Partner chainsaw does not start a spark eat. What to do if a candle is flooded on a chainsaw

The chainsaw is not started? Reasons and solutions

The popularity of Chinese chainsaws has no boundaries. This is due to their main advantage. affordable cost. over, often among the owners of Chinese chainsaws, questions arise about the problematic launch of the tool engine. Before you find out why the Chinese chainsaw is not started, one feature should be noted. the design of these tools is no different from German and other manufacturers. That is why the reason why the chainsaw is not started can be detected on the basis of the above algorithm. Chinese chainsaws are very sensitive to fuel quality, therefore, in the diagnostic algorithm, fuel quality testing is in the first place. The use of poor.quality fuel leads to the fact that the tool does not work at full capacity, its service life is reduced, and difficulties arise with the launch of the launch

The instructions for the tool indicate the recommended type of gasoline and oil, which is important to use in order for the Chinese chainsaw to work for a long time and at full power

If you bought a new chainsaw, and it will not start, then here you need to start the search for faults with the return of the tool to the store. Make sure that you start the tool engine correctly, and if you cannot achieve a positive result, you need to return the tool to the store under warranty. An attempt to independently search for a malfunction will entail the abandonment of traces, as a result of which a guarantee can be canceled.

It is recommended to once again check the correctness of the preparation of the fuel mixture. If everything is done correctly, but the engine of a gasoline tool does not start, then there is a high probability of factory marriage. Marriage can be with any detail, but this should already be determined in the service center of the store.

The chainsaw is poorly started on the cold

Violation of the sequence of actions when starting to cold

If a new chainsaw is not started to cold, then the reason may be in the wrong sequence of engine start. As a rule, each manufacturer in the instructions for the chainsaw indicates the procedure for the start of the chainsaw to the cold. It is mainly similar to all two.stroke internal combustion engines that are installed on the chainsaws, and is the following procedure.

partner, chainsaw, does, start, spark
  • Closing the air damper (it is necessary to enrich fuel during starting).
  • The fuel suction using a special primer for this (on some models of chainsaws, the primer is not provided for by the design, and therefore this item is absent for them). [chapter of chainsaw]
  • Turning on the ignition (if you forget about it, then you can mistakenly calculate the tool faulty).
  • To carry out several starter movements to the first “outbreak” of the engine (it is important not to miss this moment, otherwise it is possible to “fill” the engine).
  • Set the air damper to the position openly.
  • Start the chainsaw engine. Fuel problems

As in the option of difficult to start hot, problems in the fuel system can affect the launch or not the opportunity to produce it and on the cold. Adjusting the carburetor, contamination of the fuel filter and the highway, all these are the reasons that cause difficulties when starting.

Diagnose the fuel system, this is the first thing that needs to be difficult for the cold.

Бензопила Partner 350S не заводится Диагностика поломки, разборка

It is worth paying attention to the quality of fuel, When using a mixture of gasoline with butter, in which there is a small amount of water, it may be much difficult to start or become impossible.

The mixture must be used fresh enough, When storing oil diluted with oil for more than a month, its properties are lost and complicates the launch, both on the cold and on a hot engine. Gasoline for this reason can burn poorly.

four.2. Malfunctions in the engine

ZPH dumbings, sticking of rings, wear of the CPH, air leaks through seals and gaskets, lowering compression, all these problems can make the chainsaws impossible or significantly make it difficult to make it difficult. For example, with not significant wear of CPH, compression in the engine is reduced. In this case, the launch on the “cold” will be much difficult, or the saw may stop. The tool will start well.

It is quite difficult to accurately diagnose problems in the engine in its launch problems, and it will be better for this to turn to a specialist in this field.

Drum repair

The breakdown of the ram in the saw is accompanied by a loud sound when turning on. In this case, the repair of the Partner 350 chainsaw with your own hands should be started first of all with the inspection of the fuel system. The problem may be broken by the carburetor. In some cases, the drum flies out due to the crank, which leaves the grooves. In order to inspect it, you need to open the protective cover. Next, the throttle is removed and the fuel system is checked.

