Petrol powered lawn mowers. Petrol Lawn Mowers for Sale

Petrol Lawn Mowers for Sale

Not all lawnmowers have been created equal, and we are proud to stock some of the best petrol lawn mowers on the market. One thing that unites these products is the flexibility, power and convenience that they provide to customers, as they’re not tethered by a cord and can be used freely to cut even large stately lawns.

Through our ongoing partnerships with the globally-renowned Hyundai and Ryobi brands, we’re able to offer a large selection of petrol lawn mowers that can cut your grass with a high level of precision. Including self-propelled models to engine-powered petrol mowers, we’re confident that you’ll find everything that you need or more on the SGS website.

New for 2021 the HP41 hand-propelled, petrol-driven mower is a fantastic addition to the Mountfield range. Offering fantastic value for money combined with great performance these mowers are ideal for small sized gardens.

The SP41 self-propelled lawnmower is new to the Mountfield range for 2021. With a 39cm cutting width and powered by a 123cc engine this mower offers great value for money.

The Mountfield HP45 is fitted with the new powerful, easy starting 123cc OHV engine, robust powder coated steel cutter deck and large 60 litre grass collector. The additional mulching plug means you don’t always need to collect the grass.

The Mountfield SP45 is fitted with the new powerful, easy starting 123cc OHV engine, robust powder coated steel cutter deck and large 60 litre grass collector.

A fantastic 51cm self-propelled lawnmower offering great value for money. Powered by a 139cc STIGA engine it will make light work of medium-large sized lawns. The robust steel deck in Mountfield red makes this mower stand-out in the crowd!

The Mountfield SP160R is a rotary bladed roller mower powered by a STIGA ST120 OHV Autochoke engine and self-propelled drive. Perfect for creating the traditional striped lawn with 5 cutting heights ranging from 20-70mm.

The GC-PM 46/4 S petrol lawn mower is a robust, efficient and reliable helper for the mowing of large lawns up to 1,400 m².

Precision petrol mowing

Our strategic partnerships have helped to refine and empower our range, creating one of the finest selections of petrol mowers on the market.

Our Hyundai petrol mowers are partially defined by their powerful engines, which enables them to cut through even overgrown lawns with incredible speed and efficiency.

There’s far more to these products than meet the eye, as they also boast a level of accuracy and precision that contributes towards a neat and tidy lawn. To aid this, most of our petrol lawnmowers offer an adjustable cutting height of between 17mm and 75mm, along with a generous cutting width of 18 inches to help you achieve the look that you desire.

In the case of Hyundai’s HYM460SPR Self Propelled 135cc Petrol Roller Mower, you can also benefit from an extremely economical 4-stroke engine. This enables you to strike the balance between power and energy efficiency, which is particularly important for professional gardeners and those who offer a service to private clients.

As if this was not enough, you’ll also qualify for a two-year standard domestic warranty that provided by the manufacturer when you buy with SGS. This will give you peace of mind, particularly on higher price items.

Choosing from our range – Feel free to speak to our technicians

With both self-propelled mowers and more powerful petrol models available on our website, you can also choose a product that suits your budget and existing garden space.

In some cases, you may be a little unsure about which type of petrol mower is suitable for your precise application. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and our experienced team of technicians will have you covered with the answer to any question that you want to ask. So, get in touch today and move one step closer towards purchasing your dream lawn mower.

Help Centre

With the right petrol mower in hand, you can cut your lawn in the most efficient and time-effective way possible. You can also use this and other gardening tools to maintain your overall outdoor space, and to help you get the most from your hardware we’ve put together a number of informative buying and how-to guides. For example:

  • How To Set Up and Start A ChainsawChainsaws can be used to cut down tree stumps and even trim overgrown hedges, but only if you know how to set it up. This guide will help you on your way.
  • 5 Jobs For Your Garden StrimmerIf you also own a garden strimmer, you may not realise how versatile this tool is. Read this guide to see the diverse range of jobs it can manage.
  • The Best Tools for GardeningAre you just starting out? If so, we’d recommend checking out this guide that features the best tools for getting your garden in shape.
  • How to choose Lawn Mower?There are several factors to consider when buying a lawnmower. from the size of your garden to the level of maintenance it requires.

Help Advice Centre

Petrol Lawn Mowers from Honda, Hayter and more

You have better things to do than mow your lawn, so to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently we have a choice of petrol lawn mowers from brand leaders Hayter, Honda, VIKING and Lawnflite, to suit every type and size of garden.

