Rotary mower bermuda grass. 5 Best Lawn Mower For Bermuda Grass In 2023

Best Lawn Mower For Bermuda Grass In 2023!

When the harvest time for Bermuda grass arrives, the owners of individual plots and cottages are thinking about how to do it.

The best solution to the problem would be to buy the best lawn mower for Bermuda grass. However, making the right choice with various models and brands is not easy.

The best model is characterized by ease of operation, maintenance, quiet operation, and absolute environmental friendliness. The powerful motor is equipped with a forced cooling system, which allows it to work for a long time. The grass cutting height can be adjusted individually for each wheel.

Thanks to the removable grass catcher and foldable handle, the mower does not take up much space during storage and transport. The best lawn mower for Bermuda grass has oversized rear wheels, making it easy to maneuver around the site.

The mower’s body is made of high-quality material that reliably protects the internal mechanism from mechanical damage and moisture and dust getting inside. The mower deck is made of high-strength steel, so it is not afraid of collisions with obstacles.

Also, it has soft pads on the handle, and the wheels have bearings. Likewise, the grass catcher is made of dense, moisture-proof fabric easily removed and emptied.

  • Types of best lawn mower for Bermuda grass
  • Factors to consider when buying the best lawn mower for Bermuda grass
  • 5 Best Lawn Mower For Bermuda Grass
  • 1. Fiskars Stay Sharp 362050-1001 Max Lawn Mower
  • 2. Earthwise 1715-16EW 7-Blade 16-Inch Push Lawn Mower for Bermuda Grass
  • 3. Great States 16-Inch 5-Blade 415-16 Push Lawn Mower
  • 4. American Lawn Mower Company 16-Inch 5-Blade 1415-16 Push Lawn Mower
  • 5. Scotts Outdoor 5-Blade 2000-20S 20-Inch Classic Push Lawn Mower For Bermuda Grass
  • Conclusion

Types of best lawn mower for Bermuda grass

Manual lawn mowers are human-powered. If your lawn is well-groomed and not too large, it is not at all difficult to mow it this way. Hand lawn mowers are available only in the barrel type and are great for tight and confined areas. And they also work completely silent.

Most rear-controlled lawn mowers run on gas, while those with a worker’s seat (riders) run on diesel. For cheaper models, you need to walk behind, the motor only turns the blades, but you need to roll the lawn mower manually. For more expensive ones, they roll by themselves.

Gasoline or diesel lawn mowers can be cylindrical or rotary and air cushion (riders are often rotary, and their cylindrical models are costly). The rotary model is worth choosing in this category for most but the most elite lawns.

Electric lawn mowers are available in both cylindrical and rotary versions. As with gasoline models, the electric motor only rotates the blades, and they must be transported around the lawn by hand. They work pretty quietly and efficiently and, as a rule, do not weigh much.

However, their main drawback is the electrical wire, which is only enough for a certain distance and constantly getting tangled underfoot.

Don’t buy an electric lawn mower if you have a large, complex lawn with Bermuda grass. These lawn mowers are usually cheaper than gasoline or diesel mowers, but they also have less power.

Factors to consider when buying the best lawn mower for Bermuda grass

When buying the best lawn mower for Bermuda grass, you need to consider th engine power. Choose the mower with the most powerful engine.

If the Bermuda grass is very thick, the mower’s rated speed will decrease, and the grass will start to tear. This is a small problem for powerful engines: they have a decent margin and can mow for a long time and stably in any weather.

Non-self-propelled lawn mowers will need to be pushed with force. They are suitable for small areas, rugged lawns, and infrequent use. The power of the engine drives self-propelled lawn mowers.

They are preferred for large areas and frequent use. Typically, they can have front, rear, and four-wheel drive. The former is more maneuverable, but the rear-mounted grass catcher outweighs, raising the front wheels, which begin to slip when filling. All-wheel-drive has higher fuel consumption.

It is necessary to pay attention to the materials of the deck and the body. The most inexpensive options are made from plastic. It does not rust, but it is sensitive to shock and mechanical damage. High-impact plastic (ABS) is more resistant to external influences.

expensive devices are made of steel. The steel deck and body are solid and reliable but heavy and can rust if the coating is broken. Aluminum elements are found in the most expensive and professional models. This material is lightweight, durable, and rustproof.

The size of the lawn is one of the most important criteria. This is not only a must for performance and working width, but whether you choose a lawn mower or prefer to use a lawn mower.

The electric mowers can be useless if there is no electrical connection nearby or the property is so large that you need to cover a long distance with a power cable. A battery mower would be suitable for this scenario if the battery does not need to be charged locally.

However, battery capacity is limited, and large areas can only be handled with many charged replaceable batteries. Therefore, you should buy a lawn mower battery if you only need to mow smaller regions.

Most lawn mower manufacturers state the size of the recommended lawn on their documentation. A rough guide to help you solve is to test the mower yourself.

A lawn mower with a wider cutting width is fine for mowing large Bermuda grass. Large lawns will also yield a lot of clippings, and you should choose a large trap volume.

However, if your garden area is built-in with many shrubs, trees, or other obstructions, a narrower cut is better because it makes you more agile and helps you avoid obstacles faster.

Before buying the lawn mower for Bermuda grass, you should familiarize yourself with the cutting width. It would be best to choose a lawn mower with a wide cutting width for large lawns.

They usually have better performance. For small gardens, even a 30cm cut is sufficient. However, suppose your property is very winding and has a lot of trees or hedges.

In that case, a smaller width is also better for a larger garden because it is more maneuverable and can easily avoid obstacles.

From the size of the rear-drive wheels to the casters and seat, every part of the lawn mower for Bermuda grass must be checked. They will determine how comfortable you are with the device.

It also helps to improve the mower’s efficiency, especially if you are dealing with a lawn with too many inclines. In this case, make sure the drive wheels of the implement are oversized to balance the mower.

Since the rollover of this type of mower has always been a problem, the wheels are a significant factor to consider.

Also, look out for some additional features that will make your purchase more profitable, be it a cargo platform, a suspension system, or a premium seat. They should simplify and speed up the mowing process.

