Remove Carburetor Stihl 180 Video

The Stihl 180 chainsaw is well established in the construction market. This portable device has a power of 1400 watts and a motor displacement of 31 cubic meters. see. The chain length of the saw is 350 mm, at idle, it makes more than 2 thousand revolutions. Its popularity among consumers is also due to the acceptable cost of the tool. However, when using a chainsaw, malfunctions occur from time to time. In the service, repairing a tool is not cheap, so those who at least have a little understanding in technical matters will repair the damage with their own hands.

Basic faults and solutions

The tool must be operated in accordance with the instructions attached to it. Turn on the start button it follows only after the chain tension, the presence of the fuel mixture and oil are checked. Having fixed the chainsaw securely in your hands, you can begin to work.

If the tool refuses to work, then first of all it is necessary to identify the cause of the malfunction. And the equipment for repairing a chainsaw will fit the most ordinary: various screwdrivers, socket and wrenches, hexagons.

Leaking oil for chain lubrication

Sooner or later, every tool owner will face this problem. The cause of this malfunction is a leak at the junction of the oil pump and the hose from the oil tank.

To fix this problem you will have to practically completely disassemble the chainsaw.

  1. If the hose is damaged, then it is best to replace it with a new one. You can try to fill it with sealant, previously degreasing and rinsing.
  2. Oil may leak due to clogged or broken saw oil filter. It should be checked and cleaned or replaced.

If the chainsaw does not start

If you believe the experts, then with such a problem, in the first place, you just need to open and close the lid on the gas tank. After that you need to produce combustion chamber ventilation, as well as pull out and dry the candles. These actions are enough for the tool to wound up and work. If the malfunction remains, then the cause should be sought elsewhere.

  1. Remove Carburetor Stihl 180 Video

    The fuel supply is affected by the breather. Therefore, if it becomes clogged, then a vacuum forms in the fuel tank and the saw does not start. It is very easy to repair the breather. it should be cleaned with a needle.

  2. The Stihl 180 chainsaw may not work due to a broken cylinder. If there are chips or bumps on the cylinder, the reason is in it.
  3. If the tool does not start, holds power for a short time or stalls immediately after switching on, then the muffler may be the cause of the breakdown. It may be clogged by any deposits that occur during operation in the exhaust process.
  4. The saw may start poorly due to a malfunction of the starter. To see it, you should remove the cover from the carburetor and twist a special screen located behind the drum of the chainsaw. If the contact wire has moved away from the starter, then it must be attached using a blowtorch. If the problem lies in the oil leak, then the starter is simply wiped with a cloth.

Video: Remove Carburetor Stihl 180 Video

Chainsaw engine intermittently

The cause of such a malfunction may be cylinder piston failure, which is quite simple to repair with your own hands.

To remove the cylinder from the tank, four bolts must be unscrewed on its head. Then carefully check the piston, which should not be any scuffs, scratches, chips. If any, the piston will need to be replaced.

Optimum pressure in the combustion chamber is ensured by the piston and piston rings, which should sit tight enough on the piston body. If the piston inserted into the cylinder during swinging has a free stroke, then this indicates its wear.

You can fix this defect. by cylinder bore and installation of repair parts. However, it is easiest to simply replace the entire set of CPGs.

Faults and repair of the carburetor chainsaw

What should I do if the tool stops turning on, starts to stall, loses power, does not keep idle? Quite often, the cause of such breakdowns lies in the carburetor, which could become clogged with dust, dirt or sawdust. You can deal with this problem with your own hands.

All carburetors are cleaned the same way, the main thing is not to be afraid and not to lose anything. For repair you will need to prepare:

  • any brush;
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • 8 head;
  • some gasoline.

First of all, dirt and dust are cleaned with a brush. Then the cover and filter are removed. Two nuts of the air filter are unscrewed, and the air intake housing is removed. Now you can see the carburetor and thrust "suction" and accelerator. By lowering the shutter with your finger down, you will need to remove the accelerator lever.

To push the carburetor out of its seat, first remove the suction lever and completely close it. Now you need to remove and pull on the engine stop wire. It is also necessary to remove the plastic lever on which the wire is attached. On the right, it is inserted into the hole, and on the left it can be lifted.

The carburetor is free, it can be pulled out and cleaned. This is best done with a compressor, but if it is not there, then parts can rinse with clean gasoline.

Do not forget about the fuel filter, which also needs to be removed and purged the fuel hose. Everything is going in the reverse order.

If, after assembling the carburetor, the saw starts up poorly and smoke comes out of the muffler, then most likely the spring under the needle lever was lost. Due to the absence of this spring, the needle does not block the fuel supply, so the candle is “poured” with gasoline. Of course, to eliminate this malfunction, you should find the spring and put it in place.

When repairing a carburetor, it should be remembered that it is a fairly complex unit, which consists of various small rings and parts. Therefore, it is necessary to clean and repair it with special care and caution.

If the chainsaw does not start or stalls, then in addition to the carburetor itself, you should check spark plug performance. If it is faulty, then it should be unscrewed and dried. Also, excess fuel must be drained from a candle through a special hole.

It must be remembered that drying should be done for at least thirty minutes, after which the candle is put in place and the tool starts.

The cause of the malfunction may be a weak contact between the end of the plug and the high-voltage wire. If the work of the candle does not like at all, then it is better to replace it with a new one.

Stihl 180 chainsaw parts such as anti-vibration elements, chain, tire, drive sprocket wear out faster than others. Therefore, for their quick replacement in the workshop, it is recommended to keep spare parts.

Eliminating the causes of malfunctions of a chainsaw with your own hands in any case will cost less than repairing a tool in a service workshop. In order not to puzzle over why the tool stopped working, you can watch a video instruction on how to fix various breakdowns of the Stihl 180 chainsaw. However, in case of serious breakdowns, it is better not to do the repairs yourself, and to entrust the work to a specialist.