All tubes must be connected. After that, it is necessary to inspect the crank, which is located above the carburetor. If he flew off the grooves, it can be corrected on its own. However, if it is very deformed, it will have to be replaced. The drum in this saw is located near the air damper. When he beats on the coupling, his protective ring is damaged. If it is completely groomed, then the drum will have to be completely changed. In this case, you need to know the marking of the product. The drum is quite simple in installing, and you can cope with installation yourself

In this case, it is important not to damage the fuel system during the repair

Partner chainsaws. malfunctions their elimination

Like other household equipment equipped with an engine, Partner‘s chainsaws from time to time need to be repaired. This may be due to the improper operation of the saw, or with the banal wear of spare parts. Be that as it may, the chainsaw is required to be repaired, and it is quite possible to do it with your own hands.

How to refuel a Partner chainsaw?

As the instruction indicates, gasoline should be used to refuel the Partner chainsaw, brands no less than AI-92. It must be mixed with oil designed for 2-stroke engines.

The optimal ratio of gasoline and oil for the Partner chainsaw is 50: 1, that is, in 1 liter of gasoline, motor oil in the amount of 20 ml should be diluted.

How to set a ignition on the Partner chainsaw?

If you cannot understand why the partner does not start, then check the ignition system of your tool. Checking and adjusting the gap looks like this:

  • First of all, dismantle the cover to which the starter is attached. To do this, we recommend using the T27 hexagonal bat, tools from a set of chainsaws and additional nozzles;
  • Carefully inspect the ignition coil, flywheel with magnets, and, especially, the gap between these details. To do this, use specially designed laying;
  • The ignition on the Partner chainsaw is installed by turning the screws, which leads to the approximation of the coil and flywheel to each other.

How to remove a clutch on the Partner chainsaw?

Repair the clutch of the tool is often required in cases where the Partner chainsaw starts and stalls when pressing the gas. However, not all beginner gardeners know how to remove the leading star from the Partner chainsaw. You can do this in this order:

  • First turn the lever and remove the brake cover of the saw chain;
  • Unscrew the nuts that fix the clutch system using the key from the Partner chainsaw kit;
  • Remove the clutch from the chainsaw and completely disassemble it. If necessary, replace worn parts and clean the walls of the standard adhesion elements.

How to replace an oil pump on a Partner chainsaw?

If you find that the chain on the Partner chainship is not spinning, then the reason for this problem is most likely lies in the wear or breakdown of a separate pump designed to pump lubricant on the chain. The design of the oil pump includes 2 elements. the funded camera and the working part. Repair of the pump is carried out with disassembling the mechanism, however, it is not recommended to take some actions with the working part. Further actions are as follows:

  • Carefully inspect the input and output tubes through which the lubricant passes. as a rule, all the pump malfunctions are associated with them;
  • If the channels are clogged, then all the garbage is required to remove. Along the way, blowing them with compressed air;
  • If cracks appeared on the channels, then they need to be replaced;

If after assembly of the Partner chainsaw, the lubricant does not pass on the saw chain again, then the pump will need to be completely replaced.

How to adjust the carburetor on the Partner chainsaw?

The tuning of the carburetor of the chainsaw of the Partner brand is slightly different from the procedure with chainsaws of other brands. The difference is the marking and the value of the adjusting screws. For adjustment, the manufacturer equipped the Partner chainsaw with three screws. the left screw of the amount of fuel, the right fuel quality screw and the idle speed adjustment screw “T”. All these screws are located on the left under the top cover of the chainsaw body. Partner‘s adjusting the carburetor of the chainsaw is as follows:

  • Remove the lid and clean the spare parts under it;
  • Twist both screws clockwise to the end, and then turn them on 1/5 turn in the opposite direction;
  • Start slowly turn the screw of quantity until you hear that the motor has begun to work at the highest possible speed. Immediately after that, turn this screw for ¼ turn in the other direction. As a result, the Partner chainsaw should be sustained in idle speed;
  • Next, by means of a quality screw, put the maximum speed for the Partner chainsaw.

If it starts and stalls

Когда бензопила заводится и глохнет, это связано с карбюратором или другими деталями. Causes of malfunction:

  • Fuel does not enter the engine. This is due to the blockage of the saapun.
  • Not enough fuel in the tank. Tilt the tool sideways, the remaining fuel flows to one place. Because of this, the saw stops working.
  • Poor quality fuel.
  • The candle insulator is overheated when poor contact is installed between the cap and candles. The contact between them becomes worse for a halter or a mechanical shift.
  • The spark plugs are faulty.
  • Fuel does not enter the carburetor through the fuel filter or pump. As soon as the tool begins to increase speed, he immediately stalls.
  • If the air filter is contaminated, the engine does not withstand high loads and stops.
  • Not enough or completely absent lubrication in the chain.

