Let'S Make A Homemade Tiller With A Motor Scooter Engine!

Self-production tiller with an engine from Vyatka motor scooter is performed according to the traditional standard scheme:

  • Chassis of two wheels
  • Frame
  • Engine

Secondary optional parts that can also be attached to a vehicle are:

  • Plow
  • Mower
  • Cargo cart

Important elements and aggregates necessary for the manufacture of a direct tiller are:

  • Steering wheel
  • Wheels
  • Rama
  • Engine
  • Seat

Homemade tiller with motor scooter “Vyatka” or “Ant”.

Tiller is endowed with a transmission with a mechanical gear chain structure. It has a chain, two gears of canonical form and two asterisks.
To complicate the constructional part is not worth it since this moment can significantly complicate the free maneuvering. The entire structure must use two overrunning clutches that allow the wheels to slip.
The tiller’s power unit is a frame in which a unique crossbar is installed with two drilled holes with a diameter of 14.2 millimeters and a pair of holes of 12.2 millimeters. It is imperative to install two bolts numbered M12 in the inner frame part. Thanks to the considered approach, it is possible to freely connect the hinge knot from the cargo cart with attached equipment of agricultural equipment. The carrier stick is built on the left side of the cross member. It drilled a cutout for gearbox housing.
In front of the beam, you must install the bracket support with a bipod.
The main plate, bearing character, is attached in the right side. It is who holds the right gear. For the frame is to use a plate with dimensions of 280 20 8 millimeters. In the middle of the above plate put an exclusive clamp that secures the engine.
The front of the slab holds the rod in a vertical direction. The bracket must be welded to this rod. Due to the chain leading from the output shaft of the sprocket, the fundamental torque is produced.

Homemade tiller engine and gearbox.

When assembled, the tiller has fairly compact dimensions. To further reduce the overall dimensions, you can replace parts with a silencer created by yourself from the engine. It is essentially similar to factory parts. For its manufacture, it is necessary to use parts of the silencer from Vyatka transport. It is important to note that the silencer is located in the exhaust cylinder bore.
The engine starts with a kickstarter. Each gear is switched by a unique lever mounted on the box with sectors. Control knobs with attachments hold gas and clutch levers. The gearbox shaft must be extended by approximately 170 millimeters to incorporate overrunning clutches. At the end of the left shaft is attached driven sprocket.
At the moment when the shaft rotates, the clutch actively acts on the roller and also makes it move. When turning tiller wheel with a large radius begins to move much faster than the actual shaft itself. Thanks to the factors considered, there are no loud clicks during the turn.
To maintain attachments used cultivator units. They are welded to the channel with joints. However, before this process, they need to be shortened. The longitudinal holes are attached to the tiller.

Mounting tiller attachments with scooter.

At the ends of the brackets are embedded retaining brackets for locking screws and agricultural equipment. Special management handles with pipes attached to the top of the channel. On both sides, they should be flattened. For the correct installation of the lever with the steering wheel, you need to drill certain holes. Scooter steering shaft allows you to make the hinge nodes properly.
Be sure to remember that the shaft must be shortened to approximately 460 millimeters. The hinged fork is welded from the bottom. The cross is attached to the plate of metal. The length of these elements should not exceed 13, 5 centimeters. In the lower part of the plate neatly mowed, and subsequently welded to the same channel bar. Longitudinal holes allow the trolley to be tightly attached to the engine block frame. Units must be lubricated with a particular substance, that is, a lubricator.
The frame “Vyatka” is excellent for the trolley frame. You need to weld angles of 35 35 millimeters to it. It is the same method that must be strengthened and free endings. A half-inch pipe allows you to connect between the forks. The subframe of U. a symbolic form is welded there. It is important to note that it is made from angles with dimensions of 35 35 millimeters. Welding hinged sleeves can install the body.
By its nature, it is straightforward to manage and transport the necessary cargo by a tiller. Special convenience for the driver is considered a universal seat. There is also a unique toolbox.

Tillers have their specific features. The main ones include:

  • Width is 670 millimeters;
  • The length is 900 millimeters;
  • Height is 900 millimeters;
  • The total weight is 65 kilograms;
  • The highest speed is equivalent to 18 kilometers per hour;
  • The length of the transport with a cart is 1580 millimeters;
  • Track width is 550 millimeters;
  • The track width with the attached cart is equal to 750 millimeters.