Best Lawn Mower For Bermuda Grass

Fiskars Stay Sharp 362050-1001 Max Lawn Mower

Fiskars model is the best lawn mower for Bermuda grass because it does not scalp or cause brown patches. Notably, it makes the lawn mowing job enjoyable because it is 60% easier to push when compared to other reel mowers.

Equally important, it has the new reversible grass chute, which can direct clippings away from the feet, forward, downward and backward.

The InertiaDrive reel is designed for every type of grass, providing twice the power of cutting to glide in tough spots. In like manner, it comes with the StaySharp cutting system that can cut without unwanted contact, hence reducing wear for long-lasting performance.

Likewise, the VersaCut technology can offer cut height settings from 1 to 4 inches plus a one-touch height adjustment.

I appreciate the inset wheels because they let the blades spread across the mower’s full width, eliminating uncut edges and strips near fences and foundations.

Its unique features suit all grass types like Zoysia, St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Bahia. What is more, it comes with a 3-year limited warranty that offers confidence because you can replace it if there is any defect.

  • It comes with a warranty
  • It provides a long-lasting performance
  • Easier to push
  • Easy to assemble
  • The wheels offer ultra-close edging
  • It improves control and comfort
  • Easy to mow more challenging patches
  • Easy to maneuver
  • It is quiet

Are you looking for a user-friendly lawn mower, which matches the gasoline push lawn mower? Go for this product from Earthwise because it comes with a self-cutting mower and an adjustable cutting height of 0.5 to 2.5 inches for even and clean cuts.

It helps to maintain the health of the grass because of the specific scissor-cut action. Equally important, it has alloy steel blades, which stay sharp for several years.

rotary, mower, bermuda, grass

Likewise, it has low maintenance because of the modern features and classic design. This mower comes with smooth-spinning blades, cutting grass to maintain a healthy and greener lawn.

Essentially, you can cut grass like Zoysia, Bermuda, Centipede, Seashore paspalum, and St. Augustine. It has a low-maintenance design, which does not need gas or oil to function.

In the same way, it has high-quality metal, which weighs about 26 lbs. This gives you optimal comfort and maneuverability to cut grass with minimal effort.

Besides, it is durable that can offer a reliable cutting performance. Also, this model is planet-conscious and doesn’t need gas or oil to work. It runs on renewable and clean energy. This means you eliminate harmful substances unsafe to the environment and your health.

  • It is versatile
  • It is eco-friendly
  • Stays sharp longer
  • The wheels are durable
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Comfort and lightweight
  • Versatile and durable
  • Outstanding cutting precision
  • Height can be adjusted
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact and well-built
  • It is affordable

Great States 16-Inch 5-Blade 415-16 Push Lawn Mower

Maintaining your lawn mower for Bermuda grass can irritate when working in a large area develops mechanical problems for everyone. The solution is the buy this product from the Great States because it simplifies the maintenance.

In a like manner, it comes with a cutting height of 1 to 2.5 inches, which is quick and adjustable for an even and clean cut.

The precise cutting action is like scissors to ensure a healthier and greener lawn, which does not make the grass susceptible to insect and disease attacks.

In the same way, there are the heat-treated alloy steel blades, which are durable, and remain sharp for a long. It is easy to maneuver and lightweight, making it easy to mower Bermuda grass in the yard.

Additionally, it does not need gas or oil to function. On the other hand, it is easy to assemble because it does not require special tools.

You can maneuver this mower on the lawn quickly because the cushioned grip and T-style handle give you convenience and comfort. What is more, it is easy to hang on the wall or park in the shed once you are done with the yard work.

  • It is lightweight
  • Clean and quiet
  • The wheels ensure optimal maneuverability
  • Easy to assemble
  • It makes your lawn healthier and greener
  • Easy to store
  • Precise cutting action
  • It provides comfort and convenience
  • It is durable
  • It is environmentally-friendly
  • Comfortable handles
  • It requires no gas or oil to operate

American Lawn Mower Company 16-Inch 5-Blade 1415-16 Push Lawn Mower

If you want an easy-to-use mechanical lawn mower for Bermuda grass that can cut up to four inches tall, go for this tool. For instance, it comes with a cutting width of 16 inches and durable 10-inch polymer wheels that can ensure maximum maneuverability.

A model is an environment-friendly option for gas-powered lawn mowers that is noise-free and pollution-free.

Similarly, it comes with blades, which may be adjusted to assist the user cut Bermuda at the desired length.

On the other hand, it is easy to assemble because it does not have unique installation requirements. Equally important, it produces a decisive cutting action without emitting any harmful fume to the environment.

Furthermore, it is planet-conscious because it is low maintenance, lightweight, and will make the work of mowing Bermuda grass easy.

Thanks to the bed knife blade and tempered alloy steel reel, it has a durable steel side plate. Even more, it comes with a hassle-free low-maintenance design that requires to be sharpened about once every 3 to 5 years.

  • Easy to assemble
  • The blade height can be adjusted
  • It is lightweight
  • It requires low maintenance
  • The wheels ensure maximum maneuverability
  • It is environment-friendly
  • It has cushioned handle, which is comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • It is durable, versatile
  • The blades stay sharp for long

The Scotts mower is a no-motor lawn mower, which maintains the Bermuda grass health in the yard. It cuts grass like scissors without chopping the leaves to shield it from insect and diseases attacks.

This lawn mower has an ergonomic handle to ensure an additional comfort and extra modern features for convenience.

Furthermore, the blades are made of heat-treated alloy steel, which makes them stay sharp. In the same way, it has an ergonomic handle that has cushioned grip to offer comfort.

The model is easy to assembly because it does not need special tools to assemble it. On the other hand, it is easy to operate and lightweight, which makes it fit for use by everyone.

I really appreciate the precision blade technology because it ensures accurate, clean, and quick cuts on the lawn.

No offense but ya’ll are TERRIBLE at this

importantly, it comes with smooth ball bearings, making the blades spin effectively when you push your mower across the yard. Even more, it has a quick-snap height adjuster that can give you easy and quick cutting height adjustment.

