Most powerful battery mower. Best EGO Lawn Mower Reviews 2023

Best EGO Lawn Mower Reviews 2023

We had the pleasure of testing the very first EGO LM2001 battery-powered lawn mower way back in 2014. Since then, they’ve expanded their lineup significantly and stayed at the front of the pack when it comes to competing in the best battery-powered mower game.

While the top of their current lineup of more than a dozen mowers finds its way near the top of the price list (at least for residential models), they also have a couple of value solutions if you’re buying an EGO lawn mower on a tighter budget. Overall, they do a nice job of hitting the entire spectrum of customer needs.

EGO 56V ArcLithium Battery Technology

EGO runs on a 14-cell system that produces 56 volts. While their 2.0Ah and 2.5Ah batteries are the go-to for EGO’s string trimmers and hedge trimmers, it’s the 5.0Ah and 7.5Ah packs that we prefer to use for lawn mowers. 1 battery can typically cover lawns up to a 1/4 acre and two batteries can cover a 1/2 acre or more.

For even larger properties, consider going with the 10Ah or 12Ah battery.

One thing that separates EGO from other cordless mower options is its battery design. The cells inside match the curved pack design and help cool the pack more effectively. Each cell also has a phase-change coating that helps cool them faster.

Batteries with Some Real-World Testing

When we test cordless lawn mowers down here in central Florida, the batteries tend to heat up quickly between the heat and tougher St. Augustine and Bahia grass species. Those that make it through their full battery discharge without reaching thermal shutdown need a break before the chargers deem it safe to charge them.

All except for EGO. Even when we put their newest mowers through some brutally tough testing on a sod farm, the batteries we used immediately started charging, putting them back in the game hours before other brands in some cases.

The other good news is that EGO runs their entire line on 56V batteries—even their zero-turn mowers. If you want to start by buying an EGO lawn mower and upgrade to a different model later, the batteries will work with it.

The same goes if you want to add other lawn care equipment, such as a string trimmer, hedge trimmer, or blower. They’re the same batteries that run the Nexus Power Station in case you’re looking for a battery-powered inverter.

All that said, we recommend the entire line, though each model fits a different user. Choosing the right model for your needs and expectations is key to having the best experience.

EGO Lawn Mower Models New for 2023

EGO’s lineup was already impressive, but they added at least five models in 2023, including another riding mower. Collectively, they bracket the market well and give consumers lots of additional options.

EGO 56V 42-Inch Zero-Turn Lawn Mower with E-Steer ZT4205S

EGO’s next-generation riding lawn mower takes the 42-inch Z6 concept and exchanges the lap bars for a steering wheel. It also shifts the controls from the operator’s right side and puts them on the steering wheel. If the idea of a zero-turn mower sounds appealing but the controls are a bit intimidating, this model is a great way to make the transition.

The kit includes four 12.0Ah batteries that can run the mower long enough to cut up to 2.5 acres. There are six total battery slots, so you can add more packs if you need longer runtime.

  • 22HP gas engine equivalent
  • 42-inch deck
  • E-Steer control system
  • 6 active battery ports
  • Cuts up to 2.5 acres with the included four 12.0Ah batteries

EGO LM2167SP 21-Inch Select Cut XP with Speed IQ

Taking over for the Select Cut XP, EGO’s innovative self-propelled mower is getting a drive update that they’re calling Speed IQ. This technology digitally senses and adapts the mower’s speed to your stride. You don’t have to worry about adjusting knobs or dials, just grab the presence bar and go.

Combining that with the stacked blade system, blade options, and 8.3 ft-lbs of torque from the original Select Cut XP, the LM2167SP will be EGO’s flagship self-propelled lawn mower moving forward.

The kit includes a 12.0Ah battery that EGO tells us will run the mower for up to 90 minutes.

most, powerful, battery, mower, best
  • Speed IQ self-propelled drive
  • 21-inch poly deck
  • Brushless motor
  • 8.3 ft-lbs of torque
  • Stacked blade Select Cut system
  • Single-point height adjustment
  • Vertical storage
  • 90-minute runtime with kitted 12.0Ah battery

EGO LM2125SP 21-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower with Touch Drive

Stepping down in price, EGO’s LM2125SP stands in the middle of the self-propelled mower lineup. This model uses EGO’s Touch Drive dial system for its self-propelled control and features a solid 6.0 ft-lbs of torque. With the 7.5 Ah battery that comes in the kit, you can expect up to an hour of runtime.

  • Touch Drive self-propelled drive
  • 21-inch poly deck
  • Brushless motor
  • 6.0 ft-lbs of torque
  • Single-point height adjustment
  • Vertical storage
  • 60-minute runtime with kitted 7.5Ah battery

Price: 649 kit with 7.5Ah battery

EGO LM2114SP 21-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

EGO’s LM2114SP is poised to take over as the value leader for the self-propelled line. Shifting to a dual-bar drive engagement system you can operate with either hand, it has the same 6.0 ft-lbs of torque as the Touch Drive model. The kit comes with a 6.0Ah battery that’s capable of 50 minutes of runtime.

