Lawn mower handle cable. AYP Throttle Cables and Control Cables

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AYP Throttle Cables and Control Cables

AYP Throttle Cables and Control Cables available online at LawnMowerPros and ready to ship direct to your door. We carry a large selection of AYP Throttle Cables and Control Cables. If you do not see the AYP Throttle Cable or Control Cable you need, please complete the Lawn Mower Parts Request Form and we will be happy to assist you.

Conduit Length:53 3/8. Cable Length:60 3/8. Z bend on each end

  • AYP 532851669
  • AYP 851250
  • Husqvarna 532 85 12-50
  • Husqvarna 532 85 16-69
  • and others

Conduit Length:57 1/4. Inner Wire Length:59

Conduit Length:52. Cable Length:59 3/16. Heavy Z bend on each end

  • AYP 130861
  • Husqvarna 532 13 08-61
  • and others
  • AYP 22 cut decks PP751 walk-behind push mowers
  • Husqvarna 22 cut decks PP751 walk-behind push mowers
  • and others

Conduit Length:47. Inner Wire Length:47 1/2. All plastic control

Conduit Length:32. Cable Length:45

  • Ariens 21547184, 21547197
  • AYP 169676
  • AYP 175067
  • Husqvarna 532169676
  • and others
  • AYP LT with 42 decks
  • and others

Conduit Length:56. Inner Wire Length:59 3/4. Spring loaded control

  • AYP 146323
  • AYP 184596
  • Husqvarna 532 14 63-23
  • Husqvarna 532 18 45-88
  • Husqvarna 532 18 45-96
  • and others

Conduit Length: 45 3/8. Z bend on each end. Cable Length: 52 1/2

  • AYP 176556
  • and others
  • AYP PO500N21R, PR160N21CHC, PR4N22SHA, PR550N21RH3, WM500N21R, XT625N21RH3
  • WEEDEATER 961140014
  • and others

Conduit Length: 45 3/8. Cable Length: 52 1/2. Z bend on each end

Conduit Length: 54 1/2. Cable Length: 61 1/2. Z bend on each end

  • AYP 183567
  • and others
  • AYP 214502X83E, 319611X83E, 219611X83E, 37611, PH65Y21RHP,PR160Y21RPC, PR173Y22RP,PR600T21RHP, PR600Y21RHPX, PR600Y21RHP, PR600Y22RHP, PR625Y22RHP, PR625Y22RHPX, PR7R21A, PR7R21B, PR7R21C, XT600Y21RP, XT625Y22SHP; Walk behinds 2002 to current
  • and others

Conduit Length: 54 1/2. Z bend on each end. Cable Length: 61

Cable Length: 50 Conduit Length: 43 1/2 Cable Ends: Z bend on each end

Cable Length: 52 Conduit Length: 44 1/2 Cable Ends: Z bend on each end

  • AYP 440934
  • Husqvarna 532 44 09-34
  • and others
  • Husqvarna 6021 P, 2001-2012; 7021 P, 2002-2013; and LC 153, 2010-2013
  • and others

Cable Length: 32 1/2 Cable Ends: Z bend

  • AYP: 417238
  • Husqvarna: 532 41 72-38
  • and others
  • AYP PPWT60022 and PPWT60022X
  • and others

REPLACES: AYP 158152 and others



  • Replaces:
  • AYP 130861
  • AYP 532130861
  • Rotary 9566
  • Sears 130861
  • Stens 290-245



Conduit Length 56. Cable length: 62

  • AYP 532133107
  • AYP 133107
  • and others
  • AYP walk behind mowers built 1999 to 2004
  • and others

Conduit Length 53-1/2 Cable length: 59-1/2

  • AYP 532183567
  • AYP 183567
  • and others
  • AYP walk behind mowers models 5521CHV, 5521RS, 62522SH, 6522SL, 65021CHV, built 2005-2010
  • and others

Conduit Length 46-1/2. Cable length: 52-1/2

  • AYP 532283281
  • AYP 183281
  • and others

Craftsman Mower 2 Piece Handle Cable Replacement

  • AYP walk behind mowers built 2005-2010
  • Poulan Pro 550 model number 961140016 00
  • and others


Converts from positive to negative action 1/4 bolt handle bar mount 71 conduit 76.060 inner wire 1-5/8 wire travel Plastic conduit cuts easily to replace application Adjust control to full throttle position ( = longest. = shortest) for inner wire measurement

Craftsman Lawn Mower Control Cable Replacement #946-04661A

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How to Fix a Lawn Mower Throttle Cable

A broken throttle cable does not let the mower work efficiently and your dream of flaunting a pristine lawn goes haywire. You may own a huge lawn or a small yard. But if the mower gets damaged then it is a pain to book an appointment with an expert to get the mower repaired while in the meantime you feel completely handicapped not being able to do anything about your overgrown and shabby lawn.

