Lawn Mower Champion Petrol Self Propelled Which Is Better

Oddly enough, but today lawn mowers are one of the most popular tools designed for working on lawns located near the house. Indeed, every owner in the property, which is a country house, with special trepidation refers to the appearance of his plot, and the presence of a beautiful green lawn is no exception.

But each owner knows how difficult it is to maintain cleanliness and order in this area, as the grass grows rapidly and spoils the entire design of the garden plot. Someone copes with this problem using an ordinary scythe, but you understand that you can’t achieve a good result with this tool, but someone uses professional and high-quality lawn mowers in this manipulation. If the rotary mower for the Neva Tiller is not suitable for you, then see the analysis of mowers below.

They are capable of performing your work at the highest level of quality, evenly and without damaging the soil. However, if you have not yet encountered this unit and only know firsthand about it, in this case this article is intended for you.

Here you can learn about the aspects of the device’s device, the safety procedures for working with it, as well as one of the world-famous manufacturers of such devices and its most popular models. So let’s get started.

About the manufacturer

As we already said, this manufacturer is one of the most famous companies and this is not surprising, since the quality of its equipment is known throughout the world. over, almost every month, this company pleases its customers with new products, each of which has its own unique functionality, manufacturing technology, unique classic design, etc.

In fact, you can enumerate the positive aspects of this manufacturer for a long time, but you do not need to say a lot of words, but just work with its products at least once.

Every little thing, every detail is made unique and from high quality material. Each function was specially developed by the best engineers in the world. Not surprisingly, Champion products are so popular among consumers around the world.

Express that this is an exaggeration? No way. You yourself will be convinced of the veracity of each word, as soon as you start the tool and see with your own eyes the effectiveness of its work.

Device and principle of operation

The Champion company has been producing the best equipment for work on sites both near the house and in significantly larger territories for many years. Therefore it is not surprising that her products enjoy such a high level of demand. Indeed, the main activity of the manufacturer is precisely the high quality and excellent performance of his mowers.

As for the device itself, first of all, on what I would like to put an emphasis, before starting consideration of this topic, it is that there are different types of units. For example, mechanical lawn mowers, which you simply need to direct and push forward, and the device will, as they say, do its job. There are also mulching electric lawn mowers that will help you not only mow the grass, but also prepare the fertilizer, so you get a waste-free production. A manual gas mower is also an example of an indispensable assistant in the household, because its main advantage is not only a low price, but also a compact size. And self-propelled lawn mowers with a seat that are quite comfortable to use.

I would like to mention that there are other variations of lawn mowers, but these are the most popular in the agricultural market. And about which lawn mower to choose for your needs you will find here.

During direct mowing, the knives with which the device is equipped rotate by “grabbing” the grass and press it against the blade, which is stationary. It is located in the lower part of the device itself and their work is somewhat reminiscent of scissors, which each of us naturally encountered.

But you must remember that, despite the ease of working with it, it, like any mechanism, needs special care. Namely, you must immediately and compulsorily clean the mower after each operation, as well as make sure that the knives are not dull, otherwise just grind them again.

An important advantage of this tool of this particular manufacturer is its low cost., since it does not overestimate the price of its products, but, nevertheless, in quality it is not inferior to its counterparts. However, if you cannot afford this device, do not be discouraged, because you can assemble a home-made rotary mower, look for more detailed information here. The most interesting thing is that the Champion mower simply resembles an ordinary cart, which rides on two or four wheels, depending on the model, and has a knife that does not move and is actually located at the bottom of the mower.

Engine power Kamaz 5320 is an undoubted advantage of this model and one of the main distinguishing features.

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In this article you will find drawings of a homemade circular sawmill and you can easily assemble the structure.

It’s no secret that in China the price of a Stihl ms 660 chainsaw is much lower. Want to know how much? Then you are here //

It is worth noting that actually above such a knife is a drum equipped with cutting knives, and which look like a kind of spiral. The drum itself is connected directly to the wheels, which in turn have several gears.

It is also important that the level of quality of the so-called “haircut” itself directly depends on exactly how many blades this or that model has. In addition, most of the mowers in this direction have four to five knives. The very essence of direct work during the mowing process of the spindle is easily comparable to a conventional haircut with scissors.

