Makita 042016 9a Gear Lubricant Angle Grinder

Makita 042016 9a Gear Lubricant Angle Grinder

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  • Japan is the birthplace of the brand
  • Japan. country of origin
  • Manufacturer Information Makita is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric and gas powered tools. He began his journey in Japan in 1915, today he supplies products to 160 countries. The activity combines centuries-old traditions and modern technology. The tool is characterized by high reliability and affordable price. The company has 8 factories, including in Europe. Products have been supplied to Russia since 1935. There are service centers throughout the country.

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Japanese quality Makita

For almost a century of history, the Japanese company Makita has established itself in the global market. Electric tools, generators and gardening equipment of this manufacturer are popular among professionals and amateurs who prefer reliability, high efficiency and maximum comfort in work.

For example, it is useless to look for a Makita HR2450 hammer drill manufactured in Germany or the UK. This tool comes down only from the conveyors of one of the two Chinese factories, as evidenced by the letters "Y" or "K" at the end of the serial number on the nameplate of the tool itself (packaging and some accessories may be from another manufacturer).

The fact that this information is open once again confirms the transparency of Makita’s economic policy and its responsibility for quality. All new technologies are developed in the brand’s homeland. in Japan, and improved at the Okazaki plant, and only after that, under the vigilant control of qualified specialists, they are introduced into production at other enterprises, including Chinese ones.

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As for quality standards, they are the same for all Makita products, regardless of the geography of the manufacturer. All plants have certificates confirming compliance of the existing quality management system with ISO 9000: 2000 standards aimed at satisfying the interests of consumers.

Thus, the quality of Chinese Makita, unless it is a cheap fake, is on par with Japanese, English or, for example, German. And to exclude fake, just use the services of an authorized Makita dealer. For example, the services of MakitaPro.


  • Especially for angle grinder and circular saws;
  • Stability of mechanical properties and consistency;
  • Uniform lubrication of rubbing parts;
  • Protection of metal elements from corrosion;
  • Removal of wear products from parts;
  • Heat dissipation;
  • Tightness of movable seals;
  • General increase in tool life.

The life of any power tool depends largely on its proper operation and proper care. cleaning and lubrication. In terms of lubrication, special attention is required to the gearbox, the gears of which are in the gearing state and undergo constant friction during rotation. Friction leads to heating of the contacting elements and to their premature wear. Makita gear lubricants are generally designed to prevent excessive friction, overheating and, as a result, increase the tool life.
Physicochemical properties of gear lubricant Makita 042016-9C Suitable for use in various power tools. rotary hammers, angle grinders (angle grinder), circular saws, etc. It is characterized by high stability: mechanical properties and consistency remain unchanged under the influence of high temperatures.
The grease in the gearbox is initially laid at the factory. As a preventive measure, it is necessary to check the condition of the lubricant and periodically change it. With intensive use of the tool, this should be done at least once a year. over, it is necessary to pay attention to the quantity and condition of the lubricant in the gearbox, if the mechanism becomes very hot during operation and the character of the sound of the working tool has changed.