Save yourself from this trouble and also save some money by taking out time to learn how to fix a lawn mower throttle cable. The article covers all the details on how to fix a lawn mower throttle cable. It does not matter which brand mower you own. Just get the tools and fix your lawn mower in no time.

What is a Lawn Mower Throttle Cable?

A throttle cable or an accelerator cable is a metal cable that connects the throttle plate and the gas pedal. The cable functions to facilitate the opening of the throttle when either the lever gets pushed or the pedal is pressed. The throttle thus controls the power of the machine or the vehicle and if there is any damage to its cable then it will not let the engine change speed.

To put the mower back to use it is important to identify and correct the glitch with the throttle cable to control the engine speed. Once the cable functions well it controls the speed of the blade when mowing.

Reasons for the Throttle Cable to Break

A throttle cable could break because of various reasons. However, the most common reason is wear and tear. The throttle cable comes under stress and gets damaged causing breakage.

Stretching the cable leads to a delay in throttle response. This delay in response is a sign that determines if or not the cable is close to breakage and would then need repair or replacing.

Exposing the throttle cable to elements causes it to rust and weaken. The case or the cover that encloses the cable could dry causing the cable to become stuck making it difficult to move.

Regardless of what may be the reason if there is a problem with the throttle cable it will not let the engine run fast. You may then have to either fix the cable or replace it completely.

Before we guide you on how to fix the lawn mower throttle cable here is what you need to be prepared with.

How to Fix a Lawn Mower Throttle Cable: Step-by-step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to fix the throttle cable.

  • Step 1: You need a 7-inch and #16 wire size aluminum cable. Bend it into a half. Since it is made of aluminum it should not be a trouble to turn it. After you bend it, flatten the cable using a pair of pliers. You may flatten it further using a wire flattening device.
  • Step 2: After the wire is flattened hold it in an upright position using a flattener and twist the upper wire a few times. The wire should not break. Next, reproduce the original cables Z-bend on the top of the twisted wire using pliers to get a 90-degree angle.
  • Step 3: Now that the twisted wire has been bent to a Z-shape you need to snip off one aluminum wire at the bottom. After you snip it off at one end place the original cable on a table and then keep the new wire that is bent below it. The placement should be such that both the wires have the other Z-tip kept parallel to one another. This will let you trace exactly where you need to cut the original cable.
  • Step 4: You will need an aluminum crimp or a wire union device. Just go ahead and insert the original cable into one of the holes of the union device, put the z-bend of the twisted wire through the other hole, and tighten the device. Ensure that both the cables are placed securely. A flattening device or a hammer helps in tightening. Once done, the Z-bend tip of the throttle cable that was broken is repaired successfully.

Adjusting the Lawn Mower Throttle Cable

  • Remove the cable housing on the mower handle to take the throttle cable off. You can use a pair of pliers to remove the housing. Or you may unscrew using a screwdriver.
  • Removing the housing runs down the cable base. This can be detached completely from the cable by separating the cable and the throttle arm that is found in the engine.
  • As per the lawn mower’s design, it is possible that there may be no holes for a cable or the holes may not be high enough to insert a new cable. If this is the case then just drill a hole in the position that seems comfortable and fasten the cable. Place the new cable on the handle and weave the wire in the housing. The cable wire should run down through the mower’s handle and the base and arm of the throttle.
  • Measure the cable length that you need and add a little extra as a precaution. This little extra will let the wire stay loose in case you need to fold the mower handle. Remove the cable cover at the end of the cable to get access to enough wire length to form the z-bend. It should be done with care as the wire could get cut with the covering. Once the wire gets exposed with a plier or a z-blender from the z-blend.
  • Fasten the cable to the throttles handle. It can be done by passing the cable first through the housing and then passing it into the handle. If the cable is not tight, put the throttle down and use pliers to pull it tighter. Twist the screw that locks it and replace the housing.
  • Turn the mower on to see if it now works fine. If you notice that the mower is running very high when in an idle state, loosen the cable. It can be done by twisting the lock screw. Let more cable length pass through before you go ahead and tighten the screw. Test the throttle cable that you have adjusted and see if the working has improved.

