Rechargeable Adjustable Speed ​​Control

rechargeable ear with speed control

The German company AEG has been manufacturing electrical products for more than a hundred years. Her products consistently show their best side. This fully applies to angle grinders.

Models WS 8-115 and WS 12-115

This device is powered by the mains and is capable of excellently performing various tasks. grinding, grinding and cutting. Along with applications in the construction and repair sector, it can be used in other areas. A disk with a diameter of 115 mm is able to penetrate into the processed material by 3.5 cm. The operation of the device does not present any special difficulties.

The gearbox on the WS 8-115 is made of first-class tool steel. Spindle lock is provided, and an auxiliary handle makes it easier to hold the tool during operation. AEG 12-115 angle grinder of the same series can be successfully applied:

  • when cutting various objects;
  • as a grinding tool;
  • as a tool for cleaning hard surfaces.

A disk with a diameter of 115 mm can go deep into the material by 4 cm. At the same time, its rotation speed reaches 11500 turns per minute, when it comes to the no-load mode. The casing of this angle grinder effectively covers the operator. There is a spindle lock function, as well as effective cooling of the built-in motor through special holes.

Battery Versions

Noteworthy is the AEG Bews 18-125X-0 cordless grinder. It is capable of cutting a wide variety of objects and products, as well as successfully grinding them. Almost complete independence from power supply significantly increases the mobility of the device. But if this feature is inherent in all battery models, then the ergonomics and lightness of the angle grinder are the result of the painstaking work of German engineers. They also provided effective protection against various overloads, creating a machine with the longest possible life.

The outer diameter of the disc is 115 mm. At the same time, it can cut through the material to a depth of 2.8 cm. The designers took care of the charge indication and the anti-vibration properties of the side handle. Replacing discs is very easy if necessary. Removing and returning the casing into place is done without a key.

An alternative solution could be AEG Bews 18-125X LI-402C. Engineers specially designed this model so that it was successfully used in a variety of conditions. The manufacturer declares that cutting and grinding are carried out using the apparatus at a very high level. The lightness and compactness of the mechanism simplify its use, as well as the absence of special differences in design from other similar products.

Video: Rechargeable Adjustable Speed ​​Control

Like the previous model, the angle grinder is able to make cuts up to 2.8 cm deep. In the same way, simple disk swapping is guaranteed. The charge level is indicated by a special indicator. Auxiliary handle enhances comfort. A convenient case is included in the package of delivery.

Important Nuances

Quite a few consumers are interested in the bore diameter of the protective casing. Established dustproof covers for each model of a German company are selected specially. For convenience, the description of the versions of protective devices always mentions which modifications they are suitable for. So, dust extraction hoods on the AEG AVA 125A-1 are also suitable for WS12-125XE, WS13-125XE and other versions with the same type of mount. The company warns that the casing should be used in absolutely any work with an angle grinder; if not applicable, all warranties are void.

A standard protective product not only stops dust, but also prevents other harmful effects. The hose of the construction vacuum cleaner must be connected to the nozzle. The described nozzle allows the use of discs up to 125 mm (that is, if the disc is smaller, there will be nothing wrong with that). Recommended hose diameter is 40 mm. If it is different, you will have to install an adapter.

Experts unequivocally recommend purchasing angle grinders with speed control. They are much easier than conventional models to adapt to the performance of various tasks. An example of such a device is the AEG WS13-125XE. On this angle grinder, you can put the anti-vibration handle on the right and left of the case. The casing of this model is made in a rotary format; switching it from one position to another is done manually.

The power of this angle grinder reaches 1300 watts. Nozzles with a diameter of 125 mm are placed on it. The most smooth start-up and quick-clamp nut are provided. Speed ​​control is implemented using an electronic device. The angle grinder of the described model can work on stone and concrete, but it is not protected from accidental start.

The weight of the angle grinder is 2.4 kg. The number of turns per minute can reach from 2800 to 11500. This is enough to work effectively in a variety of modes. The casing is designed for keyless removal and return. FIXTEC standard lock washer and quick release nut are provided.

Angle grinder model AEG WS15-125SXE DMS 4935455130 It shows itself very well when cutting, and when grinding, and when stripping metal products. However, this also applies to products made from other materials. The auxiliary handle at the request of the consumer is placed both on the left and on the right. The designers took care of a smooth start. The power of the angle grinder is 1520 W, while the disk can rotate at a speed of 2600 to 11 000 revolutions per minute.

As in other models, flexible speed adjustment is provided by an electronic device. An SDS quick-release nut is provided. An angle grinder can process both stone and concrete. Built-in system for preventing accidental starts. But it is important to consider that the position of the casing cannot be changed without a special tool.

WS15-125SXE DMS 4935455130 does not block the spindle if the disk is jammed. The device is equipped with a 4 m network cable. Prevention of excessive heating of the electric motor is provided. The mass of the tool is 5.6 kg. Access to the electric motor brushes is simple enough so that you can replace them yourself.