  • It is lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • It has an ergonomic handle with the cushioned grip
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to adjust the cutting height
  • It leaves your lawn healthier and greener
  • Easy to use
  • It ensures clean, accurate, and quick cuts
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Convenient to store


The lawn mowers for Bermuda grass are the important machine you need to have in your home. We have compiled the best products, which makes finding the suitable model easy.

For instance, their engine is easy to start and features economical fuel consumption and low emissions. The wheels have a unique protector, which does not damage the surface of the lawn when the mower is moving.

Likewise, the handle is adjustable in height to suit the operator’s size. Also, it can be easily folded during storage and transportation.

Earthwise 1715-16EW 7-Blade 16-Inch Push Lawn Mower for Bermuda grass is the best-selling product because it has an adjustable cutting height of 0.5 to 2.5 inches, ensuring an even and clean cut.

Besides, it comes with alloy steel blades to ensure durability and long-lasting. This product has attained the above factors because it has the adjustable cutting height to ensure even and clean cuts and has alloy steel blades to ensure durability.

Posted on Published: December 22, 2021. Last updated: February 24, 2023

Best Lawn Mower For Bermuda Grass In 2023 – [hillmowers]

Bermuda grass expands fast and requires frequent mowing, even at the right cutting height. While using a typical mower can damage the lawn and leave brown Bermuda grass, using the best lawn mower for Bermuda grass can deliver a professional result.

It means you should pick a lawnmower that is easy to use, cuts efficiently, allows you to adjust the height, and serves for a long time. Even the lawnmower type also plays a big role when it comes to mowing Bermuda lawn grass.

So it can be challenging for inexperienced customers to pick the right lawnmower to combine all these functions. Hence, we made a list of some of the best lawn mowers that are highly suitable for mowing Bermuda grass lawns as they cover all those functions while fitting within your budget.

Plus, we mentioned some Bermuda grass lawn cutting and maintenance tips along with it, so you can maintain a healthy and great-looking lawn.

Choose To Buy The 3 Best Lawn Mower For Bermuda Grass In 2023

24 x 23.5 x 14.25 inches

54.3 out of 5

28.5 x 17 x 21.3 inches

54.5 out of 5

64 x 21.8 x 42 inches

54.2 out of 5

1. Fiskars Reel Push Lawn Mower

This Fiskars lawnmower is a highly praised reel-push lawn mower, especially for gardening and taking care of the lawn product. Along with an appealing look, this reel-push lawnmower has a solid and well-built body that produces maximum power performance, making it the best tool for cutting Bermuda grass.

You can even cut really dense Bermuda grass during the summer months, thanks to its sharp and wide blade. An impressive feature includes a height adjustment setting from 1″-4″ to maintain a precise cutting height on your Bermuda grass lawn.

Highlight features

  • Design with precision-ground steel blades that stay sharp for longer to leave decently mowed grass.
  • With one-touch height adjustment, this push reel mower allows adjusting the height between 1″-4″ to cut the Bermuda grass at the desired height.
  • Along with an 18″ cutting width, this reel mower can cut all grass types while ensuring eco-friendly cutting.
  • Offer fast and satisfactory result
  • Design with a sharp cutting system.
  • Extremely lightweight and is easy to push.
  • Available at a decent price.
  • offers a 3-year warranty.

2. Greenworks Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

It’s a versatile yet highly reliable Bermuda grass-cutting lawn mower that comes from world-class Greenworks. This cordless electric lawn mower will let you mow your Bermuda grass lawn quickly and efficiently with its longer runtime and powerful cutting ability.

Even if you have a small lawn and are looking for a lightweight yet easy-to-use mower, this item is still highly recommended. It has a lightweight 16″ cutting deck for easy maneuvering in the small yard, while the easy push-button is ready to make the job more efficient.

Highlight features

  • This 40v push lawnmower is equipped with a 4.0Ah battery to offer up to 45 minutes of runtime
  • For the most accurate mowing, it has a 5-position height adjustment single lever with a 1-1/4″ to 3-3/8″ height range.
  • This cordless electric lawn mower is suitable for both mulching and rear bagging
  • Don’t need much maintenance
  • It includes all the essentials
  • It has a height adjustment function
  • Highly durable yet lightweight
  • Offer 3 years warranty on tool and battery

3. Snapper XD Step Sense Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

If you want to buy a heavy-duty lawn mower for your Bermuda grass lawn for optimum performance, try this Snapper XD MAX Step Sense Cordless Electric Lawn Mower. This cordless electric lawn mower comes with a pack of functions to offer the most accurate, faster, and convenient Bermuda grass mowing experience, even in a large yard.

Though this Bermuda grass mowing lawn mower is more expensive than its competitor, its large 21-inch steel mowing deck will speed up the operation and get the best bang for your buck.

Highlight features

  • Design with a Step sense automatic drive system, this cordless electric lawn mower will adjust the self-propelled feature automatically to match the mowing pace and speed up the operation
  • It’s a Dual-battery powered Bermuda grasas cutting mower that offers a max of 60 minutes of run time Includes 7 positions for height-of-cut adjustment. a single lever to maintain the most accurate cutting height on your Bermuda grass lawn.
  • Has a 21-inch steel mowing deck.
  • Suitable for mulching, bagging, or side-distribution of grass clippings.
  • Allow storage in a vertical position.
  • Ensure a quiet environment.
  • Perfect for mowing large yards

4. Great States Push Reel Lawn Mower

These Great States Push Reel Lawn Mower is the best budget lawnmower for Bermuda grass out there. importantly, it’s a highly durable reel lawn mower to mow invent Bermuda grass lawns with ease thanks to its heat-treated alloy steel grass mower blade.

importantly, the blades will remain sharp for a long time to let you enjoy a spiky Bermuda grass cutting experience even for a long time. Other benefits are, that the blades won’t cause ripping and tearing of glass during mowing and you will have a healthy, green, and attractive lawn every time.