  • Dual bar self-propelled mower
  • 21-inch poly deck
  • Brushless motor
  • 6.0 ft-lbs of torque
  • Single-point height adjustment
  • Vertical storage
  • 50-minute runtime with kitted 6.0Ah battery

Price: 449 kit with 6.0Ah battery

2023 Ego Mowers

EGO LM2114 56V 21-Inch Push Lawn Mower

Take the model above, remove the self-propelled drive, and you get EGO’s newest push mower. It shares the same 6.0 ft-lbs of torque along with all the other goodies. It comes with a 6.0Ah battery that can run up to 55 minutes in this model. This is the only model EGO specifically mentions coming with an advanced Gator blade.

  • Push mower
  • 21-inch poly deck
  • Brushless motor
  • 6.0 ft-lbs of torque
  • Single-point height adjustment
  • Vertical storage
  • 55-minute runtime with kitted 6.0Ah battery

Price: 449 kit with 6.0Ah battery

Best EGO Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

ZT5207L Z6 52-inch Zero-Turn Mower

Increasing the deck size of the original EGO ZT4204L zero-turn mower, the EGO ZT5207L 52-inch zero-turn keeps everything we love. This best EGO lawn mower article would be incomplete without it. We do appreciate the ease of use that comes with the 2023 E-Steer model with steering wheel, but you can’t deny the larger deck and familiar controls of this 52-inch ZT.

There’s a lot to like about this EGO 52-inch zero-turn. If we had to boil it down to a few key points, you’d get the following:

  • Fabricated deck
  • 6 x 12Ah batteries (for maximum runtime)
  • 8MPH top mowing speed
  • 4 acres on a single charge
  • Onboard charging of batteries
  • LED headlights/taillights
  • Smooth controls

For residential users looking to ditch gas, the EGO 52-inch zero-turn currently offers the most refined residential mowing solution on the market.

Price: 6,999 kit with six 12.0Ah batteries and charger. 5-year limited warranty.

Best EGO Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

LM2130SP Select Cut XP Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

There’s no doubt in our minds that the EGO Select Cut XP mower is the top walk-behind model currently available. That’s not just in the EGO lineup, we think it’s the best of all the cordless residential lawn mowers.

It features a stacked blade system that only EGO currently has in the electric walk-behind sector. The “Select Cut” in the name is because you get two blade options that both come with the kit. One blade offers a quality cut with better runtime and the other optimizes mulching. With our grass growth rates, we use the mulching blade.

It’s not the most powerful or the most expensive in EGO’s line. However, there’s plenty of power available to even handle some overgrowth if the weather or vacation forces you to let your lawn go a few extra days. It also has a newly designed drive control system that we prefer over EGO’s other self-propelled models.

Estimated kit runtime: 60 minutes

Price: 799 kit with 10.0Ah battery and Rapid charger

Most Powerful EGO Lawn Mower

LM2142SP Peak Power Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

When we tested gas and battery-powered lawn mowers side-by-side, we thought gas would easily exceed what any brand could do with a battery. The 21-inch EGO Peak Power Self-Propelled lawn mower shocked us by out-cutting every other mower we tested except for the Honda HRX-series and perhaps the EGO Select Cut XP. It also put some massive distance over several other commercial gas mowers.

Two active battery ports combine the power of two batteries. That lets you pack up to 24.0Ah of battery capacity on board and hit higher torque. If you have grass that grows 3 or more inches between cuts or is really thick, this is the EGO mower you should grab to give you the power you need for an even cut.

Estimated kit runtime: 80 minutes

Price: 799 kit with two 5.0Ah batteries and Rapid charger

Toughest EGO Lawn Mower

LM2021 Steel Deck Self-Propelled Mower

If you’re the kind of guy or gal that wants the toughest build, consider EGO’s steel deck mowers. We actually prefer the push model. It not only saves you money but also eliminates one more motor from the list of potential failure points.

most, powerful, battery, mower, best

The debate between steel and poly (plastic) decks runs deep. Generally speaking, steel decks can take more abuse. That said, we haven’t had a poly deck fail on us yet. There’s also more design flexibility to optimize airflow compared to steel.

But there’s still no denying that steel mower decks inspire a lot of confidence for the long haul. With EGO’s 5-year warranty backing it up, we’re totally on board with a steel deck sealing that long-term commitment.

Estimated kit runtime: 60 minutes

Price: 499 as a kit with 5.0Ah battery and charger

Best Value EGO Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

LM2114SP Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

If you’re looking to save some money and still get a great self-propelled battery-powered lawn mower, the EGO LM2114SP 21-inch model is a great fit.

While more basic than the other models we mentioned above, it’s no slouch in the feature department. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Mulch, bag, or side discharge
  • Vertical storage
  • 21-inch poly deck
  • LED headlights
  • Single point height adjustment

The kit price with a 6.0Ah battery is 549—still less expensive than most self-propelled cordless mowers of this quality. Finding good value means balancing price, performance, and quality, and that’s what EGO does so well with this model compared to less expensive solutions.

Estimated kit runtime: 60 minutes

Price: 549 kit with 6.0Ah battery and charger

Best Value EGO Push Lawn Mower

LM2101 56V Push Mower

EGO’s 21-inch LM2101 push mower kit is one of the best values in the battery-powered lawn mower space, period. Running 399 for the kit with a 5.0Ah battery, it has the runtime to cover lawns up to a 1/4-acre on one charge.