Cleaning the Throttle Cable Arm

The cable might be unable to move because of grime or dirt that has collected on it and is stopping it from moving. If the arm is rusted then you will have to replace it. Else here is what to do.

  • Disconnect the throttle cable by loosening the bracket to not let the tip get in the way. Insert the cable to spot any fraying or rust which is a sign that the cable is in a bad condition.
  • Put some penetrating oil on the arm and let it sit for some time before you wipe it off. Use a lubricant and spray it on the arm. This will ensure that the arm does not get stuck again.
  • To reconnect the cable, hook back the top onto the arm and then tighten the bracket.


There are a few cautions that you should bear before and after you carry out the repair work.

  • Always wear protective rubber gloves that will save you from injury.
  • Unplug the spark plug to save you from a shock.
  • When you fasten the cable to the handle of the mower do not screw it very tight as this will prevent the lever from working freely.

Tips and Tricks to Repair the Lawn Mower Throttle Cable

A single error can prove to be costly. Here are a few tricks to make the job seamless for you.

  • Practice cutting. If you need to remove just a section of the wire, then you need to be careful. The cable inside is wound in the form of a screw and you need to be careful to cut the covering and nothing beyond it. It is wise to practice on an old cable first.
  • While working on the mower it pays to take some time out to clean any junk from the motor. This will ensure that your machine stays in good and working condition.

To Conclude

If you use your lawn mower frequently then the throttle cable would break or need adjustments from time to time. You cannot escape this. When the throttle cable breaks you can call on an expert or get down on your knees and fix it yourself.

Learning how to repair the lawn mower throttle cable saves you from racking up a hefty bill and from days of waiting. This article covers all the details of how to repair and adjust the throttle cable. With these fixes, you can get your lawn mower up and running in no time.

Now that your lawn mower throttle cable is repaired, also read lawn mowing tips to get a perfectly manicured yard.

How To Fix Self Propelled Cable? – In 6 steps with pics

Pushing a mower isn’t fun, especially a self-propelled one. They’re heavy. Fitting a self-drive cable is a lot less effort than pushing.

The best fix for a self-propelled mower cable is to replace the complete cable. Replace a mower drive cable in six steps:

In this post, we’ll cover the process of replacing the self-propelled control cable and adjusting the drive system. If your mower is a Honda, check out “Honda mower self propelled slow”. If you need video help, check out “Self propelled troubleshooting video”.

Mower Repair Safety

Before working on your mower, go ahead and remove the spark plug wire, preventing accidental starting. In addition, turn your gas tap off (if fitted) and palace a plastic sheet over the gas tank filler. This helps to prevent gas spills when turning your mower over. If you’re not sure if you have a gas tap, check out this post “Honda shut off valve”.

Plug Wire Off – Twist and pull

Critical Cable Info

Self-propelled cables consist of a plastic outer casing and a metal braided inner cable. The braided cable is the part that breaks and does so, usually at the handlebar connector or at the transmission end. The ends are essential, and there are many different types. While it is possible to replace just the inner braided cable, most repair shops will only supply the complete cable (inner and outer).

It is critical to get the length of the cable correct, but also, the end types must match your old cable.

Cable Length – Mission critical

Getting this wrong will have you pulling your hair out trying to fit and adjust. I advise removing the old cable and either finding an identical part online that matches your model or visiting your local dealer, cable in hand. While, at first glance, a cable might look like yours, the number of possible cable lengths and connector end combos is endless.

Check before you purchase. See the Amazon link below.

Removing Cable Handlebar End

It doesn’t make any difference which ends you remove first. Since the mower is upright, we’ll begin by removing the handlebar cable end. The most common type of self-drive control is the bail lever, like Honda may use a thumb style control. Whatever you have, the repair is very similar.

Identify Cable – First, locate the drive cable. It leaves the handlebar and travels to the mower body. As most mowers are rear-wheel drive, it passes through the body at the rear just above the axle.

With the correct cable identified, locate the outer cables anchor point on the handlebar. The winged tab is the most common type anchor, however, some may be fastened with a bolt. To release the winged type, use pliers to press on the wings and pull the outer cable free.

lawn, mower, handle, cable, throttle, cables

Cable Fasteners – Some mowers like Honda may fasten the drive cable to the handlebar by means of a threaded cable end. Using two wrenches, hold one nut and loosen the other, now back off the nuts to release the cable outer end, and unhook the braided cable end from the bail lever, if not already disconnected.

