Network Angle Grinder D 125mm Adjustable Speed

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Network Angle Grinder D 125mm Adjustable Speed

angle grinder (angle grinder) ZUBR angle grinder-P125-1400 EPST. Photo 220V

Bison Professional angle grinder-P125-1400 EPST. market leader. Power and compactness, convenience and a full range of auxiliary systems are the best ZUBR technologies in your service.


The device of the angle grinder Bison Professional angle grinder-P125-1400 EPST. Photo

  1. Spindle lock button.
  2. Protective cover.
  3. Additional handle.
  4. Brush holder cover.
  5. Handle lock button.
  6. Lock / latch tab.
  7. Power key
  8. Power lock button.
  9. Flange inner.
  10. Outer clamping flange.
  11. Abrasive disc (not included).
  12. Speed ​​control.


The angle grinder is designed for grinding and cutting (longitudinal, transverse, oblique) metal products of various shapes, profiles (corner, tee, I-beam, channel, bar, pipe, strip, etc.), as well as welds. In addition, the angle grinder is suitable for metal stripping, concrete and stone processing when installing the appropriate grinding, cutting, diamond wheels.

The product is intended for use in areas with a temperate climate with a characteristic temperature of 20 to 40 ° C, relative
humidity not more than 80%, the absence of direct exposure to precipitation and excessive dust.


  • The brand is home to Russia.
  • Power. 1400 watts.
  • The diameter of the disc is 125 mm.
  • Landing diameter. 22.2 mm.
  • The number of revolutions per minute is 3000-9500.
  • Electronic speed control. is.
  • Spindle thread. M14.
  • Soft start. there is.
  • Maintaining constant revolutions under load. is.
  • Overload protection. yes.
  • There is a power outage when a disk is jammed.
  • Protection against unintentional starting. no.
  • Adjusting the position of the casing without a tool. is.
  • Protection against damage to the collector. yes.
  • Locking the power button. no.
  • An additional handle is.
  • Anti-vibration main handle. is.
  • Swivel head. is.
  • The rotary main handle. is.
  • Superflange. there is.
  • SDS keyless nut. no.
  • The length of the network cable is 3 m.
  • Voltage. 220 ± 10% / 50 V / Hz.
  • Dimensions. 530x160x110 mm.
  • The mass of the product is 3.5 kg.
  • Shipping Weight. 4.1 kg.

The PROFESSIONAL series (the main color of the case is blue) is installed 3 year basic warranty. For the PROFESSIONAL series, operation for professional purposes is allowed, with the exception of ultra-high loads or severe external operating conditions.

Angle grinder Bison Professional angle grinder-P125-1400 EPST. Photo

The PROFESSIONAL series is installed 5 year extended warranty subject to registration on the manufacturer’s website.


  • The leader in power in the line of machines with a 125 mm disc.
  • Compact, but quite powerful and productive model.
  • Specially designed gear housing to improve heat dissipation and ensuring the strength of the loaded unit itself.
  • All possible electronic systems for the best quality of work:

Video: Network Angle Grinder D 125mm Adjustable Speed

  • smooth start allows you to spin a powerful engine without jerking and starting overload;
  • smooth adjustment of turns for various types of work;
  • maintaining speed helps to work without loss of performance at any load;
  • overload protection protects the operator and the product when the disc is jammed.
  • Reliable protection of the main components from dust:
    • rotor with kapron bandage and an additional layer of protective varnish;
    • a stator with a special winding coating;
    • dustproof switch with a degree of protection IP5X;
    • the labyrinth seal of all ball bearings creates a dust-tight air barrier.
    • Anti-vibration main handle for more comfortable work under the most adverse conditions.
    • Opportunity turning the main handle around its axis is a natural grip for any orientation of the tool.
    • 90 ° swivel head allows you to customize the product for your left hand or for cutting.
    • Protective cover a disk with simple fixation without a tool.
    • Comfortable spindle lock for quick disk replacement.
    • Flanges made of different materials prevent excessive tightening of the disc during operation.
    • Branded additional handle with rubber, mounted in 2 positions.
    • Wide ergonomic switch with dust protection and inadvertent blocking.
    • Special brush holder design to prevent damage to the collector while the brushes are completely worn.
    • Quick access to brushes for replacement.
    • Reliable grip thanks to the main and additional handles with soft overlays.
    • Power cable with an increased length of 3 m. In rubber insulation.
    • Equipment

      • Angle grinder;
      • Additional handle;
      • Protective cover;
      • Key;
      • Safety instruction;
      • Manual;
      • Box.

      angle grinder (angle grinder) ZUBR angle grinder-P125-1400 EPST. Photo 220V

      Packed Tool Parameters:

      • weight. 4.15 kg.;
      • LxWxH. 539x172x111 mm.


      • Angle grinder EINHELL TE-AG 125 CE Kit 4430865: power. 1100 W; disk diameter. 125 mm.; the number of revolutions per minute. 3000-12000; soft start. yes; electronic speed control. yes; weight. 2.45 kg.

      Angle grinder EINHELL TE-AG 125 CE Kit 4430865. Photo

      • angle grinder (angle grinder) HAMMER USM1200B PREMIUM: power. 1200; circle diameter. 125 mm.; the number of revolutions per minute. 2000-9000; soft start. yes; electronic speed control. yes; weight. 2.52 kg.

      angle grinder (angle grinder) HAMMER USM1200B PREMIUM. Photo 220V

      Service and maintenance

      Check the condition of the product. In case of suspicious odors, smoke, fire, sparks, turn off the tool, unplug it from the network and contact a specialized service center.

      During operation periodic (as wear and tear) replacement of graphite brushes is necessary electric motor. To replace the brushes:

      • unplug the product;
      • unscrew the brush holder cover with a screwdriver;
      • take out the worn brush and insert a new one;
      • replace the brush holder cover in place;
      • do the same with the other brush.

      Angle grinder Bison Professional angle grinder-P125-1400 EPST. Photo

      In addition, during operation periodic lubrication in the gearbox is necessary. For this you need

      • disassemble the gearbox: remove the cover and remove the gears;
      • old grease is removed from the gearbox elements with a paper towel, rag and cloth;
      • removed parts are washed in gasoline or solvent;
      • the new grease is thoroughly mixed, stuffed into the gear housing, inside the bearings, on the gears.

      It is important to remember that timely and competent care of the power tool ensures a long service life.


      The manufacturer does not recommend repairs on their own, the preferred option is appeal to specialists. However, simple breakdowns can be eliminated with your own hands, for example, replacement of individual elements: buttons, bearings, gears. For this, the performer will need instructions and video materials. In addition, the master needs:

      • screwdrivers or screwdrivers;
      • hammer;
      • tester;
      • open-end wrench;
      • bearing pullers;
      • grease;
      • fluids for removing old lubricants.

      Failures of electricians require a professional approach and special equipment, so it is recommended to entrust the repair to specialists.