Petrol Trimmer Patriot Pt 433

Patriot PT 433 is an American-made gas trimmer. The equipment is equipped with a set of devices that provide the highest possible performance for a given price segment. The device is rightfully one of the best-selling budget class trimmers equipped with ICE. The popularity of technology is due not only to high power, but also to rich basic equipment. However, the trimmer in any case can be enhanced with other options at its discretion.

General information

Patriot PT 443 is designed for mowing and leveling grassy vegetation. The equipment is able to work in various conditions. on lawns and street surroundings. Also, this model effectively mows grass around trees, on lawns or garden plots. All this is possible thanks to the presence of special options that contribute to high-quality work not only on flat, but also on embossed areas.

Petrol Trimmer Patriot Pt 433

The gas trimmer in question is equipped with a split bar that is easy to assemble and disassemble. Comfort was also improved through the use of a shoulder strap that can be adjusted. For faster engine starting, a so-called primer is provided.

Operational advantages

  • Universality of application of technology. The device is equipped with a special fishing line designed for mowing lawns and flower beds. In addition, if necessary, the fishing line can be changed to a cutting knife. it is effective in cutting dry grass and even weeds with a hard stem. You can also trim large shrubs with a knife.
  • The technique is comfortable to manage, and does not require much effort. Even a woman can handle the Patriot PT 433 trimmer. Ease of use and safety are provided by innovative protection that protects the operator and the trimmer housing from external influences. stones and other flying solid objects.
  • Multifunctional grip. all the controls of the equipment are placed on it. In addition, the handle can be adjusted vertically depending on the growth of the operator.
  • The presence of a primer not only facilitates the start, but also prevents overloading the trimmer, and thereby removes the load from the starter at startup
  • Low cost of service. due to the developed Patriot dealer network throughout Russia, as well as other countries of the world. If the need arises, the equipment can be repaired at home. For example, in your garage.
  • A productive gasoline unit has a long resource, works quietly and does not emit vibrations. Practice shows that a trimmer with such a motor is able to work continuously for 5-6 hours. Then the motor starts to overheat.
  • Sharp cutting knives. included in the basic package. The diameter of each knife is 230 mm.
  • Fishing line. also in the base kit. It is made of durable material with a diameter of 2.4 mm.
  • The Patriot PT 433 trimmer is designed for a working width of 460 mm
  • The device turned out to be very compact, which allows it to be transported in the trunk of a car

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Features of use

Cooking and refueling. consists of several stages:

  • To obtain the ideal mixture recommended by the manufacturer, only original Patriot oil is used, as well as domestic AI-92 gasoline.
  • A special canister is supplied, which is supplied with the trimmer. There is a mark in the canister, to the level of which you need to pour gasoline liquid
  • After pouring gasoline, oil is added to it.
  • The mixture is mixed by shaking until a uniform state is formed.
  • It is important to observe the proportion with the exposure of gasoline / oil in the ratio 32: 1
  • It is recommended to cook fuel seven in a certain amount, which should be enough for one or two refueling
  • It is strictly forbidden to prepare the fuel mixture in the fuel tank
  • It is strictly forbidden. to fill the fuel mixture with the engine turned on, and close to flammable objects

First launch and operation

  • After refueling the fuel tank, the choke must be moved to the up position (cold position)
  • On the handle, move the corresponding ignition lever to the “on” position
  • Before driving, fill the carburetor with fuel. To do this, press the primer button several times
  • The next step is to install the trimmer on the work surface.
  • Lock the throttle lever down
  • Start the engine. Since the trimmer has manual ignition, a special cord must be pulled out to start (not fully)
  • The choke lever is in the middle position.
  • Sequential pulling of the starter handle, and so several times until the engine starts
  • the motor warms up for 5-10 seconds, after which the air damper is transferred from the middle position to the lower one. Then the gas is pressed to the maximum speed. you can start to work.
  • During operation, the trimmer must be held by the ergonomic handles
  • The line is fed automatically. If necessary, it can be extended, to do this, slightly hit the pressure head, after which the fishing line will increase by the required length. a maximum of 2.5 cm.


The trimmer is equipped with a 330 cubic meter gasoline engine and a 0.9 liter fuel tank. Engine power. 1.8 horsepower. The set includes cutting elements. fishing line and knife. The device is designed for cutting widths up to 255-360 mm. The mass of equipment is 8 kg.
The trimmer comes with a bicycle handle, a rigid drive shaft, and a Torch L7T spark plug. The fishing line and knife have a mowing width of up to 360 and 255 mm, respectively. Dimensions of equipment. 337x267x295 mm.


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The Patriot PT433 trimmer in the Russian market will cost an average of 7 thousand rubles.