Pours Candle On A Chainsaw Partner

Real owner do without a chainsaw? This is nonsense! Many small and not very affairs without this tool will stop: sawed branches, pruned bushes, a small carpentry repair, etc. What can I say, you yourself know better how much a chainsaw is needed.

AND popular chainsaw Partner is named so not by chance. it helps worse than a partner in the household. And if this chainsaw breaks, then without it it is very difficult. Fortunately, for a Partner chainsaw, you can try to repair yourself. Let’s see in which cases this is possible.

Partner 350 chainsaw: specifications and features

Motor saw Partner 350 belongs to the class of household or amateur hand gasoline saws. Amateur. does not mean a “club of interests” for lovers of chainsaws, but indicates the power and capabilities of the unit. This saw is one of the best in its class and is optimally suited for short-term work in the garden, on a summer cottage, etc.

With its help, you will cut the bushes, prepare brushwood for brazier and wood for repair, cut down a small tree. All this is possible due to such technical parameters:

  • Weight: 4.7 kg
  • The power of a two-stroke engine is 1.8 hp. (1300 W)
  • Engine displacement: 34 cc
  • Electronic ignition system.
  • The capacity of the oil tank is 0.2 l, the fuel tank is 0.4 l.
  • Chain pitch: 3/8 inch.
  • The maximum chain length is 41 cm, the optimal is 35 cm.
  • Primer for starting a cold engine.

Partner Chainsaw Benefits 350 are in its compact size and convenient operation. It has a built-in security system: a double inertial brake is applied automatically as soon as an emergency occurs. potentially hazardous to the saw operator.

Despite this, price of chain saws relatively low. Parts are also available. In Western countries, this brand is very popular due to a win-win combination of price and quality. But even Swedish quality sometimes fails.

Common Partner Saw Breakdowns: Home Diagnosis

Partner gasoline saw is not unreliable. For many users, it works without problems in winter and summer, for many years. But others complain about the same typical problems:

  1. The chainsaw will not start.
  2. The chainsaw starts but stalls.
  3. Fuel does not enter the cylinder.

All these problems have internal causes in the details and components of the tool. So, in order to get to the bottom and fix the breakdown, you have to disassemble the saw. This is not as difficult as it might seem, because manufacturers always consider this possibility.

For self diagnosis malfunctions at home, you need to understand that the common problems of chainsaws in the vast majority of cases are caused by the same reasons. Therefore, according to the symptoms, you can already guess where the source of the problem is.

For instance, if the chainsaw does not start, then the reason most likely lies in the ignition system, namely in the candle. If air leaks into the cylinder, then you need to look for a defect in the fuel system. A dirty filter causes the engine to stall and smoke, and so on. Let’s look at these cases in detail so that you feel confident during the independent repair of the Partner chainsaw.

What to do if the Partner 350 chainsaw does not start

Now that you know what caused the breakdown, it’s time to get down to business. A faulty ignition system can only be repaired after disassembly. To do this, remove any remaining fuel from the tank. Then carefully disconnect the wire and remove the spark plug (a special key is provided to remove it).

  1. pours a candle on a partner chainsaw

    Test it for performance. To do this, put the ignition cable on the spark plug, and connect the spark plug nut and cylinder with pliers. Now start the starter. Is there a spark? So the candle is in working condition. Is there no spark? So, it will not work to reanimate the candle, and it must be replaced. And what can you do with a working candle? By the appearance of the candle, you can judge the repair method.

  2. The candle is completely dry. This means that it is not wetted by the fuel mixture. The problem must be sought at the stage of fuel entry into the cylinder, it is broken. The candle and the ignition system as a whole have nothing to do with it. Replace the candle and look for the real cause of the malfunction.
  3. Candle over-filled with fuel mixture. The first thing, of course, is to wipe it with a napkin and set it aside. Now you can look for the reason in the incorrect carb adjustment. While the candle dries in air, you can turn off the fuel and turn on the starter to check the combustion chamber. After a few minutes, the candle can be installed in its place in the mechanism and restart the chain.
  4. The candle is covered with a layer of carbon. Burnout results from improper fuel composition. There are two possible options: either you saved and refueled the chainsaw with low-quality gasoline, or the proportions of the mixture of gasoline and oil were violated. The candle needs to be cleaned properly. To remove the cork from soot, a needle, a thin awl or a similar tool from improvised tools will do. The electrodes also need to be cleaned.

Video: Pours Candle On A Chainsaw Partner

In addition, in any case, it does not hurt to make sure that the chainsaw carburetor is correctly adjusted. Do not start adjustment until you have cleaned the air and fuel filters. If the filters are in order, use the adjusting screws.

