Replacing The Motor On A Tiller “Mole” – Selection And Installation.

The tiller Mole deserved the trust of buyers thanks to the reliability and simplicity of design. Nevertheless, many farmers are trying in every way to improve the unit, to improve its technical characteristics and performance indicators.
To do this, you can purchase and install a new engine for the tiller Mole. it will make the unit more powerful, which will positively affect its performance and capabilities.

Tiller “Mole” arrangement.

In the configuration of the domestic unit, there are practically no unnecessary parts. However, the design of the cultivator is designed in such a way that the owner can use it for various economic purposes. Due to the reliability of the main units, the equipment can withstand long-term loads.

The design of the unit consists of the following elements:

  • The frame, which is connected from two half-frames. is attached to the gearbox housing with bolts;
  • Tubular handle and bracket for operating attachments;
  • Control levers;
  • Pneumatic wheels that are mounted on the output shafts of the gearbox;
  • 2-stroke single-cylinder engine with an air cooling system attached to the frame. connected to the gearbox shaft via V-belt transmission.

Separate attention among all the elements deserves the engine. its volume is about 60 cm3, torque. 6000 rpm, and power. 2.6 liters. with. The engine runs on a mixture of engine oil and gasoline.
It is not difficult to guess that the low power of a regular motor pushes farmers to replace it. To perform this operation is quite simple, but you need to choose the right engine for the Mole cultivator. Below we will understand which motor is suitable for installation on a domestic unit.

Which motors are suitable for installation on the “Mole”?

Among the suitable engines for most of the Mole units are the following models:

  • Lifan Motor 168 FB

Power 6.5 liters. with. with a 2-centimeter pulley shaft. Some configurations have a shaft, 1.9 cm long.
The air filter of the motor should be equipped with an oil bath, which helps to reduce the load on the motor in areas with high dust levels.

  • Import motor Sadko DE-220, rated at 4.2 liters. with.

The diameter of the shaft of this engine is 1.9 cm, and the motor starts with a cord.

  • Electric motor Patriot, with a capacity of 7 liters. with.

It is also quite reliable. However, an uninterruptible power supply should be located near the site.
Each of these motors is good to sit in the design of the cultivator, and the installation of the device will require a minimum of frame alterations.

Self-replacement engine. instructions and nuances.

To change the motor for imported, you need to follow the instructions.

The correct algorithm is as follows:

  1. First, unscrew the fastening of the factory motor, remove the gas and jamming wires;
  2. Remove the engine from the frame;
  3. Attach a new motor and mark on the frame the places where you need to drill holes;
  4. Install the new motor, put a belt on it and move along the frame to the maximum belt tension. Make sure that the motor pulley and the gear pulley are located in the same plane;
  5. Bolt the motor to the frame.
  6. Connect the transmission channels.

Before work, the finished structure should be “driven out” at idle.
During the run-in, you will have to burn at least two fuel tanks, but such “victims” are necessary for the correct operation of the new engine.