Remember too that we can service, repair and supply parts for each of the mowers we sell.

Want to know more?


Atco have been manufacturing fine quality lawn mowers since 1921 and have earned an enviable reputation for outstanding quality and performance. Atco’s petrol lawn mower range is highly powerful and manoeuvrable even on tough terrain and provide a quality finish. Making it the go to choice for those with larger gardens.

We stock the Atco Quattro and Liner ranges. Visit our shop to find your mower of choice.

Hayter petrol lawn mowers

Hayter is a British manufacturer and pioneer of the rotary lawn mower. A well respected name in the grass cutting world for more than 65 years, Hayter is holder of the Royal Warrant for the supply of horticultural machinery to Her Majesty The Queen. So with Hayter lawn mowers you know your lawn will get a superior quality cut.

petrol, powered, lawn, mowers

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Hayter petrol lawn mowers

Hayter is a British manufacturer and pioneer of the rotary lawn mower. A well respected name in the grass cutting world for more than 65 years, Hayter is holder of the Royal Warrant for the supply of horticultural machinery to Her Majesty The Queen. So with Hayter lawn mowers you know your lawn will get a superior quality cut.

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Honda petrol lawn mowers

With Honda lawn mowers, cutting the grass has never been easier. Honda Lawn Mowers cut all types of lawns to a neat, even finish and can even tackle wet, rough and long grass. All Honda petrol mowers feature dependable, powerful and efficient Honda 4 stroke engines.

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All Husqvarna mowers are designed to give the highest performance and efficiency, with thoughtful ergonomic solutions. They have high – spec and easy starting engines as well as durable cutting decks for any lawn and any challenge.

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REVIEW OF THE ALDI FERREX 46CM PETROL LAWN MOWER Is this Specialbuy any good? Would you recommend it


All Husqvarna mowers are designed to give the highest performance and efficiency, with thoughtful ergonomic solutions. They have high – spec and easy starting engines as well as durable cutting decks for any lawn and any challenge.

Click visit our shop to view our range online.

VIKING petrol lawn mowers

VIKING is part of the STIHL group. VIKING lawn mowers are known for their dependability, powerful performance and excellent cut. Cutting the grass is a much easier process and enjoyable to do with VIKING’s range of features. These include one-handed height adjustment, ergonomic controls and ReadyStart easy starting engines. All VIKING lawn mowers are available with a five year extended warranty.

We stock petrol lawn mowers from leading manufacturers such as Hayter, Honda, VIKING and Lawnflite in all of our stores, in the counties of Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey and Hertfordshire.

What Lawn mower to buy to Start a Lawn Mowing Business in 2023!


AL-KO offer a comprehensive range of lawn mowers, whether you are looking for a petrol powered mower suitable for mowing in a large garden or a compact cordless or electric lawnmower for maintaining small garden lawns, you are sure to find the ideal mower to suit your needs. For fully automated lawncare, check out our Robolinho® robotic lawn mower.

With more than 50 years of experience in developing lawn mowers in Germany using high quality components and the latest manufacturing techniques, AL-KO lawn mowers are designed to deliver high performance and a long working life.

Cutting height adjustment

The cutting height can be conveniently adjusted with a single handle. Depending on the model, the adjustment is made for each individual wheel or centrally in up to 7 steps.

The mulch plug (included with some models) can be fitted without tools. The particularly fine grass cuttings are incorporated into the lawn as a natural fertiliser.

The tyres on AL-KO lawnmowers are gentle on the lawn and ensure optimum mowing comfort. The wheel drive of the XL or XXL rear wheels also guarantees the best traction on the lawn.

Full box, fewer breaks

The MaxAirflow-Technology ensures that the lawn cuttings reach the back of the collector box, which means that the box is filled to the top and needs emptying less often.

The aerodynamic plastic grass catcher box with large capacity indicates when the box needs to be emptied thanks to the integrated fill level indicator.

Mounting removal made easy

Goodbye to back pain and trapped fingers. Thanks to the EasyClick suspension with guide rail, removing and fitting the collector box box is child’s play.

Whether you prefer mowing and catching, mulching or side discharge, our innovative mower housings guarantee you the best results in lawn care. Our extensive range of accessories offers the right solution for every requirement.

Grip-optimised switch brackets and EasyDrive cockpit with soft handle (depending on model) make mowing enormously easier. Even more comfortable is lawn mowing with wheel drive or, depending on the model, with speed-regulating Vario Speed.

