Making lawn mower faster. How To Make A Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Faster? Here Is The Process

How To Make A Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Faster? Here Is The Process

Nowadays, most of the people enjoy their leisure time by mowing their lawn. You also, right? And yo know many people choose the hydrostatic lawn mower due to their immense benefits.

The hydrostatic lawn mower is not similar to the regular belt or gear conducted lawnmower. The quick response rather than the other lawnmower brought it to the forefront of the list of people’s favorites.

Since it is a machine, it sometimes shows slow motion due to regular use and irregular maintenance. But note that regular maintenance and some simple replacement can make it faster again.

Now come to the crucial fact. Have you any idea on how to make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster? If you have no idea then be patient.

In this article, you will get all the guidelines to make your mower faster.

In this content you’ll learn:

Guidelines On Making A Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Faster

A hydrostatic lawn mower totally depends on the fuel. Unlike other lawn mowers, it has no belts. Fuel oil instead of belts transport energy from the engine to the wheels. For this, the mower is relatively faster than other mowers and is suitable for long-time mowing.

Now, before going to the replacement, you need to FOCUS on regular maintenance. You know regular maintenance makes any type of device long-lasting. A lawnmower is no exception.

Regular Maintenance

Let’s take a look at some parts of the lawnmower of which regular maintenance can make your mower faster and long-lasting.

Regular inspection of tires

Wheels always play an important role in hydrostatic lawn mowers. And regular inspection of the air pressure is needed for the smooth movement of the lawnmower.

If all the tires do not have the same air pressure, then the mower runs slowly. For this, you will have to face some difficulties in the time of driving the mower.

Use the correct fuel

As I mentioned above, a hydrostatic lawn mower totally depends on fuel. So, you need to use the correct fuel that makes you mower faster and smooth movement. Always try to use the manufacturer’s recommended fuel.

Inspect oil level

Go through the user manual of the lawnmower to know the oil holding capacity of the fuel tank. Inspect the oil level regularly and try to maintain the highest mark level.

Check damages and leakages

Check all the connections of the mower regularly. Small damage or leakage in the connection can be dangerous for you. It also makes the mower slow, and for this, you don’t get the expected speed.

Inspect the air filter

A dirty air filter blocks the air and makes the mower slower. Regular cleaning of an air filter helps to pass the air between the engine and the compressor.

Proposed Replacement Or Modifications

Now, we will discuss these very things of which replacement or modification makes your lawnmower faster.

Replace the small tires with larger tires

Replacing a slightly larger tire than Mower’s regular tires makes Mower faster. Since larger tires have a larger circumference than smaller tires, it is easier to cover more space in less time.

However, be careful when replacing the tire so that the deck won’t be too high above the ground. If the distance between the deck and the ground is more, you will have problems cutting the grass.

Sharpen or replace the blades of the mower

The mower blade must be sharp if you want to mow the grass very quickly. Frequent use causes the blade to become blunt and occasionally damaged.

If the blade becomes blunt, sharpen it. Also if the blade is damaged by stones or gravel and then it is preferable to change. Because a sharp blade can cut the grass very easily and make your mower faster.

Remove the governor

If you use a lawnmower regularly, you know that the governor limits the engine’s power and motor rotation. Removing the governor increases the efficiency of the engine as well as the motor can rotate smoothly.

Install a larger pulley

Installing a larger pulley can make your mower faster. But be careful when installing a larger pulley. You can find out how to install a pulley from the manufacturer’s website.

When installing pulley, gradually move to a larger size. For example, install 3.5 inches after 3 inches. Never install 5 inches after 3 inches. It can be dangerous if you install a large pulley initially.

Final Verdict

The techniques described above are simple techniques, and you can do them at home. Regular maintenance will make your mower faster and save you a lot of time.

However, if you notice any problem with a part, you can change it or make some modifications that may increase the speed of your mower.

I hope you have got to know from this article that how to make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster.

And it is only you who can make your hydrostatic lawn mower faster. Just follow these tricks and be the winner!