Like its high-value self-propelled cousin, it keeps most of the best features from EGO’s foundational design:

  • Mulch, bag, or side discharge
  • Vertical storage
  • 21-inch poly deck
  • LED headlights
  • Single point height adjustment

While you may be skeptical that hitting such a high value mark leaves questionable performance, this is actually the first EGO lawn mower to exceed the power of entry-level gas mowers.

Estimated kit runtime: 45 minutes

Price: 429 (or less) kit with 5.0Ah battery and Rapid charger

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Best Electric Lawn Mowers: Top 5 Brands Most Recommended By Experts

It pays to be kind to the environment. Investing in one of the best electric lawn mowers is an easy way to make a household chore more energy efficient. Cutting the grass with a quality machine can transform your outdoor area into a lush and inviting space with less grueling yard work for you.

Besides, you don’t want to be guilty of ‘greenwashing’. What is greenwashing? It’s a term used to describe when someone pretends to be more environmentally sustainable around others. A survey of 2,000 Americans revealed that half of respondents are guilty of doing this. A whopping 53 percent of survey participants admit to exaggerating their environmentally sustainable practices specifically to impress others. The survey also revealed that 54 percent of respondents are less likely to practice eco-friendly habits if nobody can see them.

Aside from being more sustainable, you also must consider safety when purchasing a new mower. In fact, a recent study finds that lawn mowers are a surprisingly common culprit for adolescent injury in the U.S., sending 13 kids a day to seek emergency treatment. The level of safety comes down to the model you choose and the habits you employ to ensure no one gets hurt while maintaining the lawn.

Whatever your motivation, it’s important to leave this planet in a little bit better shape than we found it. The smallest adjustments to daily living can be beneficial to the environment in the long run. Getting an electric lawn mower is a great first step in becoming eco-friendly. And guess what? Many of them work just as well or even better than their gas-powered counterparts. StudyFinds compiled a list of the top five best electric lawn mowers from ten expert websites to ensure a beautifully cut lawn. As always, we’d like to see your own recommendations in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below!

The List: Best Electric Lawn Mowers, According to Reviews

EGO POWER Select Cut Mower

If you are looking for a powerful mower that doesn’t use gas, this is a top pick from reviewers. The EGO POWER is “a battery-powered, self-propelled mower that can cut grass for about an hour on a single battery charge. Compared with other cordless models, it has a longer run time than most and a faster charge time,” according to The New York Times.

The Spruce notes, the 21-inch cordless mower “maneuvers easily thanks to a self-propelled design, and the cutting power automatically increases on tougher terrain. The self-propel feature can be adjusted between 0.9 and 3.1 miles per hour to match the user’s pace. With six cutting heights, the adjustable blades deliver a precise cut that leaves your lawn looking flawless.”

Forbes adds, its “LED headlights allow you to mow in dim or even dark conditions while this powerhouse transitions from mulching, bagging and discharge with one lever. Flip between deck heights of 1.25 to 4 inches with a single lever. A nice added perk? The battery works on other EGO products, too.” However, some reviewers did point out the battery can drain quickly in self-propel mode. Another possible drawback? The drive motor can get a little noisy.

Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower

Giving the EGO POWER a run for its money is the Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower. Popular Mechanics calls the 25223 model, “nicely designed and equipped with features you hardly ever see in this class and price. You get 10-inch rear tires to help it better roll over washboard surfaces, dual batteries, and three-function capability: mulch, side discharge, and bag. Icing on the cake includes its steel deck with seven positions from 1 1⁄8 to 3 inches, all controlled by a single spring-loaded lift mechanism.”

LeafScore notes the variable speed control on the Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V Self-Propelled version, “can be set between 0.5-1.5 m/s, which is super helpful if you struggle to push a mower around, especially as it gathers grass clippings.”

The Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawn Mower also gets high marks. “An easy push-button start gets you going without breaking a sweat, and a single spring-loaded lift mechanism provides seven cutting height positions,” adds Good Housekeeping.

RYOBI Electric Lawn Mower

RYOBI’s electric lawn mower options don’t disappoint. Especially, the 40V Self-Propelled Electric Push Mower that features a 21-inch cutting deck. ZDNET points out, it adjusts “to seven different heights to handle mowing in any season, and the deck is covered by a lifetime warranty against damage.”

“RYOBI crushed it with the development of the 40V HP Brushless CrossCut Self-Propelled Lawn Mower, making huge strides over its previous generation of mowers. Matching up very well against EGO’s Select Cut XP, it’s a stacked blade design that offers excellent power and cut quality,” according to Pro Tool Reviews.

The Spruce adds, RYOBI’s 40V Brushless 20-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower, “ can run for up to 42 minutes per charge, which is on the lower end of the spectrum. However, the RYOBI is equipped with an onboard battery storage compartment. If you purchase a second battery, you can swap it out mid-task to extend the runtime.” One note, the side discharge accessory on this model comes separately.

Toro Electric Lawn Mowers

Mowers Direct calls the Toro Recycler SmartStow the ‘Best Electric Self-Propelled Lawn Mower’ noting, “ model 21466 is a great option for any homeowner looking for a quiet, exhaust-free mower that is self-propelled and can not only mulch and bag grass clippings but also leaves a beautifully trimmed lawn.”

As far as running time? You can get about 40 minutes before recharging, with a 60-volt 6-amp hour battery. “This dependable, popular Toro performs as well as other decent self-propelled mowers and stands out for its ability to be stored upright (like the EGOs), saving valuable garage space,” according to The New York Times.

