Miter Saw Hammer Stl1800 305pl Overview

Description of the Hammer brand and miter saws

Hammer miter saws are some of the best in their price segment. These circular saws have the power typical of semi-professional equipment, they are used for sawing wood and other materials, for example, laminate, pressed materials, and when installing the appropriate saw blade, they can saw aluminum profiles, plastic products. The manufacturer supplies both conventional hand saws and broaches.

Miter Saw Hammer Stl1800 305pl Overview

The Hammer range of miter saws is represented by such models with a power spread from 800 W to 1800 W:

  • miter saw HAMMER STL800, power 800 W;
  • miter saw HAMMER STL1400 / 210, power 1400 W;
  • miter saw HAMMER STL1200 / 210C, power 1200 W;
  • miter saw HAMMER STL1400 / 210PL, power 1400 W;
  • cross-cut saw HAMMER STL1800 / 255P, power 1800 W;
  • miter saw HAMMER STL1800 / 250C, power 1800 W;
  • miter saw HAMMER STL1800 / 305PL, power 1800 watts.

Most popular models

  • miter saw HAMMER STL1800 / 305PL with a broach (high power allows you to perform more work, the saw is considered one of the best in the series);
  • miter saw HAMMER STL1400 / 210PL with a broach (the visiting card of this saw is high-quality assembly and average power);
  • HAMMER STL800 circular miter saw (used mainly for infrequent woodwork, in the conditions of a home workshop, is characterized by stable operation, compactness).

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User’s manual

The instruction manual for the saw is the main document that governs the rules for handling the tool. Read it carefully before starting up the saw. Follow these simple rules for handling a face saw:

  • use equipment to protect the body, respiratory tract, eyes and hands, wear a mask or respirator, goggles, gloves;
  • Do not pull or pull on the wire; carefully remove the plug from the power source;
  • if the saw is noisy, sparks or cuts crookedly, unplug it from the network, wait for the saw blade to stop rotating, and then inspect, if necessary, adjust the position of the blade and the guides;
  • keep children or animals away from the workplace;
  • keep the saw in a dry place, away from the source of fire or moisture, keep the workplace clean, and sharpen / replace the saw blade in a timely manner. Choose consumables of the same production, do not put cheap spare parts on the saw. this can lead to quick failure without the possibility of recovery.

Major malfunctions

Malfunctions arising while the saw is under warranty are recommended to be fixed in the service center! Do not disassemble the saw yourself and do not try to remove the damage if you do not know its exact cause.

  • the saw jams, gives a spark or does not start if the carbon brushes are worn out Replace them, try to continue working.

Always keep the tool clean; remove sawdust from the dust bag in a timely manner. Do not use solvents or detergents when cleaning the tool. Clogged air vents cause damage to the miter saw. Observe the norms for replacement of spare parts, pay attention to the fixation of all bolted connections.