you relaxed and refreshed, more convenience to make the job easier and more efficiency to get the job done fast. With Kubota dependability and durability, your T Series can do what it does best: making your lawn look great.