As for Toro’s 60V Stripe Dual-Blade Self-Propelled Lawn Mower? Pro Tool Reviews suggests, it “is probably the most compelling battery-powered lawn mower for 2023. Using its 60V battery platform for power (there are also gas models), it’s making the jump to a stacked two-blade system similar to EGO’s Select Cut and RYOBI’s CrossCut models. What Toro is doing differently is adding a built-in striping feature, leaving your lawn not with just a clean cut, but also a professional finish.”

Sun Joe Electric Lawn Mower

Rounding out our list, is this offering from Sun Joe. Bob Vila calls the MJ401E-PRO 14″ 13 Amp Electric Lawn Mower ‘Best Bang For The Buck’ adding, there’s “ no need to store gasoline or change spark plugs with this plastic mower that is as eco-friendly as it gets. Collect grass clippings in a 10.6-gallon bag or discard them via a rear-mounted side discharge chute. The Sun Joe mower boasts a nonslip grip handle that folds down for easy storage.”

The Spruce notes, “you’ll have to be diligent about keeping the cord from tangling or unplugging–and avoid running it over.” Plus, you’ll need to purchase an extension cord separately. If you don’t want the hassle of an extension cord, Sun Joe also makes cordless options. One in particular is great for smaller lawns. Forbes points out, Sun Joe’s MJ401C 14-Inch 28-Volt Cordless Push Lawn Mower, “ is powered by a battery that can handle up to a 1/4 acre before needing a recharge.”


Note: This article was not paid for nor sponsored. StudyFinds is not connected to nor partnered with any of the brands mentioned and receives no compensation for its recommendations. This post may contain affiliate links.

The 3 Best Cordless Lawn Mowers of 2023

We did firsthand comparative testing of 7 of the best cordless lawn mowers on the market so that you can easily find the optimal machine for your needs and budget. As consumers ourselves, we understand that there are dozens of cordless lawn mowers to choose from and that marketing claims can be inconsistent and confusing. To remedy this problem, we bought the most promising machines and subjected them to a rigorous direct comparison analysis. We hope this review will simplify the market for you, making the selection of a cordless mower a breeze.

Keeping up with the yard requires a range of tools for maintenance. That’s why our expansive list of reviews cover basics like top-ranked garden hoses and shovels to cordless tools like the best cordless leaf blowers and the best cordless string trimmers, our favorite chainsaws, and of course, our select picks of the best tools. And if you need help knowing when you’ll get that ideal mowing window, we have also tested weather stations and rain gauges.

Editor’s Note: We updated our cordless lawn mower review on March 31, 2023 to share information on how we scored our testing metrics.

Best All-Around Lawn Mower

Ego LM2102SP

Few lawns are too demanding for the Ego LM2102SP. With a 5 amp-hour, 56-volt battery and a mammoth cutting deck, this machine can mow down the toughest of turfs and mulch with the best of them. The Ego has all the important features you want in one of these products — like self-propulsion, a wide range of cutting heights, and easy folding and storing — to make cutting your lawn that much easier.

We have little to criticize this burly machine for other than its size — it’s massive. This means it’s going to require more storage space. Additionally, for those with smaller lawns, this is probably too much machine. And though it’s not astronomically expensive, it’s certainly not the cheapest model out there. These are minor gripes, and we feel that this electric marvel is far superior to its gas-powered relatives and rules the roost among cordless mowers.

Best Bang for Your Buck

Greenworks 25322

This economical machine is a good choice for those with moderately demanding lawns and modest budgets. Unlike some other affordable models, the Greenworks 25322 is not burdened with a short runtime (we clocked 73 minutes of runtime per charge). Nor does the mower suffer from a long recharge interval (we topped its battery off in an hour). To round things out, this machine packs enough cutting power to mulch well-managed lawns.

There are some negatives worth mentioning. The Greenworks isn’t self-propelled, which can be a pain if you have a sloping lawn. Also, it has a meager 13 ¾ cutting deck compared to the competition, which means you’ll make more passes to cut the same amount of turf. And, surprisingly, this slim mower is not as easy to maneuver as we expected. A plus to its small size is that it’s easy to fold and store.

Best for Easy Handling

BlackDecker CM2043

The BlackDecker CM2043 is not a high-end mower, but it has several characteristics that make it worth consideration. First, the price is well below average. Second, it’s maneuverable, excelling in tight spots such as inside corners. Finally, it supplies enough power for moderately demanding jobs, which is good because the cutting deck covers a wide range.

On the other hand, it disappoints in several key areas that negate its usefulness for high-demand lawns. Of chief concern is this mower’s short battery, which is only capable of cutting ~6,457 ft² (~80′ x 80′ area). Exacerbating this issue is a prolonged recharge interval of 300 minutes. We should also point out that the BlackDecker is not self-propelled. But if you have a small lawn, perhaps one with an irregular shape, then this little guy can get the job done while leaving enough money in your wallet to do something fun when the chores are all done.

Why You Should Trust Us

We’re passionate about evaluating the full range of battery-powered tools, from string trimmers and pressure washers to chainsaws, leaf blowers, and drills. Our Senior Research Analyst Austin Palmer has been tearing apart electronics with an eye for quality design and engineering for most of his adult life in our laboratory and the field.