Thanks to their innovative design and optimised air cooling, Briggs Stratton Exi and InStart engines use significantly less oil than comparable 4-stroke engines. Due to a lower heating, the lubricating properties of the oil are also retained much longer, which means that refilling instead of replacing is sufficient.

The integrated front carrying handle is not only ideal when it comes to lifting the mower over steps or obstacles. It also makes it much easier to transport or stow away the mower.

A simple press of a button shows the current charge state of the AL-KO battery. Thanks to lithium-ion technology, it can be recharged quickly without any memory effect.

The safety key protects against unintentional starting on battery mowers. The engine only starts when the key is inserted and turned. After removal, the mower can be safely stored.

Engineered in Germany, made in Austria

In search of the optimum, with the aim of creating a piece of the future. The majority of our lawnmowers are manufactured in Austria. AL-KO, that means garden tools engineered in Germany. For more than 50 years we have been designing and developing garden tools that combine innovative spirit, highest quality and state-of-the-art technology. AL-KO, that means lawnmowers made in Austria and that since 1966.

Practical and comfortable electric lawn mowers

The grass box collects the cut material and thanks to its practical carrying handle as well as the large opening, allows for simple and complete emptying. So that you do not disturb your neighbours, we have placed great emphasis on extremely quiet, high quality induction motors in our electric lawnmowers.

Electric lawn mower: silent, fast and easy mowing

To achieve the dream of having of a well-kept lawn to simply sit outside and relax in can be possible using an AL-KO electric lawn mower. They are extremely lightweight and make lawn mowing very comfortable with an ergonomically shaped and height-adjustable handlebar. For the perfect cutting of your lawn, you can change the cutting height quickly and easily on our electric mowers.

Discover our wide range of lawnmowers

Petrol lawnmowers. in use for years, tried and tested for years

Petrol lawnmowers are the classics among mowers. They are used to mow large areas of grass, slopes, difficult terrain and gardens with many trees. AL-KO petrol lawnmowers are designed for garden sizes of up to 2,500 m². Thanks to the built-in wheel drive on some models, mowing hardly requires any muscle power.

| Petrol lawnmowers are independent: Petrol mowers ensure maximum independence, especially in larger gardens with fruit trees, electric mowers quickly reach their limits or are restricted in use by a cable.

| High grass is (almost) no problem: Lawnmowers will have problems at some point if the grass is taller. Thanks to powerful engines and aerodynamic housing shapes, this limit is clearly pushed up with AL-KO petrol lawnmowers.

| Rapid mowing of large lawns: Once started, the gardener can get started and create large areas in a very short time. As the mower is wirelessly independent, a high degree of freedom of movement is guaranteed.

| Large collecting boxes: The large, easy-to-fill collecting baskets, often even with a level indicator, ensure long mowing intervals.

Electric lawnmower. light and comfortable, ideal for small to medium-sized lawns

We use the advantages of the electric motor and combine them with proven mechanical components. Everything for your perfect lawn cut. Thanks to their quiet operation, electric lawnmowers are particularly suitable for the gardens of terraced houses with smaller gardens, or built up areas. As an electric cable is required, we recommend electric lawnmowers for small and medium-sized gardens up to 900 square metres with only a few trees and other obstacles. Their light weight, comfortable operation, low-maintenance, emission-free motor and beautiful lawn cut will also impress you.

| Mowing close to edges: Thanks to the special housing geometry, mow easily next to walls and fences.

| Mulching on request: the mulching wedge (included with some models) can be inserted without tools. The particularly fine grass cuttings are incorporated into the lawn as a natural fertiliser.

| Easy to transport: Thanks to the integrated carrying handle and recessed grip on the front of the housing (on some models), the lawn mower is easy to transport. The lawnmower can be stowed away to save space with a folding handlebar. The catcher basket can be removed for this purpose.

Battery-powered lawnmowers: no exhaust, no cable. but full mowing power in small to medium-sized gardens

Our battery-powered lawnmowers are ideal for gardens up to 700 square metres.

Opt for a battery-powered lawnmower if you want a light, handy device that you can use flexibly and easily with a high action radius. The heart of the AL-KO cordless lawnmowers is a high-quality Li-Ion battery. The lithium-ion technology ensures that the battery does not discharge itself and prevents the memory effect, which would reduce the effective capacity of the battery. In the case of the AL-KO battery family, light-emitting diodes provide reliable information about the current charge level. So you can always count on a powerful device.

Battery mowers are real lightweights that are both easy to transport and easy to store. For this purpose, some models have folding bars that fold up for easy storage.