(This fastener also doubles as the cable adjuster)

Unhook Bail Lever – For bail lever-type drive control, squeeze either side of the drive bail lever to unhook (most types).

Turn Mower Over

Now we’ll need to tilt the mower on its side. But there’s an incorrect way to turn your mower over, getting this wrong will cause hard or no starting and lots of white smoke. The correct way to turn your mower over is always with the air filter side facing skyward. I wrote a complete post about turning your mower over, “Which way to tilt your mower” or check out the video here.

Tilt Mower Over – Air filter up

Remove Cable Transmission End

The transmission cable end fitting is the most challenging part of this repair, you’ll need patience and tenacity, but you can do it. Real estate is tight, and if you have Shrek hands, you’ll need to dig deep. The outer transmission cable is anchored at the transmission, usually with a plastic winged connector, and the inner braided cable hooks into the transmission lever arm.

To release the cable, first, release the outer by pressing the plastic winged tabs and pulling free. Now you’ll need to unhook the braided cable from the transmission arm.

A long handle needle nose pliers, a soft kneeling pad, and light make this process a little easier. With the tab released and the inner unhooked, remove the old cable by pulling it from (upper deck side) the hole.

Fit Transmission Cable End

Before attempting to fit the new cable, be sure it’s correct. Check it using the old cable. Fit the transmission cable end through the mower body hole and push the winged outer connector into its anchor. Use your long nose pliers. Now connect the braided cable end into the transmission arm.

Use Pliers and Patience

Fit Handlebar Cable End

Fit Cable End – Go ahead now and stand your mower upright. Fit inner braided end to the bail lever and stretch the outer connector to seat in its anchor. Now you are ready to adjust.

Adjust Mower Drive Cable

Most mower drive cables will incorporate an adjuster. The adjuster simply shortens or lengthens the cable as required. Two types are common, the cable connector adjuster and the cable end adjuster. Although slightly different, the same principle applies.

In Cable Adjuster

Cable End Adjuster

Checking Cable Slack – With the cable in place and at rest, the braided cable at the bail lever should deflect by no more than a ¼ inch.

Open Lock Nuts – If your cable deflects more than ¼ inch, go ahead and open the lock nuts and unscrew the outer to remove the inner cable slack.

lawn, mower, handle, cable, throttle, cables

Test 1 – With the self-propelled lever applied (Bail lever) and engine off, pull the mower backways. The wheels should lock.

If not, continue to adjust until they do.

Test 2 – With the self-propelled lever released, pull the mower backways. If it’s stiff to reverse, you’ve over-adjusted, back it off, and test again.

If you need more help, check out the adjusting video here.

Don’t forget to refit the plug and turn the gas tap on after the repair.

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The best cordless lawn mowers in 2023

Looking for the best cordless mower? Browse our experts’ pick, from budget to premium models.

A lawn mower may be one of the first purchases we make when getting a garden of our own, but that doesn’t mean finding a good quality one is easy. There are so many models and brands on the market to choose from, including corded electric and petrol, but as their range increases and fall, cordless, battery-powered models are an increasingly popular option.

Light and compact compared with traditional petrol models, cordless mowers are simple to use, easy to manoeuvre around the garden, and have none of the maintenance and servicing needs or costs of petrol lawnmowers. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which charges up quickly and won’t lose power in storage, they’re also quiet and emission free.

To compare these cordless mowers against other types of mower, we’ve reviewed the best lawn mowers, robotic lawn mowers, electric lawn mowers and push mowers, too. And if your lawn needs a bit of attention, our experts have tested a range of the best manual and powered aerators and scarifiers.Keep edges looking neat with our pick of the best strimmers, the best garden shears and the best lawn edging, and if you’re thinking about somewhere to store your new mower, our comprehensive guide to choosing the best garden shed will be helpful.

For your next DIY project, have a look at the best cordless drills.

The best cordless mowers to buy at a glance

Cordless mowers. Buyer’s Guide video

Many thanks to Rosie Yeomans and Sparsholt College for their help in making this video.

Getting the best cordless lawn mower for you means ensuring it has the correct cutting width, range of cutting heights, and weight plus a battery run time that matches the size of your lawn. We’ve tested a range of cordless push mowers, putting them through their paces across a range of grass and terrains, to help you find the right one for your garden.