Lawn Mower Champion Petrol Self Propelled Which Is Better

This kind of device is simply indispensable in the field of work directly on lawns, because due to the fact that the mechanism has certain important features that become a kind of "guarantor" of a gentle cut of grass, and also make it possible to produce a direct mowing at the highest level.

Naturally, not only the economic side is an advantage of this kind of technology, as the mowers of such models of this manufacturer are able to cause minimal damage to the grass itself. Important is that in the process of proper mowing, such devices mow grass of any permissible height.

Features of the device on video.

The best models

So, now the indisputable leaders in a wide range of products of this company will be presented to your attention. It is these lawn mowers that are by far the most popular and in demand, and who knows, perhaps you from this list will be able to choose the most optimal and profitable option just for you. So, let’s actually get down to familiarization.

Gasoline T336

First of all, it is worth noting that this model has a fairly comfortable handle, something reminiscent of a bicycle, and also at its "disposal" is a two-stroke high-quality engine running on gasoline. As for its power characteristics, they have an indicator of 970 watts.

over, the manufacturer equipped it with a specially designed system due to which it significantly reduces the level of vibration waves produced.

It is also worth noting that the lawn mower also has nozzles, which are two pieces in the tool, and they belong to the main ones, namely: a reel equipped with fishing line and a blade of a blade character. It is this feature that becomes the indisputable guarantee that your work with the device will be carried out easily and naturally, in particular you will see results with grass, which has a high level of density and rigidity.

As for the width of the mowing itself, its indicator is equal to forty centimeters, but it is important that this coefficient directly depends on the nozzle, which you will actually use. It is also important that the device has a special detachable rod.

The handle itself can be adjusted according to your desired height., and also the tool has a shoulder strap. And information about other belts for lawn mowers that you might find useful, you will learn from this article. The weight category of such devices does not exceed 6.9 kilograms.

  • type of lawn mower. trimmer;
  • width of the grip itself. fishing line. 40 cm, knife. 25 cm;
  • motor type. gasoline;
  • rod type. straight;
  • motor power. 1.23 l. with.;
  • weight category. 6.9 kg;
  • pricing policy. 200.

Electric T256

This model is made using modern and high quality technologies. over, due to the fact that it is made of plastic, its weight coefficient decreases significantly, but even despite this, the strength of this material is in no way inferior to, say, metal.

In addition, he has a significant advantage, which lies in the fact that this material is in no way exposed to corrosion and ultraviolet radiation. over, each part of the device is protected against water, dust and mechanical damage.

This lawn mower is in great demand among consumers. This is the result of an excellent combination of price and quality. Each owner can choose the height of the lawn independently, as the mower is equipped with a 6-step mowing height regulator. Capacious reliable grass receiver can store up to 37 liters of grass.

This model is quite effective and productive, but at the same time economical. Its electric motor is designed and tuned in such a way as to provide maximum power with minimum energy consumption.

In addition, she unpretentious in service and convenient in operation. Undoubtedly, this technique will become an indispensable assistant in every home.

  • The area of ​​direct processing is 500 square meters. meters;
  • The width of the grip itself is 34 cm;
  • Shear height. 28-68 mm;
  • Centralization. six steps;
  • The engine is electric;
  • The price is 350 dollars.

User’s manual

First of all, you must remember that the mower itself is quite “demanding” regarding stones and solid debris, so when you move it in areas where there is no grass, you need to turn it off in order to minimize the possibility of damage, like its devices , and the knives themselves. This also applies to the moment when you move the unit to the place of work.

If you want the mower to be able to serve you for many years, then do not “drive” it, since the most optimal speed of the device is equal to the normal speed of a person walking quietly. over, it is important to note the fact that the mowing itself should be carried out exclusively in the opposite direction of the slope, that is, it cannot be mowed from top to bottom or vice versa, only across.

In general, in order for work to be carried out safely and efficiently, it is necessary to perform a mandatory check of the device, as well as its serviceability, before operation, and only then you can safely start mowing!


In this article, Champion Lawnmower gasoline and electric was introduced to your attention, which has the highest level of quality and productivity. Without a doubt, we can say that this tool, presented in the two best models, will undoubtedly be an excellent assistant for its owner. And he will delight him for many years with his work and beneficial benefits. If you choose any Champion model, you can be sure that you will make the right choice and you will not regret your decision for a moment.

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