Reciprocating saws review and comparison


The more powerful the electric hanger, the denser material it is able to cut. The device with a power of 400-600 W is designed for cutting wood up to 300 mm thick, small metal parts, thin branches. And with high-power saws (over 1000 W), they cut stone and thick metal profiles. However, a high-powered saber has some significant disadvantages:

  • it is much heavier;
  • is much more expensive;
  • causes increased vibration during operation.


The electric shovel perfectly combines low cost and good quality. Suitable for working with materials made of wood (up to 115 mm) and steel (up to 15 mm). Sold fully equipped including carrying case.

  • power – 1100 W;
  • stroke size – 28 mm;
  • cutting depth – 115 mm;
  • frequency of revolutions per minute – 2700;
  • weight – 3.5 kg.
  • quick replacement of files;
  • presetting the speed.
  • the presence of a device that blocks accidental start;
  • ergonomic handle with soft inserts;
  • there is a quick-clamping mechanism of the blade;
  • the power button lock is provided.

No shortcomings identified.

Pendulum stroke

Since the saw teeth are sharpened on one side, plunging into the material, they only cut it when moving forward. The pendulum motion reduces the resistance during operation due to the slight deflection of the blade when it returns to its original position. Thus, the load on the engine is reduced and the productivity of the apparatus is increased. Also, this design prevents small debris from clogging the mechanism..

By type of processed material

Despite the wide range of possibilities, all electric saws are divided into only two types:

  • electric wood hacks;
  • for working with metal.

The best low power mains powered reciprocating saws

Pendulum stroke.

This option is not present on every reciprocating saw model and contributes to a lower load and less overheating of the saw blade, faster cutting, free removal of sawn products, protects the electric motor from damage associated with increased loads and kickbacks. The latest modifications, equipped with a pendulum stroke, received regulators that allow you to select the required saw deflection for each material separately.

Access to carbon brushes.

The latest modifications have easy access to the brushes. The latest know-how – brushes that automatically shut off when worn.

TOP of the 10 best manufacturers

Today the following companies can boast of really good saber saws of a professional and household level:

Support shoe.

Purpose – stabilization of the saw relative to the cut surface, emphasis on the work surface, reducing the load from the saw operator. The shoe can be adjusted in height (selection of the saw reach), advanced models can change the angle of inclination, turn in the desired direction.

Classification of electric hawkers from different manufacturers

Reciprocating saws are manufactured by a variety of companies, both world famous and beginners. Each brand makes its own changes, adds or removes functions, adjusting the tool to the needs and price category of the consumer.

reciprocating, saws

In accordance with the number of useful functions, the power of the electric motor, and other characteristics, reciprocating saws are divided into the following categories of tools:

Smooth start.

This option is inherent in powerful professional-grade saws, It allows you to smoothly and smoothly accelerate the saw blade to the speed set by the speed limiter.

Electric saw Makita JR 3070 CT saber

The weight of a professional reciprocating saw is 4.6 kg. The performance of the electric motor is 1510 W. Power supply via a power cord 2.5 m long. The attachment of the blades is universal, adjustment of the cutting depth and the replacement of equipment is keyless. Built-in pendulum motion, soft start system, 3 saw blades included (for wood, metal, other materials). We offer you to read and download the instruction for Makita JR 3070 CT.

More details about the range of Makita reciprocating saws here.


The most important indicator of a saw is its power. It is on this indicator that the cutting speed, cutting depth, and the length of the saw blade to be installed depend. The greater the thickness and density of the part to be sawn (for example, a metal pipe), the more power will be required from the power tool. The power increases – the weight of the reciprocating saw increases, its price increases. In addition, with an increase in power, vibration also increases, which is not so easy to get rid of without special devices (additional expenses will be required). There are models on the market with a power from 500 W to 1700 W. The greatest demand is for models of reciprocating saws with a capacity of 900-1200 W.


Reciprocating saws can be divided into the following categories:

  • professional;
  • household.

These two categories, in turn, are divided according to the types of saw models:

  • rechargeable;
  • network (electrical).

There are no gasoline reciprocating saws in the model range of manufacturers.

Electric models

Dewalt DCS380B

Sold without battery and charger, these components must be purchased separately.

It works with a voltage of 20 V, weighs less than 3 kg, and is equipped with an electric brake. The instrument is made in a classic yellow-gray scale. Similar in design to Stomer SSS-1000.

Top 10 Reciprocating Saw Models

Each manufacturer has top-end models that sell well and work stably. It is they who are annually included in the TOP-10 rating. Consider the rating of saber saws included in the top of the best saws for summer cottages and houses for 2018.


