New Stihl 180 Will Not Start

To date, the manufacturer Stihl takes a leading place among other companies that produce equipment intended for agricultural and construction work. The products of this manufacturer are famous not only for their high level of quality, but also for the optimal pricing policy and the power of its models. It is probably quite difficult to meet a person who would not have a chainsaw of this brand. This is one of the most famous world companies. But the fact that out of ten possible six people have exactly them. And this is not surprising, since Stihl chainsaws represent power along with graceful design. But unfortunately, such technology giants sometimes fail and require a certain kind of repair. Let’s talk about the reasons why the Stihl chainsaw does not start.

Briefly about the main thing

This model represents the pride of a German manufacturer and is a direct tool designed for a small level of work. It can be used no more than twenty hours a month. This wonderful device can easily help you cope with the care of your garden, prepare firewood for the winter period of time (see how to cut a tree), produce cleared areas, and will also be an indispensable assistant in other areas, let’s say, simple manipulations.

We can say that these mini-chainsaw models, since it has a negligible weighing 3.9 kg, she does not have a large mass of tank, both oil and fuel. The manufacturer equipped this device with a two-stroke engine with ample power for light work.

over, it is quite quiet since during operation the noise level does not exceed 98 dB. So that you better understand the degree of volume itself, just compare its noise with colloquial speech, which has an indicator of 76 dB.

The power of this model is equal to 2.6 W. It is worth noting that this is a fairly substantial level of strength, given that it is not a professional chainsaw. The oil tank has a volume of only 0.145 liters, and the fuel tank has 0.25 liters. The tire measures 350 mm and the pitch is 0.325 inches.

Stihl Saw Clockwork

The basis of the plant of this kind of model, however, and all other chainsaws is a carburetor. But since we are talking today about the Stihl 180 chainsaw, it will not leave the topic. So. The carburetor in this model has a single tuning screw, that is, this is a kind of idle adjustment screw. While the full-load jet is stationary.

New Stihl 180 Will Not Start

In simple words, we can say that it simply cannot be adjusted (see here), while the full load setting simply cannot be changed. It is important that the carburetor at the factory was set up in such a way that regardless of the conditions under which the chainsaw is directly operated, the air-fuel mixture is supplied to the engine itself.

Shtil chainsaw does not start: causes and solutions

First of all, it is worth noting the fact that the chainsaw 180 of this manufacturer is one of its best “creations”, but it also has its drawbacks. Actually, about which we will talk now.

  • A fairly common problem is that the Stihl 180 chainsaw does not start and floods a candle. The reason for this is that the oil that is added to lubricate the chain starts to leak. Since time is mercilessly and simply leakage is made exactly in the place where the hose from the oil pump and oil tank is actually connected. Naturally, this problem can be solved but, given the design of this chainsaw, this will not be so simple, as it will simply have to be completely disassemble the device so that, as they say, get to the right place. The video shows more clearly: https: // V = UOsYJBOVuwg
  • Many people care about this question: why does the Stihl 180 chainsaw not start? If you believe the experts, then in such a situation, you first need to open, and then close the lid, which is located on the gas tank. Or get out and dry the candles. Or try to ventilate the combustion chamber. In most cases, this kind of manipulation is enough to make the device work. But there are times when the Stihl chainsaw does not start, but there is a spark.
  • In the above case, you need to directly gas supply check, air filter and the direct performance of precisely a candle. Since the basis of this type of damage is the breather, namely its pollution. Because when it is completely full, a kind of vacuum appears in the gas tank itself, which simply interferes with the fuel supply process. It is not difficult to solve this issue, since all you need to do is clean it by using a needle.
  • There are also situations where the device in principle wound up, but immediately stalled.

Video: New Stihl 180 Will Not Start

The main causes of this type of malfunction are the carburetor and filter, which could simply become clogged.

In order to exclude the saloon from damaged objects, it is necessary first of all to disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor itself and actually check whether fuel flows out of it.

  • You must remember that during the correct operation of the chainsaw gasoline must flow out in a dense and stable stream. Also, it is not uncommon for a Stihl 180 chainsaw to start up hot and actually stall after switching on or hold power for a relatively short time. In this case, the problem of breakage lies in the muffler, which can simply be clogged by any deposits that arise through the operation of the device , and which settle in the exhaust process.
  • Also a fairly common cause of tool malfunction is insufficient lubrication of the device circuit itself. The reason for this may be channels that are simply clogged, or a cause in the oil pipe that is leaking.
    • Connecting tubes or the connections themselves may also leak in the area of ​​the oil pump fittings.
    • It happens that the Stihl 180 chainsaw does not start well due to cylinder that can be broken. But to determine its condition, a visual inspection is enough. But if there you find the formation of bumps and chips, then you can be sure that you found the cause of the breakdown.
    • If through verification you find that malfunction in the candle, then you simply need to twist it, and then make direct drying. But it is worth noting that you can’t puncture it in any case, since you simply ruin the part and it will be unusable. You also need to drain excess fuel from it through a special hole.

    In addition, you must remember that direct drying should be done for at least thirty minutes, and only after such manipulations can you install it back and actually try to launch the tool directly.

    over, it may be such that your candle’s expiration date has simply passed, in which case it is necessary to replace it. Therefore, it’s good advice that it is best to always have a new candle in stock or the best set. Then you can replace it at any time and actually understand whether there was a direct cause of a device breakdown in it. over, the cause of the breakdown can be a weak contact that actually connects the high-voltage wire and the end of the candle. Also, the cause may be a breakdown of the ignition unit. It is worth noting the fact that in order to eliminate this kind of problem it is necessary to replace the unit itself since it cannot be repaired.

  • Equally important is the excitement of the owners of this model regarding systematic idling after the first petrol tanks themselves are empty. But according to experts in this field, they argue that this kind of situation does not represent any problem. But nevertheless, if this kind of process is repeated quite often, then you just need to reduce motor speed by using a carburetor screw.
  • In addition, you can personally produce muffler cleaning, since the cause of the malfunction may also be in it. This manipulation is not complicated. A fairly frequent phenomenon of poor-quality tool operation is the carburetor.
  • But it is worth noting that it will be best if the specialists will repair it, since if you have the necessary knowledge and skills, then you can simply break it and have to buy a new one.

    How to eliminate the reasons why the device does not start

    It is important that if you even found the very cause of the malfunction of the tool, this does not mean at all that you can eliminate it yourself. Since there are such breakdowns that can only be fixed by a specialist. If you have carried out direct manipulations regarding checking and replacing the quality of the oil (see Stihl chainsaw oil), but nevertheless the chainsaw refuses to start, then you must continue to search.

    But if you fully performed all the manipulations prescribed above and did not miss a single nuance, but still the instrument has not yet been fixed, then in this case the problem lies in the group called the cylinder. But if you still couldn’t bring your iron friend back to life, then simply take the chainsaw to a service center where your device will be repaired. Also, do not forget to look after the engine to find out the ratio of gasoline to oil for chainsaws, read this article.

    To summarize.

    In fact, as you see, the reasons for the breakdown of the Stihl 180 chainsaw are quite a lot, and at the same time there are not a few solutions to this problem. If you are faced with this situation, then simply follow all the recommendations written above and then, of course, you can repair your device, and it will delight you with its work for many years to come.

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