  • Mowing tests (35% of overall score weighting)
  • Battery tests (25% weighting)
  • Handling tests (25% weighting)
  • Ease of Use tests (15% weighting)

Also contributing to this review is Senior Review Editor Nick Miley, who draws on his research experience in university laboratories to build a predictive runtime/cutting square footage model for the mowers. He draws on 10 years of product testing, not to mention the half-acre lawn that he mowed as a kid, to analyze these machines.

Analysis and Test Results

We devise a comprehensive set of testing categories or metrics to standardize and quantify all of our product evaluations. To determine the best cordless lawn mowers for each user, these metrics are mowing (35%), battery (25%), handling (25%), and ease of use (15%).


There are two ways of looking at value. The first is assessing which models offer more to the consumer. This more could be features, quality, or aesthetic appeal. The second is to identify two or more products that offer the same features and compare their cost. The Makita XML03 and the Greenworks 25322 offer comparable features and performance but sell for markedly different prices. The Greenworks offers significant value over its peers.


The performance of the mowers while they’re in use is the meat and potatoes of this review. It includes cutting efficiency based on the maximum cutting width minus the minimum overlap required to eliminate a cutting gap. (The cutting gap is the space between the end of the blade and the outer edge of the cutting deck). This metric also covers the range of cutting heights compared to the claims of the manufacturer. Last, we field-tested the mowers’ ability to power through shaggy and weedy knee-high grass while mulching. Mulching is the recutting of clipped grass repeatedly so that the clippings can be deposited deep into the turf.

The mowing metric makes up a whopping 35% of the overall score for each mower, and each model’s performance here mirrors its final ranking. The Ego topped the class.


These cordless lawn mowers run on lithium-ion battery cells, and we consider performance here second only to mowing. We measured runtime as the time it takes a stationary mower with the blade spinning to exhaust a fully charged battery. Recharge time is simply the time it takes for a dead battery to regain its full charge. Interestingly, some models with the longest runtimes (like the Makita) also displayed the shortest recharge times.

Unfortunately, the runtime measurement tells us fairly little about the longevity of a battery charge when the mower is actually cutting grass. This is harder to measure. Some of these cordless mowers, like the Ego and Makita, can cut tens of thousands of square feet of turf on a single charge. We didn’t have access to a field of grass of sufficient size and uniform length to conduct a cutting-grass battery test. Instead, we used a statistical model based on runtime and the dimensions of each cutting deck to render square footage estimates.

What our model reveals is a fairly wide range of square footage cutting estimates. Unsurprisingly, one of our favorite models, the Ego, crushed the competition with an estimated 14,275 sq.ft. of turf trimmed on a single charge. The average square footage for the class is 9,270 sq.ft.

Ease of Use

This metric evaluates the mower features that are not critical to a machine’s performance but make using the mower more enjoyable. It includes the noise level of a running mower, the battery charge meter, battery removal, and mower storage.

One of the big benefits of an electric mower is the lower noise level. Gas mowers roar, electric mowers purr — a significant difference.

Deciphering the Decibel (A) Scale The A-weighted decibel (dBA) scale measures the pressure vibrations in the air, referred to as sound intensity. The decibel scale is not linear, like measurements of distance or mass. Instead, it’s logarithmic and scaled so that an increase of three decibels represents a doubling of sound intensity.

To get an objective measurement of the noise output coming from the cordless lawn mowers, we used a sound pressure level meter that records sound intensity in decibels (dBA). We found a relatively substantial difference in the sound intensity within the class that worked out to a 7.4 dBA spread between the loudest and quietest models. The Makita is the quietest of the group at 70 dBA, with the Ego coming in a close second at 71 dBA. The Federal Aviation Administration describes 80 dBA as what one can expect from a busy urban area during the day. The takeaway here is that these mowers are, in comparison to their gas-powered counterparts, quite a bit less noisy.

Let’s move on to look at the battery charge meter and battery removal. Although it may seem insignificant, evaluating these two details is necessary because they frequently come up when we ask people how they like their purchase after a few uses. The Greenworks placed the battery meter under the battery cover, and the batteries themselves require two hands to remove.

Although the battery charge meter and battery removal system may seem like minor details, the folding/ unfolding mechanism is not. These mowers — even the smaller ones — take up a lot of space when stored. Old gas-powered models usually allowed you to fold the handle, but the oil and gas reservoirs prevented them from being stored in a vertical position. This is not the case for the electric models, which can take up far less storage space when not in use. Unfortunately, models like the Sun Joe iON16LM and, to a lesser degree, the BlackDecker make folding and unfolding quite difficult and time-consuming.

most, powerful, battery, mower, best


The handling metric complements the ease of use evaluation. Both are concerned with the effort required to perform the task of mowing the lawn. The difference is that the handling evaluation focuses on the core task of mowing the lawn and not those aspects of a product that support this function. Specifically, we assess the starting mechanism. Is it easy to engage? Is there a lag in the start-up process? Next, we evaluate how much effort goes into directing the mower around the turf. This is a general assessment of maneuverability. Finally, we dig into the bail — which is the lever that engages the blade — and how it feels when gripped.

As far as starting goes, these machines all start up pretty much the same way. One simply pushes the start button. The difference from one mower to the next is in the starting delay once the button has been pushed. The Ego fires up immediately. Some mowers take longer. Despite some delay, all the models reviewed here start up without a problem.