Highlight features

  • This motor-less lawnmower allows you to adjust the cutting height between 0.5″-2.75″ for a clean and even cut.
  • With five blades and an 18″ cutting width, this Bermuda grass mowing lawn mower is suitable for taking care of small to medium lawns efficiently.
  • It has a Loop-style lawnmower handle that is finished with cushioned grips to ensure comfortable operation for increased maneuverability.
  • Affordable mowing Bermuda grass with a lawnmower
  • Don’t need a special tool to assemble
  • It’s a quiet and low-maintenance reel mower
  • Design with durable and sharp blades

5. Greenworks Reel Lawn Mower

If you are on a tight budget, and still want to have a multi-functional reel lawn mower to mow your Bermuda grass lawn like a pro, look no further than this Greenworks Reel Lawn Mower. This low-budget reel lawn mower has an 18″ cutting path to mow your Bermuda grass lawn quickly and efficiently.

But the feature that surprised us is its 9 position height adjustment opportunity that ranges from 1 3/4″ to 2 3/4″. It means this cheaper Bermuda grass mower will offer you a large number of settings to adjust the height and any type of grass at the desired level.

Highlight features

  • This reel lawn mower features mulching and rear bag capabilities.
  • With 10″ front and 4″ rear wheels, this Bermuda grass mower will make it easy to maneuver across any type of lawn
  • Includes Steel helical designed blades to cut grass with ease
  • Ensure quiet operation
  • Low budget solution
  • provide easier maneuverability
  • has 4-year warranty

6. Simplicity Riding Zero Turn Contender XT Mower

This Simplicity Riding Contender XT Mower is a commercial-grade lawn mower that is preferable for mowing larger yards. Among a large number of exciting features, the most attractive feature of this lawn is its stress absorption technology.

You won’t experience much vibration while mowing your Bermuda grass lawn for a long time. However, its heavy-duty wheels make this riding lawn mower suitable for mowing any uneven lawn efficiently without causing waist fatigue.

Highlight features

  • Construct with a rugged 10-gauge steel deck for a professional cut and extra durability.
  • Design with a patented five-step integrated cyclonic air management system to mow the lawn under harsh, demanding conditions while protecting it from dust and debris.
  • It includes adjustable rear coil-over shocks and a pivoting front axle for increased mowing productivity and comfort.
  • Works great on uphill
  • Offer a limited lifetime warranty
  • Extremely durable mower
  • Suitable to work under demanding conditions

Best lawn mower for Bermuda grass- Buying Guide

Though reel mowers are preferable for mowing Bermuda grass, a rotary mower isn’t a bad option at all. Picking the best lawn mower for Bermuda grass depends on personal preference and, obviously, on some must-have functions. Track these features to get the best lawn mower for Bermuda grass:

Cutting height adjustments

Grass cutting height is the key factor to check, especially when looking for a mower for Bermuda grass lawns. You must maintain a cutting height of at least 1-inch while mowing the Bermuda grass lawn. Leaving too much grass can scalp the lawn and create bare spots.

Thus, the lawnmower should have the finest cutting height adjustments that range from 0.5 to 3 inches so you can have great control over mowing.

Type: Reel Mower vs Rotary Mower for Bermuda grass

A reel push mower is the best option to get a soft and inviting appearance on the lawn. But a rotary mower can give you a chewed-up look at the tip. The key advantage of the rotary mower is its rotating reel and bed knife at the bottom, which ensure a precise cut. This function also ensures the finest cutting like a pair of scissors.

Size of the lawn

Consider the size of your Bermuda grass lawn when determining the right size of lawnmower for it. If you have a lawn larger than 2000 sq. ft. pick a larger size mower. Otherwise, you will become too tired after mowing a small portion or will be discouraged from mowing next time. Remember, Bermuda grass needs frequent mowing to ensure perfect growth and health.

lawn level

If you have an uneven lawn or one that has bumps, mowing it using a reel mower can leave swirls. In this case, a rotary mower is the best option for mowing a rough lawn. However, a push reel mower is a perfect option for level lawns and yards.

Cutting width or blade width

The width of the mower determines how many passes you will need to finish the mowing on your lawn. The blades on the best push mowers for Bermuda grass lawns are typically 14-inch or 20-inch wide. If you want to mow faster, pick a lawnmower that has the widest blade.

However, the wider cutting decks aren’t easy to push, require extra load for cutting, and may affect the overall productivity.

Weight of the mower

You should pick a lightweight lawnmower for the Bermuda grass lawn to mow the lawn with ease and increase maneuverability. But if you have a well-built body, you can buy a 30 lb. or heavier model, while anything below 28 lbs is the most popular choice.


The lawnmower should be easy to move around, turn, and rotate. Mowing Bermuda grass is quite hard and easy to use. The lightweight mower will let you finish the mowing without too much struggle. Factors that affect maneuverability are:


Undoubtedly, investing in a lawnmower offers a longer lifespan for the buck. Luckily, the lawnmower for Bermuda grass we have reviewed is strong, durable, and comes within our budget.

Check the material of the blades and wheels carefully to ensure a durable mower and go for a model that uses tempered steel alloy. The reason is that this material helps maintain sharpness and longevity for a long time.

Bermuda Grass Lawn Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your lawn properly can make a whole world of difference between a healthy Bermuda grass lawn and an ugly lawn. These are Smart maintenance tips that you should practice on your Bermuda grass lawn: Water appropriately

Watering the Bermuda grass lawn is vital for its health and survival purposes. However, Bermuda grass doesn’t require excessive water, and you can determine the time for watering. While mowing, if you notice the blades are blowing slightly and making worried efforts to lower transpiration, consider it a clue of dehydration.

Basically, you should be watering the Bermuda grass lawn once or twice per week to maintain 2.5 cm of water for deeper grassroots. It will also ensure healthier grass, enhancing resilience.

Mow properly

Mowing the grass properly is vital for having healthy grass. You should use the right lawnmower for Bermuda grass to maintain decent cuts and cut at a lower level. A wrong mower will leave a badly-mowed lawn and will scalp the grass. Keep in mind; that you must keep the grass around 1 inch to 1.5 inches long and never remove over ¾ of the grass to avoid stress.

Mulch the grass

The way you handle the grass clippings is also a vital lawn maintenance practice. You can either bag or mulch your Bermuda grass. But the first option is preferable as it leaves the grass blades on the lawn. This way, you can get back the lost nitrogen in the soil, making it easier to feed and maintain a healthy lawn.