It is very important: Before you start your petrol lawnmower, you should first check whether there is any petrol in the tank. If you have a 4-stroke petrol lawnmower, you must check the oil level (with the dipstick). This can be read off the dipstick.

To start, it is best to place the lawnmower on a level surface, naturally without stones. not yet on the lawn you want to mow. Grass can make starting more difficult.

The rule of thumb in Central Europe is: 4-6 cm lawn height is ideal. Whether you use a battery-powered, electric or petrol lawnmower. you should ideally shorten your lawn by 1/3, but be careful in the dry months, otherwise the grass edges will dry out.

The term sinks is used when too much fuel gets from the carburettor into the ignition chamber and gets wet in the process. The solution is simple: unscrew the spark plug, dry it carefully or, if necessary, use a second spark plug.

To prepare the engine of petrol lawnmowers ideally for the resting phase in winter, the first thing you should do is check the tank capacity. As fuel that has not been used for a long period of time carburettors and thus loses its ignition capability, the tank should be emptied. To remove the fuel down to the last drop, it is best to let the carburettor idle until the engine dies off on its own. Change the engine oil according to the engine manual. On petrol-powered mowers you should also check the spark plugs. If these are very dirty or the electrode gap does not fit, you should take the unit to your dealer.

Discover more about AL-KO lawnmowers in the videos

Decide freely according to your requirements and choose the right lawn mower for you from our large range. whether you are looking for a reasonably priced entry-level model, a convenient premium machine or an efficient all-rounder. They all convince you with sophisticated, innovative technology, well thought-out, comfortable equipment and an engine that meets all requirements. This makes lawn mowing a pleasure on any terrain and in any garden.

The housings are largely made of robust powder-coated steel or durable, hard-wearing aluminium which are processed in such a way to ensure that AL-KO lawn mowers are manoeuvrable and easy to operate. Some models can even mow close to the edge. Time-saving, practical and, above all, optimal for the lawn is the possibility of simultaneous mulching on many AL-KO machines. The included mulching plug shreds the clippings in the housing, which then fall back into the lawn.

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STIHL gasoline lawn mowers

clamping devices. A precisely cut lawn is ensured by the central cutting height adjustment with six settings. If you would like to also mulch your lawn using the RM 443, this petrol lawn.

push lawn-mower RM 448 TC

Cutting width: 46 cmEngine power: 2.1 kW

adjustment, you can effortlessly achieve an evenly cut lawn. This petrol lawn mower can be converted into a Multi-mower using a special mulching accessory. Technical.

push lawn-mower RM 756 GS

Cutting width: 54 cmEngine power: 2.9 kW

The STIHL RM 756 GS petrol lawn mower has been specially developed for tough, long-lasting use in professional operation. The sturdy hybrid housing, for example is characterised by high.

push lawn-mower RM 756 YS

Cutting width: 54 cmEngine power: 2.9 kW

STIHL RM 756 YS petrol lawn mower has been specially developed for tough, long-lasting use in professional operation. Its hybrid housing is characterised by sturdiness and durability

petrol, powered, lawn, mowers

push lawn-mower RM 2 R

Cutting width: 46 cmEngine power: 2.1 kW

petrol, powered, lawn, mowers

2 R mulching mower, medium-sized lawns can be mulched quickly and effectively. Its OHV engine impresses through its consistently stable power, which drives the mowing blade with a working width of 46.

riding lawn mower RT 4082

Cutting width: 80 cmEngine power: 7.6 kW

You can also optionally retrofit this ride-on mower with a mulch insert. Here, the grass clippings are left on the lawn as a natural fertiliser to promote lawn growth. Technical specifications:Value Lawns:up.

riding lawn mower RT 4097 SX

Cutting width: 95 cmEngine power: 8.9 kW

This ride-on mower enables you to mow extensive areas in a time-saving manner without needing to empty the grass catcher box. The side discharge ensures that the clippings are directly ejected during mowing. With its.

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The 6 Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

Michelle Ullman is a home decor expert and product reviewer for home and garden products. She has been writing about home decor for over 10 years for publications like and Better Homes Gardens, among others.

Barbara Gillette is a Master Gardener, herbalist, beekeeper, and journalist. She has 30 years of experience propagating and growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, and ornamentals.

Emily Estep is a plant biologist and journalist who has worked for a variety of online news and media outlets, writing about and editing topics including environmental science and houseplants.