We saw more variance in the maneuverability of these machines than we did with the starting mechanisms. The first big difference is in the propulsion of the mowers. Some machines, such as the Ego, are self-propelled. Others have to be pushed if you want them to move. Both options offer pros and cons. In general, self-propelled models cost more, but if the lawn is large or inclined, it’s probably worth the extra money. On the other hand, some models like the Ego can — even at their slowest setting — be a bit fast for tight spots or corners. While one can simply disengage the drive system in such scenarios, the Ego delivers some resistance when it is pushed.

Whether you are interested in a self-propelled cordless lawn mower or not, activation of the cutting blade is controlled by a component called a bail. This is a spring-loaded bar that is connected to the handle. When the bail is depressed, the blade is engaged. When released, the blade stops spinning. Although this component may seem uniform across mower models, this turns out not to be the case. The shape and resistance of the bail can cause discomfort, especially on longer jobs. As such, we paid close attention to the feel and functionality of the bail during our various field tests.

While most of the bails went unnoticed — which is a good thing — a few were quite stiff and taxing to grip for prolonged periods. The primary offender in this evaluation is the Makita. Its stiffness seems to result from firm springs that return the bail to the off position when one’s grip is loosened. It remains to be seen if these springs will loosen in time.


The above review covers every aspect of cordless lawnmowers, from handling to mowing power. We hope that this analysis provided you with all the information to allow you to confidently select the perfect mower. over, we hope that this article will shed a bit of light on some aspects of these machines that will improve your overall experience. We have had a great time testing and writing about these machines and hope that our work will help you better enjoy your time in the backyard.

What Is The Best Battery Powered Lawn Mower?

…Despite battery powered electric mowers not being nearly as powerful as gas lawn mowers their rise in popularity actually makes sense for several reasons.

5 reasons battery powered mowers are on the rise:

  • Gas are soaring
  • Less pollution at the source
  • Anyone with a small lawn (smaller than a basketball court) probably doesn’t need a beefy gas mower
  • Local councils are cracking down on noise pollution (gas mowers, leaf blowers etc. are loud) and battery electrics are much quieter
  • Lithium battery technology has made heaps of progress over the last decade and are now more affordable, long lasting and powerful – to make them cost effective. Gone are the days of your battery powered tools lasting 10 minutes – they now can last hours.

So with all that being said:

What are the best cordless electric mowers on the market?

Which ones have the longest run-time?

Which ones have the most power to cut your grass like a gas mower?

Let’s answer those question today.

Quick Look: Top 3 Battery Powered Mowers

If you click and buy from links below we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.


  • Superior cut quality with dual high lift blade system.
  • 15 Amp-hour capacity (with 2 x 7.5Ah batteries) for up to 100 minute run-time in perfect grass conditions.
  • 56-Volt battery system for more power than any in its class.


  • Uses Makita’s 18V battery system in parallel to get 36V. Capacity for 4 x 5Ah batteries → 20Ah total capacity.
  • Commercial grade steel deck.
  • Makita brushless motor auto senses grass height and adjusts RPM to provide more power.


  • Uses Ryobi’s popular 40-Volt battery system and comes with 2x 6Ah batteries for 60ish minutes of mowing.
  • Dual cutting blades for a superior, finer cut of the grass with less clumping.
  • Rear wheel drive for more traction and control when turning.

What’s Better: Battery Powered vs. Corded Electric?


  • Don’t have to deal with electric cord and not tethered to an electric outlet
  • Not limited by home electric circuit breakers only by battery power
  • Batteries are measured in Amp-hours (Ah)
  • A 10 Ah battery can provide 10 amps for 1 hour to the electric motor. Or 20 amps for 30 minutes. Or 40 amps for 15 minutes.


  • Most affordable lawn mower on the market. You can find them for 100
  • Near zero maintenance like other electrics
  • Never have to charge a battery or fill with gasoline
  • No pollution or fumes at the source
  • Small and compact for easy storage
  • Quiet for easy operation in small yards with close neighbors.


  • You are tethered to yours homes electric outlet (unless you have a portable generator to plug in to)
  • You have to deal with the annoying cord and constantly move it out of the mowing path
  • Its power is limited by your homes electric circuit. All homes have 120V and 15-amp circuit breakers. The max continuous amps you can get through the outlet is 12-amp. So the max power manufacturers can make a corded electric mower are Power (watts) = I (amps) x V (volts).
  • Power (watts) = 12A x 120V = 1,440 W
  • 1 HP = 746 W
  • Max Power (HP) = 1,440 / 746 = 1.93 HP
  • Accounting for electric motor efficiency of 75%: Max power available at the mower blades of a corded electric is 1.5 HP. (Gas mowers start at 4 HP).

The Bottom Line:

Corded and cordless battery powered electric mowers are differentiated by price and the electric cord limiting how far you can go from an outlet.

Do you have a small yard close to your house? Corded might be for you.

Do you have a segregated yard with a side yard, backyard, front yard and lots of fences? A battery powered is probably for you.

What’s Better: Gas Engine vs. Electric Motor?


  • Much more powerful to make cutting thick grass a cinch
  • Can run for 3 hours on a single tank of gas and only takes seconds to refill
  • Easy to repair if you know what you’re doing


  • Loud
  • Big and heavy
  • Pollution at the source
  • Requires regular maintenance
  • expensive than a small brushless electric motor

The Bottom Line:

Gas engines are more powerful and portable because you can refill the tank in seconds vs. hours to recharge a battery.