Weed control is a must

Apply pre-emergent herbicides to stop the spring and summer weeds from threatening the lawn. It is also perfect for controlling broadleaf weeds. Practicing this technique twice or three times a year will maximize the result. Safety tips to remember while mowing Bermuda grass lawn

While mowing Bermuda grass, you may face some obstacles. Following some safety tips can help you prevent mowing-related accidents. Some Smart tips are:

Turn off the lawnmower completely before storing it in a safe place or leaving it unused. If you have a riding mower, especially, zero turn models, ride it alone. Kids can fall from the mower while an adult can distract you and increase the risk of an accident.

Wear all the safety gear, including eyeglasses, sturdy close-toed shoe headgear, long pants, and earmuffs. Wear protective gloves and turn the mower off before removing jammed grass or repairing the mower.

If you need to mow uneven terrain, take extra care and be aware of the working environment. Remember, mowing on uneven ground is both difficult and dangerous.

Clean the lawn of flying objects like stones, toys, and debris before starting mowing.

Do I need a special mower to mow Bermuda grass?

To pick the right lawnmower for Bermuda grass, snip the leaf blades rather than splitting, tearing, hacking, and chewing up grass blades. For mowing Bermuda grass, a reel mower is preferable to a rotary mower

What is the perfect mowing height for Bermuda grass?

If your Bermuda grass is a hybrid variety, then mow it at a height of 1.5 inches and maintain 1 inch for common varieties. However, you should change the height and frequency based on the type of Bermuda grass and season to maintain its health, growth, and thickness.

REEL Nice Mow | Mowing Bermudagrass at 1/2″

Why does Bermuda grass turn brown after mowing?

The reason is quite simple. If you let the Bermuda grass grow too long, then its lower parts will turn brown as this grass blade part will remain hidden from the sun. After mowing, this brown part will come out.

Final words

Getting the Best Lawn Mower For Bermuda Grass means having an undamaged lawn after mowing. A high-quality mower also prevents losing the shape and color of your Bermuda grass, which can happen due to dull or poor-quality blades.

The lawnmowers we have reviewed above may vary in type, design, and operating methods, but they are all highly suitable for mowing Bermuda grass lawns efficiently to leave a professional cut. So you can confidently choose any of the lawnmowers from the list to enjoy Bermuda grass lawn maintenance tasks and have a healthy and good-looking lawn.

Helpful Info from Our Experts

A hand reel lawn mower provides the traditional mowing technique preferred by lawn care professionals. This mower is designed to provide years of dependable service and give optimum performance in lawn care. The reel mower not only benefits you and your lawn, but the environment as well.

A reel mower works on different principles than a standard rotary mower. It only cuts what gets between the reel and the cutter bar. Therefore, it is important to cut your lawn regularly and not allow the grass to reach a height of much over 3-4 in order to insure a proper cut.

Mow no more than one-third of the grass blade, so that a deeper root system is encouraged. A lawn with an extensive network of roots needs less help finding food and water and can better crowd out weeds.

Perfect fit for your Bermuda grass

This reel mower is specifically designed to cut low-growing, creeping grasses. This 4 spider 7-blade, ball bearing reel will keep your grasses beautifully maintained without harming the environment.

Built Rugged to Exacting Specifications

  • Built with Steel Side Plate and 1 Welded Torsion Bar Frame Assembly
  • Tempered Alloy Steel Reel and Bed Knife Blade
  • 10 Durable Composite Wheels with Radial Tread Tires

Ideal for: Bent and Bermuda grasses and other low-growing creeping grasses found in the South, Southwest, and Southeast.

Technical Specs

  • 27 lbs.(shipping weight), 1.96 cu. ft.
  • 4 Spider, 7 blade, Ball Bearing Reel
  • Painted Handle with Flared-Type Design
  • Cushioned Handle Grips
  • Alloy Steel Reel and Bed Knife Blade
  • Steel Side Plate and 1 Welded Torsion Bar Frame Assembly
  • 10 Composite Wheels with Radial Tread Tire
  • 3 Position Wheel Adjustment
  • 2.75 Molded Hub Caps
  • 16 Cut Width
  • Cutting Height:.5 to 2.25 with Adjustable 7-Section Roller


Q: How much does the unit weigh? A: The 7-Blade reel mower has a shipping weight of 27 lbs.

Q: What is the cutting height range? A: The cutting range is.5 to 2.25.

Q: How hard is it to change cutting heights? A: It is very easy. The full cutting height range is accessed by simply turning a single hand knob. There are no bolts or nuts to loosen or tighten. There is no adjustment from side to side.

Q: How many blades does the reel contain? A: This unit is manufactured with a 7 blade ball bearing reel.

Q: How easy is the 7-Blade Reel Mower to push? A: This Reel Mower is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Q: What about maintenance? A: Under normal conditions little maintenance is required. All materials are made of tempered alloy steel; unbreakable steel side plate.

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Q: How soon can a unit be shipped? A: Normal shipping time is within 48 hours.

Q: Does the factory stock replacement parts? A: Yes.

Q: What long will it take me to assemble this reel mower? A: About 10-15 minutes.

Warranty Owner’s Manual

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The Best Lawn Mower for Bermuda Grass

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Buying a lawn mower can certainly be a tricky challenge, especially with all of the different features available today. If you have Bermuda grass in your yard, it can be even tougher. Bermuda grass is a special type of grass that thrives in warm weather. The higher temperatures leave your lawn with a greener, thicker and much healthier look. If you’re looking for the best lawn mower for Bermuda grass, you’ll want to keep reading…

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What Type of Mower Is Needed?

Not all lawn mowers are alike. When you have Bermuda grass, you indeed have a beautiful lawn that is certain to get noticed but if you want to keep your lawn looking its best, you’ll need the best mower for the job.

The best lawn mower for Bermuda grass will cut the blades gently and not split, tears or chew up the grass blades to avoid a messy and disorganized look.

We recommend a reel mower!

Bermuda grass tends to have a much smoother look than other types of grass and it is generally recommended that you use a good old-fashioned reel mower instead of a rotary mower. If you use a standard rotary mower, the blades of grass could be damaged. If they are, they can possibly turn brown and look unattractive. They are also more prone to diseases when this happens so you’ll want to make sure that your Bermuda grass is cut just right every time.