Each mower has a detailed list of pros and cons for clarity and has been rated according to set up and storage, handling, mowing and value for money. Every mower in our round up below has scored a minimum of four out of five stars, so you can buy with confidence.

In every review we award outstanding products our coveted Best Buy award. To see these and the others we recommend, browse our pick of the best cordless lawn mowers, below.

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Best Buy cordless mowers

Husqvarna Aspire LC34-P4A

Our rating: 4.9 out of 5

  • Quiet
  • Cuts even long grass with ease
  • Battery level visible while mowing
  • Small and compact for easy storage
  • Part of the POWER FOR ALL cordless range

Part of the new Husqvarna Aspire cordless range, which includes a hedge trimmer, pruner and leaf blower, this 34cm mower is powered by an 18V POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE battery and charger. These are interchangeable with tools in other leading brands such as Flymo, Gardena and Bosch so if you also invest in tools in these ranges, you’ll only need to buy the bare tool and won’t have different batteries and chargers taking up space in the shed.Great for small gardens the mower comes ready to go, there’s no assembly or handles to attach, and it folds down to a compact size when you’re finished, with a telescopic handle that folds completely flat over the body of the mower. It can then be stood up against a wall or hung up, and even comes with a handy hook. The 30l grass bag also flattens down to take up very little room and can be hung on the mower. The Aspire is light, with a carry handle so that lifting it up steps or into other areas is easy and it has an adjustable handle to suit different height users. It’s comfortable and easy to manoeuvre around the garden and has just four cutting heights to choose from, ranging from 25-65mm and changed easily with a single lever on the body of the mower. It cuts grass quietly and smoothly and has an automatic boost that increases blade speed when you’re mowing in tougher, longer areas that works well. You can hear it kick in when you push the mower into longer grass and unlike other cordless mowers that can cut out, just carries on cutting the grass. While you mow the battery charge level is always clearly visible so you know how much battery you have left and when it needs charging. It comes with a two year warranty and we awarded it a BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Best Buy in 2023 for ease of use.

Specs: Battery: charge time. 95 mins; run time. 500sqm. Cutting: width. 34cm; height. 25-65mm. Grass box. 30 litre.

Buy the Husqvarna Aspire C34-P4A cordless mower from Husqvarna and Sam Turner

Greenworks GDG24LM33

Our rating: 4.5 out of 5

  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Comfortable padded handle
  • Choice of mulching or collecting clippings
  • Interchangeable battery with Greenworks 24V family

Ideal for smaller gardens this sturdy, great value cordless mower is easy to put together, well thought out and simple to use. Thanks to a padded handle it’s comfortable to push, although it did feel a little short for our taller tester, and it’s light and easy to manoeuvre around trees and beds and borders. There are five cutting heights to choose from, adjusted with the simple lift of a lever and it offers the choice of collecting clippings in the 30 litre fabric grass bag or inserting the mulching plug and leaving them on the lawn to break down and feed the grass. It mows well but doesn’t like very long grass, with the battery cutting out occasionally but its long lasting brushless motor offers a a decent run time of 46 minutes and it charges in two hours. Plus, as part of the Greenworks 24V family, both the battery and charger are interchangeable with all the other tools in the range, saving you money if you invest in more in the future. We awarded it a BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Best Buy for the best budget cordless mower in 2023.

Specs: Battery: charge time. 120 mins; run time. 46mins. Cutting: width. 33cm; height. 25-70mm. Grass box. 30 litre.

Yard Force LMG37A 40v 37cm

Our rating: 4.8 out of 5

  • Rear roller
  • Double folding handle for easy storage
  • Quickest charge time
  • Part of the Yardforce GR40 cordless range

This sturdy mower has a 37cm cutting width and useful features including a rear roller for those much desired stripes. Awarded a BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Best Buy in 2022 for small to medium lawns, clippings are collected in the large 40 litre fabric grass bag. It offers a wide choice of seven cutting heights, from 25-75mm, and is easy to fold away at the end of the day. The 40V battery is quick to charge, taking just 50 minutes and when full it has the capacity to cut a 400m2 lawn.

Specs: Battery: charge time. 50 mins; run time. 400sqm. Cutting: width. 37cm; height. 25-75mm. Grass box. 40 litre.

Buy the Yard Force LMG37A 40V 37cm cordless mower from Yard Force, Amazon and Wickes