How To Make A Lawn Mower Fast? 10 Tips For Gardeners

A properly maintained lawn mower is necessary for your grass to appear its best. But what if you want to improve its performance?

You can do several things to speed up your equipment, from routine maintenance to changing the length of the governor spring.

How to make a lawn mower fast? This article will discuss the top 10 ways to have a fast-moving machine. Let’s check it out!

How To Make A Lawn Mower Fast?

Sometimes you may notice your mower moving at a snail’s pace and making noise. It’s challenging to finish the job quickly.

Have you wondered: Why is my self-propelled mower so slow? It may be due to the following reasons:

Can you turbo a lawn mower? The short answer is yes! By addressing the mentioned issues, you can get back to mowing faster.

How to make riding a lawn mower faster? Don’t worry! The following tricks will help you improve your machine’s speed. Let’s take a closer look!

#1. Check And Change The Oil

First, you should check the oil level in your lawn mower and change it if necessary.

making, lawn, mower, faster

If the oil is low, it can cause the engine to work harder. Consequently, it will slow your machine down.

You can check the oil level by removing the dipstick and wiping it clean before reinserting it.

If the oil level is low, add more fuel until it reaches the recommended level. Also, it is essential to change the oil regularly to ensure the engine runs smoothly.

#2. Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is another crucial factor in keeping your mower running at its best.

It includes regularly checking and changing the air, spark plugs, and fuel filters.

A dirty air filter or spark plug can cause your engine to work harder, while a clogged fuel filter can restrict fuel flow to your engine.

Performing routine maintenance on your machine can help it run more efficiently and make it faster.

#3. Change The Length Of The Governor Spring

The governor spring on your mower controls the speed of the engine. By changing the length of the governor spring, you can adjust the maximum speed of your equipment.

It can make your machine faster. However, increasing its speed can also increase the risk of injury or damage.

Only attempt this modification if you have experience with minor engine repair.

#4. Inspect The Tires

The tires on your mower can also affect its speed and performance. Verify the tires remain in excellent condition and frequently inspect their pressure.

Damaged tires can cause your machine to slow down or become unstable. It can be dangerous!

Proper tire maintenance can help keep your equipment running smoothly and make it faster.

#5. Use The Right Fuel

Using the right fuel is crucial for optimal engine performance. Check the owner’s manual for your mower to determine the recommended fuel type and octane rating.

Using lower octane fuel than recommended can cause your engine to work harder and reduce efficiency.

Meanwhile, using higher octane fuel than the recommended amount can be a waste of money.

Using the proper fuel can keep your equipment running at its best and make it faster.

#6. Keep The Tank Topped Up

Keeping your fuel tank topped up can also help improve the performance of your lawn mower.

A full gas tank can help prevent air from getting into the fuel system, which can cause your engine to run poorly.

A full gas tank can also help keep your engine cooler, improving its performance.

#7. Sharp Blades

Sharp blades are essential for a fast and efficient lawn mower.

Your engine will have to work more and be less efficient because of dull blades, while sharp edges can help your machine cut through the grass more easily.

Check your blades regularly. Also, sharpen them to help keep your equipment running at its best.

#8. Look For Leaks Or Damages

Leaks or damages to your lawn mower can affect its speed and performance.

Check your machine regularly for signs of leaks or damages and have them repaired as soon as possible.

Leaks can cause your engine to lose power, while damages can affect the stability and safety of your equipment.

#9. Better Airflow

Better airflow can also help improve the performance of your mower. Check the air intake and ensure it’s clean and debris-free.

Additionally, consider removing any grass clippings or debris from the underside of your equipment to improve its airflow.

#10. Inspect The Muffler

Finally, inspect the muffler on your mower. A clogged or damaged muffler can restrict exhaust gas flow, reducing engine performance.

Check the muffler regularly and clean or replace it as needed to help keep your machine running at its best.

Will A Larger Pulley Speed Up My Mower?

The short answer is no. Contrary to popular belief, a larger pulley will not speed up your machine.

A pulley is a straightforward machine that consists of a wheel with a grooved rim that can rotate around an axle.

