Review of Edot Edcg-520 Benzotrimmer.

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The company "Stock Trading" presents you an overview of the trimmer gasoline Edon EDCG-520. Let’s open, see what is there.

Passport, instructions, shoulder strap, container for mixing technical liquids. gasoline with oil, the simplest trimmer head with fishing line, protective cover, top gear, the trimmer motor itself. one of its main parts, a gas handle, a second handle to hold it, a three-blade knife double sided. The cutting edge is first one, after it is dull, we turn it around the axis and the other cutting edge. You can also sharpen it, but initially, you need to pay attention that it does not need sharpening. Lower gear. Wow, the user guide is pretty impressive. Bracket for attaching handles to the rod, elastic band and package with spare parts and accessories: set of hexagons, screwdriver. That is, in fact, no additional tool is required to assemble this trimmer and get to work. We remove the box, which may interfere with us, and collect it. In addition to the above, a rod is also included in the delivery package. It is shiny chrome. Also remove the cover. Let’s start the assembly.

To begin, put on the bracket for fixing the protective cover. Next we put on the gearbox. It is necessary to combine the hole in the gearbox with the hole in the rod. The next operation is to put the rubber pipe on the bar. In order to leave some space between the bar and the body of the person, this rubber pipe performs such a shock-absorbing function. The next moment. you need to put on an eye, to which the belt is then fixed. We fix the upper gear onto the bar. Then the hole in the gearbox is compatible with the hole on the boom. And after that we fix the gearbox. Install the engine on the rod. When installing the engine, it is necessary to take into account the operating position of the engine and lower gear. That is, the neck of the gas tank should be turned up while it is working, and the lower gear should be turned towards the ground. Initially, an engraver was installed on the screws. I remind you that all the tools that we need to assemble the braids are supplied. There is no need to resort to any additional equipment.

Video: Review of Edot Edcg-520 Benzotrimmer.

Control knob and throttle stick. These pens can be swapped. Under the right-handed and left-handed braid will be equally convenient to operate. It should be understood that the process of assembling a braid may seem time-consuming, it can even be complicated. But the braid, as a rule, is not collected or disassembled during operation. It remains assembled. The next step is the installation and fixation of the protective cover. Before fixing the protective cover, we will install a knife for trimming excess fishing line.

It should be noted that the braid mechanism is quite dangerous. Therefore, during its operation, safety measures are mandatory. Such as protective covers, safety glasses, noise canceling headphones. It is necessary to work no closer than 20-25 meters from other people. All this is in the safety instructions for this braid and, in principle, for braids. That is, safety is paramount.

The kit includes a plastic clamp. Well, let’s try to get a braid. As I said, gasoline with an octane rating of at least 92 is used. We use gasoline mixed with oil. We take oil for two-stroke high-revving engines. In our case, we will not install either a knife or a trimmer head with fishing line, because the survey does not include the operation of this tool. Therefore, we will introduce a trimmer with a bare gearbox without equipment. But before you start, check that the nut is tightened. The nut is self-locking. That is, the thread is left and during operation the shaft rotates to the right, the nut is in the opposite direction and it will only be tightened. But, nevertheless, for safety reasons, it is necessary to check this unit before starting work.

Let’s try to get our tool. To do this, turn on the ignition, fix the gas, open the choke valve to the maximum, pump gasoline with a primer into the carburetor. This is a rubber bulb, by clicking on which several times, we pump gasoline into the carburetor. This is done in order to facilitate the launch process as much as possible. After that, pull the cord a little, we will feel that the starter dogs are engaged. That is, initially a few centimeters is idling. If you make jerks, then these few centimeters will break the dogs. In order to avoid this, you must first pull slightly and engage them. Run the scythe. Scythe wound up and stalled. After that, put the suction flag in the middle position.

We drown our braid. After the braid has warmed up, it starts up, as they say, with a dime.

According to technical specifications, the manufacturer stated the following parameters. Edon EDCG-520 petrol trimmer has an engine displacement of 52 cm3. Engine power 3 kW or 4.1 horsepower. Used AI 92 gasoline mixed with oil for two-stroke high-revving engines. And the width of the knife 254 mm, fishing line 400 mm. When operating this trimmer, the safety measures described in the instructions for it must be observed.

At this stage, I consider the review of the trimmer gasoline complete. Thank you for the attention.