If you dream of a lush, green lawn, but dread the maintenance involved in keeping it that way, then a self-propelled lawn mower can make your life easier. These mowers not only power the blades but also power the wheels to make your pushing requirements little more than guiding the machine across the grass.

Brock Ingham, gardener, landscaper, and founder of the website Bigger Garden, says, The main advantage of a self-propelled mower is that it requires less effort to operate than a push mower. This can be beneficial for people with large lawns or those who have difficulty pushing a mower due to physical limitations. Self-propelled mowers can also provide a more consistent cut, since the speed is controlled by the mower rather than the operator. Overall, a self-propelled lawn mower can make mowing easier and more efficient.

Henry Bravo, founder and editor-in-chief of, adds, Self-propelled lawnmowers are much easier to maneuver around obstacles, and they can handle uneven terrain without a problem. Plus, I can adjust the speed so I can mow quickly or at a slower, more leisurely pace. And I love that I can easily switch between mulching, side discharge, and bagging capabilities.

We bought and tested several self-propelled mowers, both gas and electric, and evaluated many others based on their power, the size of lawn they can handle, their options for handling grass clippings, their range of cutting heights, the easiness of using the mower, and their overall value.

Best Overall

EGO Power Select Cut 56-Volt 21-Inch Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower

  • Variable-speed self-propel
  • Generous battery runtime
  • Fast recharging
  • Folds for compact storage

Earning the top spot in our tests is a battery lawn mower that rivals the power of a gas mower but without the smelly fumes, the oil changes, or the frustrating pull cord. Instead, this self-propelled mower from EGO has a 56-volt, 7.5-Ah battery that provides up to 60 minutes of runtime on a single charge; that’s enough to mow most lawns up to a 0.5 acre and more than enough for our small yard. We put the mower to the test in early spring, mowing a lawn just out of winter dormancy that was patchy, wet, and ferny.

Other than attaching the bag, assembling the mower was easy. And a mere press of the button brought it roaring to life. This mower has a 21-inch cutting deck and a one-hand lever that adjusts the cutting heights through six different settings for grass heights of 1.5 to 4 inches. We found it very easy to adjust.

The lawn mower easily handles all common types of lawn grass, including tougher warm-season varieties like Bermudagrass, zoysia, and St. Augustine. A few buyers have complained that it struggles to lift overly tall grass high enough for an even cut. However, we found that it struggled a bit in the wet grass as well, becoming stuck at one point in a ferny patch. Aside from that, it delivers a precise and crisp cut that is sure to impress.

The speed of the mower is variable, so you can set it to match your stride from a leisurely 0.9 mph up to a brisk 3.1 mph. As this was our first time using a self-propelled mower, there was a bit of a learning curve. At first, it felt like the mower was pulling us along. However, we soon got the hang of it and appreciated the ease of adjusting the mower’s speed. We also liked the adjustable handle, which made it more comfortable to mow.

We found that the mower was easy to maneuver, even around obstacles or sharp turns. As the self-propelled function does most of the heavy work, this is also a great mower for yards with slopes. At nine inches in diameter, the mower’s wheels are fairly large, and it is rear-wheel drive, which also helps when mowing over rough terrain or hilly areas. You can dispose of the grass clippings in the included 2-bushel bag, discharge them to the side, or mulch them into fine clippings to quickly decompose them into healthful lawn nutrients. This mower even has a LED headlight, so you can mow early in the morning or at dusk to take advantage of mild temperatures.

Most of the mower’s construction is heavy-duty plastic for weather and rust resistance, but that might not be as durable as steel, although we felt it seemed quite sturdy. Once you finish mowing, the handle folds all the way down for easy storage. We really appreciated this feature, as the mower doesn’t take up as much room in the garage. This mower comes with a 56-volt battery and a fast charger that has the battery ready to go in just an hour.

How It Performed Long-Term

We are extremely satisfied with the performance of the lawn mower, particularly with how long the battery lasts. It can easily handle mowing the lawn three times without requiring a recharge. Even when it does need to be recharged, it only takes around 20 minutes. The mower is also highly effective when dealing with thick, tall grass and can even tackle 10 days of uncut grass without issue. Additionally, it can handle damp grass and leaves with ease. Initially, it took some time to become familiar with turning it on and utilizing the self-propel feature, but once we did, mowing the lawn became a breeze.

petrol, powered, lawn, mowers

Price at time of publish: 549

Cutting Width: 21 inches | Power Source: Battery | Weight: 62.6 pounds | Grass Discard Options: Bag, mulch, side-discharge