Placing a rope or belt around the grooved rim can lift or move heavy objects with less effort.

The pulley is connected to the engine’s crankshaft in a machine, which powers the blades that cut the grass. The size of the pulley determines how fast the edges turn.

Again, a larger pulley can’t speed up your machine. It will do the opposite. A larger pulley will reduce the speed of your device.

That’s because a larger pulley requires more belts or ropes to travel around its circumference, which slows down the rotation of the blades.

Thus, if you want to increase your machine’s speed, consider using a smaller pulley instead.

In A Nutshell

Making your lawn mower faster can be a fun and rewarding project, but it’s essential to prioritize safety and proper maintenance.

By following these tips for making your machine faster, you can help keep your lawn looking great while improving its performance.

Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and take proper safety precautions when modifying your equipment.

How to make a lawn mower faster

Are you interested to learn how to make a lawnmower faster?

Speed is not usually a priority for a typical lawnmower. Its principal purpose is to cut grass neatly, and as long as it is doing its task properly, its duration is generally not an issue.

However, some homeowners do not have much time to spare and would instead finish mowing as soon as possible, so souping up a mower to make it go faster is an excellent idea.

However, modifying a lawnmower to go faster may come with potential risks, so you must adhere to some tough measures to cope with the ensuing performance.

An average lawnmower goes as fast as fifty miles per hour. To make it go faster, you have to alter some of its components, like the frames, breaks, engine, and steering wheels.

If you want your mower to go faster, you must follow strict safety measures, have safety equipment, and wear protective clothing.

The engine of a lawnmower has safety features that prohibit it to run faster, and if forced to do it, its engine will wear down.

It is not built for speed, and if you intend for it to go fast, you will be bypassing built-in safety features. Not all types of mowers are suitable for this transition, and using an unsuitable type will damage the engine and result in injury.

With that in mind, here is how you can make a lawnmower speedier:

How to make a lawn mower faster

Are there additional tips to make your mower go faster?

There are small things you can do to increase the speed of your lawnmower. As mentioned earlier, you still have to practice safety precautions at all times since some of the tips suggest altering its natural capabilities.