Stalling when pressing gas

If the chainsaw stalls when you press gas, then you need to inspect the gasoline and air filter, as well as the fuel pump.

  • During operation, there is a strong clogging of the air filter, and when you press the gas, the tool stops working. The filter is dismantled, cleaned or washed with warm water, thoroughly dried and only then installed back. Then disconnect the fuel hose screwed to the carburetor. Gasoline should flow through it. The hose is cleaned or replaced by a new one if the liquid does not flow out. The filter is serviceable and it can not be checked if gasoline proceeds well.
  • Gasopile stalls. perhaps the gasoline pump has worn out. If gasoline flows through the walls of the pump, then the device is stalled due to it. This detail is changed to another.

In order for the motorcycle to start, you need to accurately determine the cause of its malfunction, and then try to eliminate it yourself. If the problem is not found or it cannot be eliminated independently, then it is better to seek help from specialists.

The chainsaw is stalled and not start

If the tool is stalled and not starting to start, it is worth checking the presence of fuel in the tank. Oddly enough, it sounds, but many people forget about this and, if such a situation arises, they immediately try to repair the tool, which can lead to serious breakdowns.

In a situation when I drank it stalled, and there is still gasoline in the tank, you need to evaluate how the saw worked until this point. Maybe when working at the last moment there was an extraneous sound, rattle, ringing, power loss, or the tool stopped abruptly. All this will allow to pre.assess the situation.

The engine jammed

Quite often there is a situation when the saw worked and sharply stalled, the cause of which was the jamming of the engine, which in turn occurred as a result of a break in the piston skirt, destruction of the crankshaft bearing, the outbuilding ring of the piston fingers or the break of the piston ring.

The engine jamming is easy to determine if you pull the starter cord. In the case when the starter does not turn, most likely, it jammed, and further repair is possible only in the service center.

The cliff of the fuel wire

During the operation of the chainsaw, vibration occurs, which can cause damage or breakthrough of the fuel line of the chainsaw. In this case, the chainsaw will stall and it will be impossible to start the launch. To diagnose a malfunction, you need to conduct an inspection and determine the presence of fuel fuel.


Overheating of the engine during operation may cause the saw to be stalled and will not start. Overheating is quite dangerous, as it can cause melting the piston in the cylinder and jamming of the engine. In the first cases of overheating, it is worth diagnosing the tool for the availability of extraneous air leaks to the engine, and adjusting the carburetor.

Air leakage, as well as the correct adjustment of the carburetor affects the maximum number of engine speeds and its lubricant, which in turn causes overheating and shaking the tool.

The main reasons why the chainsaw is not started on the video. The video will be useful for those who quickly want to start a saw, the author gives practical advice.

In case of a situation where the chainsaw is not started, it is important to correctly conduct diagnostics, determine the direction in which the malfunction should be sought. Do not use a tool that does not work at idle, as this indicates the presence of air leaks into the engine and can lead to serious problems. If the experience in repairing the chainsaws is not enough, it is better to contact a specialist who will save your time and nerves.

Adjustment of the Partner 340S chainsaw carburetor. Pull the Partner 350 chain carburetor with your own hands

Proper setting up the Partner 350 chainsaw carburetor will eliminate the occurrence of the above problems. This work begins with the disassembly. Adjustment of the Partner 350 chainsaw carburetor requires knowledge about the design of the working node.

When disassembling the elements for repairing the Partner saw carburetor, it is useful to use the following recommendations:

  • When shooting the Husqvarna saw elements with your own hands, you must act as accurately as possible. You need to remove each element. It is advisable to carry out the layout of parts in the sequence in which they are removed. This will help make the process of subsequent assembly as fast as possible. You can disassemble the unit quickly.
  • Holding the upper cover is carried out using three bolts. You will need to carefully carry out their disassembly. Under the removed cover there is a foam layer. He performs the air filter option.
  • You need to remove the thrust of the filter in the saw. To do this, the dismantling of a gasoline hose should be carried out.
  • To adjust the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw, it is required to remove the tip, which is located on the cable. To do this, remove the fuel hose and disconnect the carburetor. Remove it slowly.
  • Having completed all the above actions, you can start adjusting the Partner 350 chainsaw carburetor. Please note that this type of operation is considered quite laborious. It will be necessary to configure in stages. Individual elements are small in size. It is important not to lose them when disassembled, configure.

