“Patriot” Petrol Trimmer.

If you are the owner of a summer cottage where there is a lawn, then you probably cannot imagine the territory without periodic grass cutting, as well as shrubs. If this is not done, the uncultivated vegetation in just one season will turn the dacha into a wasteland overgrown with weeds.

Need to use.

It will be possible to cope with such works with the help of an ordinary scythe. However, today, you rarely find a person who has retained the ability to use it. It is much easier to control the trimmer, which is a descendant of the aforementioned tool.

How to choose?

First of all, you should decide what types of work is supposed to be carried out. For example, in some cases, there is a need to mow only the grass, other owners of country houses on the territory have a lot of young shrubs, and also often we have powerful weeds. If from time to time, you struggle with tree growth, then you need a more powerful model.

Motor Reviews.

The Patriot trimmer petrol today is available for sale in a wide range. Before purchasing, it is important to determine which engine is best suited for solving your problems. Most often, the mentioned manufacturer installs single-cylinder two-stroke engines in gasoline trimmers, and their power can vary from 0.5 to 3.3 kilowatts. According to users, for the smooth operation of the engine, it will be necessary to prepare a fuel mixture, which consists of special oil for such engines and AI-92 gasoline. It is unacceptable to use another brand of gasoline or another type of fuel, since the engine can start to work irregularly, overheating.

If you are interested in the Patriot trimmer petrol, but you do not have the skills to work with the engines described above, then it is best to purchase a model that works through a four-stroke motor. A distinctive feature of such units is the absence of the need to pre-mix the mixture. The master will need to pour oil and gasoline in separate containers.

Solving complex problems.

Buyers claim that the four-stroke models are more powerful, so with the help of the equipment where they are installed, you can carve complex, overgrown with shrubs. If, however, you regularly face the task of mowing the lawn, but no more, then this power will be too much. In this case, experienced gardeners are advised to choose units with two-stroke engines that are lighter and cheaper.

Reviews on the structure of the rod.

Trimmer “Patriot” gasoline produced by the manufacturer in different variations, this also applies to the structure of the rod. This element acts as a conductor that connects the cutting system to the motor. Inside the rod is a shaft that can be flexible or straight. It indicates that the shape of the bar may be curved or straight. The latter option, according to users, is more durable and reliable. However, the owners of the sites where there are a lot of hard-to-reach places and elevations, most often choose models with curved bars.

Experts advise paying special attention to whether the bar collapsible. If so, then you can easily fold it for storage.

Feedback on lightening devices.

The Patriot trimmer, of petrol, is undoubtedly capable of facilitating lawn care. However, the mowing work cannot be called an easy process, since a working unit creates vibrations. Therefore, it is sometimes quite difficult for the master to hold the tool in his hands. If you add an impressive weight here, then for a non-professional summer resident, the process can end with pain not only in the back but also in the hands.

The manufacturer has made sure that the load created by the tool is distributed evenly on the body. For this, there is a harness. You must decide which model of the trimmer to prefer, given this device.

Trim repair.

The Patriot trimmer, which needs to be repaired at a service workshop, can fail during operation. If the warranty period has already passed, then you can try to fix the problem yourself. Most often, users are faced with the fact that the engine ceases to start. The reason for this may be the pollution of the fuel filter in the tank. In case of such problems, it is necessary to check its condition. If necessary, you can replace this item. In no case, the inlet pipe should not be left without a fuel filter.

Trimmer “Patriot”, the repair of which you can make yourself, sometimes needs to be checked and the air filter. If it is polluted, the engine can be removed in the field, wash the spare part in gasoline and install it in place. Spare parts for petrol trimmers “Patriot” can be purchased at service centers.