Electric motors – especially brushless electric – are extremely quiet and compact while still providing good power for mowing small well kept lawns.

What’s Better: Self Propelled or Push Mower?

We usually recommend self propelled for lawns with hills and for gas mowers because they are heavier.

Cordless electric lawn mowers are light and easy to manoeuvre so you can get away with not having the self propel feature – which costs more.

The self propelled mowers are less effort since the motor does the work for you. You just walk-behind it.

Best Cordless Battery Powered Lawn Mower Reviews

EGO Power

When you see the EGO Power LM2135SP lawn mower in person, you’ll think: “This is the top of the line battery lawn mower on the market.

  • It looks solid, rugged and durable.
  • It looks like a gas lawn mower, to be fair.
  • It looks high tech and hard to use (but it isn’t).

It is our top pick battery powered mower and all the other electric mower categories because it is the most powerful on the market. And for the best cut – you need the most power at the mower blades.

We have used this mower for over a year and use it almost as much as our Honda HRX and HRN gas mowers.

It can handle tough, tall and even damp grass… But… You will need to go really slow or go over it twice. But that’s alright even some gas mowers have trouble through some vert thick grass.

Normal lawn grass is no issue. And the EGO – with its dual blade system – cuts the grass amazing and leaves it looking like a golf fairway.

  • Pros: Best-in-class power with 56-Volt battery system. Very durable and solid feeling. Leaves lawn looking like a gas mower cut it. EGO makes only lawn and garden equipment so once you have bought-in to the battery system you have option for other equipment.
  • Cons: Expensive (especially the extra batteries). Lots features and function to get used to using.

If you have the budget to buy the best then this is the mower for you.

Makita XML07PT1

Our runner-up pick is the top-class Makita lawn mower.

What we love is it comes with 4x 5Ah batteries for a total capacity of 20Ah and run-time close to 40 minutes with the self propelled function operating (over an hour without self propel).

If you’re already bought in to the Makita battery system then their mower is a no brainer.

It has a steel deck for extra sturdiness and rigidity. It has easy to use controls on the left and right sides – in perfect position.

And it has the trusted Makita name. One of the remaining power tool brands not owned by Stanley Black Decker.

  • Pros: Capacity for 20 Amp-hrs. Makita quality and brand trust.
  • Cons: Heavier than others because of steel deck.

It is an upper-model battery lawn mower so it isn’t the cheapest.

Ryobi RY401150US

Ryobi is made by TTi just like Milwaukee, AEG, Hoover and Dirt Devil.

They know their electric motors and batteries and make great products at affordable prices.

Their Ryobi cordless battery mower is a great first mower – especially if you already own Ryobi power tools.

It comes with 2x 40-Volt 6Ah batteries to give you a solid hour of run time mowing flat ground, well-kept grass.

Greenworks Pro 80V 21-inch

Greenworks is made by Sunrise Global and they specialize in lawn and garden equipment.

They have a huge range of cordless mowers to choose from ranging in price from about 200 to 700 for their top of the line 80-Volt 21″ self propelled battery mower.

First off, let’s talk about the difference between the 24V, 40V, 60V and 80V Greenworks battery systems.

  • The main difference is the charge time and size of battery.
  • The 80-Volt battery will charge much faster than the 40V battery. Way faster. Power = IV. Power in watts. I in amps. V in volts. Even when you compare batteries with the same capacity in watt/hours the 80V battery charges 4x faster.
  • The 80V will also stay cooler during charging.
  • Again even comparing 2x 40V 2Ah batteries to 1x 80V 4Ah battery. The 80V is still more volume.
  • A bigger battery may be more user friendly – especially when wearing gloves – as it can have larger buttons to push when wearing safety gloves.

Back to the best Greenworks battery powered mower. We like both the 40V and 80V mowers.

But ultimately the best is the Greenworks Pro 80-Volt cordless mower.

Nothing beats the 30 minute charge of the 80V battery system.

And the mower comes with a steel deck and 21-inch width to make cutting even mid sized lawns a breeze.

The 80V 2Ah battery will last 30 minutes but it comes with either 2x 2Ah or 1 x 4Ah so you have 60 minutes available to mow your yard.


Milwaukee uses their M18 battery system on this 21″ self propelled mower.

It comes with a 12Ah battery for amazing mow time capacity. 1 hour or so depending on if you use self propel and how thick the grass is.

Milwaukee claims it has 10 ft-lbs of max torque but as we’ve talked about before max torque means nothing. What matters is for how long (power) can its brushless motor provide torque (work) to get through tough grass. Hint: gas powered will always win this for the foreseeable future.

Anyways the Milwaukee is a great mower if you have bought into the Milwaukee system already.

  • Pros: Comes with 12Ah battery capacity. Steel deck. Rear wheel self propelled.
  • Cons: Most expensive battery mower we have seen. Dishonest marketing.

Other Battery Powered Mower Brands We Looked At


Toro is interesting because they are one of the best gas lawn mower brands.

They have a full lineup of riding, stand-on and walk behind mowers to choose from. All with Briggs Stratton, Kawasaki, Honda or Kohler engines.

But a few years ago they decided to partner with an OEM battery and brushless motor company to retrofit their Recycler and Super Recycler Series mower into a line of cordless electric lawn mowers.