How to change the gas cable on the Partner chainsaw. Repair of the chainsaw Partner P351XT. 1 series. Dismantling

First, check the presence of a spark: unscrew the spark plug, attach it to the high-voltage wire and put on the cylinder, pull the starter. If there is a spark, clean and adjust the gap on the spark plug (0.5. 0.65 mm). If this is not the case, you need to change: either a flywheel or a coil (magnet). In addition, the spark plug itself or a high.voltage wire itself can break.

The next step is to check the fuel supply. To do this, disconnect the supply hose from the carburetor and check its availability. The absence may mean that the fuel filter or the supply system is clogged. And the carburetor can also be clogged.

If you have no experience in repairing and cleaning, trust this work to specialists.

If the air supply worsens, the saw should be launched, but it will not work properly. Remove and rinse the air filter. Place it in place only after it is completely dry.

If the saw works well, works on idle and stalls when gas supply. The muffler is probably blocked., dismantling, washing, installation and work.

Easily with the help of hands you can also change the saw strip and a chain, carburetor, starter, oil pump, ignition and clutch.

The reasons for a weak sparks

Weak spark on a chainsaw is a relative concept. Most often there is either a spark, and the ignition is regular, or it is not completely. In modern chainsaws with electronic ignition, the spark visually seems weak.

On old models with a mechanical cam breaker, the spark was a large, pronounced blue color. On modern models with electronics, it is noticeably smaller and pale, more often yellowish in color. Therefore, when you need to verify its presence, it is better to do it in the shade. In direct sunlight, it is almost not visible.

How to make sure that there really is no spark

To make sure there is a spark on the chainsaw or not, you need to perform a simple procedure:

  • The upper cover on the case is removed.
  • Gently, with a capture under the very bottom, so as not to tear off the candle wire, a cap is removed from the candle.
  • The 19th end key included in the kit, the candle is unscrewed counterclockwise.
  • The cap is put on the place, on the candle.
  • The thread or nut of the candle is “closed to the mass”, that is, pressed to the metal head of the cylinder. To provide confident contact, the candle is pressed to the cylinder with electric pliers, a screwdriver with insulated handles or a hand in dielectric gloves. This should not be done with a bare hand. With a broken cap, you can get a painful blow of a high.voltage discharge (up to 40,000 V with a slight current of current up to 80 milliamps).

The chainsaw is placed on the ground, pressed to the ground and slightly pull the starter cord slightly. At this time it will be seen whether there is a spark or not.

Why there is no spark on the chainsaw and what to do

If there is no spark on the chainsaw, then do not be upset, the malfunction is diagnosed and eliminated on its own very simple. The serviceability of the ignition system and the fuel system is equally important for the non.resistant operation of the chainsaw engine. But the symptoms of malfunctions, both ignition and carburetor are often very similar at first glance. In order to correctly find and eliminate the cause of malfunctions precisely in the ignition system, in particular the lack of a spark, you need to know the principle of its operation, device and diagnostics.

Firefighter Chainsaw Fix

Reasons for the lack of a spark

On the engine of each chainsaw stands, in fact, a miniature power station. The primary impulse for the spark on the candle she receives from the jerk of the starter cord, from muscle energy.

Further, energy is produced due to the rotation of the magnetic rotor with the engine operating due to combustion of fuel. In the theory of problems with the formation of a spark, there can be along the entire line of the system, from energy generation to its transmission by wires and transformation in a spark on the lighting of the fuel of the chainsaw. In practice, weaknesses are less.

Carburetor device

The purpose of the Partner chainsaw carburetor

351-preparation and supply to the engine of the correct fuel-air mixture.

The carburetor power supply system of the chainsaw engine is arranged according to the standard circuit and includes a fuel pump, the main mixing chamber with a membrane, throttle and air shifts and three adjusting screws (needles). In the aluminum case, technological channels are provided for the movement of the fuel mixture.

The throttle is a brass plate that controls the number and speed of air entering through air intake with a variable cross section.Narrowing to the center and expansion to the opposite edge, as in the Venturi tube, creates a vacuum that captures fuel on the way to the engine.