One of them (S) designed for idle, the other two are for maximum (H) and minimum (L) revolutions, respectively. Turn the screws clockwise gradually. After the stop, make two turns in the opposite direction.

Problem: chainsaw stalls after starting

Common situation: Partner chainsaw stalls at high speeds, although before that it starts and works without problems on medium gas. Sometimes on average it also works intermittently. but at full throttle it immediately stalls. This problem is faced by many users who save on high-quality fuel.

Low-quality gasoline easily pollutes the details of soot. In this case, checking the filters (air and fuel) will not hurt. over, a muffler suffers from poor fuel and soot formed by it.

The combustion products of dirty fuel simply clog it, forming an impassable cork from burning. This plug greatly reduces engine power. At the same time, gasoline is consumed in large quantities, but there is no result in power. Check and clean the muffler:

Repairing the chainsaw fuel system

When the fuel supply is interrupted, it is not surprising that the chainsaw is not working. And the problem in this case is the same: no fuel enters the cylinder. And there can be several reasons for this problem, and you have to find the very reason.

First try to disconnect fuel hose and observe the fuel pressure. A weak, intermittent flow signals a clogged filter. Remove it, rinse and dry, and if possible, replace it with a new filter. Clean the breather (valve) from clogging.

Check filter condition carburetor and, if necessary, rinse it thoroughly, dry and reinstall. We described the carburetor settings in detail above, and these actions in this case will not be superfluous either.

If the cause is not a breather and not in the carburetor, then everything may turn out to be commonplace. Make sure there is enough fuel in the tank.

There may also be problems in the cylinder-piston group (abbreviated as CPG) Chainsaws Partner. This failure can be considered serious, because the cylinder and piston are the basis of the engine. Therefore, CPG is an expensive component, the cost of which reaches half the cost of the entire tool.

From the coordinated work of the cylinder and the piston directly depends on the power of the chainsaw. During operation, especially if the operating rules are violated, the cylinder, piston, and rings may wear out. In this case, only replacement of parts will help.

CPG details may be damaged mechanically. These defects can be diagnosed independently. Remove the silencer. You can see the CPG in the hole. Scratches and scuffs on the surface of the cylinder, located randomly, occur when debris, fragments, solid foreign particles get in.

If the cylinder is darkened, and this defect is observed on its entire surface, then, in all likelihood, you refueled the chainsaw with low-quality fuel. Bad gasoline also affects oil scraper rings.
The worn surface of the cylinder on the muffler side is a sign of critical overheating of the chainsaw during operation.

Minor mechanical damage.
can be fixed by replacing bearings, rings, etc. But with deep burrs, the CPG will have to be completely replaced by contacting the Partner chainsaw repair workshop.

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How to prevent chainsaw breakage

Chainsaw Repair in some cases it can be very expensive. This can be avoided if enough attention is paid to the prevention and monitoring of the condition of the instrument and all its parts. over, it is not difficult to fulfill this condition. it is enough to use the operating instructions and adhere to rational accuracy:

To maintain it in working condition, it is only necessary to clearly follow the instructions and follow some general rules:

  1. Do not allow the engine to overheat, pause the work so that it can rest and cool down.
  2. Do not load the chainsaw beyond the capabilities provided by its class. For example, if you use a Partner 350 saw of a household class, then it is simply not designed to work more than 40 minutes a day.
  3. Check the chain brake every day (this is done at maximum acceleration).
  4. Follow the manufacturer’s requirements regarding the quality and composition of the fuel mixture.
  5. Check the condition of the spark plug weekly and, if necessary, clean the electrodes.
  6. Before using the saw, make sure that the chain is sharpened and correctly installed. Pay attention to the wear of the cutting links and sharpen them in a timely manner. Watch for cracks and tears in rivets.
  7. A properly tensioned chain does not sag, but it can be moved with your hands. Never do this with a hot chain! Sharpen and / or tighten it after replacement.
  8. When refueling the chainsaw, make sure that dirt and other foreign particles do not enter the tank along with the fuel. Pour oil and gasoline carefully, do not spill them.

Often, when contacting a service center, it turns out that the Partner chainsaw has broken due to an incorrect start of the tool. Therefore, there is only one universal solution for saw breakage: handle it correctly, and most problems can be avoided.

And in the event that you are interested in the causes of breakdowns of the Stihl chainsaw, the second popular brand in conjunction with Partner (Partner), then the next article is about this.

And for those who like to know more, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the video about partner chainsaw repair