Metabo 125 Angle Grinder Adjustable Speed

This section discusses a 125 mm angle grinder with soft start and speed control.

For blacksmiths, forges, industries and individuals (home-made, self-taught and enthusiastic).

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Lightweight and compact angle grinder with a disc diameter of 125 mm. are a great solution to perform work in domestic conditions. Angle grinders with a small nozzle size do not have such significant power, so additional options not always present in functionality such tools. However, an angle grinder with soft start and speed control A good choice for beginners. Models Metabo, Makita and other brands are particularly popular.

Metabo 125 Angle Grinder Adjustable Speed

Makita 9565CV angle grinder. Photo 220V

Makita DGA517Z. Japanese reliable cordless angle grinder

Makita DGA517Z angle grinder powered by 18V lithium batteries. Speed ​​adjustment with automatic torque setting and electronic protection against reverse impact make the model worthy of respect. The diameter of the disk for this tool is 125 mm., Which is quite enough for most applications. Makita DGA517Z angle grinder weighs just 2.5 kg. The body length is slightly more than 38 cm. Purpose Makita DGA517Z cordless angle grinder is designed for sawing pipes, grinding and cleaning various surfaces (metal, concrete, ceramic.

Bosch GWS 9-125 S. professional angle grinder with a powerful engine

Angle grinder Bosch GWS 9-125 S is a professional metalworking tool equipped with a powerful engine that provides high performance. The robust design is designed for long service life even under difficult conditions and high workloads. Description Compared with the previous model, the engine of the GWS 9-125 S angle grinder with a power of 900 W is 16% higher than the efficiency, the internal walls are 15% thicker, and the winding is improved. As a result, the output is 59% more power. In the internal air vent system by 30%.

Fiolent MShU2-9-125E. budget angle grinder for a wide range of work

Angle grinder Fiolent MShU2-9-125E is used to perform a wide range of work. Due to its small size, the tool is convenient to use in hard to reach places. The additional handle can be installed in two positions. There is easy access to brushes. for their independent replacement, without contacting service centers. Device and principle of operation The device of the machine МШУ2-9-125Э is clearly shown in the figure. The rotation is transmitted from the electric drive 6 to the spindle 12 through the gearbox 1. On the spindle.

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Makita 9565CVK. compact and high-performance Japanese angle grinder

The Japanese company Makita is widely represented in the Russian market of power tools. A wide range of angle grinders with various characteristics is offered. This review is dedicated to the Makita 9565CVK, which is a modification of the 9565C. Reference. The 9565C model does not have a speed and case preset, the 9565CV model has a speed preset, there is no case, and the 9565CVK model with a speed preset and a case included. Appointment The compact Makita 9565 CVK angle grinder is equipped with a powerful dustproof.

Bison Professional angle grinder-P125-1400 EPST. angle grinder with a full set of electronic systems

Bison Professional angle grinder-P125-1400 EPST is the market leader in performance. Power and compactness, convenience and a full range of auxiliary systems are the best ZUBR technologies in your service. Device Spindle lock button. Protective cover. Additional handle. Brush holder cover. Handle lock button. Lock / latch tab. Power key Power lock button. Flange inner. Outer clamping flange. Abrasive disc (not included). Speed ​​control. Appointment Machine.

Metabo WEV 10-125 Quick. angle grinder with all the functions necessary for the master

The Metabo WEV 10-125 Quick angle grinder with the Metabo Marathon engine delivers high torque. It has everything necessary for comfortable operation, namely: full-wave electronics, Metabo S-automatic automatic clutch, electronic overload protection, electronically controlled soft start, protection against restart. Disconnecting carbon brushes increase the working life of the machine. Appointment Angle grinders equipped with original Metabo accessories are designed for grinding, sanding with sandpaper.

BORT BWS-1200U-SR. optimum price-quality angle grinder

BORT BWS-1200U-SR is a light and compact angle grinder, an excellent choice for a wide range of work, optimal in terms of power and price-quality ratio. Device 1. spindle; 2. a clamping washer; 3. key to replace the disk; 4. spindle lock button; 5. additional handle; 6. a protective casing; 7. a landing washer; 8. switch; 9. button to lock the switch. Appointment The tool is intended for dry grinding and cutting of metal. With the use of appropriate nozzles, an angle grinder can also.

DeWalt DWE4257. the inexpensive angular grinder with excellent characteristics

The Dewalt DWE 4257 angle grinder is an inexpensive tool with excellent technical characteristics. Device. Spindle Lock Button. Spindle. Side grip. Spacer flange. Lock nut. A protective casing. Mobile starting switch. Disk speed controller. Lever for locking the protective cover. Dust removal system. Purpose What is the DeWALT DWE4257 angle grinder capable of? For all! Use its functionality to the maximum: cut steel.

Interskol angle grinder-125 / 1100E. one of the best budget grinders

Professional small one-handed angle grinder with speed control. Angle grinder Interskol angle grinder-125/1100 is included in the TOPs of the best budget grinders for domestic needs and small workshops. Device power cord with plug; cord fixing strap; screw; screw; pad on the right; brush; brush holder; switch traction; switch key; stator assembly; screw; diaphragm cover; diaphragm; retaining ring; ball bearing; bevel gear; nut; lock washer; gear housing; spindle lock; button.

AEG WS13-125XE. professional angle grinder for solving complex problems

Angle grinder AEG WS13-125XE. German professional tool for solving the most complex problems. In factories and construction sites, work does not spare tools. How many grinders died, not even having worked out the warranty period! We present you an angle grinder that is not afraid of the most difficult tasks. She cuts rebar, profile, brick, concrete. Depth of cut reaches 40 mm! Useful when grinding and cleaning metal surfaces. Do not be afraid to overload it. in case of overheating there is protection! Purpose Functionality of this model is very.