Makita Drill Or Bosch Which is Better

What is better Bosch or Makita: specific examples

The modern market for building power tools offers a very large selection, both in terms of the brands presented, and in terms of specific models. But which brand is better, only experienced professionals know. And this is a big problem. a beginner who made the wrong choice can lose not only his money, but also something much more. Since poor-quality construction or repair work in some cases leads not only to injuries and financial losses, but also to deaths. And so that this does not happen, the tool used in such robots must be of the best quality.

For example, you can compare Bosch and Makita for the brands of rotary hammers, grinders and screwdrivers they sell.

Bosch or Makita punch, which is better?

In this market segment, you can compare the models BOSCH 2-24D and Makita HR2470.

As you can see from the table, the difference between the models is very small. However, for the sake of fairness, it should be noted that in the BOSCH 2-24D, a chiseling function is better developed. In contrast, we can say that the Makita HR2470 is equipped with special carbon readouts that increase the service life, and this model is also easier and faster. What is more important for professional use, since it is important during long work and will save in the future. Therefore, in this example, the last mark wins between bosch or makita.

Bosch or Makita angle grinder, which is better?

Moving on to the next pair, this time compare the Bosch GWS 850CE and Makita GA5030.

In this comparison, the GWS 850CE looks like a clear leader because of its greater power, but there are a lot of complaints about it. In particular, to a too hard switch, as well as to the factory lubrication of the gearbox. The latter applies only to the Russian assembly. In addition, professionals blame for the lack of a complete set of this model.

Regarding the model Makita GA5030, it has a clear advantage is a small weight, due to the small size of the tool. Thanks to this, the hands are not so tired. Otherwise, these angle grinders are almost identical in terms of performance and functionality. Therefore, choosing only between them is difficult to point out the unique advantage of a particular model. However, if you take the approach, the choice again is inclined in favor of Makita, because of the supremacy of simplicity and convenience over purely technical characteristics.

Makita or Bosch screwdriver, which is better?

When comparing screwdrivers of these brands, perhaps you should not resort to the previously selected method, because if you compare, you need twin tools. And in this case, they are difficult to pick up, except that the Bosch GSR 10.8-2-Li and Makita DF330DWLE models. But these are tools of old models and their technical characteristics are already outdated. Therefore, comparing screwdrivers it will be better to summarize the pros and cons of Bosch or Makita.

Bosch brand features:

Germany. Assembly, as a rule, Malaysian;

Basically three year warranty (one year in makita);

The best performance characteristics and, as a consequence, more weight.

Makita brand features:

Japan. The assembly is usually Chinese;

Affordable prices (compared to Bosch).

As you can see the difference between the brands in their approach. For Bosch, this is German precision, reliability and power. Makita is characterized by convenience, economy in terms of price and excellent equipment. In other words, the former are guided by the instrument itself, and the latter by the one who will use it. That allows you to give a clear answer to who is better. Namely:

If the tool is needed for a beginner and not for frequent use, then Makita should be chosen.

While professional builders are better off choosing Bosch, a Polish 3 year warranty and reliability are more important when using power tools permanently.

Which screwdriver is better to choose Makita, Hitachi or Bosh?

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Each owner of his home and a professional builder want to have a universal screwdriver in the house with good technical characteristics. Professionals need a versatile tool that has great power, good equipment and the maximum number of settings. Manufacturers offer various models of screwdrivers. The MAKITA BHP442RFE and BOSCH GSR 10.8-2-LI models have similar characteristics. But, the most convenient to use, is the HITACHI DS12DVF3 cordless tool.

One of the drawbacks of these models is the lack of battery power, so they are charged when the instrument is completely discharged.


The tool, of a high price category, has a lithium-ion battery, one of the most popular models. The screwdriver, quickly recharges, has a pulse charger, has 16 steps for setting torque. The advantages of the tool are long-term operation without recharging, it is very functional, it is equipped with a backlight and a motor cooling system, it has a small size and weight. The maximum number of revolutions is 1300 per minute. The battery is able to charge in 22 minutes.


The tool, a relatively low price category, is intended for professionals, has two nickel-cadmium batteries, an additional flashlight. The design of the tool protects it from shock when dropped, the keyless chuck is included. The screwdriver has the function of smoothly adjusting the speed, the maximum speed of 1100 per minute, which allows you to work comfortably. The tool is equipped with 22 steps of torque, the charger is included in the package.


The professional tool is very compact, has a charge indicator with LEDs, is equipped with all the necessary functions and additional settings. The maximum speed of 1200 per minute. A screwdriver has a battery that is able to work four times longer than previous models, has 25 steps of torque. One of the functions of the tool, protecting the battery from overheating and full discharge, has an LED backlight. The screwdriver cable can be connected to the USB port, the tool handle is equipped with a shock-absorbing gasket, a quick-clamping chuck is included.

Makita or Bosch. which is better?

When choosing a hand tool, there is a dilemma today. By and large, there are two leaders on the market who do not want to give in to each other “not a span”. We are talking about such venerable manufacturers as Makita and Bosch. In specialized forums, disputes are constantly flaring up, which translate into intense discussions. Someone assures that better Makita tools do not exist. Others claim Bosch reliability and ergonomics. On whose side is the truth?

An authorized Makita dealer is able to provide a wide range of equipment on favorable terms. Bosch prices are slightly higher. This is understandable, because most of the technical innovations that are used by many brands in hand tools were first used in Bosch.

Categories that Masters Hunt

Makita Drill Or Bosch Which is Better

In fact, in order to get a positive rating, a tool must have only a few categories:

  • affordable price;
  • high resource;
  • maintainability;
  • ergonomics.

According to the first indicator, Makita wins unambiguously. Regarding the resource, everything is not so simple. The fact is that Bosch has two lines of tools. household and professional (yellow and blue).

Makita has an exceptionally professional line of tools. But let’s not forget that back in the early 90s, Makita created a subsidiary company Maktec.

It is she who sells household tools. It turns out that manufacturers are equal in this category.

Any professional repairman will confirm that the design of most Bosch equipment is more complicated. But it provides somewhat more functionality. In comparison, Makita is easier. However, this simplicity provides a huge resource. the tool simply does not break.

The possibility of continuous work is very important.

Regardless of whether a professional tool or a household one, if long work is required, the master should be able to carry it out. This indicator largely depends on the ergonomics of the instrument.

Any tool (unless it is pneumatic) has a very significant weight. And if, for example, it is necessary to perform work under the ceiling, holding the tool on half-extended arms, you get tired very quickly.

But due to the use of special handles, the tool can be taken differently. Due to this, fatigue in the hands accumulates much more slowly. In terms of ergonomics, both brands are also equal. So it turns out that with a minimal advantage, Makita prevails.

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The experienced master will issue his verdict in the ongoing dispute between adherents of Bosch and Makita:

Bosch or Makita screwdriver which is better. which screwdriver is better than Bosch or Makita? 2 answers

In the Other services section, to the question of which screwdriver is better than Bosch or Makita? the best answer given by the author Magomedov pyrmagomed is that Bosch is no better. Judge for yourself. Bosch does everything at once, and Makita is just a tool. My friend is engaged in wood. So he took makita to himself and presented it to me for the DR. I use and am very satisfied. Charges in 2 hours. Very ergonomic. Although Bosch, in principle, is also a good tool.