  • Exercise routine maintenanceThe natural way to make your mower go faster is simply to perform regular maintenance when necessary.A typical mower has many moving parts that are exposed to dirt, mud, stones, etc., and can potentially wear them down. Taking care and maintaining it can help in keeping it in tip-top condition.Not only will it help in making it fast, but it will also drastically lower the downtime since the mower hardly malfunctions and breaks down. Then you can finish mowing the entire yard quickly and would not need to stop due to some engine malfunction.
  • Check on the tiresAlong with mower blades, the tires are the most important components in a lawnmower. Without them, the whole contraption would not run, and no grass will be cut.Make it a habit to inspect your tires every time you begin mowing. Look for wear and tear, pressure, and treads are in working condition. Faulty tires will hinder your mower’s speed.
  • Utilize proper fuelAnother excellent tip to naturally make your mower go faster is using the right fuel, which increases speed and power.The best kind of fuel to pour into a mower fuel tank is ninety-two or higher octane gasoline.
  • Always check for damages or leaksIf there is a leak anywhere in the mower especially in the fuel system, it will hinder its ability to become faster.The same thing goes for damaged components, and if you find one, have it fixed immediately.
  • Check the oil levelOil and gas are the lifeblood of a lawnmower, and oil particularly lubricates its moving components. Without it, friction happens that leads to immediate wear and tear.Check on your mower’s oil level before each time you mow your lawn if it needs an oil change or tops up.
  • Examine the air filterIf the air filter of your lawnmower becomes congested, its engine will not get the necessary airflow it requires.It can also obstruct the engine and result in problems in the performance.The air filter is situated at the topmost portion of your mower’s engine and is attached inside a metal or plastic encasement.You can easily replace it, and an air filter is quite affordable. You only have to be sure that it is compatible with your mower.
  • Upgrading the tiresIf you have checked that the tires on your mower are already worn out, then it is time to buy a new set.As mentioned earlier, you can get go-cart tires for your mower, which are made for speed.
  • Substituting the mower bladesIf you have observed that the lawnmower blades have not been cutting grass neatly, which causes the mower to slow down.The blades have become too dull, which hinders its ability to evenly cut grass.Then it is time to replace them with a new one, this way, a quick grass cutting means better and faster performance.You can also sharpen them and see if it enables grass-cutting to be better.
  • Remove the governorThis procedure was mentioned earlier, but with a slight alteration. Instead of compressing the spring found in the governor, remove the entire component itself attached to the mower.Use a wrench to unfasten the flywheel housing, and after doing this, you can gain access to the governor and remove it.Once done, put the housing back on, and your mower can now go faster.
  • Increase the airflow of the engineThe mower’s engine required airflow, and if given more than necessary, it will make it go faster. It also assists in cooling down the system after the grass cutting is done.To enable more airflow, remove the hood from your lawnmower. It also lessens the weight and makes it run quicker.Hydrostatic lawnmowers will allow you to unfasten the hood entirely by unscrewing the bolts.Removal of the hood will leave the engine exposed to the elements, so make sure it does not happen and store it in your garage and not outdoors after use.
  • Check the mufflerA damaged muffler will cause problems to your mower and impede it from functioning properly. Its exhaust system will have back pressure and makes the mower go slower than usual.Check on the muffler often before mowing, and make sure there are no holes that might hinder its performance.
  • Choose the best pattern for mowingSeasoned lawn mowers will attest that an excellent pattern will make the job quicker.The best pattern to use for mowing is a straight line from one end to another. Doing circular or any other motions will cost you a lot more time and is inefficient.
  • Cut your grass regularlyIn principle, the more you cut your grass, the less amount of time is spent cutting.Do not wait for the grass to grow too tall, which will make mowing longer and tedious.It will be up to you to decide when is the best time to cut your grass since it will depend on the type of grass and the weather conditions.Just remember the one-third rule, which means do not cut off more than one-third of the blades of grass, and more than that will harm it.

Lawnmower Troubleshooting tips

When your mower suddenly loses its speed, bogs down, or would not start, there is something wrong with it.

making, lawn, mower, faster

Here are some common issues lawnmowers have and their respective fixes:

Mower would not start

  • Loose or dirty spark plug- Check on it and makes sure it is clean and secure in place.
  • Dirty air filter- Clean it, and if it is already too far gone, then replace it.
  • Gas does not reach the engine- Try tapping the carburetor side to enable the gas to flow, and if it would not work, replace the fuel filter.

Power loses in the middle of mowing

  • Loose or dirty spark plug- Check on it and makes sure it is clean and secure in place.
  • Dirty air filter- Clean it, if it is already too far gone, then replace it.
  • Whenever cutting tall grass- just raise your mower’s cutting height.
  • Dirty underbelly- Clean the underside of any dirt, mud, or grass stuck in it.

Mower is struggling to mow

  • Dirty underbelly- Clean the underside of any dirt, mud, or grass stuck in it.
  • Loose, bent, or dull blades- Dull blades can still be sharpened and tighten loose blades, but bent ones need to be replaced.

Smoking mower

In the middle of mowing your lawn, you notice smoke emanating from the engine, so what will you do? It might look horrifying, but the good news is: it is not that serious.

It may mean that the oil chamber is too full of oil, or some of it leaked through the exhaust muffler. It is just burning itself out while the engine is scalding.

However, if the smoke has a lighter color and has issues keeping the engine running, you need to have it fixed by a professional.

Hard to pull or stuck starter rope

One reason for this is the flywheel brake on the engine is engaged. You only have to bring it down before pulling the starter rope.

Another reason is the mower blades have almost reached the ground and are dragging the grass. Or they may also be clogged with dirt, mud, and grass.

First, you will need to transfer your mower to an even surface. Make sure that the engine is off and remove the spark plug.

Clean the underbelly of all mud, dirt, and grass cuttings stuck in it.

Once done, set it back upright and pull the starter rope again.


Most homeowners are busy and prefer to mow their yard as quickly and as neatly as possible.