The old-time reel mowers are much easier to use these days than they once were and they are still some of the cheapest ones on the market. If you’d like to view what’s available for the best treatment of your Bermuda grass, here are some to consider:

Fiskars StaySharp 18-Inch Max Reel Mower

With a design that makes it 60% easier to push than other reel mowers, this mower is made for all grass types and makes those tough spots much easier to cut through. It will cut your grass without any unwanted contact which makes for better longevity and dependability.

The Fishers Max Reel Mower also comes with a reversible grass chute that can be set up to direct your clippings in nearly any direction including forward, backward and downward staying away from your feet for easier maneuverability. It also comes with a limited three-year warranty! This reel mower makes gliding through your yard as you cut the grass a piece of cake.

  • Offers easy, smooth cutting of Bermuda grass and types
  • Can direct clippings in many directions
  • Is able to cut close to fence edges and foundations

Greenworks G-MAX 16-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower

One of the things that people love the most about this lawn mower is its five height adjustments that allow it to go from 1.25 inches to 3.3 inches.

It is able to cut 1300 square feet on a single charge and you get a very clean and even cut.

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It is a self-propelled lawn mower that comes with rear bagging and mulching capability.

In addition to all of this, it has six-inch front wheels and seven-inch rear wheels to give the lawn mower maneuverability.

  • Five-position height adjustment
  • Ability to cut 1300 square feet on a single charge
  • Easier maneuverability

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 20-Inch Classic Reel Lawn Mower

If you’re looking for a reel mower but want one that’s lightweight and easy to maneuver, this is certainly a great option.

It is a manual mower and therefore it has no motor to weigh it down. The alloy steel blades stay sharp much longer than you would expect.

You can change the height from one to three inches and you even get a handle that is cushioned and ergonomically designed for extra comfort.

You can also count on it being cheap to operate because not only does it not have a motor but you also never need oil, gas or anything else to keep it running.

It is also super easy to assemble and you can do so without any tools.

  • Inexpensive operation because it never needs gas or oil
  • High-quality blades meant to last a very long time
  • Ergonomic, cushioned handle for extra comfort

Earthwise 20-Inch Push Reel Mower

This lawn mower offers a 20-inch cutting width and five blades for efficient cutting. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to a gas-powered motor, these types of mowers are a great option.

This one is adjustable from one to three inches for an even cut and you can put it together in no time at all without using any tools. It is also very easy to maneuver, thanks to its ten-inch composite wheels and seven-inch rear wheels.

The ball-bearing reel ensures a great cut. This Earthwise 20-inch push reel mower is also a great mower for other types of grass besides Bermuda grass.

  • Eco-friendly, simple design
  • Large cutting width for extra efficiency
  • Very sharp blades for reliable cutting

In Summary – The Best Lawn Mower for Bermuda grass

Finding the best lawn mower for Bermuda grass isn’t too difficult but it is important to get a lawn mower that doesn’t tear your grass up. The standard reel mowers are the best ones for Bermuda grass but if you can find one that cuts the blades the right way, you should be able to get similar results.

Bermuda grass is high-maintenance grass that needs a lot of nutrients to stay healthy and a great way to start is by finding the right mower for it.

The Best Reel Mower for Your (Small) Lawn

We’ve reviewed this guide, added competitors, eliminated older models, and reconfirmed our decisions on our picks.

Reel mowers aren’t for everyone. They’re designed for small, flat lawns, and they take some effort to push around. But they provide exceptional cut quality and a completely unplugged mowing experience, so they offer things no other mower can. We think the best one is the Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower.

For the healthiest grass

The Scotts makes the cleanest cut, has the widest cutting path, and jams the least of any reel mower, and its unusually tall 3-inch max cutting height makes it more versatile for different grass types.

Buying Options

At the time of publishing, the price was 145.

During initial tests with a golf course grounds crew and in years of follow up use, the Scotts-branded mower has the best cut quality of any of the mowers we’ve tested, and its unusually tall maximum cutting height of 3 inches makes it a versatile choice for different types of lawns and grasses. It has a 20-inch cutting swath—the widest available—and at 34 pounds, it’s light and easy to maneuver. It was also the only mower in the group that didn’t jam during testing.

Good cut, less elegant

This mower cuts almost as well as our main pick and has a taller cutting height, but it’s bulkier (making it harder to turn around) and more expensive.

Buying Options

At the time of publishing, the price was 250.

If our main pick is sold out or otherwise unavailable, we also really like the Fiskars 18-Inch StaySharp Max Reel Mower. Its a solid mower with a 4-inch cutting height is higher than any other reel mower’s. In testing the Fiskars cut well, but it wasn’t on par with the Scotts and didn’t handle tall grass quite as well. It’s also heavier and bulkier, making it more of a chore to turn around, it also costs more than the Scotts.

For the healthiest grass

The Scotts makes the cleanest cut, has the widest cutting path, and jams the least of any reel mower, and its unusually tall 3-inch max cutting height makes it more versatile for different grass types.

Buying Options

At the time of publishing, the price was 145.

Good cut, less elegant

This mower cuts almost as well as our main pick and has a taller cutting height, but it’s bulkier (making it harder to turn around) and more expensive.

Buying Options

At the time of publishing, the price was 250.

Why you should trust us

We spoke with Jason Kruse, assistant professor of environmental horticulture and turfgrass specialist at the University of Florida. As his bio states, Kruse’s responsibilities include “managing the University of Florida turfgrass Envirotron teaching and research facility, planning and implementing turfgrass educational field days and leading the statewide turfgrass teaching design team.” The guy knows a lot about grass.

For testing, we enlisted the aid of the grounds crew of the Diamond Hawk Golf Course in Cheektowaga, New York, a bunch of people who are serious about mowing. While using the mowers, they picked up cut blades to carefully examine how cleanly the mowers cut; they also bent down to compare the color of the turf after each one made a pass, and pushed all the mowers around on various lengths of grass.

Here at Wirecutter, we’ve been covering lawn equipment since 2014. As for the specific topic of grass-cutting implements, we’ve written extensive guides to both lawn mowers and string trimmers in addition to reel mowers.

