Oleo-Mac 937 Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment

Oleo-Mac 937 is a popular amateur level chainsaw. The manufacturer himself defines its purpose as "a saw for intensive home use." A model from an Italian manufacturer is forced to compete in such a segment with such venerable competitors as STIHL MS 250 and Husqvarna 240. Saw assembly is carried out in China; upon purchase, a one-year factory warranty is provided.

Oleo-Mac 937 Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment


The manufacturer recommends using the “937th” for harvesting firewood, felling trees (the diameter of the trunk being cut should not exceed 30 cm), trimming various plantings. Also, the Oleo-Mac 937 chainsaw is recommended for use in the construction of wooden residential buildings and farm buildings.

This saw can be taken with you on country trips to equip a parking place or clear the road from felling.


The described saw has two modifications. The first is the Oleo-Mac 937 16. the basic version of the chainsaw. The second is the Oleo-Mac 937 PowerSharp. This version is identical in technical specifications to the standard “937th”, but is additionally equipped with a quick sharpening system. The special version can be recognized by the original PowerSharp logo on the bus.

Saw blade

The Oleo-Mac 937 chainsaw buyer receives the following kit:

  • directly the saw in disassembled form (the tire and the circuit are disconnected from the main unit);
  • candle key;
  • instructions for repairing and operating a chainsaw (the instruction is also available in electronic form on the Oleo-Mac website in the model profile).

The PowerSharp version is additionally equipped with a tool for quick sharpening the chain.

Technical details

The Italian manufacturer claims the following technical data for Oleo-Mac 937:

  • engine power: 2.2 hp (1650 watts);
  • engine displacement: 35.2 cubic cm;
  • tire length. 16 inches (41 cm);
  • fuel tank. 0.3 l, oil. 0.2 l;
  • chain pitch: 3/8 inch;
  • number of chain links: 57;
  • fuel: gasoline with an octane rating of "92";
  • standard oil for 2-stroke engines.

A decompressor and side chain tensioner are not provided for the saw.

Pros and Cons of Oleo-Mac 937

Below on the link you can watch a video review of the Oleo-Mac 937 saw. In the video, the saw was demonstrated in action, it was told about the ergonomic advantages and strengths of operation.

The power unit of the Oleo-Mac 937 chainsaw is equipped with a forged connecting rod and crankshaft, which significantly increases the engine resource. Nickel-plated cylinder coating increases its strength characteristics. The automatic oil pump does not pump oil when idling.

Video: Oleo-Mac 937 Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment

The magneto chainsaw is equipped with an electronic control unit: the “brain” provides engine starting with a slight “pulling” of the starter, reduces fuel consumption, gives the mixture ignition at low speeds. That is, an additional adjustment of the carburetor of the Oleo-Mac 937 chainsaw to configure these parameters is not required.

The saw is equipped with reusable nylon filters. Due to the large working surface area of ​​the filter, the designers managed to increase the planned intervals for its replacement.

Also, the strength of the saw service is that access to the filters is carried out without the use of tools, the filter layer can be replaced right at the workplace. To prevent the filters from becoming covered by ice particles during winter operation, the Oleo-Mac 937 is equipped with an Ice Device protective system, which additionally provides start-up and stable operation at low air temperatures.

Among the disadvantages, the following points can be distinguished:

  • inconvenient location of the chain tension screw;
  • in rare cases, uneven wear of the links was observed on the “937” model, when the chain links were ground on only one side.

User’s manual

ATTENTION! Complete instructions are supplied, and are also available on the manufacturer’s official website on the Internet. Working with the Oleo-Mac 937 chain saw requires compliance with safety requirements:

  • work is allowed only on well-lit and ventilated areas;
  • drunk people should not be allowed to work with the saw;
  • the saw operator must be fully dressed in protective equipment: headphones, plexiglass glasses, non-slip shoes with protected socks (protective equipment must be purchased separately);

Fuel for refueling the Oleo-Mac 937 chainsaw is mixed in a ratio of 1:50. It is forbidden to start a chainsaw with a protective cover on the tire. When working with a chainsaw, the front handle should be held with the left hand, the rear with the right. When working in cold conditions, you need to put the choke control in the appropriate position.

The instructions for the saw describe recommendations for the implementation of various types of work (felling, pruning, etc.). There are also instructions for the current repair and maintenance of the Oleo-Mac 937: carburetor adjustment is described, as well as minor malfunctions and how to solve them.

User reviews

I really like the saw. Bought for work in the country, fully satisfied. It copes with its functions “excellently”. True, he didn’t work much, he didn’t make firewood, but I think the 937th will have no problems with this.

Oleg, Bryansk

Saw Oleo-Mac 937 is not bad. Before that, he used Khuskvarna, but she ordered to live long last year. He took the "Olya", while satisfied. The most important thing is that she drank one of the quietest ones to work with. In addition to tolerable acoustic comfort, I liked the low level of vibration. I can not say anything about reliability, the saw has only recently been bought.

Boris, Petrazavodsk

Small trees and a dry tree fells normally. When you have to do household chores, a file handles everything. No serious flaws were noticed. But there is one significant advantage. the saw is not as demanding on fuel as the same "Stihl". Before each session, do not fill in fresh gasoline.

Kirill, Belozersk


The Oleo-Mac 937 chainsaw deserves the approval of the buyer: the saw is assembled by the famous Italian delirium plant, has characteristics not inferior to venerable competitors. It is important that the saw is applicable for a wide range of work. Of the main advantages, it is possible to note a low level of noise and vibration in comparison with classmates.

This saw has an attractive price when compared with similar models of "Husqvarna" or "Calm". Oleo-Mac 937 is a good option for those who are not going to use the saw regularly, but nevertheless want to have a reliable tool on hand.