Making their lawnmowers quicker is an excellent idea, but it has to be done in the correct procedures. This way, accidents would not happen, and their lawns remain beautiful for everyone to see.

How to Make a Lawn Mower Faster

Are you looking into making your lawn mower faster? Do you want it to work at an increased speed to ensure that the job is done in just a short period? Then knowing how to make a lawn mower faster is essential.

I Built the World’s Worst Racing Lawnmower

A lot of people see mowing their lawns a big challenge since it is taking a lot of their time. This is the reason why more and more people are looking for different ways on how they can make this task less time-consuming.

One of the solutions is by ensuring that their lawn mower is running as fast as it can be. If you are one of these people who is looking for ways on how to make a lawn mower faster, then the information below will be beneficial for you.

How to Make a Lawn Mower Faster

Sharpening Your Lawn Mower Blades

The first thing that you need to do to make you lawn mower faster is to ensure that you are sharpening the blades of your lawn mower regularly. The reason behind this is because it will make the blades to move on your lawn easier, which will, in turn, increase the speed of your lawn mower.

Since the blades are sharp, this also means that you can eliminate going over another part of grass again. This will save you ample of time.

Read our in-depth product reviews of the best lawn mower blades if you think its time to replace your mower’s blade.

Using High-Octane Gasoline

The next thing that you need to do is to fill your lawn mower with a high-octane gasoline. The reason behind this is because filling it with a gas that is high in quality will help the engine to run as efficiently as possible.

It will also help in increasing the speed of the mower. Always remember that you need your lawn mower to run on a gas that is clean instead of using one that has been there for quite some time already.

Also, if you have any gas remaining on your lawn mower, it would be best to put a fuel stabilizer in the tank to ensure that the gas won’t separate.

Checking the Tires of Your Lawn Mower

You also need to keep the tires of your lawn mower by ensuring that they are inflated properly. You can check the manual of your mower or the tires’ wall for you to ensure the right level of inflation that is needed by the tires.

Maintaining Your Lawn Mower’s Air Filter

Another reason why a lawn mower is running slower because of the stresses that it is experiencing due to a dirty and clogged air filter. A dirty filter will also make the gas to burn less efficiently.

You can easily access the filter so you can clean them. You also have the option just to replace the filter since they come in cheap. You can replace your filters every year to ensure maximum performance.

Here is our step by step guide on how to clean lawn mower air filter.

Ensuring All Parts are Working Properly

All the other parts of the lawn mower, including the chains, shafts, filters, and belts are working properly. They all need to be serviced based on the instruction from the manufacturer of your lawn mower.

A well-maintained equipment will become efficient, so always put in mind to ensure that all parts are working properly. Always remember to bring your lawn mower annually to the service shop to have it ready for the next mowing season.

Adjusting the Speed of the Throttle

Using the manual of your lawn mower, check for any information on changing the speed of your throttle or making certain changes to its governor, which is responsible for closing and opening the throttle.

There are lawn mowers that can be adjusted using the jam nuts which are below the throttle of your lawn mower. Just put in mind to avoid adjusting the throttle unless there is a detailed procedure on how you can specifically do it in the lawn mower’s manual.

Cleaning the Undercarriage of your Lawn Mower

The possibility of the grass that can cake in the mower’s undercarriage is high, and this can clog the chute, which will, later on, make the mower’s speed to slow down.

making, lawn, mower, faster

You can remove this using a wire brush so you can scrape the clipping of grass and as well as the dirt from the mower’s undercarriage. The remaining debris should be sprayed with a hose, just make sure that the spark plug is disconnected before you start working on the undercarriage.

It is also essential to check your mower’s oil so be sure to read the two lawn mower tips below:

Now You Know How to Make Your Lawn Mower Faster

Follow the information above, and you will surely see mowing your lawn as a fun chore that you can regularly do. Start sharpening the lawn mower’s blade and do the maintenance tips mentioned above for you to enjoy the speed of your lawn mower.

These are all the information on how to make a lawn mower faster for you to be able to save more time to do other tasks.

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