A special clutch can save the reciprocating saw from jamming. This option is present only in expensive models, cheap ones cannot boast of it..

TOP brands for 2018

World manufacturers of construction equipment produce reciprocating saws, annually replenishing the range with new products. Currently, the TOP brands producing reciprocating saws include such companies as Bosch, Makita, Interskol, Hammer, Metabo, DeWALT, RYOBI, AEG, Stomer.

Manufacturers Bosch, Makita, Interskol and Stomer are renowned for their professional reciprocating saws. The main advantages of such equipment are high reliability, high power and endurance, as well as the presence of semi-professional models in the line and professional service..

The disadvantages include such parameters as high price and expensive components..

Manufacturers Hammer, Metabo, DeWALT, RYOBI, AEG are known for a wide range of models, as well as inexpensive accessories and the ability to choose a reciprocating saw for a specific task. Disadvantages of brands: they are often counterfeited by Chinese manufacturers, in the technology market you can often find very low-quality copies of these brands.

The main purpose of the reciprocating saw:

  • sawing plastic, wood, metal pipes, metal products;
  • cutting drywall;
  • pruning trees at their summer cottage;
  • sawing wooden beams;
  • the file can even work with materials such as porous brick, stainless steel and aluminum;
  • other minor repairs in the house, in which you need to cut or saw something.

Modern models of reciprocating saws can cut not only in a straight line, but also change the cutting path without overheating and deformation of the blade. Modern farmers use saber saws in their dachas, for the construction of wooden structures, small works with wood, which require great precision,

Reciprocating saw types:

  • -rechargeable
  • -network.

Reciprocating saws


When choosing a reciprocating saw, first of all, it is important to understand for what purposes you need a tool and what volumes you plan to perform with it. Having defined goals for yourself. you need to take a closer look at the main technical characteristics of the saw, namely:

  • -Power (the performance and capabilities of the tool as a whole depend on this)
  • -Power supply (mobility, duration)
  • -Stroke frequency (rotational-translational frequency of the saw blade)
  • -Cutting depth (separately for soft and hard materials)
  • -Ergonomics of the handle and body (ease of use of the tool).

The main characteristics will help you choose the right tool for the planned work. But it should also be noted the possibility of additional functions in modern reciprocating saws. These include:

  • -Pendulum stroke. This function allows the saw blade to move not only forward and backward, but also slightly upward, which protects the blade and tool from excessive heat, increases cutting speed and allows chips to be removed from the working area..
  • -Adjustment of speed (frequency of the saw stroke). It is important when cutting materials of different hardness. different cutting speeds are applied depending on the type of material.
  • -Attachment method. It can be key or keyless. For keyless saw blade changing. change takes place with one touch of the hand.
  • -Smooth start. Allows you to avoid jerking when starting the tool and, as a result, does not pull the tool out of the hands of the master.
  • -Illumination of the working area. Convenient function when working in low light.

All these additional features of reciprocating saws make the process of using the device as comfortable and efficient as possible..

Of course, the most important and important component of a reciprocating saw is its saw blade. This is a replaceable element, on which the quality and speed of cutting objects depends. Taking into account the individual properties of materials, their hardness and thickness. different types of saw blades are used for work, depending on the material with which you have to work. Therefore, a professional will never do with one attachment due to the wide range of surfaces to be treated. When purchasing additional replacement blades, make sure it fits your reciprocating saw model.


The cordless reciprocating saw differs from the mains one in a slightly lower power, but wins in its compactness and free movement without being tied to the mains. It is not always possible to have access to an outlet at work (for example, a roof of a house, a yard, a garden). only the battery type of power supply will help here.

Reciprocating saw. it is a professional tool designed for long-term work. This type of tool has high power and productivity, and the absence of removable parts guarantees long service life. Of course, using a cordless tool you limit your mobility, but the duration of the work in this case is more important. Do not forget about the versatility of this tool when changing the saw blade. you can easily perform a wide range of works of any complexity.

Reciprocating saws

Reciprocating saw. a universal tool that can easily replace a couple of standard tools such as: circular saw, jigsaw, metal hacksaw and others.

Due to their versatility, saber hacksaws and saws can be used in any area of ​​work of a roofer, carpenter, locksmith, installer, finisher and workers of other specialties..

Best Compact Cordless Reciprocating Saw Head-to-Head Comparison Review

With a reciprocating saw, you can cut materials of different hardness and thickness:

  • aluminum,
  • sheet metal
  • stainless steel
  • wood
  • plastic
  • brick
  • drywall

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The main thing is the correct saw blade, which will be suitable for this particular material..


Reciprocating saw at a low price in the shortest possible time. this is reality.