Miter Saws 13 Setting Up and Finishing Up

1. Planing machine (longitudinally milling) four-sided model C25-5A

2. Side clip С25-4А.32.000 СБ

3. Side clip C25-4.21.000-01 SB

4. Claw protection C16-41.16.000 SB

5. Machine bed mod. S25-5A

6. Machine bed mod. C25-5A (adjustment for sawing, molding support in the lower position)

7. Guard C25-5A.11.020 SB

8. Front table C25-4A.29.000 SB

9. The range C25-4A.31.000 SB

10. Lower support C25-4A.12.1.000 SB

11. Support additional S25-4A.12.500 SB

12. Spindle ШУ.11.000-05 СБ

13. Caliper right C25-4A.13.000-01 SB

14. Guard C25-4A.13.100 SB

15. Spindle ШУ.11.000-10 СБ

16. Caliper left C25-4A.14.000-01 SB

17. Guard C25-4A.14.100 SB

18. Clip С25-4А.14.300 СБ

19. Spindle ШУ.11.000-11 СБ

20. Upper support C25-4A.15.1.000 SB

21. Guard C25-4A.15.200 SB

22. Support additional S25-4A.15.500-02 SB

23. Front clip C25-4A.15.1.300 SB

24. Clamp C25-61.15.300 SB

25. Spindle ШУ.11.000-04 СБ

Video: Miter Saws 13 Setting Up and Finishing Up

26. Caliper molding C25-5A.12.000-02 SB

27. Additional support С25-4А.15.500-06 СБ (upper position of the caliper)

28. Additional support С25-4А.15.500-06 СБ (lower support position)

29. Spindle ШУ.11.000-06 СБ

Miter Saws 13 Setting Up and Finishing Up

30. Feeder C25-5A.17.000-07 SB

31. Drive module C16-3.25.000 SB

32. Drive module C16-3.25.000-01 SB

33. Drive module C16-3.27.000 SB

34. Drive module C16-3.27.000-01 SB

35. Drive module C16-3.27.000-04 SB

36. Lower roller С25-4А.21.000-03 СБ

37. Lower roller С25-4А.23.000-08 СБ

38. Reducer C25-4A.30.000-04 SB

39. Reducer C25-4A.30.000-05 SB

40. Non-drive roller С16-1А.24.000-02 СБ

41. Upper clip C16-2A.33.000 SB

42. Feed drive C25-4A.18.000-01 SB

43. Appendix No. 1 Scheme of assembly of the spindle assembly using old spindles and sleeves

44. Modification of mill guards for the installation of clamps of a new design