The pressure in the main chamber of the carburetor is close to atmospheric, but when the engine is launched in the air channels, a rarefaction occurs. The opening of the damper increases the intensity of the air supply, and at the same time the power of the absorption of fuel, and the number of ICE working revolutions.

Determine the presence of fuel and its supply.

First you need to make sure that there is a fuel mixture in the tank of a chainsaw that does not want to start, and it regularly enters the carburetor. With a full tank, we check how the mixture is supplied to the gas pipeline. Disconnect the pipe of the fuel system from the carburetor and try to swap. In case of full order, when pumping, gasoline will be supplied with jerks in accordance with the norms specified by the manufacturer. Weak fuel supply or its absence can be a consequence:

Often the reason for the poor launch of the chainsaw may be too complete tank. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the presence of subtexts under the cover of the saw card. If they are present, see the connection of the gas supply tube with the carburetor. Most often, it is squeezed out by pressure when twisting the cover of the tank, tucked under the neck, which prevents the engine from starting.

The quality of the fuel mixture can also become one of the reasons why

The chainsaw is not started. If after performing the work, do not drain the remnants of gasoline, and leave the tool for long-term storage (more than 2 weeks), then the processes of resounding and polymerization of the components will begin to occur inside the tank. What can cause a carbon for the piston, rings and a cylinder sleeve. Therefore, always before work, prepare the mixture only in the required amount.

Spark plug

Spark plug is one of the main elements of the ignition system. On its electrodes, a spark is formed, and when this element fails, it will be difficult to start, or it is not at all possible.

The candle can completely refuse, or work with interruptions or give out a weak spark. Checking the candle is quite simple, for this you will need to unscrew it from the engine, attach to the cap of the high.voltage wire and, putting it on the cylinder, pull the starter. If the candle is in order, the spark will be powerful with a bluish tint. Weak spark with a reddish tint, a sign of a problem. A defective candle needs to be replaced.


  • Smoothly turning the screw l in one and the other side, find the position in which the turns are maximum.
  • Turn the screw l for a quarter of a circle counterclockwise.
  • When the chain rotates at idle, the screw t is twisted to the left until it stops.
  • If after setting up the engine starts poorly or stalls quickly, it is necessary to unscrew the screw l for another half turn and again adjust the screw t.

Determine the presence of fuel and its supply.

First you need to make sure that there is a fuel mixture in the tank of a chainsaw that does not want to start, and it regularly enters the carburetor. With a full tank, we check how the mixture is supplied to the gas pipeline. Disconnect the pipe of the fuel system from the carburetor and try to swap. In case of full order, when pumping, gasoline will be supplied with jerks in accordance with the norms specified by the manufacturer. Weak fuel supply or its absence can be a consequence:

Often the reason for the poor launch of the chainsaw may be too complete tank. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the presence of subtexts under the cover of the saw card. If they are present, see the connection of the gas supply tube with the carburetor. Most often, it is squeezed out by pressure when twisting the cover of the tank, tucked under the neck, which prevents the engine from starting.

The quality of the fuel mixture can also become one of the reasons why

Do not start a bond. If after performing the work, do not drain the remnants of gasoline, and leave the tool for long-term storage (more than 2 weeks), then the processes of resounding and polymerization of the components will begin to occur inside the tank. What can cause a carbon for the piston, rings and a cylinder sleeve. Therefore, always before work, prepare the mixture only in the required amount.

Checking the final channel of the chainsaw.

One of the reasons that a chainsaw is poorly started can be a clogging of the exhaust channel or its muffler. In this case, a drop in power in the process of sawing lumber and logs is noted. Most often, this is due to the tarry deposits on the sparking or muffler channel, which are formed during the combustion of a poor-quality mixture of gasoline and oil, which prevent the withdrawal of exhaust gases.

A resonator clogged by a carbon monoxide can cause a poor launch of a gasoline saw

Eliminate the cause of the poor launch of the chainsaw, in this case, you can remove accumulated combustion products. To do this, make a number of manipulations:

  • Remove the muffler by unscrewing the screws;
  • Remove the cooling panel and sealing gasket;
  • Remove the sparking;
  • Disassemble the resonator body;
  • Wash all the elements from the carrier using a detergent;
  • Let them dry completely;
  • Gather everything in the reverse order;

What to do if the chainsaw does not start further?