Since the first version of this guide, we’ve recommended the Scotts as well as the runner-up Fiskars, and we’ve continued to use both models in assorted locations, paying attention to their long-term performance and any ongoing maintenance needed.

Who should get a reel mower

Before getting a reel mower, you should be aware of their pros and cons. Simply put, a reel mower is not a direct replacement for a regular mower.

As one of our long-term testers said, “I love [my reel mower]. It makes mowing feel more like a pleasant way to spend time outside and less like something I need to grit my teeth and power through.” On the other hand, a second long-term tester stated that he regrets purchasing a reel mower and has “frequently considered selling it to get a cheap electric mower.”

Reel mowers are better for the lawn’s health. They snip the grass blades like scissors, while rotary mowers tend to shred grass blades. According to University of Florida assistant professor of environmental horticulture Jason Kruse, “The scissor-cutting action of the reel mowers results in less damage to the leaf tissue, which in turn puts the plants under less stress.” He continued, “They lose less water, are less susceptible to disease, and generally look better when cut with a reel mower.”

Reel mowers are also good for the operator’s health. Because you hand-push the mower and it isn’t motorized, it takes effort to use, especially if you have a large lawn. Keep in mind that the turning wheels are what rotate the blades, which adds to the resistance. So the task is not as simple as, say, pushing an empty furniture dolly, where you’re pushing the wheels and nothing else. According to a article, (which in turn credits Harvard Medical School, among others) a person weighing 175 pounds would burn approximately 251 calories by pushing a reel mower—which the article refers to as a hand mower—for 30 minutes. This is 51 calories more than someone weighing 185 pounds pushing a mower with a powered blade for the same amount of time.

Reel mowers also require minimal maintenance and are much, much quieter than regular mowers. Aside from lubricating and sharpening the blades every few years, you don’t have a lot of upkeep to do on a reel mower. As for the noise, many users of reel mowers cite the gentle snipping sound the tool makes as a key benefit. Gas mowers, on the other hand, require gas, regular tune-ups, oil changes, and winterizing. They’re also noisy and smelly. As one of our long-term testers said, “I love [my reel mower]. It makes mowing feel more like a pleasant way to spend time outside and less like something I need to grit my teeth and power through.”

But for a reel mower to be practical, you need a fairly small lawn. Anyone with more than a quarter acre (roughly 10,000 square feet) will find weekly mowing with a reel mower exhausting. One long-term tester stated that he regrets purchasing a reel mower for the size of his lawn and has “frequently considered selling it to get a cheap electric mower.”. In contrast, another of our long-term testers has approximately 1,000 square feet of lawn, and mowing takes her about 20 minutes.

A reel mower works best with a strict adherence to a regular cutting schedule. If grass gets overgrown, a reel mower will merely push it down and roll right over it, so if you tend to go a while between mowings, you should stick with a regular push mower. One long term tester had to wait so long for the reel mower to arrive that once it got there, the grass had grown so high they needed to hire someone to cut their grass. And the necessary diligence goes beyond the schedule: Reel mowers can’t mow over twigs and leaves as gas mowers can, so additional attentiveness to pre-mow lawn cleanup is required, as well.

Reel mowers are troublesome on sloped or bumpy lawns. The torque that turns the blades comes from the wheels as you roll them along the ground. On an uneven surface, the wheels lose contact with the ground as they bounce or as the weight shifts on a slope. As one of our long-term testers put it, “Small dips can lead to grass getting missed, so I often end up mowing from two or three different angles to try and get it all.”

In fact, the results in general may not be what you expect. One of our long-term testers said that their mower “often totally misses taller strands of grass” and that they “have to go back and snip those with a pair of shears.” Also, on most reel mowers, the blades are inboard of the wheels, so you’ll have a wider gap of unmowed grass against a fence or a stone wall.

How we picked and tested

To figure out how to pick the best reel mower, we spoke to Scott Dunbar, superintendent of Diamond Hawk Golf Course in Cheektowaga, New York. He explained that reel mowers can cut much closer to the ground than rotary mowers. At the golf course, the crew uses reel mowers to cut greens and approaches but uses gas-powered rotary mowers for the rough. But the average homeowner isn’t cutting the lawn for use as a putting green—in fact, cutting your lawn too low is terrible for its health. Turf experts suggest never cutting off more than a third of your grass’s length; cutting too close to the ground can cause the grass to dry out and get scorched in the summer. This means that a mower’s minimum cutting height isn’t a useful measurement, since you’re unlikely to use that setting.

The maximum cutting height was a crucial detail. We used this spec as our primary factor in eliminating mowers from contention. Few reel mowers are able to get above 2½ inches, which may not be good for your lawn. “[Cutting height] is one of the primary complaints I have against the majority of reel mowers that are marketed for home use. Most residential grasses (both cool- and warm-season) have recommended heights of cut that are at the upper limit or even exceed the height of cut that is possible with some of the mowers,” said University of Florida turfgrass specialist Kruse. “While it would be possible to use the mower, the long-term health of the turf could suffer significantly,” he continued.

Other factors were also important:

  • How easy is the mower to adjust?
  • How hard is it to push?
  • How wide is it?
  • How much does it weigh?
  • What have other reviewers said about it?

We took our final four mowers to a golf course. There the grounds crew helped us adjust the blades to the exact same standard they used on their mowers so that the blades could cleanly slice a piece of paper. Over the next three hours, we pushed all four mowers back and forth on different-height grasses. On hand were course superintendent Scott Dunbar, a member of the grounds crew, a mechanic who maintains the course equipment, and an equipment salesman who happened to be at the course that day. These guys are all turfgrass experts who deal with grass and mowing equipment every day. They really took to the task of comparing these mowers, examining every aspect closely and answering all our questions about turf and cut quality.

Our pick: Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower

For the healthiest grass

The Scotts makes the cleanest cut, has the widest cutting path, and jams the least of any reel mower, and its unusually tall 3-inch max cutting height makes it more versatile for different grass types.

Buying Options

At the time of publishing, the price was 145.

The Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower is the reel mower to get. Of the tested mowers, it offered the cleanest cut and the easiest adjustments, and it was the only one that didn’t jam. It also has a wide, 20-inch cutting swath—the widest we found—as well as height adjustments between 1 and 3 inches, which is a more versatile range than we saw on almost all of the other available reel mowers. At 34 pounds, it’s light and easy to turn around at the end of each mowing row, but it’s heavy enough that it doesn’t bounce around on slightly uneven turf.

The quality of the cut excelled against the competition. When our lawn experts were going back and forth with the mowers on a variety of grasses and lengths, they noticed that the Scotts model would leave a swath of totally trimmed grass with each blade snipped evenly across, no ragged edges to be seen. In contrast, the other mowers would leave a bunch of blades sticking up like chimneys after a house fire, requiring the testers to back up and go over the area again. The Scotts mower also never jammed up during testing, whereas all of the other mowers did.

The Scotts 2000-20 also snipped a wider path than most of the others. The Scotts is a 20-inch-wide mower, the widest size available (the measurement refers to the blade width, not the overall width). We tested another 20-inch model, the Lee Valley 20″ Mower, but that one was harder to push, and its cut quality was worse.

Our testers also gave the Scotts 2000-20 high marks for overall usability. At 34 pounds, it lands in the middle of our test group in weight but manages to hit the sweet spot between maneuverability and stability. The Fiskars StaySharp Max is heavier and harder to turn around at the end of a mowing row; by contrast, the lighter Lee Valley model bounced around on uneven ground and left a ragged cut as a result.

All of the adjustments on the Scotts mower are easy to make. For cutting height, it has two levers, one for each wheel. One other model we tested, the 16-inch Great States 415-16, required us to unbolt it each time we wanted to change the cutting height. Also, the height settings on the Scotts model are accurate; the 1-inch setting on the Fiskars, in contrast, actually cut much lower, practically scalping the lawn, before we readjusted it to a higher setting.

The Scotts 2000-20 has a cutting range of 1 to 3 inches. The vast majority of reel mowers top out around 2 inches, so we appreciated the ability to go taller, either for the health of the grass or for a less manicured look. A DIY Network article lists the ideal cutting heights for a variety of warm- and cool-weather grasses, and the capabilities of the Scotts land nicely in the strike zone for every grass mentioned. Our runner-up, the Fiskars StaySharp Max, has an even higher maximum cutting height at 4 inches, but it’s a much heavier mower with more difficult maneuvering, and it doesn’t cut as nicely.

The Scotts is easy to assemble, and doesn’t require any tools. The bolts that attach the handle have large plastic wing nuts, so tightening by hand is simple. If you ever need to take your mower apart—to fit it into a compact space like a car trunk or a small storage area—we found that the Scotts was easy enough to disassemble, too. You might need pliers to remove the small C-clips that attach the handle to the body of the mower, but otherwise it shouldn’t be a hassle.

Scotts stands behind their products. Erin Price, then Wirecutter’s Audience Development Manager, had a wheel fall off her Scotts push mower and the company replaced the entire mower for her. She told us, “I love my reel mower and perhaps love it even more now that the company was so helpful.”

It has performed well in long term testing. Two other Wirecutter staff members, who both happen to be women, also have Scotts Classics in their personal tool sheds, and they appreciate the mower’s simplicity and ease of use. Senior Photo Editor Rozette Rago had never used a reel mower before picking up the Scotts for her small, flat yard in LA, and found it quick to get used to. It was easy to figure out for two people who have never used it before. Wirecutter Producer Beth Niegelsky, who has used both the Fiskars and the Scotts, prefers the latter, “ I actually like the Scotts significantly more because it is SO much lighter.” She explained, “With the Fiskars, I basically couldn’t mow the hill of my front yard without feeling like I was doing something dangerous. It’s basically no problem with the Scotts.”

Senior Software Development Engineer Joshua Brewer had the Scotts for three years and recently replaced it for our lawn mower pick. Throughout his three years of usage, he highlighted that the Scott was “kinda fun to use.” He appreciated that it was easy to storetash, didn’t require fuel, and was quieter than a traditional lawn mower. However, the Scotts did squeak despite thorough maintenance, required multiple passes on his lawn, and his foam handle disintegrated after the first year. Overall, Brewer says The Scotts 2000-20 worked, but was much more laborious to use with a lush and dense lawn and worked a lot better when the lawn was more sparse. He’s much happier with the Ego LM2135SP now.

Supervising Editor Josh Lyon also has a Scotts and said there are bumpy parts of his lawn that he needs to go over one or two additional times, but that “the mower is so light and has such a smooth roll that even with the extra passes it takes half the time to do our entire lawn than with the gas-powered mower we used to have.” Overall, Lyon is very happy with the Scotts and says he’ll never go back to a gas mower.

Finally, even though it wasn’t a major factor in our decision, testers liked how the Scotts looked better than the other mowers (some found the Fiskars model’s oddball form to be off-putting). The Scotts 2000-20 is covered by a two-year warranty, and user reviews suggest that the manufacturer, American Lawn Mower, issues free replacement parts whenever a problem crops up.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

We analyzed the negative Комментарии и мнения владельцев at Amazon and found that most of the complaints center on the aluminum handle breaking, a plastic gear in the mechanism stripping out, or simply the realization that a reel mower is not the right choice for the owner’s particular lawn.

We investigated the plastic-gear complaint by removing the wheel of the Scotts mower and taking a look at the gear. As you can see in the photo above, it’s a pretty robust gear with deep teeth, and it interfaces with the teeth on the inside of the plastic wheel. The wheels turn as you push, and those teeth turn the plastic gear, which rotates the blades. Stripping it out is an issue to be aware of, but under proper use, the gear shouldn’t be a problem. And if it becomes one, replacing the gear is a 10-minute repair job. While it would be nice if both the wheel and the gear were made of metal, such a design would likely add money to the price tag and a significant amount of weight to the mower.

One of our long-term testers also noted that when the Scotts arrived, many of the screws holding the handle together were loose and fell out within a month. Once they were replaced, no further problems surfaced.

A close reading of the user complaints suggests that owners who were using the Scotts mower on tall or tough Southern grass had the most problems, but such difficulties are likely to be common among all push mowers and not just the Scotts.