What they created they call the Flex-Force Power System. It uses a 60V MAX (54ish-Volt) battery system with 2.5Ah, 6Ah and 7.5Ah battery options. They offer 14 battery mowers with this Flex-Force Power System ranging in price from 450 to 850.

We like them but prefer the above 5 for now.


DeWALT is Stanley Black Decker’s brand they market towards prosumers at mid to high prices.

They have 5 cordless electric mowers – 4 self propelled and 1 push mower.

Although it is impossible to know without a manufacturing plant tour – DeWALT mowers are likely made on the same assembly line as Craftsman battery mowers, Cub Cadet battery mowers and Troy Bilt battery mowers.

Because Stanley Black and Decker (the tool conglomerate) bought MTD Products (the outdoor power equipment giant) in 2021. MTD makes a ton of different brand lawn mowers and power equipment.


Echo is a brand of the Yamabiko Corporation of Japan.

They sell 4 cordless battery powered mowers.

Their “professional” model uses a 58-Volt battery system while the others use a 40-Volt system.

The are well-known and loved in the landscape industry for their chainsaws and leaf blowers.


Skil sits under the same corporate umbrella as EGO. They are both brands of Chervon.

EGO is Chervon’s lawn and garden equipment brand. And Skil is the power tool brand. However, they still offer 2 battery powered mowers with their 20V battery system. The mowers use a 2x20V = 40V Max system with 2x 5Ah batteries included.


Hart comes from the same company as Ryobi, Milwaukee, AEG, Homelite, Dirt Devil and Hoover – TTi (Techtronic Industries) of Hong Kong.

They Hart mowers are exactly the same as the Ryobi mowers with different colors.


Husqvarna are popular Swedish company making all types of lawn and garden equipment.

Their chainsaws, robot lawn mowers and garden tractors are all very popular.

Husqvarna battery mowers are yet to stick but we’ll keep watching.


Kobalt is Lowe’s Home Improvement home brand just like how Husky and HDX is Home Depot’s home brand.

They use OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to build their tools and equipment and then slap the Kobalt sticker and branding on them. There’s nothing wrong with this – everyone does it.

Kobalt lawn mowers are made by Greenworks parent company Sunrise Global.

We choose to put the Greenworks mower in the our top 5 ranking above instead of Kobalt. Same mower.


STIHL is a German company best known for their chainsaws. They also make all the other lawn and equipment we know and love.

They have 4 mower options very popular in Europe but haven’t got the eye of the American market yet.

We’ll keep an eye on their mower innovations.


Q: Why do cordless electric mower manufacturers say “as powerful as gas” when they clearly are not?

A: When cordless electric mower makers say “gas-like power” or “exceeds the power of gas” or “more torque than gas” it is basically false advertizing.

At the present time there is no residential battery powered electric mower that is even 50% as powerful as the most entry-level gas engine mowers: 2HP vs 4 HP.

This is not a knock against battery electric mowers, it is just a fact.

  • Battery electric are great for certain uses: small to medium lawns with low to medium height/density of grass.
  • Gas mowers are the only option for large lawns with tough, thick, overgrown and dense grasses.

EGO TouchDrive Lawnmower Review. 2023 EGO Electric Mower

Example: When you are mowing really thick tall grass and the mower stalls. It stalled because the motor didn’t have enough POWER to give the blades enough TORQUE quick enough. You slow down going through thick grass and it mows better because the motor has more time to provide TORQUE to the blades with its finite POWER (HP).

This is why gas mowers breeze through thick stuff without slowing down. The gas engines have more POWER (HP) so it can rapidly provide enough TORQUE.

TORQUE is the work it can do and POWER is how quickly you can do it.

Q: What does brushless mean (universal brushed motor vs. brushless motor)?

A: Brushless motors are newer and better because they have a longer lifetime, better speed and acceleration, are more efficient, less noisy and more predictable.

They are also more expensive.

Because brushless motors use active control electronics to control/rotate the magnetic field of the stator instead of using brushes to commutate the motor to spin causing the magnetic field in conjunction with the copper winding.

Q: Are battery electric lawn mowers really zero maintenance?

A: The only maintenance you will need to perform is cleaning the deck underside after each mow and changing/sharpening of the blades at least once a year.

There are no oil changes, air filters or spark plugs to worry about.

Q: Why are cordless electric mowers so much more expensive?

A: When compared to gas mowers battery electric mowers are more expensive than entry-level models but similar in price to prosumer level mowers from Honda and Toro, for example.

The reason they are so much more expensive than corded electric mowers is because they have a better motor with an upgraded electronic control system and they have the cost of the battery.

Add these together and you have 800 cordless mower and a 150 corded electric mower.

  • Brushless Vs Brushed DC Motors.
  • Global Electric Lawn Mower Market Outlook.
  • Twin Blade Advantage.
  • Milwaukee Mowers.
  • Ryobi Mowers.
  • Makita Mowers.
  • Greenworks 80V Pro Mower Review.

About your guide: Jamey Kramar is a certified Lawn Care Manager (NALP) and a Mechanical Engineer by trade. He has been writing about outdoor power equipment for 11 years and has been quoted in NYTimes, Popular Mechanics, HowStuffWorks, iFixit,, and more. He spends his spare time disassembling things and also building an off-grid cabin at his 200-acre property.