If the initial inspection did not give anything or the defects in the search process were eliminated, and the chainsaws are not started, then you need to look for more serious reasons. It is best to identify and eliminate such breakdowns in the service center. However, in the presence of experience, you can find and eliminate them independently. What to diagnose and check?

In the first case, checking the compression in the cylinder will find out the condition of the cylinder.piston group (CPG) of the chainsaws that does not want to start on the cold. To do this, you need a compressometer. The device is screwed into the spark plug and the engine is idle. The measurement of indications allows you to judge the state of the CPG. In the absence of a compressometer, it is possible to determine the compression in the cylinder as follows:

We repair the fuel system of the chainsaw

When the fuel supply is broken, it is not surprising that the chainsaw does not work. over, the problem in this case is one: a fuel does not enter the cylinder. And there may be several reasons for this problem, and you have to find that very reason.

First, try disconnecting the fuel hose and watch the pressure of the fuel. Weak, interrupted current signals the filter clogging. Get it, rinse and dry it, and if possible, replace it with a new filter. Sapun (valve) also clean from clogging.

Check the condition of the carburetor filter and, if necessary, rinse it thoroughly, dry and set it back. We talked about the setting up of the carburetor in detail above, and these actions in this case will also not be superfluous.

If the reason is not in the sapuna and not in the carburetor, then everything may turn out to be banal. Make sure that there is enough fuel in the tank.

Also, malfunctions in the cylinder-piston group (abbreviated CPG) Partner’s cylinder-piston group are possible. This breakdown can be considered serious, because the cylinder and the piston are the basis of the engine. Therefore, CPG is an expensive component whose cost reaches half the cost of the entire tool.

The power of the chainsaws directly depends on the coordinated operation of the cylinder and the piston. During operation, especially in case of violation of operating rules, a cylinder, a piston and rings can wear out. In this case, only the replacement of the details will help.

Details of CPH can be damaged mechanically. These defects can be diagnosed independently. Remove the muffler. You can see CPG in the hole. Scratches and bullying on the surface of the cylinder, located chaotic, occur when garbage, fragments, solid foreign particles.

If the cylinder has darkened, and this defect is observed on its entire surface, then, in all likelihood, you tucked a chainsaw with low.quality fuel. Bad gasoline also affects oil scrap rings. The executed surface of the cylinder from the muffler is a sign of a critical overheating of a chainsaw during operation. Minor mechanical damage can be corrected by the replacement of bearings, rings, etc. But with deep bunches of the CPG, you will have to completely replace by contacting the Partner chainsaw workshop.

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How to prevent a chainsaw breakdown

Repair of a chainsaw in some cases can be very expensive. This can be avoided if you pay enough attention to the prevention and control of the condition of the tool and all its parts. over, it is not difficult to fulfill this condition. it is enough to use the operating instructions and adhere to rational accuracy:

To maintain it in working condition, you only need to clearly follow the instructions and follow some general rules:

  • Do not allow overheating of the engine, make pauses in work so that it can relax and cool.
  • Do not load the chainsaw beyond the possibilities that are provided by its class. For example, if you use the Partner 350 class saw, then it simply is not designed to work for more than 40 minutes a day.
  • Check the health brake serviceability daily (this is done on maximum acceleration).
  • Follow the manufacturer’s requirements regarding quality, composition of the fuel mixture.
  • Check the state of the spark plug and, if necessary, clean the electrodes.
  • Before using the saw, make sure that the chain is sharpened and correctly installed. Pay attention to the wear of the cutting links and drag it in a timely manner. Follow the appearance of cracks and ruptures on rivets.
  • The correctly stretched chain does not sag, but it can be moved with your hands. Never do this with a hot chain! Take it and/or pull it after replacing it.
  • When refueling the chainsaws, make sure that, together with the fuel, dirt and other foreign particles do not get into the tank. Pour oil and gasoline carefully, do not spill them.

Often when contacting the service center it turns out that the Partner chainsaw has broken due to improper launch of the tool. Therefore, there is only one universal solution when breaking a saw: treat it correctly, and most problems will be able to avoid.

And in the event that you are interested in the reasons for the breakdowns of the Stihl chainsaw, the second popular brand together with Partner (Partner), then the next article is about this.

And for lovers to know more, we offer to familiarize yourself with the video about the repair of the chainsaw Partner